Caregiver Update: It’s Getting Worse

Caregiver Update: It’s Getting Worse

On November 5, we published a letter from J.R. Wilson, an Arizona man who is the principal caregiver for his wife, a chronic pain patient.

Here’s the original article.

It was an honest assessment of a difficult situation that reached many of the National Pain Report readers. Mr. Wilson sent me a letter by email on Tuesday that updated his wife’s situation. I wish we could report that it’s good news for the Wilsons.

It is not.

December 17, 2019

Dear Mr. Coghlan,

J. R. Wilson

I wrote to you a few weeks ago (4 Nov 19) concerning my wife’s pain and some of the issues, that I, as a caregiver experience because of her pain… I was amazed at the comments from so many people – nearly all offering empathy and/or sympathy and sharing their own stories. Some of the comments were from pain sufferers and some were from caregivers that face the same (or worse) situations than me. SO many people have it worse than my wife – but yet they (or their caregivers) took time to write. It was truly humbling.

The purpose of this letter is two-fold. First, to mention the outpouring of concern as mentioned above and second, to update you (and your followers) on the latest events in our on-going effort to get help for my wife. I’d mentioned in my previous note that the provider she had been seeing for the last several months was a joke (I didn’t use that word – but that’s what they were). One of our concerns from the start was them cutting her methadone prescription in HALF from the very beginning. Kathy had been taking the same amount of methadone for over 20 years – and it had been working – with obvious no side-affects…but these people cut her prescription in half. Anybody familiar with opioids knows what happens when dosages are cut – even by a little! Initially, we thought that it was an issue with the State of Arizona, but found out that the state – although wanting to combat illegal use – actually acknowledged legitimate pain sufferers and wrote that they should not be subject to the same strict rules and that their medications should NOT be messed with. My wife’s provider LIED to us from the very start saying that the State limited them – and when called on it – said (arrogantly) “if it makes you feel better, I just didn’t think you ought to get that amount of pills”. WOW!   He made an arbitrary decision that totally affected my wife, her quality of life, and OUR quality of life.

As if that weren’t enough, after our last appointment (early December) they sent us a Certified Letter terminating their relationship with my wife. We’re sure they did this because my wife continued to ask for the correct amount of medication. Now, my wife has no doctor, no clinic, and no source of methadone! We are at a loss and have no idea of where to turn.

We are quite concerned about what happens next!


J. R. Wilson

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Are we getting tired of hearing about the doctors who are afraid??? If they did not discriminate and stood together the government would not have been able to go after them ALL.
I would not be the least bit surprised if this was investigated that doctors are accepting government bribes to discriminate.
All patients denied pain medication (legacy patients) or reduced to none SHOULD be filing complaints to their state medical boards. Sure a doctor can add shit to your medical record but it would be “extremely obvious” if that same doctor who might call you a drug seeker on your record was the one prescribing to you for years. File complaints, request your medical records and then if that doctor has done that…file another and call a lawyer.
Doctors DO NOT like to see bad reviews on themselves on Vitals or Health Grades. Is anyone doing anything to show society the discrimination of these doctors?
NOTHING will change without ACTION.


Reading all these Post’s. Just sickens me where , how this Country has become so Desensitized towards the Pain’s of other’s. With no Regard or Compassion. Heart’s have Grown Cold and Doctor’s are looking after their own Welfare due to the Gestapo DEA and the Guidelines CDC. If Doctor’s would Stand up together this whole thing might just be Exposed to what really is happening. It’s like Octopus with many Tentacles’ going after the Almighty Pain Pill. The only way this is all going to come to the HALT.. is if.. Thousand’s of us Stand up in Unity and Scream from the House tops.. This is NOT The Conscience and Soul of America. Trump need’s to Wake up. He started the Ball rolling with the War on Drug’s. And from there it kicked in to Genocide and Suicide. RANT !!! How can one live with themselves and knowingly that Million’s are Horribly Suffering . Just because you need Higher Doses of Med’s does NOT make one a Addict. NO one is paying Attention to the CCP. We’ve been Shoved into a Cave to Suffer. Until we RISE UP.. Shout LOUD.. All be Consistent… in One Accord. It makes me Infuriated inside and Grieved to read all this. Pray People Pray Exposure !! And Rise up !!


I am so very sorry. I just had a similar situation – I was called in as my home nurse was concerned about my blood pressure. It was high and unstable since the last (forced) titration. Also on methadone. I was called in with not even a 24 hour notice and tried to explain the palliative care exception to the “doctor”. He did not want to hear, tried to belittle me with exam door open. Was trying to force the ESI’s on me which never really helped me and I have already tried them – also they are not FDA approved for intrathecal injection and can cause Adhesive Arachnoiditis, among other painful conditions. He already had the dimsissal letter typed up. He also blamed insurance saying they will not pay for over 90 MME (I was at a higher dose and no issues). These doctors are part of a push by PROP to sell Bupe (suboxone). This just happened Friday 12/20. I did read an article where they are increasing the pay to doctors giving the ESI injections (which if they do work, it is temporary relief and the risks of damage are permanent)! I pray for you, your wife, and all who are suffering through this. We need action NOW!

Megan Posa

Niese Cramphorn-
I was referring to ILLEGAL fentanyl. Not legally prescribed pain medications. We as pain patients need to band together. I to have had the very same struggles as most, I was denied a prescription to Lyrica by my primary care provider because here in Michigan it has become a scheduled drug(I’ve taken the same dosage for 5 years). I’ve had to endure countless useless and painful treatments to be considered “compliant” in order to receive any pain medication at all. As I stated in my first comment our government needs to wake up and LOOK at the facts,overdose rates remained steady even with all the so called steps they’ve taken to stop the so called crisis.

I am so sorry you have to deal with that, hopefully you can find a resolution soon!

Niese Cramphorn

I sure wish I knew where Virginia lived and who was her clinic! I feel for you and what you endure. My husband is watching me go through the same thing. I have no surgeon any longer and have no idea how to find one short of going up to the dental school which I refuse to do. Being a guinea pig is what got me into this mess. The other thing I hope you know and I wish others like Megan Posa would understand is that the problem is not fentanyl. I have been on it for 30 years with no side effects. It is fake fentanyl either being made here like heroin or being brought in illegally from China. Using the name of a legal opioid loosely as she has makes people think that those of us who use fentanyl are nuts for using it. It has been wonderful as I don’t have to think about taking pain meds every 4 or 6 hours. I change the patch every 72 hours and take Oxy for breakthrough pain. If your wife hasn’t tried it, you might want to consider it.
God Bless you and your wonderful heart. I will keep your wife in my prayers.


I am so mad for you and your wife! No one should be treated that way! Doctors lying and a using pain patients is just horrific. Sadly we all know your story is true and often repeated.
Thank you for supporting your wife! Thank you for reminding people that caregivers and families are hurt by opiophobia policies.
Please report this doctor to your state medical boards. A doctor in (I believe NH) was convicted of patient abandonment recently and that is exactly what this! And to the AMA. The AMA is collecting stories to help protect patients against this. All of the recommendations say slow tapers and *not* to abadon patients!!
I wouldn’t want to ever deal with that doctor again but if no one else is available- reminding them that patient abandonment is against the law and that they must at least continue the reduced dose until another provider can be found- or be held liable for harm- *might* get your wife a Rx to at least stave off worse withdrawls. Can your wife recieve palliative care? Getting designated a palliative care patient may help.
I pray a *good* doctor can be found to help! Thank you again for caring for your wife through these difficulties. It is a hard task and one that not everyone can handle. Your wife is blessed to have you and you both deserve soooo much better from medical providers!

Jo H.

Please try and remember to use the correct terminology when referring to the “deadly” drugs that are involved in the opioid crisis. “Fentanyl” when prescribed and used appropriately is a potent opioid that offers significant pain relief to those who suffer from severe acute or chronic pain conditions. This crisis is mainly due to the use of “illegal opioids” (illicit Fentanyl derivatives or synthetic opioids) and also when Fentanyl is used for non-medical reasons. Fentanyl, in and of itself when correctly prescribed and not misused or abused can actually be a “life-saver” so to speak and not a “life-taker”. It’s extremely important that we deliniate these vital differences.


Adam halstead

While the government agencies are a big problem for people needing opioid meds, Drs and other providers are as much to blame if not more. Many providers are amazing but many are god awful rotten and its only getting worse. Something very drastic must happen and soon. I have been reduced to going to a methadone was that or a bullet, because my spine legs are too much without opioid meds plus I was not going to be subjected to sheer hell on earth of severe withdrawal after my cowardly ex pain dr suddenly deserted over a hundred desperate patients. Something has to give here.

Myrna Gatenby

I am so sorry that you too have found yourself facing a doctor who has no qualms about lying to you and without so much as a care of what happens to you. The arrogance of some is scary when you think that he is responsible for the helpless.
When the first recommendations changes from the CDC were made, my doctor of over a decade lied to me too. He told us it was law that he had to cut my medications in half and not only did I go through withdrawal, the pain skyrocketed. (and I started to think about whether I could continue if I was to expect this for the rest of my life). After a year of so, it appears that the doctor that lied to me and put me through hell finally realized I was no longer a patient at his practice. My husband and I had both been in a car accident where a 90 year old woman t-boned us. Because his pain isn’t as severe as mine, he doesn’t require the same amount of medications to control the pain, so he stayed with him. It appears that he finally asked about me in a way that showed that he finally checked my chart to see I had left lol….
I was lucky to have a family doctor who was willing to refer me to another local pain management physician. The new doctor adjusted my medications to a level that worked and I can’t say I am without pain, but it is livable since I was never without.
I hope and pray that you and your wife are able to find a “real” physician. One who lives by the oath he made when he became a doctor.


This is why ppl in pain are scared to death to complain about inadequate care. If you do there’s a good chance you will end up w no care. The system has been corrupted by greed..big pharma & politicans making decisions on healthcare when they are totally unqualified to do so!

sharon l schmidt

My doctor lost his license simply for being a pain doctor. The pain doctor I went to next did the same thing that happened to your wife except he took me down 10 mgs ecery two weeks so it wasn’t as cruel. Now I am at a methadone clinic and I am getting what I need. I have to go to the clinic everyday but I am getting the pain relief I need. All the doctor wanted to do was get me off the pain med that worked for me. Pain doctors aren’t pain doc anymore.

So sorry Mr & Mrs. Wilson withdrawals are extremely painful. Get anti diarrhea medicine. Not Pepto. I’m in the club. I bet they wrote that you did something wrong bc legally that’s how they can get out of it. Then it’s impossible to find another doctor to take her on. Today I was politely threatened by my neurologist if I didn’t take amigiv that he was going to write in my chart I had PTSD. Bc I have chronic migraines & no medication has worked & he has told me that he was afraid to give me that medication bc he thought it would give me a heart attack. Now 4 yrs later he’s demanding I try it. Even if the company does give it free for a yr & if it wrks I can’t afford it when Free Runs Out. So I really don’t see the point taking it at all. The statistics aren’t out yet what it does to the organs of the body. they kn for sure causes constipation who wants to be constipated all the time. What gets me is being politely threatened that they going to put something ugly in my chart. They must really get some kick back off of that manufacturer just threaten patients if they don’t take it. Physicians don’t care anymore they’re just business men.


My heart breaks for both of you. I too deal with chronic pain and am trying to get resolution! It’s tough, and I totally understand what you are going thru. but… can they just cut you off completely – that is NOT OK….your wife needs medication, obviously. How can they NOT UNDERSTAND? I’m so sorry and I appreciate that you took time to reach out to let us know. I will be praying for both of you.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

I certainly feel for you and your wife. I was just to see my pain clinic and and was how I was doing and the nurse practitioner started bad mouthing and said I was had excessive thoughts of my methadone, which is bull. Then she started talking about me going to another clinic but couldn’t say where they are located. She as much as told me that they were not at all concerned about me dying if taken of methadone which I have taken for 30 years with no side affects. I have an appointment now with Behavioural Medicine and plan on filing a complaint about this disrespectful treatment. The clinic has also started allowing only one visit per year with the pain doctor. Something must happen or many of us will be allowed to die. I pray this doesn’t happen and your wife and you are in my prayers. God bless and comfort your wife and may she find another pain doctor who actually cares about their patients.

Mildred Bradway

You might have to go to a pain clinic to get help!

Megan Posa

Its a sad day when our own government chooses to ignore the facts, overdose rates remain the same after all the injustice caused to legitimate pain patients. Fentanyl and Heroin are the cause, not pain management doctors, not primary care providers. Do something to stop the flow of these deadly drugs. And building a wall is not the answer. So very sorry for what your wife is going through Mr. Wison.


I am so sorry to hear this and it’s just wrong. I don’t have a position of power, but if my voice can help please contact me at I will help however I can. God bless you. My husband worries over my pain medication almost more than I do. But he knows. So very sorry your wife has been treated so badly. Let us know how we can help. Vicki

Barbara Snow

Go to the state medical board. With a lawyer. You can try that.


Dear JR,
I have had CRPS for 20 years due to a crush injury to both legs and feet. I was put on Fentanyl 100mcg every 48 hours after failing nerve blocks, etc. My original pain Dr. gave me 10 mg. of methadone up to 5 times a day for breakthrough pain which I pretty much never had to use. This was when the Fentanyl patches were still marketed as Gel patches with a drug reservoir film.
Last year they were unavailable and you had to use the Adhesive matrix patches and the Fentanyl was so bummed up with the adhesive your skin couldn’t absorb the Fentanyl so they only lasted 20 hours, and now I have to apply daily. Last summer my primary couldn’t prescribe any more because his medical liability insurance wouldn’t cover him.
I prayed and prayed and then Googled:Are there any doctors still prescribing Fentanyl near me. Came up with a list and made as many appointments back to back as fast as I could! First one told me I’d never find a doctor who would prescribe that high a dose of Fentanyl! And wanted to do an Intrathecal pain pump. I didn’t want invasive spine surgery. Next appointment I found an anesthesiologist who would prescribe exactly what I needed. Did I mention I was a Christian and prayed and prayed? Even though this doctor prescribed a daily dose of Fentanyl, he didn’t want to mess with methadone. That seems to alert the DEA.
One last suggestion. Try googling: Any neurologists still prescribing Fentanyl near me.
Some good neurologists who have heard of CRPS will prescribe Fentanyl. I never got a “high” from it and it number my pain miraculously!!! And I’ve been on everything! I’ll pray for you!


(Continuation from previous comment). I know that offering to this information does not fix what has been so wrongly done to your wife!! However, this may hopefully bring to light the wrong doings of this provider, especially if previous similar complaints/reports have already been done against this physician. I do not offer this information, out of anger or vengeance, although I am SO angry for your wife! I offer this information because it is each of our state’s duty to protect patients from this kind of behavior. If I was you, I would not stop at the state level to report this provider because from what I read, this provider illegally dismissed your wife from their practice. Every state is different in the laws, and hopefully your state does have a law that protects patients from being inappropriately dismissed from a provider’s practice; therefore, if you can find if illegal actions have occurred, a GOOD malpractice lawyer may take your case without requiring any fees upfront. I would also research and find if there are also ways to report this provider to the specific organizations (which most physicians are actively a member of) such as: “The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons;” “American Board of Physician Specialties;” etc. Also, contact your local news stations to see if any of their journalist would be willing to tell your story!! If your wife was terminated from this practice, with no legal or legit explanation- I would stop at NOTHING, to have this provider legally and properly held responsible for their UNJUST and possibly ILLEGAL actions!! Only through all of us in this chronic pain community, patients and caregivers, putting up the very difficult and so draining fight, will this kind of WRONGFUL treatment ever end!! You both are in my prayers!!


Dear Mr. Wilson,
As a fellow chronic pain suffer, who also struggles every month to receive the treatment needed to allow me some kind of functioning, my heart truly broke in half and wept, as I read what you wrote regarding your wife’s current situation!!! It is SO UNJUST, WRONG, and gives so many healthcare providers a bad name, although many do deserve the bad names they carry!! Unfortunately, I don’t live anywhere near Arizona to try to offer recommendations on a new physician, and I am so so sincerely sorry that I’m unable to offer that because that is what is MOST important, at the present time! However, I can offer some information, which I hope will be of some help for both of you, and all of the other patients that have also suffered, unnecessary, under the so call “care” of this provider. You may already know this information, and if so, I am truly sorry if I wasted any of your time!! However, just in case you don’t, I felt it was important for you and your wife, along with so many that’s also probably been affected, to know about this! I’m not sure how other states, outside of mine, may work specifically- but overall, they all should be very similar! On each state’s website (for example: mine is, after some searching, you should be able to find a specific page which I sent dedicated to the “Health Professional Boards” and its information. From there, it should break it up into more individual “Health Professional Boards,” such as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, etc. Once you choose to go to the Professional Boards, which is who/what actively licenses ALL physicians in your state, search for the options to a file a complaint. An accurate and detailed complaint, aka “to report the physician” made on a physician regarding their lack of treatment, especially if that lack of treatment presents a violation to the Practice Act and their professional responsibilities, means an investigation by the state’s Medical Board.


My heart goes out to your wife and you I also commend you for staying by her side as wedding vows say but I was unlucky an RN
Got sick lost the love of my life position but worse husband also RN one day without warning walk out I was shocked Enough my situation just want you to know what a wonderful person and husband you are. I would suggest contacting your state representative or senator since you said Arizona said meds should not be messed with turn doctor in
I don’t know what else say in calling for another doctor be sure they know why she is on methadone Some practitioners until talk to patient assume they are post heroin users who usually go special clinics

Tristan U.

I’m so sorry you and your wife are also dealing with these issues. I can relate myself and especially when it comes to methadone. I was cut down to about 1/8 the amount t i was previously stable on for nearly 10 years, 15 years I have been treated with long acting opioids for my constant chronic pain from a failed spinal fusion that had to be redone and extended further with more fusion done. They took all of my breakthrough medication away immediately and proceeded to remove my methadone dose. Luckily I was tapered at a rate mostly consistent with methadone tapers, but it has greatly affected my pain treatment and ability to function. It was pure hell and still is. I was referred to a pain psych dr who tried behavioral therapy and mindfulness therapy, I had already been doing this route on my own among others as I was trying any way possible that I could ease my suffering. Though at this point I had already exhausted every other medical means of treatment over a decade ago and methadone was what helped me the most. Little to no side effects after a few months of initiation. I honestly believe I have a caring doctor and empathetic as he is, the company that owns his practice now is pushing the cdc guidelines as if they are law. I had asked years prior to their release and was told they would not apply to me or his patients, then slowly they became more used and now it seems are completely used as law and their warnings of misuse and tapering of stable patients utterly disregarded. It has left me sickened and weary. I am a single disabled father of 3 children of whom I provide solely for. It has destroyed everything I had planned for the future, caused me to quit schooling and now I try to learn what I can to keep my mind off the pain so maybe one day if things change I will be able to work part time again. Everything is wrong, addicts are rewarded with opioids for treatment and legitimately prescribed pain patients are having them taken away. My heart hurts

Brian D.

Those “care”givers need to be held accountable for this! That decision to cut her dosage and then to drop her altogether could have very serious consequences! Junkies aren’t even treated like that. I urge you to contact an attorney, I hope the upcoming holidays bring you better care.


Welcome to the dropped by our dr club. It’s not a fun place to belong.

Loyal Kuhn

That sounds like patient abandonment and possible medical malpractice. First, I would report the physician to the local medical board and search for a replacement provider. I wish I could help you in this situation, but have no knowledge of resources available in that area.

Look for a Direct Primary Care physician (most are affiliated with Association of American Physicians and Surgeons whose headquarters are in your state). They care about their PATIENTS and honor the Dr/Pt relationship foremost. You can look to see where the nearest physician to you is at
Send the Dr(s) your wife’s information HONESTLY at his/her website and you’re likely to receive a reply within days, altho being the holiday time it could take longer. You may want to arrange a get-acquainted visit. These are cash practices, paid on a monthly basis but you get as many visits or phone calls as needed. You still use your insurance for labs, tests, meds, & hospitalization. Each office has their own pricing system but it is upfront so there are no surprises. Perhaps this will help.
If you aren’t familiar with AAPS, you can read about them on their website at
I wish you well in your efforts at obtaining a good Dr this time around.

I see this type of LYING going on nearly everyday at clinics across Oregon too. Providers claim the state or feds want their levels down due to “laws” and such, but in reality it’s just their prejudices, fears, and administrators forcing policies on them. I see clinics firing patients based on results of point-of-care urine drug tests; this is WRONG. Confirmation testing needs to be done BEFORE any final action takes place. I see clinics failing to check PDMP sites, but claim they do. I see clinics failing to do pill counts, failing to do controlled substance agreements, and more. I still see some clinics co-prescribing benzodiazepines and opioids, or muscle relaxers and opioids, or all three. While I may do some of these combinations myself, I strictly limit their use and discuss no use with their opioids at night. I fail to see those type of limits or discussion in records from other places. I see clinics outright LYING to patients regarding the combined use of opioids and medical marijuana. There is NO federal or state law preventing any prescriber from allowing such use, despite what they will tell you. This again is based on their prejudices, fears, and administrator-forced policies. If a patient is followed appropriately, which many of the medical marijuana clinics FAIL to do, then the combination can be safely used, and typically helps to keep the opioid dosing down over time. It can also help sleep and spasms, thus decreasing or eliminating the need for benzodiazepine or muscle relaxer use at night. The use of recreational marijuana is definitely a problem and I do not allow such use while I am prescribing opioids and other controlled substances. My patients must have a legitimate medical need for marijuana use and need to be using high CBD/low THC products which minimize the “high” that recreational patients are seeking. Things are NOT get better for chronic pain patients across this country and will not change soon.


Oh J.R., while my husband is not in the same situation, his doctor threatens the same (you don’t like it, find another doctor) each time we try to explain that a higher dose worked better than the current less than half dose he was force-tapered to by a team of doctors in a trauma hospital after he had catastrophic injuries from a fall. He is currently far less functional even after recovering from his injuries due to his undertreated chronic pain he has had for more than 20 years. Our WA medical board also states that chronic pain patients should be exempt from force tapering but it hasn’t stopped the doctors from believing the PROP BS!
This should not be happening to your wife! I know how helpless you feel, seeing your spouse suffering and there is nothing you can do, it is unconscionable!

Keep calling all doctors in the area, someone must step up to help! My prayers are with you both!


When you have invisible injuries and invisible chronic pain illnesses people do not believe that you’re sick. I’ve been going through it for 11 years since I was in an auto accident in a no-fault state… which is almost impossible to get anybody to pay for your medical bills because the insurance companies just want to save money… bottom line is why don’t the pain management agencies allow us to make a decision let us sign a pain agreement that says that we are aware of possible overdose… that liver and our kidneys could shut down and we could die… let the patient make that decision if they want to continue on opioids… if we took over-the-counter Tylenol or Motrin every single day for 20 years it would affect our liver and kidneys… people have died from liver failure from over-the-counter Tylenol that’s why it’s on the box now… anything we take on a consistent basis our immune system is eventually going to require more… right? so please tell me why are human beings left to suffer like dogs?? we could continue to work get off of disability and pay into the system like we did for years while we were on prescription pain meds! but now we’ve all been put into one big fish bowl and senior citizens such as myself are considered drug addicts now… it’s sad and it’s inhumane something has to change… my heart goes out to people that are left to suffer needlessly… not all of us like the effect of medical marijuana or gummies I’ve tried everything and the only thing that works for my pain is my prescription MS Contin… they took me off of two years ago! God help us all… something is wrong when they allow a pharmacist to decide if they should fill or not fill our scripts they are not doctors… I will pray for all of us that suffered needlessly .. God bless🍀

I am so very sorry to read this. This is such a tragedy happening to your wife and to chronic pain patients across our country. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.


Dear Mr Wilson,

I arm so saddened for the both of you!
The more stories I hear, the more I’m beginning to believe some doctors are not only cowards, but bullies.
Please go to your local news station or papers in your area!! This story begs to be told.
I can’t understand why our media keeps pushing the “Opiod Crisis” but rarely focuses on us! It is unconscionable that we no longer matter to society.
Why don’t we hear about heroin or fentanyl drug busts! Instead, they accuse us. People who have been using their medications responsibly for years!
I wish I had some way to help. But I can offer my prayers for the both of you.
You’re a courageous husband! Keep fighting for her.


Call The State medical board and report the doctor for Elder U.S. Code › Title 42 › Chapter 7 › Subchapter XVIII › § 1395
42 U.S. Code § 1395 – Prohibition against any Federal interference
US Code
Authorities (CFR)
prev | next
Nothing in this subchapter shall be construed to authorize any Federal officer or employee to exercise any supervision or control over the practice of medicine or the manner in which medical services are provided, or over the selection, tenure, or compensation of any officer or employee of any institution, agency, or person providing health services; or to exercise any supervision or control over the administration or operation of any such institution, agency, or person.
(Aug. 14, 1935, ch. 531, title XVIII, § 1801, as added Pub. L. 89–97, title I, § 102(a), July 30, 1965, 79 Stat. 291.)
Congress DEA,CDC,and FDA are breaking the law Period

Abuse and there is the Disability Act and laws for a reason…disabled


Please report this IMMEDIATELY to your state medical board! It won’t help her right now…but will help longterm! It’s important and one of the only fights we have. Tell them she was dropped when she disputed the medication cut of 50%, which is far above what even the CDC recommends and is known as being harmful to patients!

In the meantime, I’m SO sorry. See if you can get her into another PM doc or regular GO for help with withdrawals. There is stuff available that can help.

Again, I’m so sorry. It hit me too, and many of us are in crisis. Please join us on Twitter!

Linda Olds

So sorry to hear of your problems…what that ‘doctor’ did is inexcusable.
If Arizona does not have restrictive laws on opiates, you should be able to find a pain doctor or clinic willing to treat your wife properly.
Some doctors don’t like to prescribe methadone because of its kinetics, but if your wife has been on it for so long without a problem, it should be ok. Or maybe she can be changed to another opiate?
Good luck…

I’m sorry very sorry for Mr Wilson & his wife. But I’m not surprised, I live in CA & have been on the same medication for 15+ years with no complications & adequate relief. My PM Dr also cut my prescription & then took my complete off of it. The withdrawals are debilitating & still continue. My Dr told me Methadone can only be used for addicts, no longer approved for chronic pain. I ask who made this decision, the Feds, CDC, State of CA? My Dr’s only answer was the “Gods”. Thankfully my Dr did replace my medication with another but it doesn’t nearly touch the pain & still has to experience Methadone withdrawals. I do hope your wife finds a competent & compassionate Dr soon.

Casey Thompson

In 2018, the doctor I had been with for 6 years was framed for stuff she didn’t do so the area pharmacies wouldn’t fill our prescriptions and her patients went into withdrawal because of being cut off of opiates cold turkey. They found that she had done nothing wrong but that doesn’t change anything for those of us with secondary medical problems due to going cold turkey. I’m now treated like a junkie since the hospital can see in my records that I was her patient. My new doctor is across state lines which baffles me! What your wife will go through if she doesn’t get a certain lever of meds back into her system is terrible! I went to the dr shortly before thanksgiving and was called a liar and sent home only to return less than 24 hours later with a blockage in my intestines and an apology from the dr that called me a liar. The entire time I was in the hospital I barely got my medications causing more problems and they wouldn’t even let me take my own. The way we are treated is barbaric! I will keep you all in my prayers!

Duane Michaels

So sad that the country is so focused on taking medication away from us pain patients. It’s even more confusing to me how there’s such widespread abuse from illegal drugs and little emphasis on curtailing the real issue on that situation. I find it difficult for anyone that is not living with chronic or intractable pain to even comprehend some of the suffering people endure.

I’ve literally had to manage my medication based on first over prescribing from one doctor. Then cut off at another to finding yet another which I’m so afraid of loosing. I intentionally live with constant pain and try not to take my oxycodone 10 mg. more than once or twice a day. Some days I need more but I’m only prescribed one or two as needed. Therefore if I’m not feeling well and need a third or even a fourth I’m not able to have it and some days live in pain without medication. My biggest fear is if I use too much it will be stopped completely.

What’s even more amazingly ridiculous is that despite having multiple injuries and degenerative changes from extensive hard work. The focus is that of abstaining from using medication to prevent the suffering I deal with every minute of the day !

While I’m busy reading all the articles regarding yoga, acupuncture, biofeedback, meditation and every other alternative modality. I think how simple it would be if that worked and I could stop using medication. I really need the money and desperately need to work because I’m almost bankrupt and have no help physically or financially.

Just because the doctors don’t hear the popping, cracking and movement in my back and shoulders; it doesn’t mean that it’s all in my head. I’m not imagining that I can’t stand at the counter and prepare my meals, wash my car or cut the grass. I’m experiencing real pain where I was severely injured in a tractor trailer accident. How about going after the illegal drug users and leave patents and doctors to decide on what’s reasonably acceptable for patients.


This is a sad story. It simply makes no ….rational sense to simply cut dosage of opioid medication to ANY “chronic” pain management patient simply because it “seems” like too much medication is being dispensed. The DOCTOR is the best judge and should have the last say on the dosage given to their patients when it comes to pain management. The physician is the one observing the patient, measuring the harm (if any) that a medication is doing to the patient and the BEST judge of when a medication is helping the patient to function better because the physician is the one observing the effect an pain medication in the appropriate dosage is having on the patient. NUMBERS, dosage, of any medication, ESPECIALLY pain medication can not be held to s standard for one and all. When will the “experts” figure this out? I am so sorry for the Wilsons and I pray and hope that help in the form of courage ( by a physician) and rationality will prevail for ALL pain management patients soon. We did not ask for continuous, lifetime pain but, we got it. We are asked to “hold on” or “you don’t need the dosage you are getting”. How the hell do the “experts” know? they are not the ones with continuous pain that can not be “cured”. As far as “alternative” or non opioid treatment, we have ALREADY been there, done that, this is why we were prescribed a medication that works…..God be with you Wilsons and all those with pain and their caregivers. I sincerely pray that dot/gov will soon realize that prescription patients use medication to ease pain, not to simply “live it up”.


That is horrible, but also it’s more often than not the way it is everywhere. You may have to go to a clinic for addicts to get your methadone. That’s what I do. Been going for 5 years. Other than the stigma it is great.

Peggy Davis

I’m sorry that happened to your wife. What a crock. The people making decisions don’t have pain and frankly don’t give a damn . My physician ordered 180 hydrocodone for me but my insurance company decided it was too many and allowed me 42 for 30 days. Now I have to get an appointment with my doctor and get another RX. I have to pay someone to take me to the MD and get the RX and take it to the pharmacy.
What a bunch of [edit].


I belong to a medical place that is a huge organization which has many doctors. I’m not sure where you live, but maybe that might be an option if there’s any in your area. That way you’d have a choice of another Dr
Without having to move to another facility.