Chronic Pain New Year’s Resolutions Strike a Familiar Chord

Chronic Pain New Year’s Resolutions Strike a Familiar Chord

The National Pain Report asked our readers this week what their New Year’s resolution would be.

We received a brisk response from many readers, and honestly, many of them reflected the frustration that so many chronic pain patients feel.

Laurie Stetz caught the gist of the frustration when she wrote:

“We need a federal investigation of how this drug war on patients started and what, exactly, was the impetus.

Patients also need to get over their learned helplessness when in a doctor’s office. We are, mostly, very learned about our own conditions and many of us have years of experience with our disabilities. To have to be treated by someone with limited experience or, worse, with a parochial attitude of privilege is maddening when they won’t listen and grow with us. If we don’t know about our condition, we’d better learn…fast.”

Terry Longtin was more optimistic and promises a year of action on behalf of him and other chronic pain patients.

“ My new year’s resolution is as follows: Besides going to the gym I resolve to email my state officials, governor, congressmen and senators and explain the facts and only the facts, short and sweet, 98.8% of ALL opioid overdoses are from heroin and/or fentanyl and 1.2% is from patients with legitimate prescriptions. Then I’ll ask why therefore, chronic pain patients are having their lives literally ruined for no good reason. That’s all they need to know but we must send two emails a week to the same government officials, so we get noticed. You can write one letter one time, then just copy and paste it to every official. That’s my resolution, how about everyone else?

Tom Bowen is a frequent contributor to the National Pain Report who writes frequently about the importance of chronic pain patient to understand pain and take responsibility

I am going to continue work as an advocate for pain education, the biopsychosocial model of pain, interdisciplinary pain rehabilitation, and more self-responsibility.

Here’s a link to Tom’s website.

Linda Cheek is with Doctor of Courage and she says her group is “pledged to get rid of the incumbent legislators that are maintaining the propaganda against opioids (and other drugs) and show everyone that drugs are not the cause of addiction. It is imperative that the chronic pain community gets behind this, or it will be generations before we see change and addiction will skyrocket because of what is really causing it in the first place.”

We’ve asked Linda for more specific about her efforts and will publish them when we hear back.

Also Gordon Heinrichs left us a message that he will be publishing an eBook “The Rise of Natural Therapies, First Do No Harm” in February.

Here’s a link to Gordon’s YouTube presentation.

The year is still young.

Let us know what you plan—and we’ll publish a few of the interesting ideas that might inspire others to follow!

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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And I thought I was the only one with these thoughts and feelings.I identified with everyone on here. So far things are ok at my pain clinic. My back is deteriorating. I will turn to the streets if that dreaded day comes. Why IS the CDC. & DEA. Involved in our business? How can they override a doc that went to school for 10-12yrs.? If I didn’t get my meds I would be bedridden in a week. Im 61, but Im not dead. There’s alot I wish I could do & go but just “living” takes all I have. Have all our posts ever been sent to the right ppl. Ppl who might be a little shocked? This country made its own drug problems back in the 70’s. Every congressman had a solution. Well we see how good that worked. Im not the least bit ashamed Im on Opioid. Car accident ruined my career as a nurse and my body. I get half of what I use to make,it sucks. There have been times I cry all day in pain. Just taking a bath does me in. But I have to keep moving. I will not die in a facility!!! Scared to death of that happening. To sum it up, I feel exactly the way all of you feel. I’ve even made the same remarks.What can we do??? Who can we get to hear us??? And for Gods sake Help Us!!!! No matter what they do ,there’s always going to find something to make in a kitchen to sell illegally. I might just be a customer!!! 2020. None of us should be deprived of the right to happiness,in our case meaning as free of pain as possible. I could go on. But I don’t need to. We all have the same thoughts. That should count for something. And this post is just a drop in the bucket. How about the millions not commenting???? I pray for all of us. Somewhere somehow, someone will hear & help us. God bless all of you. “Believe me” I do know how you feel. Lets hope 2020 brings change for better. Elyce in Pa.

My friend died today due to force tapering. It cause her to have a stroke. While in the nursing home for physical therapy she had another stroke. They lowered and took away her anxiety medication. Said she would do better in physical therapy. This caused 3 more Strokes. Well she died this morning. She was very functional until the tapering started. She worked hard all her life and did not get to enjoy her retirement but maybe two years. And the sad thing is the medical community does not care. We may all find ourselves in this boat.

Elizabeth Rogers

I will continue to advocate when and where I can, although sometimes I’m not sure where to direct my communications or if what I am doing is even useful. Is the pain crisis a federal issue? Or a state issue? Both? Should I write to my Senators, Representatives, the Governor of my state, the Attorney General (ours is currently suing Johnson & Johnson to recover state funds spent to combat the “opioid epidemic”), the Medical Board, the Department of Health? Who–if anyone–is actually in charge? At one time or another, I have communicated with all of the above, most of the time to no avail–not even a form letter responding to the concerns I raised.

Who has the authority to do something to remediate the suffering of legitimate pain patients who have been abandoned medically or involuntarily weaned from medications they need? I hope that becomes clearer in the New Year and that legitimate pain patients will be heard–and heeded. We are not addicts and criminals. We are patients, and many of us are elders with medical conditions that cannot be cured. WE ARE NOT THE PROBLEM!


I applaud Terry Longtin’s resolution to reach out to legislators and educate them on facts. Unfortunately, I had to do this sooner rather than later because of the injustice that happened to me and happening to chronic pain patients across the US as a result of the crackdown on opioids.
—DEA raided the independent pharmacy I used and will not allow any scheduled meds to be filled while investigation is ongoing
—Second location of same pharmacy would not fill my meds even though they were able to because the dosages were above the 90 MME/d CDC guideline despite my pain doc verifying it was medically necessary and me providing my medical records, pain contract, and urine screen results.
—Pharmacists from second location said they were afraid of getting licenses revoked by DEA, thus would only fill scheduled meds above 90 MME/d for cancer and palliative care patients.
—I tried to fill meds at several other pharmacies with no success. Went into withdrawal. I contacted my insurance and was able to get their home delivery pharmacy to fill the prescriptions but took over a week to process despite being “escalated” in their system.
—I contacted my US Senators and Rep, my state Senator and Rep, and the board of pharmacy executive director to make them aware that chronic pain patients are being denied opioid medications. They were not able to find any pharmacies that would fill my meds!
—My pain doc found a local pharmacy willing to fill my meds. So many pharmacies are already at or over the opioid pill threshold which triggers DEA investigations/raids.
—I felt so helpless that I could not get my pain meds filled despite having medically valid prescriptions. I know I’m not alone when I say we (chronic pain sufferers) are being tossed to the wayside and are casualties of this opioid war.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

My Medicare which is supposed to pay 80% is not working. Humana Health insurance is in league with the anti-opioid medication. All I get from my pain clinic is verbal abuse and fake diagnosis. I am so tired of this evil wicked mess.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

I am through wasting my time trying to reach out to government officials. I will continue to take the reduced dose of Methadone given me and supplement it with street suboxone. As for filing a lawsuit or complaint it’s useless. I completely agree with JEN It’s genocide and manslaughter. Why do people hide from the truth? Population control is beginning and most people are blind and deft. A book of ancient writings has warned of these days but that book called the Bible has been rejected by most people, yes most people commenting on this website. What will it take to Wake people up??????


Almost forgot….every state should be swamped with disability claims and when addressing the alphabet agencies, personnel stories should not distort the message, keep the accusations to manslaughter and genocide …..period.


Lastly, I totally understand why those of us who are receiving pain meds are not going to risk being under minded by this government and having them go after the few doctors left who never bought into the lie. Those who are receiving none or who have friends and families of suicide or forced to the streets…that still can function need to coordinate a site so they can work “together”! Flood the media, all news outlets that we are spreading the word across the world that media needs to be boycotted until they give equal news on opiates, the difference between patients and addicts. The leading advocates should post the names and addresses of PROP and they should be flooded with blame for genocide. Many patients have not because the effort is too great to research these addresses, that alone would get more patients to find the will to join the fight. The same for CDC, DEA, FDA and on and on. Videos of veterans on social media, videos of bedridden patients….as you are daily not with make up and smiling pleads but anger and desperation that you do not want your death to have been in vain….because you will be just a name once you are dead. This government is creating an illegal drug problem with its lies and deceptions and drugs will be development right here….they will not need to come from China. Until things change I will no longer leave my thoughts or ideas as they have been in vain, nothing has changed with the exception of suicides and patients going to the streets…..nothing.


We have so much access to reach “the people” through the internet alone…..there should be “many” ways to grab attention to the uneducated just through utube alone by changing up the way the subject is presented to reach many, many people. 60 minutes had one of the founders of utube stating that what utube is there for….so the deprived and unheard could be seen.


Most of us cannot get out to rally or protest out of our homes or beds but has anyone seen any of the things used to protest injustices by physically able people such as the most basic means like bumper stickers, flyers, wrist bands. NO! Have physically able people spent all their energy writing letters……NO…… they found ways to be noticed. At this rate we will be dead and “forgotten” long before word of mouth through family members ever makes it to the hears of someone who will write a footnote about us. It will be the people going for surgeries in the future who make the noise WE SHOULD HAVE MADE YEARS AGO….a nurse told me that while she watched the doctor she worked for wean out the true pain patients from those who could manage on PT & Nsaids.


Terry Longtin is absolutely right if people want to continue writing/calling the source of the “real” crisis, people “must” ALL get on board and bombard them. Your “life” is being destroyed… do you not want to accuse the people who have done it? People who have no pain meds. should be filing medical board complaints. If as many as I read are without meds. they should have overwhelmed with complaints at least 2 years ago. Doctors that have been rude and completely turned their backs should have long, long lists of complaints on the sites “normal” people see…Vitals, Health grades…yes, people look at them “a lot”! Ibuprofen now discloses that it reduces the effectiveness of aspirin taken to reduce heart attack and stroke and the dosage far less then it was years ago…. if you live with severe pain, you “know” the recommended dose will not touch the pain. People have taken their lives!!! Why are we passively trying to talk reason to the the very people who are responsible for our lives? It genocide and manslaughter….they had no problems spinning their lies and destroying lives and we are still doing the same thing. There is no organized action aside from repeatedly sending the polite pleading for help to the same people. We are NOT DEALING with rational, ethical humans here. It`s like being in a war and asking the enemy to “please” put down your weapon and do not kill me……guess where you are!


Thank you for caring and for this forward looking perspective.
I’ve been reflecting and taking a deep hard look at my personal life and outlook.
I’ve spoken my hard truths held by fear of the pain I know and have known.
Moving from here as long as I am still a member of this human species I have more to contribute.
I have food, water, shelter, basic life needs and a Great cat. I can still advocate for myself and other’s in pain as well as more as possible.
That’s enough. I don’t need it all; I only require enough to live. I’m going to, ‘focus on the beauty’, as a combat Marine friend recommended 25yrs ago. His groin hurts at times too. There’s some dark humor in this trust me. Groin pain driving me nuts, etc.
I had to speak my honest truth of all to move forward.
Thank you for what I’ve read and learned from other’s here. Victor Frankl wrote of suffering with courage. I’ve seen this amply demonstrated here.


This comes full circle if said medication works very well. Then why deprive folks of good value of life.

Gail Honadle

100% of the MSM went along with it, they didn’t want to hurt the feelings of people to spaced out to care, just their PC parents did. And we all started using the word Opioid for both Pain Medicine and DOPE. Let them get away with calling us Addicts when we are or should say were Dependent on Pain Meds to functions. I am 1 fall away from a Wheelchair, use those horrid electric carts to do groceries. Not been more than to the doctors since my brother died of Alcohol related Heart attack. We use to visit relatives not any more.

Intractable pain, also known as Intractable Pain Disease or IPD, is a severe, constant, relentless and debilitating pain that is not curable by any known means and which causes a house-bound or bed-bound state … and early death … if not adequately treated, usually with opioids and/or interventional procedures.


I don’t know how many I speak for but I am i enough pain that I ca do little. I have written my Congress people and Trump. I waste away and now can have little life even family labels me a addict when in fact I take a tenth of what I once did. I feel sometimes so hopless that Jesus is my hope now. Please relax the mme at least to 200 so we can live. If Trump had something pain ful you know they would reopen the opana factory.Please fox the stupid capcha. More hopelessness.

Gail Honadle

In comes the CDC the 2 top men with an agenda, Robert Redfield nearly lost his 37 yr old son to a Heroin/Fentanyl OD. Revenge is his motive, as for Andrew Kolodny his motive was to push more Suboxone and larger speaker fees. This became a issue for the full PROP committee. In the eyes of many the wrong man was Elected President. They have never gotten over their hissy fit. 3 yrs ago the word Opioid and DOPE became the same word. It was PC incorrect to call the users JUNKIES or ADDICTS they became the victims of Pain pills which is Baloney. And only 2 sides of a 3 sided story was told. Intractable Pain Patients were left out of the Equation of information presented to a green non Political President. Thus the Con job could be carried out. Addicted Babies and dead college kids with crying parents.. No Intractable Pain Patients. Even those Troops at Walter Reed were told to keep their mouths SHUT when the President would visit them. Same as when in war they were told NOT to report the small concussions that happened more than once. Not in their records No need for a MRI when it became a TBI.

Older population sought relief from Osteoarthritis, falls, car wrecks,, just patch the up and give them a Pain pill. OA drugs gave patients RUINED GI TRACTS. So a Pain pill was written. NO coordination between their 4-5 doctors so only 1 person wrote the prescriptions. Meanwhile DOPE is killing more. Force Taper the Veterans then start on Civilians. Who are now dying of Heart, Stroke and Suicide after becoming bedridden.

Gail Honadle

Where did it start, NAFTA which allowed More goods and Produce into the USA via our Southern Border each load loaded with DOPE. Not enough manpower or Drug Dogs to examine each vehicle this includes US Citizens looking to make a quick Dollar. The longer it went on the more ingenious at hiding the DOPE they became. Human Mules were also used. Next we get Obamacare with give them pain pills instead of the expensive surgeries or the Long Therapies many need.. 2 wars in the Middle East creating amputees and people with Burns over 50% off their bodies, gut wounds. Who will always be in Pain. Answer Keep them pumped full of Pain Meds and Psych meds all addictive up. PTSD has never been understood no matter how many wars we have been in, whether if it is Homicide, Rape or War PTSD comes with it.

More trade deals with foreign countries like China where Cargo ships bring in Tons of DOPE. Philly just last yr took off 2 ships took 20 tons of Cocaine..DOPE. Then a few years ago some street sellers began looking to boost sales, they learned to make designer drugs, add in Fenatayl for a bigger high and hooking more under educated college kids who were already smoking MMJ and taking lower grades of Meth, Cocaine, Heroin, Crack etc they now had the parents money to buy better grades and many died. We had a 2nd Sexual Revolution, that made Wood Stock look silly. As for the Addicted Babies the cure was there, no will to fund Detox Homes where these Pregnant girls could Detox and have a clean save environment to have their babies be taught to care for them or have them adopted out. Somewhere it became Offensive to call Illicit drugs DOPE an users JUNKIES or ADDICTS.

Look back at history the CIA has been running DOPE and guns out of Laos since Vietnam and continue to do so out of the M. E. where Poppy fields abound and our Soldiers guard them for the CIA who use them for regime change, not always for the better. More methods were invented to smuggle it in to the USA.

Allow the PATIENT to sign Contract with Pain Doctor ‘re knowing risks of long term medications… pain meds are not the only risk! Taking Tylenol causes Liver Damage if taken too long… Taking Motrin too long causes Kidney Damage… Taking any med long term can have side affects… DO NOT PUNISH THE DOCTORS that are trying to help us live a somewhat “normal life” they’ve done nothing wrong! I have TWO INVISIBLE ILLNESSESS THAT HAVE NO CURE… PLEASE allow us to have our meds back so we can get out of bed or off the couch and be able to function a little… I’m a Senior and I’ve paid into the “System”… More patients would be OFF DISABILITY and back 2 working if they had their meds back.. The people that take Opiods to get high have ruined it for those that need Opiods! … Its NOT everyone… Some of us cannot tolerate smoking Medical Marijuana… I don’t like it… GOD BLESS YOU ED FOR CONTINUING TO BE OUR VOICE… AND GOD BLESS THOSE OF US THAT ARE SUFFERING…NEEDLESSLY.💜