Anti Opioid Advocates Earn a Win in Oklahoma

Anti Opioid Advocates Earn a Win in Oklahoma

An Oklahoma judge has ruled that Johnson & Johnson must pay $572 million for its role in the state’s opioid crisis.

Cleveland County District Judge Thad Balkman held the giant health care company accountable. In his ruling, Balkman said the opioid crisis has “ravaged” the state of Oklahoma.

The defendants, according to the Judge, “engaged in false and misleading marketing of both their drugs and opioids generally, and the law makes clear that such conduct is more than enough to serve as the act or omission necessary to establish the first element of Oklahoma’s public nuisance law.”

Following the ruling, Johnson & Johnson announced that it plans to appeal the “flawed” judgment.

On CNN’s Chris Cuomo show, Oklahoma Attorney General Michael Hunter said, “we proved to the judge that Johnson and Johnson was the cause of the epidemic. They misrepresented their product, they misrepresented the industry’s products and they mis-marketed their products.

Oklahoma had already reached out of court settlements with Teva Pharmaceuticals ($85 million) and Purdue Pharmaceuticals ($270 million), which combined with Monday’s judgement against Johnson and Johnson means about $1 billion in settlement revenue for the state, if Johnson and Johnson’s appeal is unsuccessful.

“Janssen (the Johnson and Johnson subsidiary) did not cause the opioid crisis in Oklahoma, and neither the facts nor the law support this outcome,” Michael Ullmann, executive vice president and general counsel for Johnson & Johnson, said in a written statement on Monday.

“We recognize the opioid crisis is a tremendously complex public health issue and we have deep sympathy for everyone affected. We are working with partners to find ways to help those in need,” he said. “This judgment is a misapplication of public nuisance law that has already been rejected by judges in other states.”

Oklahoma, which was the first state to bring a case to trial, is one of many states suing opioid drug makers. A federal trial is slated for this fall in which nearly 2,000 cases involving cities, counties, communities and tribal lands have been rolled into one, accusing opioid makers of causing the epidemic.

Thoughts on the ruling?

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Brian D

Never let a perfectly good crisis go to waste…

Meg Taylor

This judge needs to retire. He has tunnel vision and is unable to think outside the box. I wouldn’t waste Narcan on street addicts. They are the problem. Pain patients are fighting a battle with a relentless dragon called pain and do not abuse their medications. Pain patients are trying to function while taking the minimum of medication they can. Pain patients do not get “high” from the medication while street addicts (in all sectors of society) use the drugs for a physical reaction. I noticed that this attack on pain patients came about as marijuana is being legalized in more States. This new focus will allow the DEA and CDC workers to keep their jobs.


I really don’t know what to say at this point. How do you address insanity? We have a world plagued by so many problems of such greater magnitude and yet this is where our efforts and dollars are being spent. To fight opioid abuse. It’s all a front to take focus off the real issues. As another commenter pointed out, we will have to go after the makers of Advil and Tylenol as people die from their stomachs eroding and livers giving out. As I said, I have no words for this. It is sad. It is scary. It is INSANITY!!!!!

Erin Sullivan

I agree 100% with Robert. There is so much propaganda out there that is seeping into our minds and the minds of our children. It goes back for millenia, but mostly in the 20th century. To be better informed please look at the two links I will post (again.) I did write a long post but maybe too long because I don’t see it. Sorry if this is a duplicate. The first one to watch is and the second is about someone who is considered the “Father of propaganda” Edward Bernays, nephew of Sigmond Freud. Propaganda is spread through the mainstream media. All the regular stations. YES, ALL of them. If you watch those stations, you are being affected. They mix small truths in with big lies. The newscastors are actors with a script, not real journalists. It is insidious. Thanks to Robert for your post, and thank you to N/P for having a forum where we can speak freely and without cencorship. To my fellow CP sufferers, please watch the links so that you can be aware of how and why this alleged crisis was started. There is a lot of real true information out there that isn’t covered at all by the news, or if it is, then they spin it to fit the narrative. Thank you (I would also be a witness, willingly, in a trial like the formentioned.)

Erin Sullivan

I agree 100% with Robert. I too, would testify. Beside the things you mentioned about proganda leading this whole thing, there’s so much more reported by mainstream media that is false, misleading and propagandist. Look up These are just a tiny fraction of falsehoods that were spread by media in the past. And it continues. Propagana is incidious. It mixes small truths with big lies. ” The world is a stage”, as Shakespeare said. The actors read their scripts., and call it news. If I were to post this reply on youtube it would be listed last, or outright deleted.Mainstrem Media ie: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and yes, even FOX. ALL of them, if you watch them, are in control of our minds and to a large extent our actions and thoughts. It’s been going on forever, but especially since right before WWII, but now it’s so much worse, BUT it should be more obvious. Find other news sources. Don’t use Goooogal (mispelled on purpose.) for your search, as it will lead you to more propagana. Learn what propaganda IS. please watch the link I posted on the “father of propaganda”, who is Edward Bernays and nephew of Sigmond Freud. This guy worked for our government to develop propaganda for the masses. This is important to know and to get a better understanding of how this alledged crisis was started..Thanks for your post, Robert. A, and N/P for a place to share ideas without cencorship.


To Robert Schubring,
I thoroughly appreciated your comments and continue to wonder why our ambivalent fellow citizens cannot see the true intentions of this propagandist war against the truth.
The moment the J&J ruling was announced, the television airwaves were inundated with attorney solicitations for the next big pile-on directed against Purdue Pharmaceuticals. For me, I contacted Purdue corporate in Connecticut and offered my assistance to their legal department. If they required an actual CPP give positive testimony in efforts to defend their case, I would be willing to so.
While conversing with their public relations representative, I was amazed that they have been inundated with people such as myself offer the same. This individual claimed that 99% of calls received were positive in defense against the Kologny Turkey Vultures waiting to pick the next carcass.
Oklahoma ranks 43 in worst States financially and is it possible that there could be a more telling reason for these ridiculous lawsuits? Besides making a huge bundle for the attorneys, States that are currently suffering from massive deficits could be a more truthful motivation.
The war of Northern Aggression was not because of slavery.
President Roosevelt did know about the coming attack on Pearl Harbor.
Vietnam was due in large part to the Golden Triangle and CIA greed.
Oswald was not the lone assassin of JFK.
9/11 ???
U.S. continued occupation of Afghanistan is most assuredly because of the 90% world wide monopoly of Poppy production.

If you currently are counted as a fortune pain patient who still receives Opium based pain analgesics, ask yourself “Which Pharmaceutical company is going to continue producing genetic Oxycodone with this kind of Sword of Damocles hanging over their head”?

I have a friend who lives in another state , her son is an addict to meth & something called K2. She has spoken to a local judge for help. he told her there’s nothing he could do. And when I was in court over the wrongful death of my mother from a person who was on meth that ran into her vehicle & killed her, I had to sit there in court & had to listen a judge tell addicts that they have to go to rehab & this was their 2nd and 3rd time for a probation violation & if they didn’t go they would go to jail. My friend called other rehab clinics but she has no money to send her son to rehab & so she has finally found a church that will do the 12-step program for free. But she cannot get her son to go. So the rest of us have to suffer BC other people’s stupidity in wanting to just destroy their lives not try to survive life just trying function with less pain not to get high. It’s all talk about rehab from gov. if you don’t have the money you don’t get rehap. Like the lady said you end up on the cell floor. the rest of us that just want a normal life we’ll probably end up killing ourselves BC we’re tired of suffering in pain & no treatment either.


The good information here is not making it into these hearings. We, as a group should be included as witnesses for the defense. Somebody (likely in government) probably will not allow pain sufferers to testify. It is the responsibility of Lawyers to insist that it us admissible.we are not in it for the money. We all should be writing to the drug manufacturers every day. They are probably not allowed to ask us for testimony but we can volunteer. Even if we are out numbered, even if our views are not popular, we should be represented. Presidential elections are won by electoral votes not a majority..where is “Freedom and Justice for all”? We need an opioid advocate in every single hearing where a judge can make a financial issue out of pain.


I feel sorry for the common man who has chronic pain. The one who never abuses his opoid prescriptions taking them only when he or she needs too. Sure the big Pharm are trying to make money. That’s a given about making money. With the skewed number from the DEA and CDC somebody has to take the blame. Pay the money, big pharma cause you can afford it. But the chronic pain patient is the real victim.

Doug Hughes

Johnson & Johnson,
You need to object to the 6,000 deaths. It is grossly inflated by CDC recorded keeping. Contract me I would be happy to help. I am a disabled pain sufferer.
Doug Hughes
Logan, West Virginia


J&J are responsible for a lot of injurious products, but they sure didn’t start this or shove pills down anyone’s throat who were prescribed by, hopefully, an honest educated doctor.
The gov wants to eliminate the supply.
We’re collateral damage


Perhaps all pharmaceutical manufacturers should avoid distribution of their opoid containing products to the State of Oklahoma?

Responsible product use is appearantly beyond their ability.
Do they have some sort of surgeon general? Where are they?

Oklahoma is not OK.

Carol G

‘‘Tis judgement isn’t right. If every state wins a similar judgement, J & J will get run out of business.
And, at what point do we hold the addicts themselves responsible for their actions? People who die from the misuse of drugs know the dangers of abusing these drugs and they choose to abuse them anyway. I think that placing the blame solely on the pharmaceutical companies is unfair and shortsighted.

The pCDC and DEA and now various legislators continue to punish pain medication prescribers and patients. There are many chronic pain patients who are suffering because they can no longer get the medications (opiates) that, combined with other therapies, makes their lives worth living. And, new patients are suffering when they are denied even a short break from severe pain.

Let’s stop the hysteria and witch hunts. Recognize that people are responsible for their own actions and stop such outrageous lawsuit awards.

Rebecca Hollingsworth

Well they found their first scapegoat with many more to come. The manufacturers make the drugs, all of which the government and DEA were aware of, and distributed them to their buyers. All on the up and up mind you, but because individuals abused them someone is to blame. But who is really at fault for this “crisis”? Is it the drugmakers, distributors , pharmacies , doctors or patients? Is is just one, or a combination of multiple entities? Or does it come down to free will and personal accountability? Is anyone responsible for their actions anymore or are we going to play the blame game? No one was forced to take this medication that I’m aware of. There have always been addicts and always will be. The proof is that the country has and will be dealing with some type of substance abuse FOREVER. And from what i’ve heard most addicts say they got their start with prescription drugs and we can believe them, right? I’m surprised that chronic pain patients haven’t been blamed yet because we need these drugs just to get out of bed every morning. Aside from cpp’s who know these medications are a lifeline, why do others want to take these drugs? Why do alcoholics want to drink? What are they trying to escape? Who is to blame for alcoholism? Is it the manufacturers, the suppliers or the consumers? Does it even matter? What matters is that all citizens of this country have the ability to choose. That is a right we have been blessed with. Some people take this seriously and others not so much. My issue, how did the government gain the power to determine my quality of life? How did they acquire so much power to tell me that even though I’ve (and many other cpp’s) used these medications responsibly that now I can only take a dose that they deem appropriate? The government is not my doctor, they don’t know my issues or my body, nor do they care. Who can I blame for that?

Pharmacy Staff knows

I disagree with the judge . We owe pain relief to these companies and the work they put into trials and research which is not cheap. A person who abused the medication knew they were a valid pain patient or not , end of story.

Sandy Kirtley

Why does the settlement going to the state? It certainly should be going to the people who were prescribed their medications are the ones who are entitled to the settlement.
They send the DEA into doctors offices interrogating the doctors who treat people with excruciating pain. Instead of going out and searching for the people bringing in the illegal drugs. They are going into the doctors offices where the patients are sitting ducks so they can tell the American people that they have taken care of the opioid crisis, when in fact is all they have done is made it harder on the elderly and the people that are in debilitating pain who are only trying to live a half way normal life and because of no fault of their own. These people are pitiful and the only thing I can say to the DEA or the people in charge is SHAME ON YOU! Karma is a bitch!!!

We cannot sue the Federal Government. I contacted an attorney a few months ago. He said that our best recourse is filing suit against a for-profit entity such as a physician, clinic or hospital. The Feds can’t be sued. I’m just one person, but hey…I’m trying the best I can. See my FB page and blog with Red Lawhorn’s letter posted about what to tell local media about chronic pain. I will be sending same to both of my local papers. Need to include images. Put a face or image on our plight. Any suggestions?


Ridiculous that these companies are being blamed….yes, they played a role in there being so much pain medicine in circulation. But if they are crucified, and if opioids disappear altogether (except for the wealthy, of course), then we will surely have a huge problem. Untreated pain in millions of people….already well under way. So misguided.


Politics at play, Act 2. Nothing more nothing less.

Judy Dunn

What’s next, lawsuits against every other company that makes a product that
The “Me Generation” feels owes them something. I didn’t hear anyone saying they were forced to take these pills. They took them and continued to take them because they got high and they liked it and now it’s everybody else’s fault.

I was part of the 60’s generation, Drugs were everywhere, no one ever blamed
The drug companies. We actually took responsibility for our own screw ups.

It’s time for our government to get the drug dealers that are selling opioids with fentanyl off the street. Stop treating these addicts like victims, and start treating
Them like the addicts they are. Tell their parents to get off their cell phones, iPads and computers and start paying attention to their children before it’s too

Tell the government if they want to go after these Company’s it had better be
For something they did and not something someone else did. Leave the Good
Doctors who actually care about their patients alone, and let them do their jobs.
The Doctors that denied their patients rights Should not be allowed to practice
In any area concerning pain patients. Finally, Chronic Pain Patients should be able to go back to their normal way of life, No any peeing in a cup, No problems getting our pain medicine prescriptions from our Doctors, No bringing in pill bottle so we can get said prescription. No problems, 2 hour waiting for the
Prescription to be verified and completed. People in the Chronic Pain
Community have taken these opioids for 20-30yrs without any problems, yet
They claimed we’re the problem.


Purdue is only threatening Chapter 11. Johnson and Johnson will probably do that too eventually, O.J. Simpson hasn’t paid for his wrongful death ruling. This opiate ruling will tie up courts for years and the stories will die down. If course we will be dead,

Regardless of the verdict, it’s still unethical and immoral and in some cases illegal to neglect “responsible pain patients” (CDC, 2019) and allow us to suffer to save the lives of illegal drug users. It’s classic throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Balance is needed to protect pain patients. Was this covered in the verdict?

Does the state of Oklahoma acknowledge the benefits of prescription opioids?

This verdict will have the unfortunate “unintended consequence” of solidifying attitudes that “all opioids are bad all the time”.

What will it take for the public and private sectors to protect responsible pain patients?

Keep speaking up!

Wanda Lindner

To begin with this country has turned into a lawsuit country. You stump your toe, you go and get a lawyer and sue them. I’m a pain management patient, and yes I have to take pain pills for my pain. I have so much problems because my bones are so brittle I’m 4 to 5 time likely to fall and break something from my last test. I’m have been to so many doctors to see if anyone could fix me. No doctor will touch me. They just tell me to stay off of latter’s and stairs. I know I need to two knee replacement and maybe soon a hip to. But what do you do but take the medicine. I know I will probably be in a wheelchair. I hope and pray I don’t. I take my medicine just like it’s say to take, and I just don’t understand why the government is trying to take my medicine from me. Yes it’s asham that young kids are dieing and getting hooked on drugs. They have to be getting them from shady people. Why don’t they use this money to fight the epidemic of these drug dealers. Now day parent are trying to be friends with their kids not a parent. You can’t be a best friend to your child. Be a parent look for signs and be involved. Don’t never say my kid won’t do that. Make sure your child is clean even if you have to make them drug test. Start at home education is the best you can do for anyone you think is abusing drugs. Oh one more thing this lawsuit is only going to make that lawyer pocket fuller. Wouldn’t it be great if they used this for education and police the drug dealers.

Alice Carroll

I imagine this is nowhere near over. J&J and the others will end up appealing all the way to the Supreme Court, as they should. The manufacturers did not force people to abuse these medications. What happened to personal responsibility? One opinion from a judge in OK does not mean that this is how this whole thing will fly.

I listened to DemocracyNow this morning and they interviewed Julia Lurie, a senior reporter at Mother Jones. Her new article, “Johnson and Johnson Was Just Found Liable for Fueling the Opioid Epidemic in a Historic Trial.” She wrote a very biased piece “Big Pharma Has a Big Role on the Federal Committee Tasked With Curbing Opioid Abuse” May 9, 2019 that many chronic pain patients responded to. She buys into the myth that doctor prescribing is the cause of opiate overdoses and keeps on repeating it. The part that got me was how she described that the cities, counties and states have paid so much for the opioid epidemic with all the treatment for addiction. Excuse me. What treatment? I thought it’s 1 in 10 addicts that get any help at all and usually it’s a 12-Step program. They are free. It’s probably the cost of putting addicts in jail where they can detox on the floor of their cell. Some treatment.

She went so far to say that J&J gave donations to advocacy groups, (is National Pain Report included?) which helped the public look more favorable towards opioid therapy. As if that is a horrible thing. Will someone acknowledge that for years millions of people in the US and the world have been prescribed these medications and that they work to curb chronic pain and give many a better quality of life?

Nowhere does anyone mention that these drugs have a place in treatment for chronic pain.

This is but a money-grab that chronic pain sufferers are caught in the middle of. We are forgotten in the rush for profits. My guess is that in time drug addicts will probably be forgotten too.



Ed, we need to see the details of the ruling. They can not possibly have any proof that supports this ruling. I believe it is called “unsubstantiated supposition”. I can’t believe that two other drug companies folded so easily. It is impossible to prove that a drug company caused an epidemic. Most of us were prescribed opiates without really knowing anything about them. This judge used the old case about tobacco liability. It is not revelant. We know tobacco causes cancer, we know that alcohol damages the liver. We also know that Senators and Congressmen take campaign money from lobbyists. We know that they took money from drug manufacturers. We know about “blind trust funds”. What money is lost on their Opiate Fraud will be replaced by drug rehabs, labs, and the horrific taxes that will be placed on drug companies. People are not paying attention. These politicians have committees that take money away from other programs to waste it on a War on Drugs that has not and never will decrease drug use.

The ruling hasn’t been proven to be a public nuisance. For instance alcohol manufacturers / distributors why haven’t they been charged with public nuisance laws & misrepresentation? How many times do you see movie stars trying to sell alcohol. Showing that you’ll have a good time. Or you’ll meet at attractive man or woman by drinking a certain drink. No one can control someone else’s habits. It has to come from that individual’s personal morals. When company that sells any type of medication they’re always going to tell the best of that medication & not the worst for sales. Look at the new migraine medications amivig or cholesterol medicine repatha no one knows the long-term effects on the body from these medications. But yet FDA-approved them, Fast track them. Suing these manufacturers over opiates it’s just only furthering the agenda of medical marijuana which puts the burden of cost on to the patient BC not covered by insurance & saves Medicare / Medicaid money. This is hurting CCP & causing distrust between patient & all medical community.

This is only gonna make it harder for us pain ppl to get our needed pain meds!!


So will real pain sufferers not being treated, receive retribution one day?

Roosevelt congratulated Hitler on his victory in invading Czechoslovakia, politely asked if he was through invading countries, anticipated the answer, publicly called the bastard a man of peace, and quietly rushed the Intracoastal Waterway to completion, realizing that our domestic oil production moved to market by sea and was vulnerable to U-boat attacks. We’ve seen the smirking face of hatred in Oklahoma AG Mike Hunter, gloating over his great victory. We patients never appeared in court to speak for ourselves. Shame on us. Now let’s dig in and fight the next battle.

And let’s do our preparations thoroughly. The Holocaust could have been a lot smaller and the war effort a lot more effective, had Roosevelt suspended the immigration quotas and let Jewish refugees emigrate here to enlist.

We threw away the opportunity to join this case, because we were too disorganized to raise money and hire a lawyer to speak for pain patients.

Let us please stop making that mistake.

I could care less who leads and who follows. Let’s get the enemy out of our way.

Meg Taylor

The drugs at the center of the “opioid crisis” are Fentanyl and heroin. These drugs cause most of the deaths and overdoses in this country and they are largely smuggled from Mexico and China. This is another example of the ignorant trying to cause an uprising that harms chronic pain patients who need legal opiates for management of pain that is beyond their control. Pain patients who need these medications are responsible and use the meds as prescribed by the doctors (usually pain specialists) who manage their care as related to pain. This attack is fueled by the legalization of marijuana in many States and the DEA agents need to justify their jobs.


Oklahoma is a mostly rural Red Baptist state with lots of poverty. There were only 388 opioid related deaths in all of Oklahoma last year. This was not an epicenter of the so called overdose crisis. Oklahoma is broke, they need the money, that’s their motive for getting in quick and grabbing some cash while emotions are high. I guarantee most of this money will be used for the general state budget and not for rehab.
My sister died from cancer last year in Oklahoma City. The only way for her to get pain relief during chemo, radiation, and a horrible biological treatment was to go to the er and be admitted. They would not prescribe opiates for use at home until she was in hospice. If you are in pain Oklahoma is the last place you want to live.

Debbie Nickels Heck, MD

ASSININE & MISGUIDED! If this sets a precedent for other states who are as undereducated as these judges, those in pain will never achieve the pain relief necessary, Drs hands will continue to be tied and the real needs of true addicts will be lost. Where is SCIENTIFIC FACT when we need it?


I saw the attorney on 60 minutes that successfully sued the cigarette companies planning on going after big Pharma. This puts rocks in my stomach. The cost of my pain meds will rise, the availability will be scarce. It’s lose, lose, lose for chronic pain patients.

Jonathan W Landers

One I hope they apeal the courts findings. Two it’s a free cash grab, the only thing the cash starved state of the Oakies wants is somebody besides them to pay. The opioid crisis is an manufactured event that the politicians saw as a headline grabbing event. There is a problem with street drugs but the numbers touted by our imperial leader don’t reflect us chronic pain patient’s. I hope J&J win on apeal.

Annette Merkley

This ruling is so unjust I don’t know how to respond…do they not listen to the folks that are in constant pain and need these companies to manufacture the quality opioids they so desperately need ?


“….settlement revenue…”

That is what this is to them. Revenue.

They wanted 19 $billion. Had it spent.

Anyone else find this sick and perverted?

Ellen Johnson

No one sue alcohol makers free wine tasting This is disheartening People 99% give or take are not getting addicted to opioids prescribed and chronic pain is not going away if you can not cure rare illness This is just going scare more drug manufacturers pain doctors insurance and just when the collateral damage to patients in chronic pain is getting more acknowledgement How much you want bet the winners of this absurd law suit celebrated with alcohol after all it does not cause senseless death and that is pure sarcasm We could survive without alcohol in society but prohibition did not work This is not working either people are committing suicide due to intense pain and your diagnosis should not matter Cancer is not always a death sentence sometimes it is treated people go back to work to living life Yes it can be horribly painful disease or treatment but so can chronic pain a might die a dying a chronic life of severe pain is all horrible and unnecessary with opiate pain medicine taken responsibly. This calling it pain is the disease is not true it is a person with bad trauma physically
Accident rare illness most doctors never see. I can not speak to marketing but people need take personal responsibility not blame drug companies that produce pain medicine that helps so many More lawsuits more shortages and people in pain suffer.
It is not a pain patient’s fault. these pain medications are life changing to severe pain and the overdoses are mostly meds stolen or fentanyl in heroin not person taking legally prescribed opiates as prescribed. Not treating acute pain is going lead more cases of reflex dystrophy pain syndrome and thus chronic pain The judge or jury and those brought this lawsuit shame on you How due you sleep and we all know very rich
Famous powerful in society will get anything they need for pain why the deaths in some famous people
I feel sad and sick over this 😥

I posted Red Lawhorn’s letter “prescriptions not the cause of the opioid crisis” on my personal FB page and on my blog: which focuses on depression from a providers perspective (Me. I’m a school psychologist.) and from a patient’s perspective (Also me.) Now I’m just waiting to see how many more “friends” I lose. On a small positive note, my sister in law is a supporter of the fentanyl/heroin is the cause side.


Unadulterated craziness… Time to pin the tail on the real culprit: street drugs and the corrupt nature of our government’s interactions on the topic with several distributing countries.. Iif this foolish decision is upheld, all it will do it make life-tolerability-inducing meds unavailable for milllions suffering from acute and chronic debilitating pain. Please God, wake these foools up before the harm spreads even further…!


This is just the start to shut down the manufacturing of opiate so there won’t be any period.
They fail to realize this drug is needed and useful in the treatment of pain.
All they want is money ..bankrupt the manufacturer stop the production and leave thousands hopeless.

Janna Crickmore

I have a really hard time believing that the courts cannot distinguish between prescription opioid use regulated by doctors and illegal street opioids that are sold by drug dealers. If only some university would actually study this disparity


I dont’ know enough about any of these cases to have an opinion, but I wish that discussions of the cases, which all talk about opioids being so addictive, would at least footnote that CPP’s are not addicts and that if our pain went away, so would our dependence on opioids — opioids which keep us alive.
And all the rest about how CPP’s and our non-pill-mill docs are a separate population from the bad actors, and about the enormous suffering imposed on us due to the govt not recognizing that we are a separate population.
Our existence gets lost in all these discussions.


Wrong on so many levels. I doubt there is a single opioid user out there that was held down and forced-fed this medicine.
Most of the deaths were due to the concurrent use of other legal and illegal drugs.
I pray that J&J wins their appeal.

Martin Gann

I find it as rediculas as blaming Boeing for the the bombs dropped killing hundred of thousands.

Maureen M.

Thanks Ed. I saw this on the news yesterday. I agree with Michael Ullman’s statement 100%. People need to take responsibility for their own addictions and fix themselves. No one forced those who abused prescriptions meds to take them irresponsibly. Everyone wants to point the finger at someone other than themselves. Good luck J&J!

Well isn’t that nice, states getting a boost in their coffers (pockets I’m sure of some) while people in pain are flat out ignored. Still. While the pharmaceutical companies are responsible for some of the opioid problem, they were not the cause of the phony opioid crisis. I do honestly believe that the phony crisis was planned but not all by the pharmaceutical companies. It’s funny how the pill Mills just couldn’t be shut down but now every Dr around can be. The hardest hit areas were the ones hit hardest economically when Obama sent the jobs away.

The media & kolodney would have everyone think that the opiods were flooding every single state & city hard in the US when it was not so. It shouldn’t have happened but now every person in daily pain are the ones being punished. And a chosen few are getting very rich. And addicts keep dying, but in bigger numbers along with people in pain.

If our govt really wanted the drug problem slowed the border wall would be up no questions asked. But no, it’s just more lucrative to steal from Dr’s while conventely getting rid of one of the weakest & most vulnerable in society. That includes addicts & pain patients.

Larry F

While I disagree with the judge’s ruling based on evidence presented at the trial, I don’t think politically/socially he felt much choice but to find the way that he did. I also believe that if he truly thought J&J as responsible as what he claimed in his comments the judgment would have been for a lot more than 1/20 the ridiculous amount that Oklahoma was seeking to win. This was basically a public relations ruling, but the damages aren’t anything that’s keeping J&J execs up at night.

What I would like to know is why the states are suing theses drug companies and getting big payoffs ,when it’s the real people that have verifieable chronic pain and have had to go through years of being treated like second class citizens to try and be able to be productive members of society. Following all the government and big phama. Guidelines who are now having to pay the price of increased pain.And getting no help and no financial repayment for being the ginny pigs in this “war on drugs” senario.

I don’t believe that it’s the “FAULT” of any pharmaceutical company! I do think that the Media is to blame for a lot of the paranoia! Wrong or misleading numbers, outdated material, also Doctors who look at “Guidelines” as “Laws and Regulations and Rules”!!!

Fred Brown

Earlier today, Tuesday August 27 I heard the lead attorney for J&J say, “You are not able to sue your way out of the opioid crisis.” There is a lot of truth to this, as communities must take responsibility for the “opioid crisis” that started long before the pharmaceutical companies so called promoted their products.
Heroin has been around for a very long-time and this drug is not made by any legitimate pharmaceutical company. It seems that we have learned to always blame others, and not take responsibilities ourselves. I do not feel this is healthy, and hopefully, we can change this.