Media you have played a huge, gigantic role by perpetuating this false narrative, propaganda, “opioid Hysteria”, “opioid epidemic/crisis” that is largely responsible for much of the suffering and inhumane treatment of intractable pain patients!

Many have lost their medications, doctors or have been significantly tapered…

We have lost the respect of family, friends, neighbors and the medical community some have even taken their lives due to suicide.

Equating Intractable Pain Patients to drug abusers (as you state more times than not, drug addicts) because we take our medications to get a sense of relief from disabling pain!

Because of the Insidious constant barrage of negative, inaccurate, incorrect, ludacrous articles, TV programming, news, radio,  day after day, after day, inundating our social media, mainstream media brainwashing mainstream America that we are drug addicts, drug seekers.

Do you not realize…

Do you not pay any kind of attention at all????


We have been villainized, victimized and demeaned, stigmatized, wonderful, viable, beautiful individuals have taken their lives due to this torturous, incessant pain! 99.9% of journalists have not done their due diligence in researching, gathering information, and then Reporting the true, accurate information…it has cost the intractable pain community more than you will ever know!!!

Journalists are supposed to take responsibility and do due diligence in making sure the accuracy of their work is correct, be a voice for the voiceless, service as watch dogs over public affairs and government and seek out the truth and ensure that the Public’s business is conducted in an open honest way?

Avoid stereotyping, passing judgment, labeling, never balance the Public’s need for information against potential harm or discomfort that might be caused.

Examine your values and experiences and the way you shape and Report! FAILED

Show compassion for those who may be affected by the news coverage. FAILED

Use heightened sensitivity when dealing with subjects who are inexperienced or incapable of giving consent… FAILED

Realize that the legal access to information differs from the ethical justification to publish sad stories! FAILED

Balance and Report Fair and just information instead of playing judge, jury and executioner in the eyes of the public. FAILED

And the highest and primary obligations of a journalist is just serve the public… FAILED

…which you have neglected horrendously to do, shame, shame on you! Do you realize the impact and damage your stories have done to this community?

By perpetuating these outrageous allegations of nonsensical information you have done great harm and damage to a huge sector of veterans and citizens of the United States of America!

Pain is Relentless,

Pain is Cruel,

It doesn’t discriminate,

It could happen to you.

We are all just one car accident, surgery, illness away from living the rest of our lives in torturous, disabling, incessant never endless, intractable pain!

I guarantee you… this is a journey you don’t want!

It’s literally hell on Earth!

One day… this could be you, your child, your wife, your husband, your mother, your father, your friend, your neighbor, imagine every single minute of every single day, see them crying, aching, shaking, rocking, begging for some kind of relief from the cruel, aching, afflicting, burning, caustic, convulsive, cramping, crick, discomforting, distressing, feverish, gripping, prickling, smarting, spasmodic, stinging, stitching, straining, tenderness, thro, tingling, tormentous, torturous, troubling, twinging, wounding always present, horrendous, debilitating  sharp, exacerbating, incessant Intractable pain!

Never being able to escape the grasp and hold and impact it has on one’s body, mind, and soul!

The only tool that gave you some semblance of life… gave you some functionality, some quality of life… where you could take a shower, go to the store, play with your kids or your grandchildren, laugh and smile, work a job, go to church, engage in life as so many people take for granted!

Imagine that taken away from you! Stripped from you!

All because of some false exaggerated irrational egotistical money hungry entities creating this false narrative, opioid hysteria, for profit!

Nothing but PROPAGANDA

Why don’t you follow the money?

Investigate who will and is profiting from this substantially!

Have you done your due diligence and really investigated this matter it would be all too clear who the real culprits are shame, shame, shame on you!

Media, you have American’s blood on your hands, you’re just as culpable! Just as responsible!

You have done great harm and damage to a huge sector of citizens of the United States of America!

Who stands to gain (profit) if we are all lumped together in one category?

Addiction is the hot button right now. Tons of money is being allocated towards research, rehabilitation and treatments (suboxone).

Who? You need to look at whole picture! I can help you with that!



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Authored by: Cathy Kean

Pain is Pain Page on Facebook Chronic Illness Advocacy and Awareness Coalition Grandmother Fighting For Autism page on Facebook dedicated to my grandson xxoo.

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Brett H

No doubt this has all been lies. Congress set Oxy up to fail. They let the industry regulate itself after the big banks failed. Why would you tie the hands of the DEA from prosecuting anyone with anything to do with Oxy, a schedule 2 drug?

They wanted it to fail because pain relief costs so much. The way Oxycodone Extended Relief was formulated was terrible. Methadone is a much better pain reliever but not everyone can use it, you have to have a heart that doesn’t skip beats. After 2 months the efficacy of the pills wear off. The user then needs more to mask the pain of their dependence. I’m sure this cost huge sums of money.

Everyone wanted to prop up Medicare, Medicaid and the Insurance Lobby.

After they screwed us, they all had record profits. I had to fight to make them pay for my meds. Getting threatening letters caused my doctor to cut me again. I saw the letter from Medicare promising that all his Medicare patients would be pulled from his practice if they were not 90 Morphine Milligram Equivalent.

It was supposed to be a recommendation not a law. It is a law because of money, not addicts or addiction at the cost of our mobility and health.

Lori Bonebrake

They are treating Addicts with more compassion than chronic pain patients! They have caused drs to be afraid to prescribe pain meds to patients that need them! It’s so sad! If something doesn’t change and the CDC and FDA doesn’t get out of our medical business there will be many more pain patients that commit suicide! I asked my pain dr to speak with the reporter about this crisis with chronic pain patients and he said he couldn’t it would put a target on his back! What happened to pain drs being able to manage pain meds not MAKE us go on drugs that don’t work, we have already tried, or don’t work. The worse is they are forcing us to use drugs that are used for Addicts it labels us as addicts when we just need meds to live to function to have somewhat of a normal life! We aren’t asking or expecting to be pain free just be able to care for ourself! Be able to shower and get dressed! Drs should not be treating us like addicts without even looking at our records! I went to 4 pain drs and 2 others wouldn’t even see me as they said there was no treatment for my diagnosis (MS, fibromyalgia, 4 knee surgeries and 3 foot surgeries!) they only did injections and treatments and would only give me suboxone a drug that isn’t recommended for chronic pain! Why are they called pain drs! I went with 480 pages and they only wanted a yr worth one dr even said it would take to long to scan in my records. They didn’t even look at my records and none except the last one even laid hands on me they just saw the dose of my meds and labeled me! Your going to be effected by this too one day we have to stop it! It could be your elderly mother or your child crying in pain! Stop treating us like our bodies are the same one size fits all doesn’t work for pain meds! We are not addicts we are dependent which means we depend on our meds to get by to have a quality life! We don’t feel high from them we are just able to do the simple things that people with no pain take for granted!

I'ma trd

I lost my decency I guess. Because I am sorry but I do wish the people who are making big bucks off of pain patients to experience the pain. Instead of taking their checks to the bank they too can have their Church deliver a meal.

Margaret Drumheiser

I am one of those suffering a life of hell now because of this opioid hysteria and propaganda!! I use to have a better quality of life before the CDC guidelines came out and the media and news reporting such misinformation. We are not addicts we are debilitating intractable chronic pain illness pts who have chronic illnesses we didn’t ask for or cause. I struggle just to get oob everyday and get dressed, just to comb my hair is a struggle as my hands burn and are on fire like the rest of my body due to my CRPS. Imagine wakening everyday if you sleep at all feeling like your being burned alive. Then imagine trying to live your life like that. Trying to walk on your legs and feet as your continually feeling like your being shocked and stabbed at the same time as your on fire. Like a thorn bush is wrapped around your lower legs being pulled tighter and tighter. Imagine this pain 24/7 , 365 days a year every second. Imagine then trying to smile so your family and friends don’t know the real pain you are suffering. Because you want to spare them from this. Don5 want my husband yo continue to feel the way he does , helpless because theirs nothing he can do. So I cover a lot of it up I cry alone at night. Praying to God he would take me and end my suffering. This hell I live everyday. Just so my husband of 26 years could go on and finally live a happy life that he deserves without having the burden of taken care of me. I don’t want yk be a burden to anyone. And if that time comes or I decide I can’t fight no more I will go out on my terms not the governments or anyone else’s. O have dealt with this debilitating pain for over 15 years. After multiple alternative treatments, meds, OTC meds, tx, oils, ointments, therapies, injections, nerve blocks, epidurals, meditation, massages, supplements, vitamins, natural treatments, diets, last I had a stimulator placed in March with no relief all which haven’t been successful I did have hope after I found the right meds but gone now

Jack W

Thank you, my friend and fellow chronic pain sufferer.
I am not able to articulate my thoughts like I used to, due to early onset memory issues.
I am so very grateful for your and Red’s dedication and talents.
I am living every thought and word.
God bless you.


Reading through these comments depressed me. I hope that no one takes their life – I wish I could help each one. I suffer severe pain every day too – if you’re taken off something at least go on Lyrica – it does tamp the pain down some.

I think we really need to raise our voices before one more person ends their life.

What about a GIANT rally in Washington?? I’ll crawl there if I have to – but we cannot go on this way with people killing themselves. For God’s sake we need a Spirit of Revolution again.

“Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends [i.e., securing inherent and inalienable rights, with powers derived from the consent of the governed], it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.” –Thomas Jefferson: Declaration of Independence, 1776. ME 1:29, Papers 1:315







I was brought to tears watching this. It was almost me post-surgery when I was only give a few Norco. The only thing that stopped me was I didn’t want my daughter to come home to find me hanging by my bathrobe tie.

I think something evil is going on in America. This is like Hitler got rid of the imperfect in Nazi Germany.

Look up Agenda 21. Read Henry Makow. Something evil is afoot in America and we’d better stop it.

Dick fort

I’m not sure what to do anymore but I know this constant decreasing isn’t going to work and going back to the constant pain all day long ain’t an option either so I’m not really left with to many options unfortunately I got this month till I get another cut which will probably be my last, and I’m not gunna use street drugs or fentyl I won’t do it it’s no way to live, what’s sad is I could do so many things when I hady meds cardio light weight training in certain machines to stay healthy and to always keep trying to streghten my stomach and back muscles but that has now and end even with what I’m getting iv been cut to quick and my body hasn’t adjusted so ic been going through the sweats even with what I’m getting, I guess what bothers me is the fact that no one cares expecially the doctor doesn’t care she says so not many choices sorry for rambling I’m just super tired and super sick of being treated like shit and not listened to and having someone telle that’s a doctor they don’t care about me guess we’ll see what happens and how much further and longer I make it my guess won’t be to much more God bless everyone and I wish the best for every single one of you God bless

Dick fort

I think the word is beautiful but she wants to cut me more I told her I can’t be cut anymore if I get cut anymore I mine as well as kill myself, I said I’m having enough trouble as it is already getting by and to her she says we’ll it’s not my problem nor is there anything I can do I have to follow the regulations , like that’s [edit] there not regulations there guidelines which just came out and they said it was never there intentions for people to be cut down so much and have there doages decreased expecially people that have been on them for years, iv been on for 12 years now 6 years at the same dosage and never had a problem never have had any problems I don’t drink I don’t smoke not even pot cause I freak out and get paranoid unfortunately. It’s like what am suppose to do take the cut all well to bad. I was told if u don’t like it go to the methadone clinic it’s free. I don’t really wanna do that cause once u do that ur considered a drug addict and I’m not so why should and what I don’t get either is they can give u a maintenance dose at the clinic of 160mgs which is way past the morphine equivalent so why are they aloud to with no issues but other doctors can’t it’s not even like I’m getting alot or at a high dose iv been cut 60 pills already I mean when does it stop, and there is no other doctors I know of in the Jersey area anymore, that’s why maybe death might be better soon idk it’s ashame when no body will even listen I guess if I have to give my life to a cause then maybe it’s worth it at some werid point cause I believe after this life unfortunately there’s nothing it’s just gone dark and that’s it, all I wanted was to do something with my life to be normal to live normal and I had that for awhile, they say the guidelines was never suppose to affect paitents that were already at a certain dosage that they were comfortable at and was working for them but that’s not what happened they went right after us those guidelines should be for new paitentscome i

Dick fort

Now things never went back to normal unfortunately it became worse. Everyday it was just more annonying the constantness is which drove me crazy it was just everyday. Thankfully I had something to help dull the pain which help deff and made thing I wouldn’t say much better but liveable, then I had my second accident which wasn’t my fault I was just a passenger and an ambulance misjudged as it went by or wasn’t paying attention and slammed into the back of us and I wasn’t ready to get hit so I didn’t tense up and getting hit from behind at 50-60mph just destroyed my lower back which resulted in herniated disc tore muscles so now I can’t stand longer then two to three hours on my feet at a time without having serve pain go down my left leg sometimes it switch to my right leg but mostly down my left leg, the locking up of my back and muscle spasms really suck at night, so as years went on my meds were increased slowly and eventually I stoped cause I didn’t need it any higher nor did I want it any higher cause I still wanted to live and do things and not be tired or doped up which I wasnt. Things were good for a CPL years, I had a good life was able to work and actually work hard, but this year things have really changed and went down the drain I have been threaten basically given no choice no matter what I say or do doesn’t care and I get the pressure but my doctor calls them regulations which they aren’t there guidelines I mean if we follow these guideline on every paitents don’t we thing this is strange and werid I mean every person one metabolizes food,pills all sorts of things differently also some people pain is much worse then others it’s like saying one shoe fits the whole world it’s crazy. So iv been cut 60 pills over 4-5 months which has been a huge shock iv been going threw withdraws running out of meds I’m at the point where I can’t take to much more and I’m worried I’m actually scared I don’t wanna die but what choice do I have I think this world is

Dick fort

I’m unfortunately at the point where iv been thinking death might not be such a bad thing, I’m not very religious so what’s prob been holding me back is knowing I’ll leave this bueatiful life and some beautiful people. This is never what I really wanted for my life, I always wanted to be a CPL things that interested at one time it was a detective more so a homicide dective to give people the closer and answers of there loves one to to let them know what really happened and who did it, but then I have always loved writing and journalism and documentary journalism and trying to expose wrong in the world and make things right, unfortunately I suffer from cronic pain in my.cerivical and lumbar spine the incident in my cervical spine was my fault when I was young and trying to be a show off I got dared to run into the ocean naked and I did as I hit the water I dove head first and hit the Sand bar which Jack knifed my head and neck which totally knocked me out and partially paralyzed me for a few good minutes thankful my buddies where there to grab me , eventually I came to and was able to get up but not able to move my head from side to side I never went to the hospital cause I was young with no insurance and I was a cocky idiot tough guy for over a month I was stuck like that and fuck it hurt like hell I really think something was broken. My kneck swole up , I would have numbness and tingling ness and extreme pain that would shoot down my arm alot arm would go numb but it was a werid numbness so I was put on pain pills low dosage after an MRI showed that I most likely had broke or fracture a vertabrae and also compressed my disc which hurt more then anything. I had also blew out a disc in my neck which became herniated and had caused a pretty serve pinched nerve. I had tried alot of other thing injections,pt, acupuncture,ciropractor, basically everything but surgery which I really wasn’t into plus I was young and I was hoping things would eventually backnorm

Jeanne Aguilar

Yes imagine being a parent to a toddler pre teen or teenage years that has legit reasons to be on a pain pill but everytime that were told no because of your age but I have Scholiosis and Migraines and Fibromyalgia. I do qualify to be given something for pain. I have see my child cry daily I have seen her not get out of bed I have seen her not be able to walk because she hurts all the time when all you people including our drs have made this child suffer.As her mom it breaks my heart. How do I help her I can’t because they dont give her anything


Addiction is not rare but neither is it wrong. If we have been treated long term (appropriately) it cannot be avoided. If there were no restrictions more people would overdose.Too many restrictions is not only dangerous but unnecessary.,Addiction is the risk we accept in order to have the benefit of pain relief.


Journalists may have written hundreds of articles about the injustice and propaganda about opiates. They don’t get published or broadcasted. It’s not their fault.

@Thomas Wayne Kidd

Thank you so much for sharing my article…
God bless,

Cathy Kean

thank you for that information it might be helpful for you to post a link. That they can access …
Do not punish pain rally information thank you so much…

Cathy Kean

@Teri M McMillion
I think that is absolutely wonderful that you tweeted the president and got a response from your state representative! Can you give us some pointers on maybe what you tweeted it would be phenomenal if we could get as many intractable pain patients as humanly possible into see our legislators! I am always asking, advocating for us to write, call email our legislators! Amazing, that you received something within two days I’m still so blown away 🙂 YAYYYYY!
We absolutely do you have to ban together, UNITE!
All for one and one for all!
United we stand divided we fall
Ps lol what state are you in?

@Sharron Schwager
Thank you Sharon for bringing this topic up! It is something that we need to talk about!
On Facebook, Pain is Pain page that I created and manage and group, Chronic Illness Awareness and Advocacy Coalition quite frequently the subject of addicts is brought up and there is such anger and resentment towards them.
They are not the ones that created this situation is egocentric, narcissistic sociopathic entities PROP, KOLODNY, JANE RUMMLER

Just as your friend went to the street for pain relief and have started using heroin. I have had so many great friends in the intractable pain Community do the same! What are they supposed to commit suicide? You can only live with pain for so long before it starts wreaking havoc on your body, your mind, your soul!
This whole fake, opioid epidemic / crisis due to prescription opioids is completely ludicrous.

Those in our COMMUNITY need to be aware that many of our fellow Brothers and sisters have had to take this path.. please be cognizant of that!
Thx again hun!

Cathy Kean

@Teresa R
Hi hun and thank you so much for the beautiful comment 🙂
I am so sorry that you’re experiencing issues with your new pain management physician. I have been abandoned it is beyond insanity this is playing out in the United States of America! We need to circulate this article and hold our legislators and media responsible, accountable for their actions!
Thx again 😁
Thx xxxxxxooooo

Cathy Kean

Thank you so much for the wonderful comment 🙂 you are absolutely right we have been systematically missed classified under the label of a drug addict, drug seeker, Lazy, attention seeker and so on and so forth! Unfortunately, until they walk in our shoes many
will never understand and continually pass judgment with their ignorance.
Now since the implementation of the 2016 guidelines my functionality, quality and life has declined so rapidly even if we were to get back our tools/medications I know this insanity has shortened my longevity significantly…
God save us from these entities that are trying to Extinguish our existence!
I too hope this article gets circulated and individual send it to their legislators, local and mainstream media! If we put them on blast, make them accountable… who knows!
At least start a conversation!
Again thank you so much XOXO
Cathy Kean


Up until 3 months ago my pain rehab. Doctor told me not to worry! I had been on the same dosage of my opiates that I wouldn’t be messed with! He lied to me! I begged him to please don’t take me down! Took me down to a quarter of what I was. And still plans on more! To completely off.. then I believe will tell me he’s no longer needed if isn’t prescribing meds!
I still can’t get a straight answer! I at least after over 15 years deserve an honest conversation!!
Why punish me!


Too many words to describe the miserable day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute!
At times I have thoughts of wishing this into others, just to let them feel the pain I have, and have tried meds, p.t., surgeries, chiropractic, acupuncture, deep i,ections, etc.. for over 20 years!
But I could never wish this nightmare of Pain on my worst enemy!
I finally was granted opiates that worked at least most of the time! Still use acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, exercises and my best medicine… my grandchildren! God bless them!
Now to be taken down to a very low dosage, to most likely off of these, the pain is so bad!
Over 15 years, worked 10 of those years at same dosage.
Not once did I take more, not once did I take anything else! Always monitored by my same doctor!
Now am told they don’t work. Take too many the CDC says.
I have no say!
I am now going down hill!
It hurts even worse when my babies ask me why I’m in pain n can’t play! Why I cancel activities that I just can’t do any longer!
Believe me I try n I do for short periods is all…
Why I ask am I being punished? I’ve never wanted to get a high! Never have I even known what that feels like! Only to have at least less pain. A halfway decent life!
I don’t want to die! I only want to live for me, my family and a decent quality of life!

Now I am done. They have taken that away!
I pray for all the poor people like me hanging on to whatever decency they can get..
Pray that this torture given to us ends somehow!
We are not addicts. Don’t use illegal drugs. Don’t want the addicts highs!
Just a half life of compassion n less pain.
God bless us all! And please don’t destroy yourselves! Others out there love n need you! Keep your chins up!!

@Kathleen Shafer
Thank you so much for your beautiful comments! I would greatly appreciate it! I wanted to say so much more and have… And will continue to do so! I am just so thankful to the National Pain Report for Publishing this! Xxxxoooo They are not scared to have the truth come out 🙂


As a septagenerian I have seen so many Compliant Intracable Chronic Pain Patient’s lives destroyed by media propaganda to make headlines based on false information just to make an almighty buck at the cost of stripping COMPLIANT Patient’s of there physician, medication, and medical support community.
Define addiction for a COMPLIANT Intracable Chronic Pain Patient’s daily Opoids that provides the ability to live contributing to society and there loved ones. We COMPLIANT Intracable Chronic Pain Patient’s have no addiction we have a medication as any other medication a Patient is prescribed to resolve an illness that if left untreated places these patient’s at risk for intractable continuous pain 24/7/365 with no relief by any other means.
As a retired RN, CNN, a COMPLIANT Intracable Chronic Pain patient, post cancer twice, chronic pancreatitis, Fibromyalgia, and debilatating chronic migraines I understand this community of Patient’s very well.
Exercise, accupuncture, physical therapy, etc…will NOT relieve our pain but increase our level of pain to the point of pure hell.
We COMPLIANT Intracable Chronic Pain Patient’s have no given place in ICD9 Codes. Our Opoid medication is not an Addiction just because it’s a controlled drug. Our illness is multifacted and manageable if the media, CDC, DEA, FDA and government agencies would give our physicians the respect of there knowledge to manage our illness. Physician’s are taught in school, taught in studies yearly, and understand how to interpret guidelines.
I and fellow Compliant Intracable Chronic Pain Patient’s have been
bullied, judged, labeled, profiled, loss of medical care, loss of physician, dehumanized, criticised, loss of respect, and this has led these patients to see NO help now or in the future so many have committed Suicide.
I take each day void of scoffers, taking my medication as ordered, and will not bow to a label of drug addiction.


Thank you, Cathy Kean. You have stated the case persuasively for listening to, and hearing, those who live with pain on a daily basis. We have been systematically misclassified as “drug addicts”. We have been (and are) dismissed, demeaned, sidelined and ignored while being blamed for a problem that we did not create. For many older adults with painful chronic incurable medical conditions, like me, longevity has become very much a mixed bag. I no longer think reflexively that life is always the preferred alternative.

Although I expected to experience aches and pains as I aged, I did not sign up to spend my so-called Golden Years at pain level 5-7+. My body essentially wore out 2 years ago–just as the CDC “Guidelines” kicked into high gear. How’s that for the worst possible timing?!

I’ve been lucky so far in that I’m still able to obtain the low dose of a mild opiate that I’ve been taking responsibly for many years, but I am terrified to request a dosage increase or a stronger medication as my medical condition continues to worsen. So I suffer–as do millions of others–under “our” government’s heavy-handed overreach.

I hope that Ms. Kean’s post will gain widespread circulation among the media and the medical community. At 82, I’m not very social media savvy, but I’m sure there are others on this site who are. Whatever can be done to disseminate Ms. Kean’s message could help us all.

Teresa R.

I want to say “Thank You” to the author of this article Ms. Cathy Kean. I am one of the pain sufferers that you speak of. Unfortunately due to my primary physician retiring I ended up with a replacement that is one of those physicians that’s afraid to handle my pain management. You truly speak the truth and I am trying to hold on and endure while praying for a change.

Sharon Schwager

Someone I know, who like myself, was cut off of their pain medication after 17yrs, is now a heroin addict after having to go to the blackmarket for their pain relief after being cut off. I advised against this to them due to a lot of the heroin out there being cut with fentanyl, but this person has been suicidal for years due to the severity of their chronic pain, and I can absolutely understand needing pain relief and doing anything in your power, and going to any lengths even to the streets to get it. I truly understand their dilemma. And from things I’ve read, going to the streets for pain relief is not uncommon now after people getting cut off. Thank you government!

Angel Soulet Porche

Thank you so much for understanding the situation of all of us! Please find a way to forward this to all news outlets! Fox, MSNBC, CNN help us please! God bless you Sir.


Please, everyone join the Don’t Punish Pain Rally group for your state on FB and the national group (find these groups from the search bar on FB). We are fighting legislation for pain patients and innocent doctor’s and trying to educate the public – to change what they believe after seeing all of the propaganda! It will take MANY MORE people to join the fight if we are to make a difference!!

Chrystal Augustuniak

Amen…the news has not helped us at all..I don’t understand where ethics went when it comes to journalists and why are they attacking pain patients as if they are being paid off..wouldn’t surprise me …facts are very easy to grab they have gotten complacent in this field…tired of saying goodbye to good people…

Teri M McMillion

We have to come together and fight this terrible injustice! I have written letters to my state’s representatives and to the white house trying to reach the President. I received letters back that were just basic form letters saying they’d keep my story in mind. So finally I took to Twitter and the President himself!

I put my thoughts in the same tone he uses to describe the Deep State, explaining how ludicrous this opioid epidemic is. Within 2 days, I received an email from a state rep that has an office in my town! She wants me to meet her in person! She says she can help with getting things done! I’m nervous but it needs to be done! Write, email, until you can be heard! I will keep you all posted!

One other thing, think about mind control, how and why t.v is called programming. Then try to remember when all these meds were distributed to the masses as non addictive if you under the control of a doctor! Before you knew it, almost everyone had access to them! Then they were everywhere on the black markets! Big pharma had us all!

Now they have a new narrative! They’re trying to use propaganda and mind control to push a new narrative!

Those of us suffering with chronic pain see this. We need to inform those that believe this garbage!

Thomas Wayne Kidd

I have posted this to my Facebook Page and I encourage all to do the same. Thank you. Thomas Kidd, 30+ year sufferer of chronic pain.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

Thanks very much to Dr. James Hamilton, for his wisdom and insight on this horrible wicked mess. Thank God that real caring Doctors still exist.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

Thank you so much for your commentary. God bless you Cathy Kean.

T Mays

Thanks, you said it all! I wish all these people could feel our pain then they would think twice before spouting off and trying to regulate our life!

I have fought against this urban myth of opioid hysteria, both as a pain specialist and for my own family & loved ones, for over 30 years. While the climate for reasonable pain management with opioids improved significantly from approximately the early 2000’s– 2013, the delusion of opioid hysteria has fueled the re-occurance of a horrific legal attack in recent years… Again, as is common knowledge among pain management professionals, the death rate from opioids prescribed & used under medical supervision is extremely small — And this includes pharmaceutical fentanyl medicines. Almost all opioid deaths are due to self-injected illegal substances, especially cocaine and heroin. Only 0.2 % of opioid deaths are among those treated with pharmaceutical opioids prescribed by a doctor; That is, 99.8% of opioid deaths are due to those who take illegal drugs, mostly from self-injection. Our national legal & political authorities know, or reasonably should know, this basic fact. In the meantime, tens of millions of innocent pain patients are paying a harsh price to sustain this national myth of opioid-phobia.

In the past century, we have gone through 2 similar delusions, to the unnecessary harm of countless millions of innocent victims — First, Prohibition of alcohol in the 1920’s killed & legally stigmatized millions, and allowed the Mafia to gain a stranglehold on American society. Then, an 80-year fight against marijuana made criminals out of merely enjoying a harmless substance. And now, the mass cultural delusion of opioid hysteria is repeating this mass harm. Who was it (George Santayana?) who said that those who do not know history are condemned to repeat it? I hope and pray that this current national nightmare will end soon.

James Hamilton, M.D.

Mike Roberts

Wow I felt as if someone wrote a story that knew me, that knew pain! I feel that if I could say something these are the words I wish I could come up with. Thank you for speaking for us♥️


The CPP community lost another life this past weekend from the political influence that has created a complete lack of care for pain. My friend couldn’t take any more rejections, discrimination, accusations or indifference while trying to reduce pain to a livable level. Why is it suddenly okay for corporations, government and the media to tell our DOCTORS how to practice? Why do I have to have injections and nerve blocks and infusions before insurance will approve additional visits to the pain management clinic? Why does the public scream for humanity when a pet is shown suffering but turn a blind eye to the suffering of humans? It’s a sad state of affairs that I can get 3 months worth of neurologic and psychiatric medication (some even more addictive than opioids) at a time and the pharmacy contacts me to ensure I get my refills well before I run out of medication but for a pain medication that I’ve taken as prescribed for years, I have to sign a contract saying I have to bring my pills in for a count whenever the lawyers at the pain clinic feel like it, take regular urine and blood drug testing, don’t dare see another doctor unless dying, don’t change pharmacy’s- even when that pharmacy won’t fill as prescribed because they feel the dose is too high, oh, and don’t eat poppyseeds, just to get 30 days worth and the pharmacy won’t let me fill the next prescription until the complete 30 days from the prior fill has passed. And don’t expect any sympathy or understanding if they are out of stock or you need to fill a couple days early because of travel. This blatant discrimination is just outrageous. Raise hell everyone, raise hell! I don’t want to follow in my friend’s footsteps.

I would like to have colored copies of this so I can make more color copies of this & distribute them to every doctor’s office. Even hospitals. On the news they were talking about how much McKesson & another company that sold opiates are going to pay out to the states & then they’ll have to pay out to cities & so on. All because people did not control themselves. Why is it that other people have to pay out & suffer for the mistakes that other people do. Just like the tobacco companies being sued. It’s people’s choice if they want to smoke. Yes you can cause some very damaging health issues if not death. But again people take responsibility instead of blaming everyone else. I can’t believe our country’s this backwards. Haven’t seen the lawsuit against selling alcohol. See commercials after commercials different alcohol. Used to be big business for drag races to give out snuff,cigarettes when you coming in if you’re a smoker & just hand out to you free. Now that’s gone. But then you can advertise for alcohol Patron on drag race cars. For long advertisement for marijuana on drag race cars. I see CBD oil everywhere signs. Reporters gripe doctors aren’t keeping up with describing Naltrexone, wouldn’t do any good bc that medicine is too damn High. Reporters forgot to say it doesn’t work on mixed drugs. That’s the cause of overdoses.

Jani Skeels

Thank you for being a voice of reason. Those of us that are suffering need people like you. Many, many Thanks!

Dorothy Simsir

This made me cry, finally a voice through the discrimination!

Lynette Higgins …
Thank you so very much darlin 😁


Thank you so much! You hit the nail on the head! You’re spot on. It’s pitiful that real pain people are suffering because of uneducated idiots that have knee jerk reaction. What really angers me is that I don’t see FOX News or mainstream media speaking of this atrocity. ( Or Did I miss the broadcast?) Your article needs to go viral on social media! Have you thought about that?

Thank you.

Janell M Ansell

I was just told by another pain management doctor that at 36 Iam too young to be on opioid pain meds and that these meds harm people. Then she went on to cite all the stuff on the news and things the government says about how dangerous they are. I told her pain is dangerous too but it didn’t make any difference.

Kay Livings

Great article! Thanks.

Donna Halfhill

Great article and so very true! Would like copies of this, as persons do not realize how debilitating chronic pain is and ruins quality of life!

The Insufferable Movement

👏👏👏👏👏 Preach! Cathy Kean you nailed it! And one of the many reasons I admire you, your tireless advocacy at Pain is Pain and we love you so!💛
May God Bless everyone here, supply us our needs to be heard and healed from pain, Amen!

Gary L Gazaway

Thank you for saying what so many of us are thinking. I have read so many stories about chronic pain suffers who are being tapered and denied their meds. It’s heartbreaking. As a chronic pain sufferer myself, I am so thankful and a little ashamed because I have a pain specialist who doesn’t worry about tapering or other nonsense in the media. He worries only about his patients. I am truly fortunate.


Very interesting article today in the Atlantic mag. I found it via the National Review ( a right wing site!)
The Truth About Painkiller Addiction
Amid an opioid crisis, authorities overestimated the danger of prescription painkillers—while doing too little to identify patients at risk of addiction.
Aug 4, 2019

Word is starting to get out. I sent the Atlantic a tip on cui bono about the grifters on this scam

Finally the TRUTH ! Yes pain is life changing, mind changing and soul contorting ! I have never been the same women I once knew . My chronic pain killed the women whom I and others enjoyed.
I find Little or no enjoyment in life these days . At 53 ,my husband having a massive stroke 9 months ago , I find it hard to keep going . When I wake up in the morning ( well I wake up all through the night ) and the searing pain begins, I do my daily Ritual of crying for half an hour that I am still alive. We started late in life having children and I still have two that I am raising in there teens .My husband needs help ,showering, getting dressed well most things . How is one to do this when it hurts so badly . I find my self thinking usually thoughts, once I never thought I would think. Here is one , “ how and I going tout my husbands shoes on “ ? What way can I do it without too much pain . Yes , I find pain as a Parasite on my brain. It sucks the life out of anything that I would normally think of. I still find myself looking for trying hope . Yes I need more medication then I am prescribed I have always been honesty with my doctors that I am in recovery so they are beyond cautious. I almost wish I would have never shared that fact but at the time I believed it was Crucial to my recovery. What they don’t understand is that part of me is gone. My medication to live, never ever do I use to get high . I don’t want that in my life ! It is a sad set of circumstances. I pray for those who are like me severely under treated for pain. It is a criminal offense imposed by our government. I think the only thing that may change this very fact is if a Person involved in these so-called decisions for the better of the public, “having severe pain or a member of their family does. Then they will realize the actual The devastating impact of pain . It truly is horrifying , yet until one experience it one self they seat Judgment !