Another Pain Organization to Shut Down

Another Pain Organization to Shut Down

Another pain organization apparently is going out of business.

The American Pain Society is filing for bankruptcy and ceasing to exist in its current form.

“It’s a sad day for U.S. pain research, education, advocacy and patient care,” said Stanford’s Beth Darnall, Ph.D., in a tweet this week.

APS is the second pain organization this year to announce it’s shutting down.

The Academy of Integrative Pain announced it was closing down in February. The reasons appear to be similar.

All membership organizations are struggling with the fact that the new generation of doctors are simply joining as previous generations.

“People entering practice after training just aren’t seeing the value in joining organizations. They still want the educational materials and the networking, but much more of that can be done online these days,” said Bob Twillman, Ph.D., who ran AIPM.”

As a result, he said, there’s no need to attend big meetings at resorts or in expensive hotels which tend to attract sponsorship from companies that do business in the specialty.

U.S. Pain Foundation, the largest patient advocacy group in the country, also expressed its sadness that APS is shutting down—terming it “heartbreaking.”

“There are 50 million Americans living with #pain. Hard to believe there are so few orgs left for pain providers. When providers don’t have support and resources, it hurts patients,” US Pain tweeted this week.

One critic of the opioid companies was less charitable.

Andrew Kolodny, M.D. of Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing (PROP) tweeted:

“Good riddance! Despite having many members who understood opioids were lousy drugs for chronic pain, APS took millions from opioids makers, downplayed opioid risks, exaggerated opioid benefits, and lobbied against limits on opioid manufacturer,” he said.

Twillman indicated he believes the reasons for the demise of both AIPM and APS—notably the lack of support from industry and declining membership—may existentially threaten other organizations in the future.

Calls to APS offices in Chicago were not returned.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Sorry to see you go?but I’m sure you will come back even stronger fighting for americian chrionic pain patient right to life giving+life saving pain medicine for horrible painful medicial conditions in another form or platform!?we need all your help as a undeserved war has been declared on helpless disabled chrionic pain patients+all americians in need of pain medicine for pain +suffering!?thanks for fighting for our rights+your continued help

C. Sieving

Andrew Kolodny should have to live in such pain for a few days and then, he can comment on this subject! He is a heartless person who shouldn’t be a Physician 🥵!
He is what the problem is, allong with other such physicians who are in practice purely for the money and could care less about the welfare of patients and their quality of life, let alone the saving of lives from suicide due to the intense pain they’re in. He lacks ALL COMPASSION!!
The APM clinics in WI., should be shut down, purely because the Physicians there, just look up what your insurance covers and without even personally see their patients for an office visit and without their Nurses even running tests or ordering MRI’s or x-rays begin
Invasive procedures that they are merely guessing might help and more often than not, cause more pain that is permanent Which gives them the excuse to do even more invasive procedures that they can collect money on! They are cold and suspicious! They treat patients like drug addicts and common criminals!
Physicians have now been programmed to ignore patients needs! They are all fearing the loss of their licenses if they prescribe even the lower dose pain medications!
Andrew Kolondy must have had someone in his family or a close friend that unfortunately died from some kind of overdose or something to, be sooo against opioids!
People can misuse or abuse ANY TYPE OF PRESCRIPTION DRUGS! The CDC admits to having counted street drug users into the count of opioid deaths!
The actual patient count was 53% LESS than originally thought!
WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO TO CHANGE THIS NOW?! If the CDC looked a bit closer, I’m sure they’d discover that most deaths were, patients that had terminal illnesses and or , were in such excruciating pain that nothing was helping them! Now I live in pain with no quality of life and the Dr made me worse! I never ever abused my meds but I’m being punished by ppl like Andrew Kolondy! Shame on him & others like him!


I agree whole-heartedly with so many of you, and what stands out to me, and has for so long, is still the question being asked-yet never really gets addressed. What are our legal rights this horrible war against pain patients have been violated? Why are we not being explained in clear, precise terms what our rights are, how we can fight back, and though sufferring ,and death are the main violations of these crimes against humanity, why does the anguish continue, without regard to criminal compensation? It just seems to me that we are being told ‘yes’, the laws have been broken, the guidelines were misunderstood, and the results are outright human cruelty, neglect, and abuse. Our civil rights continue to be violated. So now that all of these illegal, inhumane, and outright abuse against pain patients have been recognized, and reported, nothing has changed. Why are the people who committed these crimes against humanity still out there, living day to day without, seemingly, anything to worry about? Life just goes on for the policymakers who do not seem to really care that laws have been broken, and patients continue to suffer, and die. An example of these cases could be that some people steal money from others, over and over again, and thet get caught, but what changes? They might say ‘sorry’, we didn’t mean it, we just felt the money was ours. They would, most likely pay a fine for the charges against them, and if they continue, they would got to jail, and finally prison-plus repay their victims. I could have used a more horrific example, but really, what pain patients continue to endure, while this war seems to go on, without any real consequences, is scary enough. Why do our rights continue to be violated, over and over again, but we cannot get justice? This seems to play like a tv sitcom, complete with death, and abandonment, that doesn’t seem to be getting any better. The sad truth is this is not tv, and words cannot really explain the hurt. Please help us!


How we have arrived at this place I don’t know. I was in the medical field since I was 18 yrs old & had to retire from it when I was 50. I have seen a steady decline of one on one care by Drs in the last 25 yrs. Everything is specialty but now no one wants to take care of the “whole” patient. For me it has been hard to find one who really cares much less acts like it.. So Kolodny’s response just meshes with the rest of them. Except he has no expertise in the arena. He should resign from his position & put someone in who does. Every acute & chronic pain patient the world over is faking it. We all wanted to give up our careers, to stay in bed more than being up & active with friends & family, to have multiple Drs visits & tests done that Medicare doesn’t cover. Oh yes don’t forget the divorces & family friction between you & the ones that believe you’re faking it also. As for me I can even add filing bankruptcy due to all the medical bills I couldn’t pay on the 7 surgeries in 7 yrs & the tests & out pt procedures(injections). And even after all that we are still considered a bunch of liars! Shame on all of them & GOD have mercy on us for what’s yet to come!


Thank you Loyal Kuhn! I think that is a brilliant idea. But only if Andrew “Mengela” Kolodny is the first one in line and I get to swing the first blow. I normally would not wish harm on anyone, but that man needs to feel some pain. I truly wish somebody would come up with a technology that would allow people like him to feel what we feel. Although in his case it probably wouldn’t make a difference. He is a sadist that is only interested in one thing, money. I wish somebody would expose him for who he really is once and for all.

Happy Memorial Day

Our Government is a disgrace! As Memorial Day approaches it is a damn shame it’s 2019 and our Soldiers, Veterans put their lives on the line for a Government so corrupt it not only hurts it’s civilians, the sick, the dying, those in pain but even our own that lay down their lives for all of us! To all Military Happy Memorial Day. They fight for our freedom but where is it? Even they can’t have marijuana at The VA due to continued wrongful scheduling! When a medical patent has been out for years the govt owns! A failed War on Drugs period! Causing more deaths than ever. Kolodny has told more lies than the DEA! He has misused a opiate detox short term only drug for addicts, it’s about $$$. I love our military & celebrate Memorial Day but ashamed of our Government. Wishing change for all. The US Government needs truth!

Paula Frazier

This right here is all Andrew Kolodny is interested in. It’s all about the money. He couldn’t care less about addicts. He’s just using them the same as he is pain patients. Everything that spews from his mouth has to do with how much buprenorphine can be sold by Indevor.

Loyal P Kuhn

HERC and others of that ilk, including the OHP (Oregon Health Plan) need to understand just how debilitating pain can be. I propose that they be required to have a 9 inch nail driven through their hand which will then be vibrated roughly once every 2 minutes. After every 12 hours of this pain familiarization treatment, the nail should be removed and a fresh site chosen for another treatment. The pain generating treatment is not to be ended for less than three days. They should be given two aspirin and told to call back in the morning if they still have pain. Under no circumstances should they be given opioids for pain relief. After the three days treatment on pain familiarization, then they will be qualified to empathize with chronic pain patients, and be eligible for a position on HERC, etc.


That is disappointing. Although I can understand the financial reasons, we need MORE advocacy organizations for people living with long term pain, not fewer. Perhaps equivalent advocacy can take place online, but I’m not sure how that works for patients.

Debbie Nickels Heck, MD

The BEST good riddance would be seeing KOLODNY’s voice to cease from any and all talks related to pain since he KNOWS NOTHING about it. HE started all the falsehoods. HE should take the blame for the result.

I would be the happiest person on earth if Killer Klown Kolodny was never quoted again by anyone, anywhere, ever. The man is a venal bigoted moron who’s the best PROPagandist since Joseph Goebbels (& he’s so slimy that –I believe this wholeheartedly– he used the acronym “PROP” knowing that it’s part of “propaganda,” & also knowing that the clueless would follow & swallow his lies without ever realizing that he holds them in nearly as much contempt as he hold CPPs). He’s been laughing all the way to the bank, leaving slug trails wherever he goes.

That said, the idea that young doctors feel there’s “no need to attend big meetings” is so incredibly ignorant that I can’t even begin to describe it. I’m not a physician but I am a scientist & spent many years doing research. I’ve been to many of those “big meetings,” as a specialist in basic medical research & in fields that are in my scientific avocations, such as ichthyology. There is an enormous wealth of information and experience gathered at those big meetings, both formally presented and to be acquired in hanging out with professionals & other experts in the field. You simply cannot access that fund of knowledge via tweets, tumblr, instagram, or any other online medium or app.
You can’t usefully interact with and learn from peers & those with more experience without at least some person-to-person contact. Thinking otherwise is modern delusion.

The trend continues to simply abandon pain patients & let the wacko, anti-opioid fundamentalists destroy decent medical care in this country –what little is left in regard to pain.

Sandy M

Oh my, thank you Ed for the info!


Andrew Kolodny, the Dr Mengele of pain care, and driving lying force behind the war on pain patients is an anti-opioid zealot who has never treated a pain patient in his life. He and his fellow delusional sadists at PROP wrote the disastrous CDC Guidelines with ZERO input from pain patients or doctors. He’s a greedy sob making his Suboxone padded $’s off the suffering of others. IGNORE HIM, don’t quote him! He’s an unqualified self-appointed “expert”


Thank you Ed for all you do. I never asked to join the club of chronic and debilitating pain sufferers, I know that no true sufferer does. I don’t understand how we as a country allow people like Andrew Kolodny advocate against chronic pain sufferers and call himself a M.D.? Doctors take an oath and it’s one to help and heal people who are ill, not hurt or torture. I’m so sad to hear that APS and other pain organizations will no longer be there to help and advocate and provide factual research to help us. Congress needs to be given the information to help chronic pain sufferers and we need people that are equipped to help advocate for us. I’m currently on 30mg of opioid pain meds with two other meds that are supposed to work together to control the moderate to severe pain I have. Yesterday the pharmacist spoke with me and thought maybe 30 mg was too much. She had to fill it because I told her that’s what my doctor had prescribed and to read the prescription again and figure it out. She wasn’t happy about it. I had fractures in my spine, nerve damage, collapsing of my vertebrae and spinal stenosis and just 3 months ago had spine surgery to correct this. This was my second back surgery. All I want is to get better and if it isn’t too much to ask, to not have to suffer debilitating pain while recovering. Is that too much to ask?! I’ve been blessed with great supportive doctors, who are shocked and angry when I tell them what I go through to pick up my pain medicine. Who gave these pharmacist the right to medically treat patients? I thought their job is to safely prepare medicines.

Judy Klingenhofer

Andrew Kolodny needs to learn what pain really is. He will never understand until he experiences it himself. But he’d probably lie and tell everyone he overcame it by PT and hypnosis, he’ll never change his perspective while it gives him his spot in the limelight. I just don’t understand the man, he’s doing so much damage and spewing such hateful lies, I wonder what his back story is. Is it all about money? Do we know who pays the man? I just want him to SHUT UP!


Decades of progress, patients, physicians, drug makers and pharmacist. We are all see all this progress that a God Given right to take away 1 of many natural pain relieving seed bearing plant to use as says in Genisis. To be taken away with 1 stroke of a pen. Why can’t we grow our own opium plant in America land of the free. People work and pay taxes because of this 1 plant our creator gave us. I’m part native American, they have destroyed my ancestors with ink and army’s.

Patients need to represent ourselves. Andrew Kolodny conflates the interests of malpractice insurers like his PRI Company (who seek to label malpractice victims as “addicts”, to escape financial responsibility for malpractice injuries that create pain), with the supposed interests of patients in “responsible” prescribing of opioids and opiates.

The perceived conflict of interest at APS is that they accepted money from companies like Kolodny-endorsed Reckitt Benckiser (makers of Suboxone, the drug Kolodny was quoted as claiming to “rewire the Addict Brain”, for which claim that Kolodny-endorsed firm have been criminally indicted by the Justice Department who allege in an indictment that these claims are false and for which offense DOJ seeks $3 billion in fines) and various other drug firms. Kolodny characterizes this as a conflict of interest when APS does it, but appears unconcerned that his group does likewise.

The only un-conflicted people are the patients themselves. If 50 million patients donated 5 cents each, $2.5 million could be raised to pay a dream team of lawyers to argue our case in the courts. The DEA has known since 1974 that cannabis is not dangerous, and in 1985 learned that Morphine is endogenous to the body, yet maintains a legal fiction that these drugs are dangerous. 5 cents per patient could sue the DEA into admitting the truth. Only when patients organize, will we get results!

Michelle Caccamisi

Not sure how Mr. Kolodny sleeps at night. As American citizens we are ALL concerned with the illicit fentanyl, illegal heroin & street drugs including pill molds being used to created pills that much resemble real pills down to the numbers printed on them. Where we do NOT agree is where legal prescription pain medication is the culprit in an opioid crisis. The illegal drugs are also, opioid. Whether we are speaking of acute pain or chronic pain. These patients are being disrespected, stigmatized & criminalized by the very systems that should be protecting them & their exceptional care. Instead government & media outlets are parading an opioid crisis that they perceive to be all about the pain pills that are leading to overdosing. In fact, the CDC has revamped its numbers and less than 1% of pain medication is due to prescription medication. These medications are vital to persons who suffer chronic progressive & debilitating conditions. Without them, many have trouble getting out of bed, and performing simple tasks that most of us take for granted. Disease is not pretty nor are injuries/accidents. Many come with high pain levels. Without these medications patients have been left to suffer as doctors are increasingly abandoning or forcing patients to taper from long time medications that were used to successfully treat patients very successfully thereby, increasing patient functioning, providing relief & in turn much increased quality of life. Suicide in the pain community have risen & will continue as patients feel their pain is so unbearable with zero relief in sight. Doctors are actually being arrested & imprisoned while illegal overdoses continue to rise. We must fight the addiction in America but punishing a sheet of vulnerable disabled pain patients is not the answer.

Billie McCurdy

It’s sad. I finally realized the government does not want to help, they want anything associated with pain management gone. They want those of us that are not able to function as working class paying into the government( even though 45 years) gone. As people with bad health conditions are declined more medication it will be less the elderly and the sick that will be gone. Even for those of us who have paid in years and years I have saved for a retirement but had to use the money for healthcare reasons don’t have a chance anymore. Doctors that took a oath are not even allowed to follow their oath anymore. New doctors will be taught not to heal but to let go. It’s a sad day. And no I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. Just common sense and knowledge. It’s the baby booming era. We’ve known for years that this was coming.

Veronica M Clark

I believe that only chronic pain patients, their doctors, and pain advocates should have a say in what patients need, or should have, to ‘attempt’ to life a bearable life. I’ve never been addicted to any opioids, but sure can tell you my life is a living hell without pain meds.

Cheri Bailey

Ya know what Mr. Kolodny, i wish first of all you knew of what you speak! I wish you. Could spend one damn day in a. Chronic pain patient’s body. When our lives were doin just fine and the OPIATES WORK EXTREMELY WELL BY THE WAY….MY MEDS WERE CUT IN HALF ! I lost way more than 50% function…I am having to retire at 56 from an $80,000+ a year job because i don’t ‘have enough function left to do everything. I can’t take care of my family or my house. But make no mistake we know what hurts bad and we know what hurts less, amd we sure as hell know what does and does not take the pain away!! Stop speaking of things you know nothing about. Its sickening and completley disrespectful to all of us sufferring while having to deal with the mess your well intentioned rescue of the the worlds drug addicts has caused. The rest of us that don’t and never have abused them are SCREWED!!!


Maybe somebody could explain the CDC guidelines to me. When I read them it sounded like pain doctors had some leway for prescribing meds. Then the DEA started taking doctor’s licenses away for over-prescribing opioids. Do I have, as a chronic pain patient, any rights under the law that would allow me to get my life back? The biggest problem I see is that everyone forgot to have a back up plan for the chronic pain community for a replacement drug for the opiates!!! I feel like I should have a right to adequate medical treatment. Aren’t there any legal avenues we could try? My life has become unbarable since they cut down my meds to almost nothing. They won’t even prescribe Tramadol along with what I’m taking. I am lost, I am out of resources. Somebody needs to help the millions who are moments away from suicide. God bless you all. Hang tough.

Rosalind Rivera

Unfortunately Mr. Kolodny is just another ignorant man completely unaware of the very crucial needs of acute and especially chronic pain sufferers or as I prefer to call us, victims. We are sadly under the control of insensitive and ignorant people such as this man. He probably has never experienced nor has any of his family members, a moment of sheer excruciating pain. For this he should count himself blessed. He is however not alone as there are many with the exact same outlook and gross opinion. It’s another sad day in which we lose yet another organization that endeavored to bring about the much need relief of pain of so many sufferers such as myself.


The reasons behind the closing of these 2 pain agencies is understandable. Unfortunately at this point it is a hard blow for pain patients when our successes are just beginning. As for Kolodny, we all know hes a real POS. He shouldn’t be afforded any exposure as he spews “his truths” of unsubstantiated claims. Why anyone listens or believes anything he says is beyond me. We all need to pick up our phones today and relay our talking points to our representatives. Have a wonderful and safe Memorial weekend. Let us all remember the true meaning of this holiday. Stay strong and keep fighting for our rights!

Don Prue

We need representation. Rule makers who have never experienced chronic pain and some who have never experienced severe pain at all just don’t get it.
To them I ask, how would you describe the sky to someone who was born blind?
Rules, guidelines or laws made by people who don’t have to suffer the consequences of such restrictions have no value – they’re just controlling.
Current “policy” at my pain clinic states that if a patient isn’t getting 30% benefit from the meds they will discontinue prescribing them. So they kick you out to the street! Or if you test with more than prescribed they will drop you. Do the math, if I’m prescribed 1 every 8 hours and it’s only 50% effective then it’s only going to work for 4 hours. According to their policy, I have to tolerate debilitating pain for the remaining 4 hours.
This is why we need representation in the policy making process. We need someone who can see describe the sky to the blind.

Gary Raymond

Apparently, Andrew Kolodny has never experienced severe pain. The number of credentials a fool can purchase amazes me.

Pam W

Thank you, Ed! This is more sad news for our pain community! Thank you for everything you do!!


Fibromyalgia is the cover up name for Arachnoiditis. I keep being told by Doctors I have Fibromyalgia but my systoms are exactly the same as Aracnoididas. Google Aracnoididas vs Fibromyalgia and you’ll see what I mean. The reason women have Fibromyalgia more then men is because of epidural and steroid injection. I got Arachnoiditis from a milgram in 1975 with a toxic dye that was banned from the United States in 1978. I don’t care what they call it but don’t tell me the pain’s in my head. There’s no cure for Arachnoiditis but the systoms can be managed with pain meds. When my pain Doctor tapered me off opiates I was ready to die, my blood pressure was off the charts I turned into a diabetic with high numbers from extreme pain then depression set in big time. I pushed my family and friends away because I was miserable. I hung in there luckly then found another pain Doctor who now prescribed medication for pain (opiates) all I needed was 30mg a day. Yes I still in pain but I no longe want to die. I’m a lucky man to be blessed by a paon Doctor who understands when someone’s blood pressure is 220/110 they just might be in uncontrolled pain. My advice is hang in there and don’t abuse pain meds, they won’t cure pain but they can help with quality of life. The Government will catch on sooner or later, I pray sooner than later, praying helped more than anything.