Commentary: Suicide Signals a Broken Health Care System

Commentary: Suicide Signals a Broken Health Care System

I read this article recently about a veteran killing himself in a VA waiting room and it brought me back to a recent conversation that we’ve been having on the National Pain Report about suicide.

And so, I spent some looking at the comments sections on the stories and was struck—again—by the increasing feelings of hopelessness and isolation that are permeating many people who have chronic pain.

The system is failing them.

When I was talking with Terri Lewis, Ph.D. recently about the topic, she said something that has stuck with me.

“Every person has a plan for exiting the planet when they’ve had enough. Remarkably, communities and health systems don’t have a plan.”

Hard to argue.

Reader Dave Brooks wrote about the importance of loved ones.

“The thought (of taking his life) has crossed my mind more than once. I keep going knowing my children always tell me they love me when I have a chance to talk to them… Always!!!

Elizabeth R. spoke about the fear that many are feeling in a place where they shouldn’t be fearful—their doctors’ offices.

“If We patients tell our doctors the truth about our pain and how it really affects us despite our efforts to manage it, we will be punished.”

A reader named Lindsey is at her wit’s end.

I have my suicide plan and materials ready. It gives me peace of mind. I have cancer also and am six months overdue on my surgery. I have so much pain that I KNOW I would never survive recovery on 2 or 3 days off extra pain relief

David Hickle expressed the fear that the government not only hasn’t been listening, it won’t.

“Our government isn’t going to listen all they are doing is buying their time covering their ass until they betray the American citizens, I don’t trust anyone anymore in the USA or humanity because whatever anyone says is a load of crap.”

When you consider that 22 veterans—at least some of them with chronic pain– are taking their lives EACH DAY and that many people who have chronic pain are telling us they are considering suicide, it tells you—or at least tells me—that this health care system is failing people.

It’s long past time to do something.

Don’t you agree?

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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A Loved One

I’m going through this discussion with my spouse who no longer can stand the pain without medication. Now, according to the government It doesn’t matter how much documented medical evidence the patient has or the obvious suffering showing my spouse’s need for pain control, they want the doctors not to prescribe medicine that helps. The government must want people like my spouse to die because now has death become the only option to end the suffering. This government will quickly point out those who deny the rights of others when at the same time denies it’s citizens the right to medicine that helps, inhumanly causing suffering and death. The so-called opioid crisis involves tons of various chemicals freely entering our borders looks to be the latest prohibition scheme for profit that does nothing to help the citizens. It’s only harming the most vulnerable of them.

Lynne Hall

Jeffrey Sharp my email address is I am afraid!
I’m 56, my last grandson will be born July 19. I want to at least look I’m into his eyes before I EXIT!
I was granted disability by Judge Hill, with Senator L. Graham’s help, on twice as much opoid pain meds, both aware of it.
At my last pain management visit, that lasted 2 minutes, no one cared about the wound opening on my appendix scare, removed at age 10. I had to leave over 2 months ago due to pain.
I am in the process of giving away all my belongings, setting up trust for my grandchildren.
My family thinks I’m cleaning out, but I’m saying good bye.
I love my mom, but living here is pushing me, but I can no longer drive. Now I listen to her scream at me for hurting. My ulcer has started acting up and I am again throwing up blood.
I, not depressed. The doctors have no time and are only concerned with providing the multi treatment as the CDC best practice says. they tell me where I hurt now.
I’m lonely, can’t even go to church.
I can’t take the 24/7 pain anymore and I AM PLANNING MY EXIT! As a Christian I have prayed nightly God will forgive me and understand, the Government and the President I voted for who killed me.
I will have my stomach opened, after my death, so maybe someone will benefit. I want to live, but not like this.
This open pain survey reach a lot more people because of the Government Shutdown. I was able to tell over 15 Facebook support groups that had not heard about it.
But let’s face it, this discussion has gone on for years, while they state 19 people kill themselves every day from Chronic Pain.
16 million. CPP can effect the vote for our elective respresentives.

Adam H

The so called opioid guidelines have actually created something similar to the perfect mouse trap. The media, government, and some wicked drs seem to have made the ultimate system to rid country of so called “useless eaters.” When I tell people that opioid pain patients are being systematically killed they think im insane..thats just how they intended. The crippled young, old people that are high consumers of medical and all kinds of necessary resources are disposed of without mainstream Americans even noticing. Theorists for government have known the tragic outcome of guidelines long ago.

Adam H

This is all part of a sadistic experiment and It has to be understood and destroyed. Im no conspiracy theorist but obviously our worst nightmare has been unleashed..jesus god almighty whats next?

Dawn Witek

I am sick of being punished because others couldn’t be responsible adults and take their pain medications like prescribed. I don’t and haven’t ever abused my medications but I’m being punished for something I haven’t done, I’ve been lowered half of one of my pain medications. I have told my Dr. that I have been contemplating suicide as my pain has been becoming greater because of the lowering. I have asked him several times if he has come up with a different option rather then suicide and he hasn’t been able to come up with anything. Believe me I have tried many different ways to treat the pain and the medications was the only thing that relieved and made the pain tolerable. Why does my quality of life not mattwe?
And what’s this bullcrap with the pharmacies? Making you wait 1 1/2 hrs or after 11am and 3am to get your pain meds. And it’s crap what they ask for, what happened to Dr. patient privilege? And what’s up with them asking for a diagnosis? What’s it any of their business what the diagnosis is. Don’t you think the Dr. wouldn’t of gave that medication to you if the diagnosis didn’t call for it? If anybody knows of an attorney to run a few things by him about rights being violated and if their is anything someone can do about it please let me know of them via email: or text 414-553-8130
Thank you


The war on drugs is PROFITABLE! That’s why the gov does it. You wait, they’ll come up with something that is far worse for people than the opiates which have worked and been used for centuries.
The whole thing is ridiculous and cruel. It’s an attack ( another) on the American people.
And people who don’t need this stuff get to feel superior. Nor do they understand or try, for one moment to put themselves in anther’s place, they can’t possibly know what people like us go thru every day.
Now, OH WHOOP! they are going to legalize pot! Big deal. It doesn’t work for me! AND we’ll have to PAY for it…count on it.
After nearly half my life in under-treated pain because the idiots don’t know anything about my genetic movement disorder; Dystonia, I’ve had about enough.
Even the WHO says this is cruel and unusual to deprive people of life saving pain control.
But you won’t hear THOSE statistics in the NOOZ, will you?
Our civilization is failing. I suspect there will be many reasons for people to check out here pretty soon. But the worst part is that we don’t matter anymore…we’re just “consumers” for the fat cats

Jeffrey Sharp my Email is:

Everyone afraid to come together those who r getting 90mme bc their afraid of losing that drop of small help. Afraid their faces & names will get out to their provider who than will get paranoid and drop that patient because that patient bringing in attention to provider. Physicians afraid of the broken link. Everyone is too paranoid. And that’s where CDC, DEA wants everyone to be there and under their thumb. Makes their job much easier. And I wonder why does anyone want to be in pain management if it is not working for you? Why pay & play their game that only they win? Your miserable any way. Don’t do a Jones town. Fight with all u have, u r stronger than u kn.God carry us thru this jounery carry on !

Jeffrey Sharp

I feel that someway, and somehow that us Chronic pain sufferers need to come together and fight this injustice that’s been affecting us and in some cases suicides due to these terrible policies from our government. Enough is enough and I’m willing and ready to get together with other chronic pain patients to either meet or sit down together and come up with a way to be heard. I dont know how much more I take hearing about someone killing themselves because their pain is either too great or whether their pain is way under managed. God bless you all.
My Email:


All I can do it cry most of the time.Our lives have been shattered……. This past week was the first time that I wanted to be dead, kaput, gone……But as many, I could not bear the thought of doing anything that would hurt my husband and children and grandchild.


Everyone is right, chronic pain sucks and having our opioids reduced so drastically is life altering but you can’t just throw in the towel. I went from 195 mgs of oxycodone daily to 60 mgs and wow do I feel horrible every day. I’ve joined a gym and am trying to strengthen my body to help deal with the pain, believe me there’s a laundry list of ailments from head to toe. I am also going to physical therapy now trying to get my legs to bend and make them stronger. It was all so hard at first but now I’m settling in to a good routine and low and behold I’m starting to feel better all over. All I’m trying to say is, don’t give up one minute before the miracle happens. God will help you but you HAVE to try to help yourself first. There’s always something we can do to help our situation(s). God bless all my chronic pain brothers and sisters. Stay strong, stay positive.

pain causing us suicide

I thought I was the only one to think about sucide because of pain and not being able to get help. I also have RLS which it is now Restless Body. Im sure it has something to do with the sciatica nerve. whatever this is does something to the nervous system. Their is medicines to control this only its a narcotic. for this problem I needed it only at night time. I am 67 and had this since my early twenties. Then theres the pain, bad pain of my lower back, hips, down my legs into my knees. Im in pain management which is just a name. I pay them co pay from medicare to do absolutely nothing. so yes I have often thought how I would handle suicide, who wants to live in horrible pain the rest of their life, knowing our government is causing it. in their eyes. why do they have a problem and blame those of us in severe pain. Why do they punish us and that’s what theyre doing because of others misusing drugs and overdosing and dying. I didnt put that stuff In their mouths. now they blame us, and they they do nothing for the ones of us dying from pain. pain deaths dont seem to bother our gov. does it…so why is that. please tell me..

Terri James

Yes Ed, I most certainly agree with you. I also agree with every chronic pain patient that comments on this website. It’s like reading a horror story most days. Stephen King could easily take this mess and make one heck of a blockbuster movie with it and that is sad, pathetic really. Our government wanting to stop illegal drugs and help drug addicts is one thing but them deciding they are going to play doctor and pick on the chronic pain patient knowing full well what they’re doing is completely another. They don’t even care about their veterans, this speaks volumes. We’ve all been left to feel like yesterday’s newspaper, throw it in the trash, why not?! There will be another fresh one today, hopefully one with not as much bad news attached. We’ve tried talking to our physicians, we have filled out polls, questionnaires, contacted our senators and congressmen as well as the president, etc. We also had one of our veterans, Robert Rose who took this mess to the courts in Greeneville Tennessee, all to no avail. This group of people have expressed over and over how we feel like the Jews when Hitler was allowed to wreak havoc on their lives. A crisis is one thing although this has turned into an injustice on the American people, thousands upon thousands of people that have been left stripped of their medicine or tapered so low they’re losing their livelihoods at an alarming rate. Many of them, their will to live all together. It’s senseless especially when there is enough “opioid medication” to treat those that once were productive who now feel like they are one step from the grave. Many have chosen that direction already and it’s too late for them. It is senseless they’re no longer with us, especially when the medicine that is needed is so plentiful. Just because our government doesn’t have enough money as is, is no reason for them to take precious lives. We’ve more than a crisis, we have a tragedy of the worst kind that is most unnecessary.


As we as pain patients seek relief from agony , lying in bed trying to shift weight from side to side as to relieve pressure from joints and muscles or organs so painful what else would cross your mind other than finding some comfort or relief, our heathcare MINDERS have failed us completely.

Stacie Wagner

My life is hell. My loved ones are beautiful. Conundrum. Not living and yet still breathing. I fear my life not death. I woke up with my pain level maxed out at a ten. I know deep inside today will be difficult. In the stillness that greets me at 4 am. Still tired from not sleeping I am exhausted by my pain. These are normal amounts of sleep for me a few broken hours at best. Sleep is often counted in minutes. My mind and body are exhausted and restless. Trying to keep my pain below a 9.
Today is not different than yesterday. This is my unfortunate normal, uncontrolled pain. There is a way my pain is controlled but the CDC is killing me with their 90mme. 90mg of morphine does not control my pain. It’s barely a drop into my ocean of pain. I’m grateful for the drop but it is still only a drop. I’m afraid to speak. Afraid to complain, afraid that that drop will be taken. Then I will have to deal with all of the agony.
I am disappearing. My soul is being eaten by the pain that rules my body my mind. Too much pain. No hope. Broken system, broken life, broken spirit.
They the CDC, FDA, DEA & Implant manufacturers of they have done what 17 years of pain didn’t, they’ve broken me. They’ve broken my spirit and I weep.
For myself, my agony and my shame at being this broken, this unfixable and for the pain that lurks waiting, ready to finish destroying me.


4) All these newly created addicts were created & met in a timely matter with a flood of heroin from Afghanistan. The gov famously brought heroin in after Vietnam in coffins, the “crack” epidemic was CIA, etc etc.
5) The POPULATION REDUCTION FOR SUSTAINABILITY….which the US is leading in….common sense dictates it would start with people on Disability, SSI, Veteran’s benefits, the elderly & addicts, etc , killing 2 birds with one stone.
Agenda 21 seems to be succeeding in one area….by accident of course.
If you deny the gov is doing this on purpose at this point, ignoring everything I’ve said here, which is FACT from several sources on all accounts, I can’t imagine it.
3 yrs ago I kept thinking ” It’s like they’re trying to kill us”. One day I read Agenda 21, which I thought was a conspiracy theorist thing, & found it’s a actual government document out there for anyone to read.
It all clicked.
The propaganda here is extensive.
But CPP’s are now facing the reality of what our gov has always done to people, only at home.
May you all find a way out of this. There are ways. Find them. Hang on. Blessings to all.


I’ve been saying all along this is the governments doing. I’ve been researching it since 2010.
1) The DSM-5 was updated to change ” addiction” to mean “dependence” ….making all CPP’s “addicts”. The head of the board works for a pharmaceutical company she claims she is creating a drug for ALL addictions. She claimed there was no conflict of interest, even though at least one Dr. left or was kicked off the board for refusing the change. The DSM-5 is the Dr.s & INSURANCE Co’s BIBLE, meaning her drug would be paid for by all insurance companies under the new definition.
Drs are legally correct under this definition to refer to cancer pts, all CPP’s….as “addicts” the same as recreational drug users.
2) In 1993 the G8 countries met with the UN in Rio. They drafted a document for sustainability of the planet. Agenda 21, it’s on Wikipedia with sources. Few, if any, of the outlined has been implemented since then, regarding actual sustainability of the planet.
Reducing the population, on the hand, is being seen. Addicts are dying from a mixture of heroin & “fentanyl” , which when tested is actually some form of a amphetamine, which is why Narcan often doesn’t work & the gov has refused to pay for it.
10% of all suicides are now CPP’s but 27 Vets a day, plus the people I personally know & have read about, I think that’s another misrepresentation of facts.
3) It was around, if not IN 1993 when oxycontin came out. Purdue was sued for “mislabeling” , (blatantly lying saying there was NO risk of addiction OR physical dependence), among other things. They paid a few Mill & went on to make 2.7 BILLION in 1 yr…as naturally it was overprescribed since Drs are educated by pharma co’s.
The FDA & legislation all supported this.
More than half of the FDA is paid directly or has stock in Big Pharma.
No health system in the WORLD is as corrupt.


Virginia, my mother had terminal cancer, and was suffering greatly. Her doctors prescribed pain medication, but not nearly enough. When it got too bad and we contacted the health care providers for help they refused to. She was dying, was it necessary to hurt her more? No, but it happened.

1. There is no civil law that says you have to be treated for chronic pain. There needs to be a law made for treatment of chronic pain. Obviously it’s a joke human rights against neglect of chronic pain people or disabled bc it’s going on by Physicians & government & insurance companies
2. Physicians have the right to treat accordingly to their license but we all know there now afraid, insurance regulations, Etc.
3. If you don’t have insurance you’re not going to get medical treatment or treatment for addiction
4. Lawyers will not take the case of any or a group of chronic pain people because lawyers feel politically they would lose the case since it is now politically incorrect to be taking pain medication. Lawyers going after opiate manufactuer for the win.
5. Media has overblown this so-called crisis that they made it a crisis. Because the story is hot & they want to keep the Flames going no matter who they burned up in the process for sales. Media should be blamed for cranking out false information and just every news person are relentless cranked out the same old rhetoric. If anyone’s to blame who caused the worst damage it would be media. You can count on one hand who tried to help the chronic pain people and tell the other side.
6. I feel only paying the media multiple Prime time slots not late at night about the loss of people who committed suicide because of Relentless untreated pain. Every time they have an ad for addiction there should be an ad that follows that says we need treatment for our chronic pain and it’s not alternative and we are not addicts . That’s the only way


I don’t know what the answer is.It isn’t only people with chronic pain now suffering. I am a patient with fibromyalgia, I am a RN.. I just learned of a story from a fellow RN, she fell and broke her arm she went to the emergency room they gave her one Vicodin ,buprofen & Tylenol.. That night she said she was in such horrific pain she called the ER. They told her there was nothing they could do she would have to come back and be seen again, but they would still not give her a script. She did not want pay for another ER visit ,just stayed home and suffered. The ER had given her a consult for ortho and there were no appointments for weeks. ONE Vicodin for a broken arm. Insanity ,Insanity ,insanity It has to stop. My prayers are with everyone.. please forgive my grammar

Linda Olds

The politicians talk about their “success” in decreasing the number of pain med prescriptions; they don’t mention that deaths from overdoses have NOT decreased. Their policies are failures if they count deaths. They stand together and congratulate themselves on bipartisan killing of chronic pain patients.

Their policies have pushed some people to use dangerous street drugs. Others kill themselves rather than suffer indefinitely. Others die from the stress put on their bodies by being in pain constantly. Some die from side effects of meds that politicians claim are safer than opiates. Tylenol in high doses can cause liver failure. Motrin and other drugs like it can cause bleeding, kidney disease, or heart disease. The politicians don’t care.


Absolutely … I am hanging on only because I was able to get a morphine pump implanted in me. I do not know how I feel right now as it certainly isn’t helping me like I was told but it has moved me from the Hopeless category with my plan to the HOLD category! Experienced with 18 years of fighting pain; it got a little Works time I was forced to go without my medication! Now after 18 years; I was unable to cope with a taper that started at 50%.

I can promise one thing, I am NOT checking out of this world until I see my former pain docs butt in the frying pan with the State Licensing Board for the abuse he put me through and how he tried to assassinate my character. They may or may not do anything with him but I am not going to SHUT UP as his nurse screamed for me to do when she called my personal phone. I have no pain treatment now and the nerectomy in my abdomen did not work. Makes me so mad I could spit when that doc brings things out of me that I do not want to come out. I try to walk in the steps that my Heavenly Father would want me to. Do not know what to do with my pain either. Feel depressed sometimes, sometimes wish could die but then I think I am a christian and God owns my life. I do not belong to myself but belong to God through Jesus Christ. I can go to a secret place in His garments to be with Him. A secret place in Hebrew means a hiding place. Still the physical pain is too much to bear sometimes.


CDC,FDA, etc agencies…. All have created a medically induced negligence causing grave harm to chronic pain patients without any duediligence to encourage denying treatment to chronic pain patients who seek medical care for there profound chronic pain.
We have been labeled, bullied, and denied appropriate medical care to relieve profound pain.
Physician’s, hospitals, Medical center’s, and care givers are given guidelines to stop all pain meds instantly, give negligent alternative methods to relieve pain, and absolutely don’t refill any pain meds that patient was prescribed for quality of life.
I am isolated, sentenced to suffer 24/7 with profound pain, and left with no recourse to help provide some relief of pain.
This is medical negligence and mental bulling. A profound medical negligent error of guidelines that caused grave collateral damage to thousands of chronic pain patients by the FDA, CDC, etc agencies….

Kris Aaron

I have my exit plan in place for the day I finally lose my last sharply-reduced pain prescription. I truly don’t want to do that to my family, but they won’t want to be around the person I’ll become if I have to continue without pain relief.
Our government isn’t interested in our problems, our physicians either resent us for crying in front of them or are so afraid of DEA prosecution they send us away empty-handed.
We don’t dare mention the thought of suicide to our doctors; they’ll immediately take whatever opioids we’re still being prescribed away from us.
A friend threatened suicide and the police were called. He was immediately handcuffed and taken away in the back of a squad car to a 72-hour psychiatric holding facility. They took his shoes and belt, locked him up with 30 other men in various stages of depression, disorientation and psychosis, then offered him 10 minutes of “counseling” just before discharge. The counseling consisted of a jail trustee holding a form and asking “You gonna try ta hurt ennyone? Ya gonna kill yerself before ya get outta here?”
My conclusion: Mentioning suicide to a health care provider is the WORST and most self-destructive act any of us can take. We’re on our own, now. We have to rely on each other for help, because we’re being ignored by the health care system that was meant to be our primary source of support. And I fear our government is not only refusing to help us but trying to get rid of us.

kelly N

I agree exactly with what Jane F has written. Needless Desperation when their is a fix that exist for this and we are denied it. Senseless suffering to the point of suicide is just unbearable to imagine more and more of it will happen. It is brutal denial by our government. What, do they need to see it while sitting in session. Is that what it is going to take so they know it is really happening on a daily basis! A soul that can not live in dire pain for one more second. Do they think it is only a few of us out here? I am so ashamed of the way our government deals with humanity and treatment of fellow mankind.

I had hip surgery not replacement, going thru therapy but the therapists not listening that certain streches r unbarable & i have gone home with my legs swellon from therapy, legs were not swellon before therapy. Yet when mentioning this to therapist they just reply the increase pain & swelling from surgery. This swelling didnt happen in area where i had surgery but they seem like their excuse can fool the person its happing to! Crazy!!! Out of the ten day script for surgery & doc will not renew even though therapy on chronic pain person who had surgery & suffering thru therapy. I suggest if you need surgery, unless it not gonna kill u, think long & hard how much can u tolerate suffering more than u already do. I hope in time it will get better, its now a month no improvement. I only did the surgery to help w/pain & prevent hip replacement. I should of listen to those who had surgery complainrd they were left to suffer thru therapy w/ no pain meds. Plus their taken away if you try make meds last more than ten days for therapy. Crazy!! 90% government is old age, do u think their suffering?

If our country has become like Hitler’s Socialist Society where there is no empathy for those who suffer everyday through no fault of their own, then maybe they consider us ” Useless Eaters”, just like Hitler did. If that is the case is our world even worth living in anymore? I know that what I have seen if I was a young adult now I would not bring a child into such a selfish cruell place. Reminds me of the Roman Empire. Maybe this is why they stopped teaching history in schools?


When you have had your quality of life stripped away from you politically motivated by complete strangers and you’re like me you are already dead and gone regardless of how incredibly stable I was for 13 years. I’ve been offered medication that would not work after forced tappering so I don’t take it and I could pass a hair follicle test which is actually a small part of my end plan. In 42 years on this earth I never ever dreamed that I would change my view on suicide but this manufactured opiate crisis has done it for me. Anyone that thinks I’m greedy for taking what little quality I have left from only myself is just as greedy as the folks that’s stripped my quality of life away. You know what the main difference is between myself and the person that chose to go about this from the beginning opioid free, they for whatever reasons did not know that there was a another option or they chose not to take it I asked for the help I chose to take it I followed the rules and now I’m expected to live in the misery I begged to escape. No one should have ever offered me a alternative to my suffering only to strip it away 13 years later because that’s what kills people. Hurting so bad you can’t leave your bed for any extended period of time, distancing yourself from others because of the physical pain that you’re enduring and the mental trauma that follows to me doesn’t seem like it’s making America great again but checking out after experiencing the love and compassion in our great country does seem to be the message I’m receiving that will. Scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, multi-level herniated discs lumbar and cervical, failed spinal laminectomy 2001, carpal tunnel, little circulation, nerve damage throughout my entire body, reversed curve + 6 degrees cervical, 15 spinal subluxations in my most recent visit to the chiropractor.


Our government’s behavior towards pain patients resembles sympathetic magic – depriving patients of meds because other people obtain such meds on the black market, and criminals sometimes claim that drugs caused their crimes (which courts & people didn’t believe when criminals made the same claim about alcohol during prohibition).

By what mechanism would depriving patients of legitimate pain medication have any effect on people trading or using illegal drugs?

And why does the same federal government that is making access to pain meds so difficult for patients also fund free needles for other people to use to inject illegally-purchased drugs? Are needle-exchange clients being warned about keeping under 90 mg/day?

Just because some people are irresponsible in their use doesn’t mean irresponsibility is inherent in the item. Some people are more responsible, others are not. Lots of people eat cheeseburgers without ending up on My 600 Lb Life.


We need some high profile, class action lawsuits….we need them ASAP. I pray for some attorneys to get involved and help us with this. Please come forth, attorneys.

Jeanette French

I agree, it is horribly all gone wrong and pain patients are suffering and no one cares.

Andre' (old school)

The statement concerning telling the truth, and honesty is true. If you have been in pain for months and maybe years; then you go to the Dr. who looks for any and all excuses to not give you meds. Finally one does, and asks have you you used any illicit or illegal drugs while your bravely enduring your pain. You say yes etc. etc.etc. and then the hammer is down the gun is cocked to shoot any hopes for meds. So much for honesty. This behavior creates a sublime patient base that will lie, cheat and steal for some pain relief. Do what you need to do to be pain free, if you kill yourself by accident you had it coming, since your a street urchin. This I say cynically, but you get it dont you. Stay strong and take charge of your pain however you can. Groovy!!!

Roseann Meehan

My story is a bit different. I am the addict that is met with a lot of disdain. I do understand that. I am 69 years old, serious car accident over 30 years ago. I was prescribed opiates and they kept coming for decades. By the time the tide had changed, I was hopelessly addicted. I went to rehab and have been in clean for nearly two years. What’s the problem? I am still a chronic pain sufferer. I led a full life, retired after nearly 40 years of service in a major coporation, then went to work as an office manager of a small lovely church. Saw family and friend, enjoyed the arts. Now none of it is possible. I have done every alternative method out there to no avail. I tend not to make any plans because I have to cancel so often. I would live to have established a restricted use program with very stringent requirements. I would like to face each new day without the dread.


Been putting off going to the doctor. Something is wrong. A person just knows. Last night my heart was beating so irregular I was not sure I would wake up. My wife does not get it so I let her sleep. Even with her, who I know loves me, I feel alone. She does not get the mental and barely understands the physical. I am so depressed and not waking up in the morning is ALWAYS on my mind. The one thing that keeps me from killing myself is the fear of making myself worse. If I try to kill myself I will fail. And I will be in as much or more pain. I May lose my meds and be half vegetable. So worse off. If there was an easy, painless and quick way I would be gone already. I am not even half of the person I used to be. Life is not fun anymore. So why try.

Roseann Meehan

My story is a bit different.


Since I ran out of room in my previous post, I would like to ask a question to anybody with any advise-What can we do? How can we protect, and exercise our cival rights, now instead of later? Why is the gov. being allowed to make laws for medical doctors, who are educated (quite extensively), and have taken an oath to diagnose and treat patients? What is happening in America? Who can tell us what to do? Where to find legal help, and what about pain, suffering, and suicide? What about the legal rights of doctors?
One additional note on my previous post explaining my medical issues-when I was hospitalized for falling, (after taking Metformin ), but never tested for falling, and was accused of stopping my meds abruptly. Questions, questions, questions? We cannot afford to waste any time.


I completely understand how the people in this post feel, as I feel the same. I was found tobedisabled 30 years ago, while in my 20’s. It started with Lupus-diagnosed when I was 16. Looking back, I am realizing I have been ill since I was a child. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease after my joints began swelling profusely, and I could not walk, and was bedridden. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthrits,hypothyroidism, bilateral carpal tunnel, bilateral periphial neruopathy, very high blood pressure, seizure disorder, osteoarthritis, and was prescribed arthritis meds, including steroids. Side effects include osteoporosis, leading to weak bones, herniated, and bulging disks, and spinal fracture. Ibroke my leg by just stepping up to my kitchen. I now have a steel rod from my knee, being held with screws at my ankle. I have CPS, and CRPS. I could not find a pain management doctor in my area that was taking new patients. After seeing a few new doctors who said they had pain management doctors, I could not get my pain meds, ended up having serious seizures again, in Nov. and Dec. of 2018,(I actually died in the e.r. in 2016, from seizures, was hospitalized, and was suspended from my medical center, without medical explanation, and am still fighting to find out why, since this caused additional stress, anxiety, and increased disability). These seizures came after being taken off my pain, and anxiety meds, and I was hospitalized, treated for diabetes, (which had not been really diagnosed yet, though I believe excess cortisol is a major factor), and was prescribed Metformin. I took it when I went home, fell, and hit my forehead, and face hard, had to call the ambulance, was taken to the e.r., never diagnosed for the concussion I later found out about when I started questioning the e.r., but instead was admitted, and given insulin. I have never recovered, but seeing a p.m dr., but only rx’d 10 mg. Hydrocodone, a day, so far. Not working. More in my following post.


I met Danny, he was a ww2 Veteran, pilot of the B-28, I personally helped him when I could, well about 3 years ago the V.A. started cutting back his 4 loratab a day and quickly he went from doing great to almost dead in a hospital bed. It makes you think. Let’s say they needed his skills to save our country would he then receive his pre taperd regimen. Now if that was the case it would be too late and soon you will see many others that have went to battle and it will be too late don’t ya think?


See @Kirk46870463 on Twitter and tell me that this is not painful.This only a partial of the chronic pain I have Come ON CDC !!!!


It seems some places are trying to relook at guidelines and I have a wonderful pain specialist Because I have chronic nausea which makes first bypass and absorption of oral meds not good I was able to get my breakthrough hydromorphone suppositories used for many years down two a day 3mg each making MME 12 a day so with luck I had great pain control and with long acting pills ( long acting works is with painful flair ups suppositories work better and longer ) Medicare won’t pay a Regence Medicare advantage plan denied 3 appeals so I on disability pay for 12 a month (6 not enough) out of pocket costing what on commercial work plan got 60 for $25 they also denied extra carbidopa helps headaches and severe nausea and vomiting from Sinemet which they say does not qualify treatment dopamine responsive dystonia it is # 1 treatment but they will pay for oral breakthrough pills so I have take more Can not have it both ways
Amovig for migraines now has a $400 cops at least until tons paperwork done where as before I got it on a special plan
$5 no paperwork
If it is up to doctor and FDA approved but somehow not Medicare part D med different from non formulary Bottom line cost more I have suffered by this change so mad pay for plan with prescription coverage that loves say NO
No Don’t care works better let’s me get by on less just no


What does this new arrest of some 60 medical professionals for dispensing TONS of opioids and in some cases, trading Rx’s for sex, do to our cause?

With the new Task Force, I’ve been hopeful recently, but now, am more afraid again.

My stress level since the implementation of my forced taper is so high, and I did spend one day considering suicide due to being on Day 4 of a horrible pain spike. I finally realized that I had enough pills to take an extra one or two to survive that day, which I did. To make up for those extra pills, I’ve spent average days taking less than I need, so instead of maybe being able to do laundry, I’ve just lay perfectly still, not moving at all, and in really bad pain.

Remember that exercise is now considered to be the top thing to do to maintain good health.

The extra sedentary lifestyle caused by forced tapers leads to all sorts of other health problems. Osteoporosis; increased risk of heart attack and stroke; etc. Which will lead to huge increases in health care costs. Plus feeling awful as our muscles atrophy from non-use and our homes get dirtier and messier.


Suicide induced by medical care insufficient for quality of life. Suicides are collateral damage from government agencies changing guidelines without duediligence to “first do no harm”
and creating an atmosphere of bullying, dehumanising, demeaning, and refusing adequate chronic pain medical care for patients in need of chronic pain management to meet patients need. These suicides are a trail of Medical Negligence. Syphilis study, formula for the babies of third world countries, and radiation of newborn thyroids.
A human life gone from collateral damage by government agencies NOT following there own guidelines “first do no harm”.


I don’t believe what anyone tells me anymore unless it’s my kids. My daughter had 4 back surgeries in 10 years. Today she is in constant pain with additional diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, and diabetic neuropathy. Her Dr is weaning her down off of her methadone to the point she is not getting any relief at all. To top this off she is also not allowed to try cannabis or cbd oil, bc in the Dr’s words, she signed a pain agreement. I don’t believe the doctors care about their patients, and I don’t believe the CDC or the FDA cares either. As a matter of fact, I’m wondering if they think this is the perfect opportunity to throw granny off the cliff? I mean we’re no longer functioning members of society. We don’t work for the most part. We’re just dead weight, an albatross around the government ‘s neck. They should be ashamed of themselves for the way they treat their patients now. I am disgusted with the whole lot of them. What happened to “first do no harm”?


The Gov. Is succeeding in their ultimate plan. Now the majority of us that don’t have a few years or months to live are feeling what is the use in sidelining our game of life. While everyone else gets to see our suffering. They don’t care. It’s in their ultimate plan.
Everything has been so dumbed down. I see no happiness and joy in humanity. Life hurts, if you live they way I was shown as a child. We got our hands in it. It was fun. And for those of us who who are still at the age of being able to be a participant but can no longer because of this sick bull they are pulling on us is a tragedy. Why are they freaking out. We all die. They are just making more of us check out before our time.


Of course ending our own lives sounds like “our exit strategy”. When this is being done to us, on purpose it is no longer our exit strategy. This blood is on all thing GOV. I am one who’d never had suicide cross my mind. Or do I even know my breaking point is. I have an extremely active family. I raised my children to play, I was not a spectator I played with them. I played just about all sports and encouraged my children to do the same. So my son when not on the football field, was on the track and field team. Great at both. He started at age 6 with our Pee-wee team. Perfect ball player, both defense and offense due to his strength and agility. He played through college. I trained and was a coach for both my children. I was in softball and cheerleading from age 12 through college. My daughter did cheerleading from 10 through High School. Now she is a sergeant in the Air Force. We enjoy every activity Florida has. Camping, hunting , hiking, kayaking, even racing, surfing, etc.. Now I am 48 with a granddaughter. That is 8. She played ball, skis, rock climbing because they are stationed in Colorado springs CO. with an amazing active lifestyle. Their father and I started bodybuilding at age 19 (he still can somewhat). I did fitness competitions. I would love to say I still do. But was injured saving another person’s life. SMH. I would still be in the circuit until I aged out. We always ate right, exercised, trained each other. We raised and tought our children the best and healthy lifestyle possibly by not sitting on the sidelines, we both were actively involved in our families enjoyment of being healthy and active. Not sitting at a game consoles and being on the internet.
The toughest part of all this crap for me is bring on the sidelines. While I pray that no one in our family ends up in my situation, it still happens. But having to make a choice as a mom who really enjoys doing everything I can with them I am feeling trapped, by a decision of sitting out..


my best friend of 25 years took her own life .she got 2 hydrocodone per day had constant falls and MD crippled her and caused her to waste away as I person I knew. she had the last fall broke her hip was not given enough pain meds to fully recover ,she was in a nursing home for 1 month
Her first night home she took her own life left behind her 15 year old daughter and 1 year before her suicide her husband was taken by cancer

Thomas Wayne Kidd

I absolutely agree that it way past time to stop the insanity. No one suffering from chronic pain should feel afraid in a doctors offices. I have Narcolepsy and I fear that I will loose it and hurt my doctor. I will be 67 in July and have been talking Methadone for more than 30 years. I go into withdrawal every end of the.month. If I and having a bad day with pain and Narcolepsy I actually could hurt someone and that scares me. The reduction of my pain medication has messed up my Narcolepsy treatment. I was doing pretty good until this insanity started. Not the first time I have gone through this BS. 14 years a model patient means nothing with the doctors. They have violated my rights as a Disabled American, and broken the contract they insisted that I sign. My appointment is this coming Thursday the 24th. and I don’t know what to expect. I will never commit suicide they has never been a part of my life. I have had to drink alcohol for the first time in almost 40 years. I do take Kratom but it works sometimes and doesn’t the next time. I have the brains to make my own Morphine but I probably won’t. I could move to Russia and probably be treated much better. I voted for Trump but I won’t again. He has no emphany at all.


Well Virginia, you are wrong. The head of the AMA wrote an article a few months back about one of her own cancer patients.

She had prescribed opiates for pain but the patient couldn’t find a pharmacy that would fill it. Due to the excruciating pain the main tried suicide but quick intervention saved him. The AMA head was notified and had to write a new script at the hospital before he was given any pain relief. I don’t know what kind of bubble you’ve been living in, but there are multitudes of stories of cancer patients either not being prescribed or pharmacists not filling prescription for cancer patients. Oh, by the way there is no Santa Clause.