Chronic Pain and Suicide – Two Stories from the Front

Chronic Pain and Suicide – Two Stories from the Front

Suicide is a huge issue for chronic pain patients and their loved ones. Recently, we have heard from family members whose lives have been impacted.

I read this in a comment section on one of our National Pain Report stories and realized almost immediately that this must be shared with our audience. It is a story from a woman, Marilyn Pittman, whose sister committed suicide.

Here’s what she shared!

It has finally happened! My sister killed herself 2 weeks ago after 20 +years being treated like an addict from her own pain doctor. He had forced her down to a very low dose of morphine. The whole family has been researching to see possibly an answer for her pain. Since it was never just one issue, her husband was taking her to other doctor who specializes in neck, back and joints…no help despite having 5 back surgeries.

At least before the taper down, she could manage little trips to shop for groceries and she did not talk about suicide all the time. When she was at home, she was in bed. Last time I saw her was Christmas day which she had insisted on cooking dinner. A month and two days later, she died in her bed.

This opioid crisis is just fine for the bad people, but I think the doctors can determine who is legit and who is really in desperate need. I so wish that the powers to be would look at the percentage of good people suffering needless and chronic pain. They want to have a good quality of life, but is anybody really listening?

The next note we heard from was a man who may have been named Joseph Magnum from Las Vega and he shared a similar and disturbing story:

This angers me to the core. Our family just suffered a tremendous loss. January 5th my wife’s cousin Chris took his life with a gun blast to the head. Years prior Chris worked on a set in Las Vegas that dealt with pyrotechnics. His coworker and him were up on ladders working above the parking garage at one of the casinos downtown. His coworker began to fall, and Chris sprang into action and grabbed him preventing his certain death. (He would have fallen 4 stories to the pavement.) During this heroic act Chris (in his twenties) ruined his lumbar spine. Constantly in pain he managed for many years with opioids. The last conversation I had with him which was December 25th, 2019 at my in laws house. He stated that he was tired of his pain management doctor not treating his pain with the minimal medication he was receiving would leave him a week and a half in agonizing pain and withdrawal on a monthly basis. I sympathized with him. I too suffer in silence due to an unknown anomaly I inherited from my mother which causes degradation of the nerves in my lower legs and arms. Constantly burning twitching and cramping. 7 years later no diagnosis or suggestions for treating this often-debilitating pain other than weight loss and exercise. This tragic event was especially painful as his sister Morgan went into labor with the first grand baby for Chris mother a week later. Can you imagine mourning your child dying and then having your first grandbaby born a week later? This has got to stop! How many more people will die or suffer?! The opioid crisis is at the border and being manufactured and cultivated in underground and outdoor labs in the jungles. Not in our doctor’s offices. This is evident in the statistics of overdoses since the CDC and DEA criminalized chronic pain patient prescribing. God speed everybody! Much love and hope for you if you are struggling with pain! Remember there are others that fight the same fight and winning the same war just like you are!

So there you are….do you have a similar story to share? Do you think these stories resonate with you? What is your story?

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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David W Cole

I think just about all of us who’ve been forced tapered to a point where we have no control over our pain anymore are doomed to die at some point, if we don’t commit suicide then the medical complications caused by stress kills us and that’s very slow horrifying death.

Dr. Klein documented 40 stories just like this, Cathy, a pain patient advocate has well over 250 Facebook, tweets, paper clippings, Etc. Of people who committed suicide due to pain.

There are a lot of these stories on Facebook groups, a man was reaching out for help for his wife, we all tried to help but it wasn’t good enough. It was about a year later that she committed suicide, they couldn’t find a doctor that would help her.

In a country that won’t torture terrorists but will allow the torture & murder of pain patients, The most vulnerable in our society, the elderly, disabled and Wounded Warriors is ellmoral. Looks like they’re doing this on purpose, this country would go to war over one person’s rights. Instead they decided it’s okay if we lose a few thousand pain patients to to save a handful of drug addicts.

Overdose deaths are down by about 4%, Studies have shown thats just because of NARCAN. I watched two Sheriff’s on TV issue warnings to drug addicts, they said, we’ll save you three times then we’re not coming anymore.

The CDC and they’re 10 addiction specialists associated associated with PROP outright lied, told half-truths, omitted reliable data and manipulated wording to make prescription opioids look worse than they are. They used the data in their guidelines from over a decade ago when oxycodone was a problem, then applied it to the current date. Then set on their hands and for three years and watched people die.

They’ve done nothing but make the problem worse, there are two studies out, one from Cato that show we lose 500 to 600 people a year to just opioid pain medication. A far cry from the 17,000 they say.

Become an advocate!

March 20. 2020 Don’t Punish Pain Rally being held in cities across America. Pain patients speaking out for their right to medicine and their doctor’s right to treat them. Attend a rally near you or have someone attend in your stead.


Hi fellow pain warriors. There’s a Netflix documentary called,Pharmacists. It’s a 5 part documentary. You won’t want to stop watching. It’s very good. And it explains a lot to why this is happening. I do think it’s over board by all means.
Watching that show, we are nothing like those people seeking pain medication. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I hope we all get relief and may God help us all.





Kim Nixon

10-8-2000 two kids stole a car in Millville NJ, n were chased for 40 miles + at HIGH speed by 4 counties of cops, n it happened to end in Pleasantville NJ where I was waiting to turn left onto rt322 nothing was coming down the road so we had the green n proceeded not two feet before we were broad sided by these kids being chased at 85 MPH, no one paid for that awful judgement call except my buddy n I, I’ve had 13 surgeries n countless procedures n the only thing that ever worked was pain meds, n for 18 years I was on the correct dose, n being disabled with multiple back, neck, shoulder etc problems I couldn’t work, now these efing doctors cut my meds by 95% n I’ve gained over fifty pounds n my health sux, I can’t take on any kind of work to supplement my SSD so of course depression is bad, n my anxiety worse, now I’m suffering along with all of you who need meds n can’t get them either, so I need help n I’ll sign anything n I’m right there with whoever can get us a lawyer, or bill passed. I cannot do another 20-30 years in this much goddamn pain!!!!! Thx for listening peace Kimi Nixon


My daughter and only child has suffered critical suicidal ongoing pain from age 23 to now 34. The anguish I and my Dad go thru seeing her struggle and try to eek a teeny sliver of life here and there is indescribable. Lyme undiagnosed for years. On top of EDS from 2 parents. Unmanaged pain that daughter has, is no longer living. My daughter and I watched Thelma and Louise not long ago. When no one is left that we could crush their hearts this thought has occurred. I watched my friend with cancer suffer less to the day friend died. Lyme is a living suffering death sentence. I cry in mornings and mourn daily for my baby when she is unable to hear me. We try help others via online or those we meet. We want to make a difference to help other but without enough pain mgmt .. God bless you and hugs for you reading that lost your lives or others to chronic pain.


To the families that have lost their loved one…my heart hurts for you. I am so very sorry for your loss.
My story is like millions of others. Nobody can help with my pain. Too little pain medication for the severe intractable pain, I live in everyday. Nobody cares enough that they want to help. Fear begets fear.
God have mercy on those suffering.

Mary Renda

Bob Wolfe meant well with the “Opioid Crisis”, but it’s not affecting junkies. Its affecting people with chronic pain who desire to live productive lives. Im raising my granddaughter. Without my meds, I’d be in bed or on the sofa with ice- packs and heating pads. My taper has affected my life already. I am not as active as I could be. Who do I go to when my doctor retires in 4 months. Doctors have spoken of major operations with pain med pumps. No… ..
I nursed 40 years. Pain management was a legitimate symptom. Now its reduced to “addiction”.

Pamela Osburn

I left a story but it does not matter ! My cronic pain and what the Drs have taken from me to funtion .is leaving me with thoughts of ending life .I have Multiple Osteoarthritis in multiple joints .Sudo Gout in multiple joints
Polymialga Rumatatica. Topical Dermatitis with hundreds of blisters on my feet .Day after Day is getting to hard ! I think to myself I had Quality of life for many years.but now its hard to even get in a Shower .or prepair a meal my hands swell and I cannot cut anything. My question is why in this Opeit Crisis did noone take into consideration the real cronic pain patients that are now suffering .and haveing these thoughts to just give up to stop the pain
Thank you Pamela Osburn

I saw on OAN 2/19/2020 that Melania Trump stated that in the last 3 years deaths from opiates has been lowered. Even though I think she makes it beautiful woman of course she used to be a model but she seems lost to find her way in the political scene & she’s causing great damage. The news on One America news stating that the death from opiates in the last 3 years has lowered is such a huge lie. As chronic people are dying in masses this lie has done nothing but more damage to our access to adequate treatment for pain. The news / Melania Trump are acting like what they are doing to chronic pain people is a success. If their goal is in killing us, I guess it is a success. But they’re not saving any of the Junkies. They’re just creating some more bc the chronic pain people who want to do things right & went to doctors, peed in cups, paid huge amounts of money, put up with painful PT that does’nt work for their body or condition just not to be kicked out, have endured injections in the spine that has caused even greater damage in more pain, have endured surgeries that have gone bad & left in more pain. Have endured harassment, blacklisting, abandonment from Physicians, PA, NP, pharmacies, insurance , CDC, DEA . Now they wait for us to take our own lives. That’s all they have accomplished is taking people’s lives. GOD help us.

John Macak

Another sad story. I for one would never allow a loved one to suffer to the point of suicide. I would most likely go out and get them some heroin. But that is me. This whole percription crisis is nothing but a bunch of corrupt politicians that have sold out to China and other countries. They created the percription opioid crisis So they could work with the communist government of China and others that approve of illegal fetinayl and heroin being shipped to America. I have a severe pain story too. I feel my story is not as important as telling everyone the truth about out severely corrupt government that has sold out to other countries. Do you think these politicians don’t know how we are suffering? They are all liars in power over us raping our human rights every hour of every day. Good night.


Ghandi would be so proud of you all. You’ve taken the path of non-violence, even though you’ve been humiliated, ignored, intimidated, disregarded, tortured, and killed by lack of pain control. Policy makers from the highest levels of government on down are complicit. Finally you reach that point where your not going to take it anymore, no one’s going to torture you again without you taking action. You get your gun and bang. Policy makers cross your name off the Social Security and Medicare roles they’ve accomplished what they’ve wanted and your just dead. Ghandi would be proud.

This just blows my mind! What a waste of 2 wonderful human beings! 1st I must say my heart goes out to the family 2nd thing I have to say is our government sucks, our doctors should stick up for themselves, do the right thing but it’s getting to where it’s going to be complete nightmare before long… I go through the same [edit], they don’t give me enough pain medicine to do anything so I lay on a couch, do nothing, gotta love it right!!! I had a productive life before when they managed it correctly but now due to the [edit]!! I lay on a couch, so when I have a heart attack they go, well you gotta get up and exercise! That’s when my middle finger goes up and I say [edit]!! I would love to get up and live a somewhat normal life but for some reason the doctors don’t want me to have that, the government they just rather pay me my government check which is pennies on the dollar, let me suffer on the couch….. what a joke right!!??
I start talking about this and it just gets me so angry
Like I said before I feel so badd for these families this should have never happened and there should be somebody held accountable for this type of behavior feel free to get ahold of me, I am open for any conversation, I know this needs to stop and stop quickly!

Roy Starling

So sorry for there lost I too have felt this way more time then i care to remember.
People are sacred I think to stand up I feel if i do i may lose what little pain relief i do get.
The last visit to Pain doctor office we all had to sign some 100 pages that removed any rights that we had also they said over and over that opioids do not work??? that it has been scientific proven?? and we had to summit to pill count before getting any refill. Also that you had to get injection every 2 -4 months if you did not no refill. wholly crap if you want to see other doctor almost 0 chance. More people will die because of a few bad doctors now everyone pays.



It is just terrible. For 15 yrs,opiates have given me some quality of life from fibromyalgia, arthritis, degenerative joint disease, and a few others. Then when my meds were taken away,I experienced withdrawals that made me want to die! I got turned away from pain clinics,emergency rooms,and other doctors. Then got accepted into a recovery center…which helped with withdrawals, but not pain. So I gained 80lbs,and live in pain!

Alan Edwards

Suicide is a possibility for all undertreated, and underdosed pain patients. No suicide will be reported on television or print. Only NPR and pain advocacy groups give a hoot. The affected families may not even be aware of what happened to their loved ones. Pain patients living in severe pain and isolation, alone, are dying now. This should end the drug war. But heartlessness and ignorance do not care about
the needless death of we in relentless agony. Young, healthy addicts live happily with all expenses paid and are even featured in endless television ads. When was the last time an IPP appeared on television? Our world is upside down and sideways. With satan in control until Christ returns.

Susan Domokos

I told you my story and told others too…NOBODY CARES😥😥😥

Yes this entire scenario resonates with me. The only difference is I desperately want to live! I’m sure the two above did too!!. No, it doesn’t mean I’m contemplating suicide. Can I understand what the young man went through each and every month? Yes, I can. It’s pure hell when you push your body to do what it positively cannot with little help, as most of you already know. I’m to the point where I’m scared; other than the good Lord above and my mother I fear little to nothing. It wasn’t that long ago I was rushed to the ER for emergency surgery. A nightmare if you will. Nevertheless a physician for my doctors office made the rounds daily. He was just about the only bright spot in my day made-up of hospital staff. A most sweet and kind-hearted gentleman. It is for this reason and obvious others I shall remain anonymous when I speak this time. I struck up a conversation with him about the Opioid Injustice. He told me they were closer than I had a clue. That a few months back one of their very own was right there in that very hospital!! That our hospital was surrounded by gunman, only it was kept very hush-hush. One of the hospitals very own nearly gunned down because they knew nothing of the situation and happened to have a locker not far from where this individual was being kept. I don’t know if this member of the drug cartel that had turned on the others was sick or not, I did not ask. I wish I would have now. I knew this man knew that he could somehow trust me. The town I speak of is not that large, the police department is only a few miles away. It’s a well-known town for one of its colleges. Nevertheless, I couldn’t believe what my ears were hearing. The sweet physician told me he desperately wanted to retire but didn’t dare…. and then stopped. His eyes telling the story that my heart could read the rest of. Come to find out he lay in this very hospital only a few years ago while having back surgery. Once again, I feel enough said. God help us all!💞

Where’s the same outrage by the PROP team that wished to reduce opioid deaths of self afflicted addicts for all those legitimate candidates that were once well managed but have now taken their lives as a result of that effort? Indeed the outrageous agenda that was aggressively promoted by Dr. Kolodney’s PROP Commission (Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing) nearly 10 years ago set forth a tidal wave of careless disruptive destruction within the chronic-pain community. Since its launch, PROP has been directly responsible for countless suicides by patients who were once living productive lives because of their well managed opioid regiments. Not today, we are now the forgotten citizens that are paying the ultimate price because of those that illegitimately abused the system for thrills and profits. At the hearing, Dr. Kolodney confronted me and admitted that he was solely focused on the “abusive behavior” by “social drop-outs and thrill seekers” and not on those that legitimately depend on opiates to sustain their hellish existence. He had no clue what his actions would do to our community… nothing. Instead he pushed an aggressive indiscriminate program by Federal agents to eradicate opioid use even by those who lived in severe chronic pain due to some intrinsic condition.

Dr. Douglas Throckmorton (Deputy Director / FDA Center for Drug Evaluation & Research) promised at the hearing that his department would never allow what we are seeing today to ever happen. Hold him to his word. Send him your thoughts (keep it nice) on PROP and the havoc it has wrought to tens of thousands who are now needlessly suffering as a result of PROP’s overly aggressive legislation. Here’s his address.

Douglas Throckmorton, MD
Deputy Director for Regulatory Programs / CDER
US-Food & Drug Administration
10901 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring, Maryland 20993-0002

Gail Honadle

Intractable pain, also known as Intractable Pain Disease or IP, is a severe, constant pain that is not curable by any known means and which causes a bed or house-bound state and early death if not adequately treated, usually with opioids and/or interventional procedures. It is not relieved by ordinary medical, surgical, nursing, or pharmaceutical measures.

War veteran

I too have a problem with pain I have stage four liver cancer ! My pain mgt dr and pharmacist keep lowering my pain meds . Example I was on 60 mg of I can’t say they stopped making because of the drug addicted morons 8 mg of another pain med and 75 mcg of another pain med . That worked lasted me more then a month a month and a few days so now I’m on a lot less mg of of the one pain medication and 10 mg Of another pain medication in a 25 MCG of of the last pain medication lmao I does nothing the pharmacist tells me to take one and a half pills of the oxycodone to make 30 mg I tell him I can’t do that I will run out and that’s against the law then he tells me maybe you should try another pharmacy I said that’s also against the law that’s called Pharmacy shopping. So I called up Walgreens corporate office to complain that this man wants me to do illegal acts so today I have to wait right next appointment which is in a month to get this straightened out I am praying. My pain management doctor helps me. I got this cancer when I got home from my seven deployments from Afghanistan and Iraq . No the military does not see a problem with this . So sorry they do there best . My son also a veteran from Afghanistan passed away from a form of get this ALS lol a form that he got 100 percent it angered me so much ! My only son my only child gone , we don’t have als or cancer in my family nothing. I said enough. Hope you all well , and wishing you all a good life mine is over .


I didn’t feel suicidal till my pain meds had been taken away then I started cutting and hurting myself. Which I had never do e before in my life and the sad tho g is the pain clinic I had gone to didn’t even notice that I had started harming myself. I do not abuse my medication when my pain is managed well, but with the little dose they do have me on, if I’m honest I consider it to be an very viable option sadly. Add mental health issues us pain issues for 20 years and not feeling like you’re believed behind to really take a toll on a person. Its sad cuz I’ve never touched heroin in my life because things like that scare the deal out of me. But one does start to contemplate terrible choices when one feels continually unheard. Just recently, I either passed a kidney stone or have a bladder infection that traveled to my right kidney. The Dr. Gave me zofran and Tylenol even tho I had told him my pain scale was at a 9 or very close to 10. After being in the E.R. for 6 hours and knowing full well if I start crying that exacerbates my pain even more. Finally I broke down crying and said, what happened to do no harm and isn’t it the drs. Job to try and alleviate the pain and make the patient feel comfortable? Finally after that the Dr. Decided dilaudid was necessary or that maybe he should listen or I was probably going to file a complaint with the medical board and with the CEO of the hospital.

David Kendrick

The article “Suicide” could have been my story, but due to the sudden death of my big sister, Kathy, I decided I was going it ignore the only option for relief offered, ASSISTED SUICIDE, by 3 ranking doctors at my health care provider as I lay bedridden and they laughed at my intense, intractable pain I had suffered for over 30 years! Her death, which was my second sister to die, and my determination to discard my misery filled life in hell, would have left my poor mother alone in a nursing home, a place she never had ended up if my doctors hadn’t slashed my decades long use of opioids to deal with botched lumbar procedures, leaving me unable to assist her due to ambulatory issues. The doctors were repeatedly reminded by me and by my sons of my mother’s condition and her repeated falls, but they didn’t have a damn to give! And just as her double compound fracture of her leg healed and she was nearly ready to return home, and I fought my way back onto my feet with minimal meds, they cut them off altogether! I have filed with medical boards, HHS, Office of Civil Rights and I will fight to my dying day to see that those miserable bastards are sanctioned for their callous disregard for, not just me, but my poor mom!

Susan Williams

I am a chronic pain patient and have been for over thirty years. I was a nurse and got injured at work, lifting a patient. I have had 14 back surgeries, the last one, December 17 2019. Right now, my surgeon is giving me minimal morphine but can only do so until mid-March. My so-called pain management doctor gives me nothing and I am concerned that he will take away the woefully inadequate meds I get now.
I think about suicide EVERY DAY!!! I have given it a lot of thought and have several plans, none of which includes overdosing.
I am fused with titanium from T-2 down to my sacrum. I used to have adequate medicine for pain, but that ended in 2014.
Why don’t the powers that be go after the illicit heroin and fentanyl dealers? Why do they threaten and scare the doctors that want to help their needlessly suffering patients? There are millions of Americans in the same situation. Why are we being punished?

I can’t believe there are so many doctors that are apathetic to whether people kill themselves or not I am so very frightened that one day my doctor will be gone or I’ll have to find a new Doctor Who will put me in the situation again and I know I will be forced to do something either illicit drugs which I would rather die then get involved with. I’ve been giving her is that her clean for over 20 years I have never used illicit drugs I have searched every type of pain relief including CBD medical marijuana but after 26 years on pain medications I can’t be tapered without severe withdrawal. I was told two years ago I had to come off of Clonopin that I had taken for 15 years and I agreed never in my life have I been so sick my nervous system is completely shot I came down 60 mg to 5 mg of diazepam which they switch me to all the doctors called my pain doctor and pleaded with her not to double detox meat which she chose to do which almost killed me there has to be some doctors that are willing to take a leap of faith and show that they are compassionate. yes two kinds of doctors one that will take your money and take a chance on you and the others that will degrade you and make you feel worthless this is unacceptable I do not want to be collateral damage even when I get my medications I feel guilty for all the people suffering out there I think the only thing to do is to get together and have a class action lawsuit I spoke to an attorney who has gotten things done in New York like Removing red light cameras in Suffolk county. We must start letting Community leaders and doctors in the medical community know we will not be collateral damage we need to have a class action lawsuit. I mean we need to sue everyone from Governor Cuomo to the CDC And anyone else Who has they’re that’s on the chronic pain community. We did not put ourselves on this medication so why are we being Treated like junkies I have had 24 years of clean urines. I deserve to be able to function. Shame

Susan Williams

I have been in chronic pain for years, over half my life. I have had 14 back surgeries, the last one December 17, 2019. I am fused with titanium from T-2 down to my sacrum. The so-called pain management doctor I have refused to give me ANYTHING for pain. Right now, my surgeon is giving me minimal morphine but can only do so until mid-March.
I was on an adequate dose of medicine until 2014 and could do things on my own. Now, I can’t even take a shower!
I think about suicide EVERY DAY!!!! I even have three different plans and none of them include opiates.
Why don’t the powers that be go after the illicit heroin and fentanyl dealers and leave the doctors that want to help their patients alone? Why punish millions of needlessly suffering people?