Attorneys Looking for Class Action Participants, Health Care Providers Firing Doctors & Contact Congress

Attorneys Looking for Class Action Participants, Health Care Providers Firing Doctors & Contact Congress

Pain Patient Advocacy Attorney Surfaces

Attorneys in Louisiana are looking into bringing legal action on behalf of patients nationwide suffering from chronic pain lasting 3 or more months, or suffering from:

  • associated with a cancer diagnosis;
  • pain from sickle cell disease;
  • palliative or nursing home care;
  • pain from nerve injuries;
  • pain from osteoarthritic changes;
  • chronic intractable pain

They are also looking for patients who are experiencing difficulties in getting pharmacies to fill their legitimate prescriptions for opiate medication as written by their treating medical provider.

For more information about the firm, visit their website.

Let us know if you contact them and what they tell you. Know they are looking for enough patients to create a class action—so they’ll be asking for a lot of personal information. Decide whether you want to participate.

Big Health Care Provider Pushing Poor Patients

United Health Care is dropping doctors from its Medicaid network to move its poor and working-class families to medical practices owned by the giant health care provider

Here’s the story from

Chronic Pain Advocate, Terri Lewis Ph.D. brought this article to the attention of her followers on Twitter:

UHC is dropping hundreds of doctors in its NJ Medicaid Dr network. The move is forcing thousands of low-income patients to forsake longtime physicians.

Will this impact specialty, chronic care?

You betcha.

Are You Talking with Your Elected Officials About Chronic Pain?

We ran a story this weekend making sure that each of you—from your couch, your car or your phone, can tell you elected official about chronic pain.

We received a lot of positive reaction for the reminder.

Do you know who your congressman/congresswoman is? You can find out here.

I don’t mean to nag—ok maybe I do—but you should tell your story to him/her. Tell it efficiently (don’t complain, just inform) and encourage them (or one of their staff) to contact you, your social media group or a sympathetic doctor/nurse/provider.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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I have been contacted by this Attorneys office and given some information about what their ideas are and what they have in mind. Ed you are welcome to discuss this with me via Email


My experience with chronic pain is a long one. It started after I blew all the cartilage out of my right knee on a dive boat. That was in 2005. My knee doctor told me that until I was ready to have the knee replaced, the only option available to me, I needed to have the pain treated. Easier said than done. The same year, a gastroenterologist took me off my medication for ulcerative proctitis. One year later I awakened one morning at 3 AM. I shook vigorously. By 5 AM I spiked a temp of 105 and drove myself to the ER so as not to seize home alone. The hospital managed the temp. without determining the cause. Upon returning home my mouth erupted in ulcers everywhere: all soft tissues surrounding teeth, inside upper and lower lips, entire tongue and throat. It was diagnosed as aphthous major and it was active 4/5ths of the time for 10 years! I am a redhead, a mutant. I do not experience pain as do 98+% of the population. This same mutation alters my response to many medications. Due to ulcerative colitis (that doctor that took me off my meds? Two years later my entire descending and transverse colon were diseased.) I may not take OTC medications. My autoimmune and inflammatory disease are due to aberrant genetic expression caused by massive neglect and abuse in the first 6 years of my life. Prior to chronic pain onset, I had many unusual reactions to pain; most people do not go into shock from pain as I have. Since chronic pain onset, it was covered perfectly with a rigorous exercise program and only one medication: oxycodone. Most meds do not a thing for me. Since the CDC-BS my pain stopped getting appropriate medical care. Then I experienced the onset of multiple novel illnesses, lost most of my career and income, and my PTSD symptoms skyrocketed. I am by now convinced that chronic pain is a disease. A fatal disease. No statistics justify the response of this society to chronic pain: to permit human suffering, worsening medical conditions, and stigma.

Wanda Lindner

Well I don’t know where to start. I have been a pain patient for 14 years. I have suffered with child arthritis when I was little. My pain management doctor started me on 5mg hydrocodone to take when needed. Then they put me on oxycodone 7.5 mg 4x day and lyrica 150mg 3x day. Then they changed my oxycodone 10mg x4 a day plus my lyrica. Boy I was doing so good getting out and doing things.Then they took away my 10mg and put me back on 7.5 a day. Plus they give me ropinirole 0.5 mg at night. For leg tremors. I just had a visit a week ago and they told me I had to give up a pill to 3x a day of my oxycodone or try this new pill. The new pill is Dilaudid 2mg. 4x a day. And try it for 2 weeks and then call her back. I’m 68 years old I worked for 52 years. I have had probably 8 MRI and cat scans. Bone density test. The doct.or said my bone are crumbling light crackers. And I need to stay off stairs and ladders because I could break my bones. I have bulging disc and bone spurs in my neck. I have osteoarthritis in my back and knees. I have been to neurology doctors , back doctor, knee doctors and I can’t name the rest. I had a doctor go in my neck and kill nerves. It lasted 3months. He said we just have to keep doing it. Every doctor I go to they tell me they can help me they can’t fix me. My bones are so bad. I may not be walking soon. I honestly believe my pain management doctor is starting to take my medicine as away. Oh my back has bulging disk. I really don’t know what to do. The 2mg. Is not helping me. I know it a sin to take you life. But I just don’t know what to do. Hopeless

Frances B Hunt

I’ve had Fibromyalgia for nine years and force tapered off opioid medication twice.
I have been to two pain psychologists and neither helped


Steven you are the first I’ve seen talking about corvid , quarantine and inability to obtain pain meds. I’m scared. Just wrote something about this today on another site.
Guess we ‘just’ suffer as per usual…….


I have not seen one person bring up the loss of Supply that will see as a result of the Coronavirus. It’s not if but when. We don’t have any extra pills at the end of the month. The doctors don’t care. Is this just the end of us the ones that can’t do without pain medication. We are serious or we we wouldn’t be at a pain specialist in the first place. We can’t wait over a weekend much less weeks.

Acker Beth

I filled out the info at the attorneys website for the class action suit. Sounds like they’re focusing on pharmacies not filling legitimate prescriptions, which many of us have experienced. It’s a great focus as a pharmacy shouldn’t have the right to question a valid prescription. For them to refuse to fill because we’re not taking other meds or other unsubstantiated reasons is wrong, so maybe this’ll wake up the pharmacies to follow doctors orders and stop giving pain patients a hard time!!


Many doctors are participating in a profitable government program involving giving patients Buprenorphine and expensive corticosteroids spinal injections. Many Pain Clinic Patients have been given the choice of this treatment or no treatment, instead of what treatment plan they had before the CDC guidelines became unofficial policy.

David W Cole

Susan Domokos,
Join our advocacy group, they have pre-written letters to send to Congress and or anybody else for that matter. Join at:

Dawn C

Personally I’m kinda scared to put myself out there again. Everytime I send a letter to any government or state official, I get contacted or reviewed by Social Security. It could be coincidence, but come on…. what are the odds? I wonder if it has happened to anyone else who is on disability? It’s why I’m so hesitant to get actively involved again. Things like that, on top suffering from daily pain, can be too much to handle. I’m fighting in spirit for now. Until I can feel safe from persecution. Chronic pain patients deserve better. We deserve to live a life without fear, excruciating pain, and discrimination just because we need medication to be able to get out of bed and do what many people take for granted. It’s a horrible way to live… or should I say exist.

How can we share this information public to help others too?


I sent an email to my state congressperson, (Alaska) & a very long time later received a form letter regarding the ¨opoid crisis¨ & how he was fighting it. The letter was to me using ¨Mr¨, (I am a woman). I responded politely with a paragraph about my experience with chronic pain & how difficult it is to be treated appropriately.
So much for that attempt! This is a career congressman of many, many, years.

Mike Swift9n

Thank You for good news Ed!
The ‘elected’ representatives in Oregon are ‘worth-less’. They are all on the Zealot-wagon coupled with the teenage overdose fatalities coming from deeply wounded parents, whom i completely sympathize with, but we are finding out now, especially here in Oregon, with detailed information from un-named sources for their protection, that many..MANY cases involving a fatal overdose of opoids involved a highly interactive ‘mix’ of other substances- specifically alcohol, measured to be three-times the legal limit, with large doses of benzodiazipines like Valium, Librium, Xanax, klonnopin, Ambien…ad infinitum….I think due to alot of pressure on the media to avoid lawsuits from redacting or altering the stories. I am in no way saying these are the specifics with ‘every’ case. And, i duly wish to add that the greatest pain a parent can suffer, is living on after the tragic demise of their child. My sympathies and deepest condolences are with them all.

Susan Domokos

I need help PLEASE with drafting a letter without being annoyingly all over the place….i wanna represent but the shitt in my head comes out my mouth all jumbled and crazysounding…annoying…i need to be in this lawsuit but i cannot get the whole story out without crying and carrying on like a crazy person…i am stuck in 2011 and it has changed my world and i need it back..thank you for considering helping me…47 days without pain meds…#strugglinginohio

Thomas Wayne Kidd

I contacted the lawyers.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

A “class action” will only drag on and on. Do people not understand this?

Thomas Wayne Kidd

I contacted my elected officials but like every time before I was totally ignored. I need a personal lawyer to represent me as my doctor after 15 years of going by the contract I signed, is considering sending me to a”Methadone/Suboxone clinic” I have been talking Methadone successful for just about 30 years without any problems other than the problems caused by uneducated and uncaring doctors and nurse practitioners.


THANK YOU for fighting for us!
I’m a bit concerned over who they would sue, however! Sadly, the federal government is exempt (and therefore, so is the CDC). Since its been proven that legitimate prescriptions aren’t the problem, the pharmaceutical companies aren’t to blame! (I don’t know how individual States are successfully suing them!) So, that would leave the big pharmacies, PROP (especially Kolodny), and the big players that have left their patients to suffer, like Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, and others that perpetuate the lie that opioids don’t help.


How do we know this is not just another legal scam..has anyone vetted this attorney

Thank you & God Bless You Ed Coghlan!!! This miracle could not have happened without you! HALLELUJAH Finally Attorney’s that care as our ADVOCATE! WE CPP’S DO MATTER AFTERALL! We do have HOPE to give us our lives back!


They want to sue pharmacists. What about the doctors who are denying medication?

Gail Honadle

Must have deleted half a dozen in 2 days these are scam artist not guine lawyers who want to help.

Tony hardy

My doctor and pharmacist said they will drop me and fake a dirty pee test if I join lawsuit.


So pleased to hear this. Ive been thinking for a long time this is the only way. All the science is there to prove:
– No safe upper dose of opioids each patient varies. They can’t do any studies to say high and/or longterm doses are dangerous because they’d risk killing volunteers
– addiction rate from pain patients is 0.02%
_ if you have chronic pain its a disorder of the CNS. Opioids are the only meds that work directly to calm the CNS. This calming reduces/removes pain. Its also why those without pain get high and then addicted. Pain patients on correctly titrated doses never get high.
-undertreated pain is a medical emergency that can kill you via rise in blood pressure<Stroke/heart attack and sometimes death.
-ehen a post mortem for claimed prescription opioid deaths are looked at closely its the street drugs desperate undertreated patients have turned to and/or an addict has taken (Purdue Pharma knowinglt created plenty of addicts by targeting populations vulnerable to addiction as they were traumatised by joblessness and social breakdownnfollowing closure of US steel imdustries etc. Ref. Chris McGreal "American Tragedy: the Opioid Crisis in 3 Acts"pub 2018 and winner of best non fiction book of the year
Ie pain patients did not create the opioid crisis big pharma did out of greed and lied to doctors oxycontin was not addictive.

C. Simmons

It’s about time! If pain patients finally get a legal case going in one state, hopefully other states will follow. I spoke with a rep from Tom Steyers political group last weekend and told them about this site. Mr. Steyers apparently suffers from ongoing pain, and might be interested in helping the cause. Maybe if enough of us contact his campaign, we can get a public figure to finally speak out against the false war on opioids, and the suffering of post-operative and pain patients being denied the only legal means of mitigating pain. I told them about the millions of chronic pain patients, along with current post-operative pain patients being completely denied opioids at any dose. Maybe, if he is willing to speak for us, we can get a political movement to stop this immoral, false war. This crap has gone way too far to the extreme, and we need public support to bring it back into balance. Addiction and alcoholism have been around for generations. Targeting a medically necessary prescription class of drugs because addicts abuse whatever they can get their hands on does not justify eliminating those medications altogether from their medical purpose. As we all know, illicit drugs, sometimes mixed with alcohol, are what is causing overdoses – not legally prescribed medication for legitimate conditions. Chronic pain and post-operative patients are being treated like addicts because they rightfully expect medical relief from extreme pain, and are being sadistictally denied that moral and legal relief.

Rebecca Hollingsworth

About time! Will definitely be contacting the firm. Thank you!


Amen. The hounds have the scent!


Is this only for residents of Kentucky?
Sounds too good to be read!


I’ll let you know if I hear anything! Thank you Ed!

Stephanie Lobignat

Ed, this could be big news for the CPP community. It’s the first I’ve heard of attorneys wanting to file a Class Action Suit on our behalf. They do ask for lots of personal testimony/info when you go to their site, so I am wondering if this is legit? Any further info on this?

Granny Ralls

It’s about damned time!