Chronic Pain and a Successful Business: How to Manage Both

Chronic Pain and a Successful Business: How to Manage Both

By Kimberly Hayes.

For the millions of Americans who are living with chronic pain, it can be difficult to perform even the simplest of daily tasks, from household chores to driving to work. When you are a business owner and have many people depending on you, taking care of those daily tasks while also managing pain can be overwhelming and can cause anxiety, stress, or depression. You may be wondering how to take care of all your financial responsibilities, how you’ll find the strength or energy to perform household duties after a long day at work, or how you’ll make it through several more years of managing a business before retirement.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do that will help ease the burden of chronic pain and allow you to focus on your work. While there’s no one right way to handle the pain – it’s different for everyone — it is possible to get everything done and still feel comfortable.

Keep reading for some great tips on how to get started.

Manage Your Time Efficiently

One of the most important tips for business owners or busy professionals is to manage time wisely, and the same goes for chronic pain sufferers. You know your body better than anyone, and you know which time of day you feel the best in. If mornings are better, schedule the most important tasks for that time and give your body a break when you are the most tired.


Networking is another important part of the business world that also applies to those suffering from chronic pain. Finding a support system that you can reach out to when you need assistance is invaluable, so make an effort to make connections on social media, at conventions, and with bloggers and local business owners. The more allies you have, the better equipped you’ll be to handle an emergency or health-related event.

Reduce Stress

That may seem easier said than done, but stress can contribute greatly to chronic pain and make it even more difficult for you to take care of your business. Financial details are almost always a source of great stress for business owners and entrepreneurs; if this is an issue, consider taking out a small business loan, be it a short-term loan or a merchant cash advance, that will give you some breathing room and take one burden off your shoulders. Additionally, it’s important to streamline your to-do list and keep your environment as tidy as possible, both of which can help you clear your head, reduce anxiety, and keep you focused on any important tasks. In short, anything you can do to eliminate stress is a definite plus.

Remove Distractions

Living with chronic pain can be distraction enough, so it’s imperative to remove the things that keep you from focusing when you do feel well. Get organized and rid your work and living space of clutter. Limit your time on social media if you find that it’s taking time away from what really matters. Talk to your family about interruptions, especially if you work from home. Removing these distractions can help you focus on what really matters.

Take It Slow

Many business owners and entrepreneurs are hard on themselves and push their bodies and minds to the limit every day. It’s important to keep in mind that your health is a priority, so take things slowly and move at your own pace when you feel overwhelmed. Manage your client’s expectations so you won’t feel pressured to perform at a certain level when you’re in pain.

Managing chronic pain and a business at the same time can easily become overwhelming and exhausting, so it’s imperative to practice self-care as often as possible. Book a massage, take a time-out for your mental health, or spend time with your loved ones. With a good plan, you can make your business and your pain management a success.

Kimberly Hayes enjoys writing about health and wellness and created to help keep the public informed about the latest developments in popular health issues and concerns. In addition to studying to become a crisis intervention counselor, Kimberly is hard at work on her new book, which discusses the ins and outs of alternative addiction treatments.

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Authored by: Kimberly Hayes

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Timothy Voelker

R u for real here? Give me a break Today I had my 45 in my mouth in my room in till I heard my son come in the front door because I’m tired of constantly being in pain.Now I have heard the most stupid that I’ve read. Believe me I’ve tried all this shit and it’s shit.I don’t know how much more time I will be here I am not long for this world but the sweet forever sleep where their is no more pain sweet sweet nothingness.

Cheri Furr

Terry, if God never gives you more than you can handle, then why are so many chronic pain patients committing suicide? That is such a trite and insulting response.

Cheri Furr

If you can elmininate all distractions, stress, afford to take time out for a massage, take a mental health time-out, use your tine in utmost efficient manner and take things slowly when you’re feeling overwhelmed, then you’re either not managing a real business, or you don’t have pain like I do.

Jennifer Wellings

Due to dr. Andrew kolodny, who put me in a rehab as an acute alcoholic , a drug addict , and an acute psychotic when I asked 4 a pain management workup and referral to a new doctor after I had followed protocol and been off my pain medication for 2 months, I do not drink alcohol nor do I do drugs Dr. Andrew kolodny never saw my medical records he just sent me to rehab at College Hospital Cerritos where he get to kickbacks I found this out from my previous pain management doctor and also while I was at the facility Saint College Hospital Cerritos advocating and getting three other people out of there they were in the same situation they were put there illegally and held there so dr. Andrew kolodny, Dr thankachan and dr Allison Stanley and others like them could leech off their health insurance and take kickbacks. Each one of us was listed as no plan for Home Care and kept there indefinitely although each one of us had Home Care period after finding out that I neither drank alcohol nor took drugs they put me in the psych ward as an acute psychotic diagnosis by Dr thankachan and dr Allison Stanley neither of whom I have ever met in my life or even spoken to even though I have repeatedly attempted to talk to these doctors because my medical records somehow seem to be switched with those of a former acquaintance of mine named Angela Ruiz also known as Angie Mia Ruiz/ Lasalata. I have begged to me these doctors but they refuse because they know they will lose their accreditation for the screw up but and refusing to meet with me they’re putting my life at risk as I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to maintain myself living day today trying to compensate with any kind of pain relief I can get while trying to remain compliant I’ve only been able to do this because I helped so many people over the years when they were in a similar situation. Please if you have the ability investigate dr. Andrew kolodny, dr thankachan, st College Hospital Cerritos and forensic psychiatrist dr. Allison Stanley 4 diagnosing people without ever seeing their records or meeting them and refusing to even acknowledge that my records we’re switched with those of Angela Ruiz. I am a crew member of the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior, I am an advocate for veterans and an ambassador at the VA hospital in Long Beach and I am on the international bird rescue team Center getting recertified for the oiled Wildlife Care Network oil spill team and all I want is my life. Please somebody investigate

E. Susanne Wilson

I have left 2 experiences of my 16 years of Chronic Pain caused by 2 accidents & careless people. Only time I take meds is to stop pain. Don’t see how people get high or addicted. People telling me you can do things to “forget” about pain, don’t have Chronic Pain! Sorry!
I tried to post twice, got to Captcha, passed it repeatedly, but never been able to Post what I took time to Post!! PLEASE HELP thank you@


This was terrific article and every word is true. I only know that by learning (the hard way) that it all works. The most important item, at least for me, is time management. I had to learn not to try and do everything on my “to do” list, all at once. I found that I was much better off doing WHAT MY BODY ALLOWED ME TO DO. I think we all know what I’m talking about. Trying to do it all, and do it all at once is great, good for you, your list is complete, and now you can spend the next three days on the couch with your ice packs. So you have to ask yourself, “what did I really gain”. Putting things in perspective and being realistic will change your life. The world will still turn on it’s axis, the sun will still rise, and not vacuuming the house today isn’t going to affect anybody’s world, so re-do your list and allow time for rest periods in between your chores and your business and you will end up being more productive in the long run. As far as I’m concerned, time management is the most important item on the list and everything else on the list will fall into place. It’s a whole different way of thinking and it takes a lot of practice, but I’ve done it and it’s completely changed my life. So read Kimberly’s thread a few times because she’s 100% right! And take it from me (for whatever it’s worth) that putting it all together, especially the time management (first) works for me and being organized is key. So try and put her great advise to work for you and your life will surely change for the better. As always, God bless all of my chronic pain brothers and sisters and know that God will never give you more than you’re able to endure.