Chronic Pain Documentary Set for Release in May

Chronic Pain Documentary Set for Release in May

The much-awaited documentary film—Pain Warriors– will be released on May 25th across Video on Demand Platforms, cable tv and other venues.

That’s the word from Tina Petrova of Visionary Films who says that Gravitas Ventures will distribute the film—a key relationship to getting more people to see the film on chronic pain.

As the press release says, those who suffer with intractable pain in North America now outnumber a series of other disease states.

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The film by Petrova and Eugene Weis examines the “forgotten ones”-pain patients who have been denied life-giving medications by government policies and examines how some are being driven to suicide. They also feature some physicians who fight on despite concerns about their license.

“Would we take away someone’s insulin or beta blocker because a small percentage found a way to monetize these drugs and get high off them?”, she asks.

Chronic pain patients build their lives around managing pain and often struggle to perform simple task each. The chronic pain demographic, which includes millions, is often invisible, shunned and disbelieved.

Gravitas is a Red Arrow Studios Company one of the world’s leading creators and distributors of entertainment content.

So, what can you do between now and late May? Promote this on your social media. Many chronic pain patients and providers complain—rightfully—that not enough people know about chronic pain. Here’s an opportunity to help let not only people who are already sympathetic to the plight of the chronic pain patient but also to people in your networks—family friends and co-workers—who you believe may not understand what chronic pain patients go through.

Put a link to this story in your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts and send it via email. Also tag the social media sites of the film:

FB: Painwarriorsmovie

TWITTER @painwarriorsdoc

Instagram: painwarriorsmovie

It’s an important educational opportunity.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Jessica Minerd-Massey

While I am comforted and happy this documentary focuses on the plight of CPPs (Chronic Pain Patients) and will finally expose some of the forced existence of those who’ve been reduced to ‘live’ an existence filled with excruciating pain and thoughts of “ultimate relief” and the long money strewn road, paved with good intentions & bad, laid upon a foundation of the crumbled lives of thousands:

It is also heartbreaking that, like so many other documentaries about suffering and human rights violations, it had to be made in the first place.

I truly hope it will help open the eyes of many who sincerely don’t understand, who blindly believe whatever headlines are flashed across their screens, who are are literally brainwashed by the constant repetition of the same old song & dance of disinformation and manipulation, over and over again, those dont believe something-like-this could possibly be happening in ‘their’ country and, finally, that it may be a catalyst of movement to those who prefer to remain ignorant to the misery that isn’t in their backyards and keep their heads in the sand… until their time comes.
Maybe it’s due to an accident at work, maybe a slight pang that doesn’t go away but progressively worsens until they’re eventually diagnosed with a disease they’ve never heard of, maybe it’s the end result of a “standard surgery” gone bad, or maybe it’s the one thing that can only be escaped by dying early- old age.

This is a Human Rights horror story that can star any one, at any time, in any place.

My deepest thanks to all who helped bring this documentary to fruition and the public, you are true human beings.


I’ve been waiting for this movie since I first heard it was being made. It’s so sad that it is left to the CP community to promote it. We who are isolated, alone, bedridden, elderly and as others have stated, I no longer belong to Facebook, never twittered, and how do you even let your doctor know when everything is over the phone office calls!
What a shame it has come out during Covid-19 . This is taking precedence over everything!!! On the other hand, maybe with everyone home, they will be able to see it.
I agree with you Thomas, this narcissist president has deceived everyone and used the Hegelian Dialect to do it. There never was an “Opioid Epidemic” it’s been what it’s always been a Heroin and illegal drugs coming from China over the border. But Trump after robbing the poor to give to the rich in tax cuts, had to find deep pockets to sue. Since the alternative to Trump was a communist, I couldn’t vote!
I believe that if this isn’t a wake-up call God will get our attention again and then another Great Awakening is in store.Our Rock and our Redeemer.

I have shared a link to this article with members and associates of the Alliance for the Treatment of Intractable Pain. As your release date draws nearer, I will share a link with my followers in social media and with publication venues that have carried my work.

Kaatje Gotcha

I’ve been a contributing writer here, with an essay on the CDC Guidelines. I suffer from traumatic cauda equina, adhesive arachnoiditis and central neuropathic pain. As a ‘normal metabolizer’ I use a low dose opioids, swimming and ketamine infusions to combat intractable, incurable pain. But I do not appreciate being painted as a potential addict, and find the current CDC climate guidelines and the anti-opiate zealotry inhumane. These are crimes against humanity, so I’m glad our voices are rising! And yes, you ought to read my page turner of a book, it really helps patients with chronic pain.

Susan Williams

I am so hopeful that this film will make a difference! I have been a chronic pain patient for over thirty years and am three months post up after my fourteenth back surgery. I am on a MINIMAL amount of pain meds, and my breakthrough pain meds were just cut in half!!!
As I lay here, trying not t o cry uncontrollably, I am shaking from this horrible, intractable pain, as I am sure, are so many others.
Please, something must be done! I have written and called every politician that I can think of, but I get form letters and empty promises to “look into the situation.”
I don’t know what to do anymore….

Margaret Drumheiser

Thank you hope this documentary helps others to understand the plight of those of us with debilitating intractable/chronic bpaingil diseases. The suffering , the stigma and judgement we go through everyday. God bless 🙏🙏💪👏👏


Heartfelt thanks to Ms. Petrova…I look forward to seeing this film..and I will make sure everyone i know….will b told about this film…if fir no other wld b amazing to finaly hear our voices n most importantly…a truthfull version about the war on prescription pain pills n the harm its done to many …GOD BLESS….ur all in my prayers..

Thanks Ed for sharing our important new film on your on line platform . The best way for pain patients/ doctors to become involved and help us educate the general public , as you succinctly said is : share , share , share this article ! On your social media , in your groups , with your medical practitioners. Repost , tell others , start letter writing campaigns to Netflix etc to pick up the film – to help us raise awareness as a global community of MILLIONS about this often invisible , but potentially deadly disease. Namaste


I agree with Laurie, Netflix would be very helpful. Any of the other major streaming services could be useful. Vimeo is very popular now. YouTube is even more popular than Netflix, but it is a very different presentation.

We might be able to get some folks in the administration watching if we can get this sponsored by someone on Fox News. The most likely would be Greg Gutfeld who has been critical of the War on Opioids. I think the President follows Gutfeld. I’m not on Twitter, but if someone else does, Greg is a Twitter nut; here is his handle: @greggutfeld.

Sandra G.

I unsubscribed from Facebok sometime ago, I’m not on Twitter nor Instagram, just using,. so I guess I will not be able to see this film. I have Intractable Pain and unable to join the group very often as I spend more time in bed with my Iphone. If there is anyy other way I might be able to view this video, please advise me. Thank you very much.

Clearly it’s an honorable attempt to raise public awareness on a topic most people have no concept with. I’m very confident that this film will touch all those like me who must deal with their unimaginable & horrific existence. Opening the eyes of the ignorant outside our world, to let them know that there is a parallel sector of society that struggles every second of every day to simply cope is the mission.
Here’s a link to their trailer:

Thomas Wayne Kidd

The man I helped vote into the white house had lost it concerning medical treatment of chronic pain. He has deceieved millions into believing about anything he says. I am not voting ever again. It’s a waste of time and energy for me to walk across the street to my voting place. But the saddest thing is the alternative is no better. A man who is loosing his memory. I will trust my Redeemer.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

I am glad this film is going to be shown, I fear it will take another pestilence worse than the Coronavirus to get the government to stop this evil wickedness. Thanks for the heads up.


I hope they can get it on Netflix. This could be really helpful.