2015 Big Year for Medical Marijuana

2015 Big Year for Medical Marijuana

2015 will go down as a historic year for medical marijuana – from new research to changing political landscapes.  Here are some highlights from 2015.

Congress Quietly Ends Federal Ban on Medical Marijuana – National Pain Report

The year-end tax and spending law signed by President Obama included a bill that blocks the Department of Justice from taking criminal action against individuals and organizations that are licensed in states that have passed medical marijuana laws.  It is expected that the decriminalization of marijuana in these states will spur significant research into the medicinal benefits of medical marijuana for chronic pain.  Read more.

Medical Marijuana Study in US Gets Small Boost – National Pain Report

The DEA announced that it has eased some of the regulatory requirement imposed by the Controlled Substances Act 9CSA) for those who are conducting FDA approved clinical trials on cannabinol (CBD), an extract of the marijuana plant.  The DEA claims “These modifications will streamline the research process regarding CBD’s possible medicinal value and help foster ongoing scientific studies.”  Read more.

Top 10 Marijuana Policy Victories on 2015 – Huffington Post

Presidential candidates support states’ rights to regulate marijuana, including 3 of 3 Democratic Candidates and 6 of 8 Republican Candidates.  Bernie Sanders (D-VT) introduced legislation to legalize marijuana, while Rand Paul (R-KY) introduced legislation to legalize medical marijuana.  Read More from Huffington Post.

Medical Marijuana Great for Migraine, Fibromyalgia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Survey Finds – National Pain Report

One-hundred percent (100%) of people with migraine headache, fibromyalgia or irritable bowel syndrome who use medical marijuana for a minimum of 30 days report a reduction in pain and discomfort, a survey of 621 by the Care By Design found.  Read more.

Medical Marijuana Use Upheld by the Federal Courts – National Pain Report

A federal judge has ruled Monday that a Congressional budget amendment prevents the Department of Justice from taking action against medical marijuana patients and providers who are operating in compliance with state laws.  This is an important decision because 23 states and the District of Columbia have approved medical marijuana.  Read more.

Medical Marijuana Helps Cancer Pain, Nerve Pain and Multiple Sclerosis – Live Science

Researchers at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom reviewed almost 80 previous studies that involved a total of about 6,500 people.  The investigators concluded that medical marijuana may offer some relief for people with cancer-related pain, nerve pain or muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis.  Read More from Livescience.com.

Large Study Shows Medical Marijuana Safe for People Suffering in Chronic Pain – National Pain Report

A study called “Cannabis for the Management of Pain: Assessment of Safety Study (COMPASS),” published online in the Journal of Pain, monitored the health of chronic pain patients using medical cannabis.  Lead researcher, Dr. Mark Ware, said, “This is the first and largest study of the long-term safety of medical cannabis use by patients suffering from chronic pain, ever conducted.” Read more.

Medical Marijuana May Reduce Opioid Use – High Times

Access to cannabis not only might make people use less hard drugs, but also might help people quit drugs by combatting addiction mechanisms in the brain.  Furthermore, scientists are slowly discovering the synergistic pain-relieving effects of combing opiates and cannabinoids. Read More from HighTimes.com.

And, we learned more about how to use medical marijuana from a doctor and pain sufferer.

How to Use Medical Marijuana, A Doctor’s Point of View – National Pain Report

Dr. Gary Witman is a New England physician who believes that medical marijuana has a place—an important place in the practice of medicine.  Dr. Witman, who is a quadriplegic from an injury that occurred while swimming in the ocean, works with Fall River Canna Care Docs in Massachusetts, one of many practices that specialize in the use of medical marijuana in several states in the Northeast. Read More.

How to Use Medical Marijuana Without Getting High – National Pain Report

Visit any online fibromyalgia support group, and you’ll find more than a handful of pioneering members who have sworn off pharmaceuticals and instead toke up regularly for pain relief and better sleep.  But if you’ve never tried marijuana before, the idea of using it – even for medicinal purposes – can be scary and more than a little overwhelming.  Read More.

What’s your story about using marijuana for pain that stood out in 2015?  Share it here by leaving a comment.

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