Cloud-based video editing system shown to broadcasters

Cloud-based video editing system shown to broadcasters

Cloud-based video editing system shown to broadcasters

Creaza Inc., a hot, award winning start up, with a vision to “make video social”, will unveil its new cloud based, online video platform at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 9-14. Creaza Inc. CEO Jostein Svendsen will deliver a keynote speech headlined CLOUD VISION vs. Technical Reality at the show’s April 11 “Content in the Cloud” session. The speech starts at 12:45p.m. in Room N232, Las Vegas Convention Center.

Creaza’s “social video” service is truly unique, enabling users to shoot, edit, share and store their self-generated videos. Creaza’s cloud-based video editing tool makes it simple for users to edit their video into a produced package, with a wide range of professional editing techniques. Even beginners can shoot raw footage from a mobile phone, quickly produce a broadcast-quality video and share it with their friends on their favorite social networks.

“Creaza’s ‘social video’ service caters to B2C & B2B, enabling multisite contributions and collaborations for families and friends, hobbyists, corporations, and educational institutes,” commented Jostein Svendsen, CEO, Creaza Inc. “Our solution will change the professional videography landscape, enabling collaborative productions for global documentaries, newscasts and even wedding videos.”

Creaza’s new solution, which is being offered free for a limited time, takes the best of the Internet and today’s social media sites, merging these with a broadcast quality, affordable platform that anybody can use. It is a glimpse of the potential of WEB 3.0.

The company will host media, partners and customers at its suite in the Las Vegas Hilton, adjacent to the Convention throughout NAB. To schedule a visit and demo the hot new tool, contact Stew Chalmers at 818-681-3588 or e-mail

  • Shoot and capture media with your mobile phone or any camera device, syncing it to your private media library in the cloud.
  • Shape and edit your media clips with professional-looking titles, transitions, effects, animation, music and narration.
  • Share and collaborate in an online workspace and publish your movies to social networks and video scrapbooks.

About Creaza

Creaza is the cloud-based online video service designed to enable users to collaboratively produce, stream, share and store user-generated video. By combining the power of broadcast-quality HD and the vast reach of social media, Creaza is at the vanguard of a rapidly emerging market in which millions of users in thousands of communities are beginning to continually interact via user-generated online video. More information may be obtained at

Picture credit: Courtesy of Creaza.

Authored by: Richard Lee

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