An Amazing New Invention to Help Live with Pain

An Amazing New Invention to Help Live with Pain

I recently attended a conference in Tennessee sponsored by the Ehlers-Danlos Society. I was encouraged to stop by the table that was promoting a new product identified as Thrive Tape. I decided to be polite since I so respected the person that suggested it, but in the back of my mind, I was thinking this would not be something I would be interested in using.

Upon talking to the woman in charge of the Thrive Tape Display, I learned that this was a new creation: Far Infrared Kinesiology Tape that targets discomfort. She asked what bothered me the most and I mentioned my neck as I had recently recovered from my second neck fusion surgery. I was experiencing brain fog and discomfort on this morning and did wonder how I was going to focus for the rest of the day. So, she carefully placed a piece of the tape across my neck and within minutes, I felt as though I had just had my double espresso. The brain fog was gone, and the body was raring to go.

Ellen Lenox Smith

My husband saw the thrill I was feeling and decided later that day to try the tape on his back. He had been experiencing discomfort on the back below the shoulders for some time. When he lifted his shirt for the tape to be applied, we all noticed significant swelling. The tape was placed over that swelling and a half-hour later, the swelling was considerably reduced along with the discomfort. We went back to the table to share this news. They lifted his shirt to discover the swelling was almost gone.

So why is this tape different from others? Designed as a safe alternative for pain relief, this product has taken minerals and melted them into the tape to create far infrared kinesiology tape.

Taken from their website,

  • THRIVE “Far Infrared” Kinesiology Tape is designed to support muscles and joints with the benefit of targeted pain relief*, assisting in recovery from common injuries*.
  • Thrive “Far Infrared” Kinesiology Tape is an elastic kinesiology tape made of a thin, elasticized 97% cotton and 3% spandex with an acrylic adhesive. It is latex-free, hypo-allergenic, and it is designed to be worn through any activity, showering, or just resting 24 hours a day for up to 2-3 days. Then reapply new tape if necessary.

Anytime we can find something affordable, safe and effective in helping us live with our discomfort, it is a win. I hope that you, too, will give this a try and not be a fool like I almost was and just dismiss this as typical tape. This is magical and may be your answer for relief too!

May life be kind to you,

Ellen Lenox Smith

Author of: It Hurts Like Hell!: I Live With Pain– And Have a Good Life, Anyway, and My Life as a Service Dog!

The information in this column should not be considered as professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It is for informational purposes only and represents the author’s opinions alone. It does not inherently express or reflect the views, opinions and/or positions of National Pain Report.

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Authored by: Ellen Lenox Smith

Ellen Lenox Smith and her husband Stuart live in Rhode Island. They are co-directors for medical cannabis advocacy for the U.S. Pain Foundation, along with Ellen on the board and they both also serve as board members for the Rhode Island Patient Advocacy Coalition. For more information about medical cannabis visit their website.

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Kathy C

An MD on here mentioned using the tape to hold on Fentanyl or Lidocaine patches. That might be deadly, the tape would cause more medicine to be absorbed through the skin.

Kathy C

This corporation has already been accused of fraud. There is no way that tape can emit “far Infrared” it is a con pure and simple. There is no evidence that tape does anything for pain or any other ailment. It looks like after people caught on they just relabeled it with a new catchy name. Sites like this have a responsibility to protect their readers from lies and pseudo science, and allowing this kind of content marketing by some poor person who was duped, or who is paid for the recommendation, used to be against the law.


Hi, thanks for offering a new product that might help. Far infared is a visual term often used in astronomy. It sounds impressive linked with kinesiology, a different domain especially when using tape. I hope this helps in some way more than power of suggestion. Decades ago Pharma and other’s wrote of research using sea anemone venom and other’s for much greater pain mitigation. I’m wondering where this led to except perhaps surgery theater’s.

Judy Dunn

Isn’t this the same Company that sold the KY tape, the one that had all the


” Apply during Full Moon quarter, using black cat wisker applicator for best results.

I realize that Ellen Smith is connected to this N.P.R. publication, which is excellent and appreciated by me and thousands of other pain patients.

Don’t ruin it…..


Hi, I frequently read your wonderful articles. After 15 years of this hell, I can always learn more. One more tool for the tool box as I say.. I just placed the order I will let you guys know what I think. Extremely reasonablely priced for relief.

Thank you

T. Negrete

I am one who can’t afford to try all the new amazing products for pain. I want to be done! This whole FAKE OPIOID CRISIS is disgusting, was based on lying statistics. I’m no longer willing to put trust any medical professional and pretty much hope this life is over soon! I’m sure the Affluent can still get whatever they want!


I’m quite certain this has nothing to do with infrared and if there are “minerals” in the tape that leach into your body it most definitely will circulate throughout your body and brain. If magnesium is involved (and we have no idea what’s in this tape as the website gives no information whatsoever) that and other “minerals” could be highly problematic especially if one is taking supplements.

I watched my doctor of a mother (PhD in clinical psychology along with a degree in chemistry and more certifications related to human and animal biology) try every crackpot of an idea (magnets, bracelets, copper, pepper etc.) there ever was to help with her polyosteoarthritis, sciatica et. al., and the placebo effect is strong, for awhile. But these things can often be dangerous as well and ultimately make illness worse.

Thanks, but I’ll stick with FDA approved resources even though some meds approved by them have proved to be deadly or dangerous. IOW, it’s hard enough with FDA approved medication and procedures. I’ll not subject myself to industry products/procedures that don’t disclose ingredients or true, peer reviewed scientific data. I saw enough of it with my mom.

Maureen M.

Thank you for the tip Ellen! I just ordered one roll to try out. And, I saw and used your EDS code 20% off discount :-). I wish the cost per roll was lower since it seems one roll won’t go very far for lumbar use (per the video). But, I’ve had 4 failed lumbar surgeries and suffer terribly. I’m up for trying anything new. Will keep you posted! Maureen M.

Brenda Pitts Bennett

PLZ tell me where we can get this & how much money is this plz? Thank u

Makes me think of the magnetic magnets that went in your pillowcase, in your shoes , bracelets Etc. Some people got relief, some said they got placebo relief. have to be careful about some minerals cuz it could raise your sodium levels. Any product that can be absorbed through the skin can go through the circulatory system. Like the product Voltaren gel that comes with a measuring stick that you can only put so much on so many areas. Insurance interfered in lessen how much you could Buy. It did not help me but it helped my husband. GI doctor said to not use it because I was having GI issues. Even the GI doctor said he tried Voltaren gel on his tennis elbows and it did not work. There is already generic/ brand-name medicine out there that prescription that is snake oil to a lot of people but works for some. We’re all a test rabbit.

Lori P

Placebo effect, nothing more. You know what helps my pain? Opioids. Period.


Thank you for this information, Ellen, and I’m so happy that this product worked for you. Even though it sounds quite promising, I’d like to have a little more history and reports from pain patients who have tried it. The company’s website isn’t very informative as far as cost (I’d like to know how much it is before ordering). If it’s as good as it appears to be, I’d absolutely be willing to try it.


I was in Nashville, too, and tried Thrive Tape. It works well for pain and doesn’t peel off after a shower. The people who brought it were sponsors of the event and took this opportunity to spread the words about the new tape. Every attendee received a sample roll and I got one and my husband got one.

I took one roll to my PT because I thought she might like to study it and try it on others. Unfortunately for me my skin reacted badly and I’ll have to be careful to use my usual Skin Prep under the tape. They had a different skin prep product with them that didn’t work for me.

Because there were lots of sensitive skin people there, the Thrive Tape people brought spray bottles of colloidal silver to soothe the skin after removing the tape.

They gave a presentation and explained that the minerals in the tape activate your skin to produce its own pain relief. I don’t know what the minerals in the tape might be. I thought of magnesium and my PT thought of copper.

Virginia Cheuvront

Unfortunately lidocaine patches haven’t done anything to relieve my lower back pain. I even spoke to my pharmacist and tried a couple of different brands. I am happy that some people get relief with using the patches. I may try this tape. Everyone’s pain is different!

Alice Carroll

Looks a lot like what the basketball players have been wearing the last couple years.
What’s impressive is they seem to stick as much as the players sweat, unlike some of the other patches I’ve tried.


You said it’s far infrared kinesiology tape. By any chance is that similar to infrared? I ask because after 3 years of saving I finally have my custom professional infrared device from my chiropractor. Which has also been rec’d by about five doctors.
It actually does work to relieve pain, inflammation, spasms, sinus infections. I had a sinus infection recently. It was wonderful even though I still couldn’t breathe well. It just wasn’t as bad with the pressure & I’m already off of my breathing medicine. It did still require antibiotics though.
Like Dr. Bissland says it helps most things but it’s still not a cure all.

So does this have anything to do with red infrared light therapy frequency stuff?
I know that my infrared had to be custom made because it has to be stronger to go deeper into the muscles & nerves. It was $1300.
Although I originally tried it at my chiropractors office and even bought a brooder lamp with a red bulb to bask under. It helped some. But the cat kept stealing it.


I have been using the KT Tape on my shoulder, torn rotator cuff, and it’s wonderful. Totally recommend it to everyone with any joint/bone/muscle problem and there are videos on youtube and their own site showing how to put it on. Have to work with it to get it on right if you are doing it by yourself but when you do its a world of difference. I am so ready to give this a try! Thanks for the info.

Michele Howe

I’m so happy that this tape helped both you and your Husband. That’s great! I have a couple of questions:
Is the tape OTC or Prescription?
Where does one buy it?

Thank you for posting this information.

Kris Aaron

Just guessing, but wouldn’t relief depend on what’s causing the pain? Inflammation may respond to patches and tape, but in my experience, those have been ineffective for nerve pain.
Still, I’m willing to give it a try. Can’t hurt, and it has to be an improvement on pricy prescriptions that also demand a visit to the doctor (yet even more money).
Thanks for the suggestion!

Rosalind Rivera

This sounds Amazing. With the level of chronic and intractable pain that I exist with, anything, anything that may help ease, just a mere fraction of my daily unyielding pain is worth a try. Where can I purchase this tape or is it only available through a prescription? If it can be purchased, in addition to where, what is the purchase price? None of this information is provided, which leaves us all in a state of Limbo. It would be greatly appreciated, if you would provide this information in the very near future!


Modern day snake oil!

A friend of mine swears by this! She claims that her fibromyalgia pain is almost completely controlled through the use of Thrive Tape. She is allergic to pain medication – including tylenol – and is constantly on the lookout for alternatives. She claims that this stuff changed her life.

Thank you for sharing this. It’s always great to learn about a new pain relief product. It’s not the pharmaceutical companies who are coming up with new safe, effective pain relief strategies. It’s the innovators who think outside the box. I will reach out to this company about including their product on my Alternative Pain Treatment Directory so more people can learn about it..


Well, now it begins, if it hasn’t for the last two years…. the snake oil salesmen for pain.
I’m glad this helped you, Annie, but my pain is not localized and I really do wonder what the science behind minerals in tape is?
my muscles have to be paralyzed to stop spasming and then there’s overlap that the Botox couldn’t reach.
You watch; all sorts of things are going to come onto the market in a NewTech solution for pain…that don’t work or worse, hurt us more.
Caveat Emptor, my friends


One kinesiology tape company was just sued because their product has been proven to not help with pain relief at all. The entire thing was a scam that targeted pain patients.

Michelle Ziemba

Every little bit that can help relieve pain is a plus! Thanks for mentioning this product and for your articles Ellen!

Debbie Nickels Heck, MD

Thanks for the heads up. As a physician, I’m always interested in new ways to treat many things. To often were ALL reluctant to try simple appearing things but this is quite different from simple support tape. It’s like Lidoderm patches which I consider miracle patches for arthritis as it really relieves the pain at the localized joint area without having to take extra pain meds when it flares up AND can be left on 48 hrs and off 12 unlike what the package says. I wrap it around the nodules on my fingers when the pain flares for a few days. I’ll bet this tape would also help
Thanks for sharing. I’ll look for it at the next meeting I attend where it may be promoted, IF they permit such things. You know we Drs are so easily swayed by pieces of chocolate and can’t be trusted to make rational decisions if lured by such large gifts! Brother!