DEA Opioid Crackdown Targets Supply

DEA Opioid Crackdown Targets Supply

by Ed Coghlan

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has announced it will reduce the amount of almost every Schedule II opiate and opioid medication that may be manufactured in the United States in 2017.

The reduction will be by 25 percent or more, according to a Final Order being published in the Federal Register tomorrow and available for public inspection today here.

For several other medicines, including hydrocodone, it will be a much larger reduction. The DEA is reducing hydrocodone manufacturing by 2/3rd.

The DEA says that demand for these opioid medicines, represented by prescriptions written by DEA-registered practitioners, has decreased.

The 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) released last month found 6.5 million Americans over the age of 12 used controlled prescription medicines non-medically during the past month, second only to marijuana and more than past-month users of cocaine, heroin, and hallucinogens combined.

Earlier this year the CDC issued guidelines to practitioners recommending a reduction in prescribing opioid medications for chronic pain.

According to the DEA press release,  the purpose of quotas is to provide for the adequate and uninterrupted supply for legitimate medical need of the types of schedule I and II controlled substances that have a potential for abuse, while limiting the amounts available to prevent diversion..

The DEA considers data from many sources, including estimates of the legitimate medical need; estimates of retail consumption based on prescriptions dispensed; manufacturers’ data on actual production, sales, inventory, exports, product development needs, and manufacturing losses; data from DEA’s own internal system for tracking controlled substance transactions; and past quota histories.  Once the aggregate quota is set, DEA allocates individual manufacturing and procurement quotas to those companies that apply for it.  DEA may revise a company’s quota at any time during the year if change is warranted due to increased sales or exports; new manufacturers entering the market; new product development; or product recalls.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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  1. John S at 11:25 am

    My condition is im sure like yours and many others – Progressive – slowly but constantly getting worse.

    CDC guidelines for dosage is simply worthless for progressive ailments.

    The other notion that Pain Meds make Pain worse when used long term is just NOT TRUE for most patients.

    Also I was told to get a Pain Pump once I’m completely weaned off all pain medication. I asked about side effects and was told ” Im not aware of any” but if you look there are lots of side effects. Because of the location of the catheter & complex
    ity of the procedure, patients are 4 times more likely to die compared to having say a knee replacement.

    My new Dr has cut my IR medication by 75% and as a result I’ve gained 10 pounds, the leg spasm has gone from once every few weeks to every day and the little things i did everyday I can no longer do because of the pain. Some sites show more negative side effects than positive results and most patients still need oral pain meds while on the Pump.

    As Baby Boomers we represent a large part of the population and we will need more effective Pain control. The DEA has paid homage to us by using bogus studies and money hungry Dr’s to claim ” Opiates have no long term value ”

    For me and probably you to, spending all day using countless modalities to insignificantly reduce pain just so we can remain alive – Is not living a life. We have a garden for flowers that live but don’t have a life. I want a life and I’ll bet you do to.

    The public loves to watch videos and gaze at pictures so maybe we need to document our suffering and pass it on to EVERYONE including the DEA CDC FDA and our elected officials. We have the power but I think most all of us are afraid to use it and too full of shame over the fact that we need Opiates to be productive human beings again, My next pain outburst will be captured on video and played on Utube.

  2. Paul at 11:02 pm

    It is an outrage that the DEA and CDC can simply wave their pen and take the medications away from me which have allowed me to function for fifteen years due to a l2 vertebrae which is 65% collapsed from a shattered lumbar from a car accident 38 years ago I managed to function without pain meds for 25 but time took its toll and now both discs on each side of it have completely desintegrated and all my other l discs are hurniated and one s disc, my sciatic nerve is being pinched if I don’t have my meds I can barely get out of bed. These people need to walk a mile in a chronic pain patients shoes before they just decide they will solve opiod addictions by taking them away from the people who need them. The DEA just wants to validate their existance by creating the biggest heroin and illegally made plll epidemic in this countries history. They have had since Nixon to show they can make a difference and yet by their own omission they are still only ten percent effective. They should eliminate the entire agency. Now the insurance companies are using this morphine rquivelant dose to deny paying for my medications while raising their cost by 20 percent. Without warning they refused to pay for 3 of my meds after filling one effectively putting in opiod withdrawal and severe pain. We need to organize as the baby boomers are entering their senior years there will be a need for more of these meds as our knees hips need to be replaced along with a large number of other ailments.

  3. Maureen at 9:18 am

    Tim, Kudos to you for posting the link…I had no idea. Very very interesting!
    Perhaps our ‘fight’ against the ‘harm done unto us’ is finally coming to light and
    causing the CDC to start connecting the ‘true’ dots! Keep fighting Pain warriors!

  4. connie at 12:38 am

    Note that while they finally put out numbers that reflect realty more closely that they did it very quietly. The original numbers were all over the front page yet the corrected information, which was put out only one week later is just now coming to light. I would hope it would change some of the horror that has been visited on the chronic pain community because of the original erroneous information but sincerely doubt it will even if we all make certain that our doctors have these new numbers unless the CDC is very vocal about this new information and changes its ridiculous reccomendations. Sadly as doing so doesn’t fit their agenda the likelihood of the CDC changing their reccomendations has about the same chance as an icicle in a very hot spot!

  5. John S at 9:15 am

    “It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.”
    — Thomas Sowell
    (1930- ) Writer and economist

  6. POPS at 3:10 pm

    Remember the good old days when the United States government stood up for and protected suffering people who were being mistreated by their governments?
    What happened to the compassion and integrity of our federal government?
    I used to joke around that all politicians were either failed used car salesman or failed clergy. Now these days I interprete this joke more literally. The very day that our government structure was turned from a system of a “By the People and for the People” structure into a dueling banjos session of capitalistic values over citizens rights. This was the day that “WE the People” lost out. It’s real strange too that it actually became more prominent during the Nixon administration right after the beginning of the “War on Drugs”. Once real coruption entered Washington DC and dishonesty and greed was used against the American people instead of our country’s adversaries, special interests groups started getting anything they wanted for bribes and campaign contributions, no matter the cost to the people.
    In the late 50’s Bobby Kennedy went after Jimmy Hoffa for not only Hoffa’s involvement with organized crime, but also allocations of the Teamsters bribing polical officials for everything from government trucking contracts to political favors. The very same allegations that RFK brought Hoffa in front of congressional hearings for and would have eventually brought him up on charges if Hoffa wouldn’t have disappeared, are now common and everyday practice in DC. Kinda speaks volumes about all 3 branches of our government doesn’t it? Nothing like having elected organized crime running our government and it’s going to do nothing but get worse with the incoming administration.

  7. Maureen at 2:51 pm

    Haz, Merry Christmas! I 110% agree! Also,I’m the same as you only I just have just 3 compressed cervical spine disks, but the same as your lumbar.
    I maintain just fine on my meds and when they’ve messed with them…I’ve suffered horribly! Hang in there!

  8. POPS at 12:07 pm

    It wouldn’t matter if you kept it as low as a 3rd grade level and drew them pictures. In these bureaucrats minds, it’s all about money and power. Look at the DEA for example; their war on drugs is designed to actually push pain sufferers to the streets for relief and make criminals out of very honest people.
    Their attacks on doctors who prescribe opiates is simply about how much money and assets they can seize. Then as honest people in pain die from suicide and overdose using illegal and dangerous drugs, these heartless agencies go to Congress to get their funding increased. Statistics have already shown that the DEA and CDC’s involvement in hindering access to medications by pain patients has not decreased overdose fatalities, but it has actually increased the number of OD’S every year. All these agencies are like a guided missile, their target is funding and the innocent deaths the explosion causes are just casualties of war.

  9. Tim Mason at 6:17 pm

    As scientists, when we are asked speak to a politician that we describe or explain something scientific we should keep it on a fifth grade level.
    In fact, they just repeat what they have heard or been told. (or told to say).
    Real physical pain, being subjective but be felt and experienced to fully understand and have an appreciation for it, and to have empathy for the person that suffers from continued pain. I am certain this is true for DEA agents and their operatives and those people in the DEA that write articles and literature. They simply regurgitate what that they have been told is fact and they believe it.

  10. HAZ at 3:38 pm

    Ive been on Opioids for over 16yrs, i don’t believe taking these meds makes your Chronic Pain worse. I have 5 neck disc’s bulging a back Fusion at L4/L5-L5-S1 and my meds do not make the pain worse, the Government passing stupid laws makes my Chronic Pain worse.

  11. connie at 2:28 pm

    Every time I read another article reporting that long term use doesn’t work and even causes more pain i want to shake them until their brains scramble! After years of being told that the headaches I suffered from daily were “rebound headaches” I was put on large doses of dilaudid, and fentanyl in a manner that kept an even dose in my system and I wasn’t constantly chasing pain. For about 8 years of being on the exact same dosage with no headaches and my other pain being controlled enough that I could have some kind of life I began to get headaches again and my general pain level was on the rise which of course was blamed on my medication! Why the hell do those idiots refuse to see the reality of treating chronic pain? Being that I know the answer the question is purely rhetorical. Their job security would be in danger! I know that my anger and frustration just makes pain worse but don’t know how not to feel this way!
    I hope everyone has as good a day as possible with low pain for Christmas! Gentle hugs to all!!

  12. Tim Mason at 3:50 pm

    Yes Dan it is all in the nomenclature. Heroin would be diacetylmorphine or classified as an opiate.
    The DEA needs a statistician. Remember studying sets, subsets and unions in high school math?
    Opium is a dried latex of the poppy plant. From that young plant they get codeine, thebaine and a small amount of morphine.
    A quick study of the opium and its extracts is interesting indeed.
    Heroin (diacetylmorphine) and Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) are two of the most widely used substances. Both invented by the same German chemist many years ago.
    Heroin was named such because it was supposed to save the opium smoker from his addiction. It was equally more addictive than opium. But aspirin saved us all from headaches.

  13. John S at 2:20 pm

    This is all part of their ” Playbook ” and in order for the Anti-Opiate campaign to work they all need to be on the same page of that book.

    More and more I see the blame for OD rates shifting to Chronic Pain Patients – it’s the only way they can sell it.

    Everyone on board uses the same terminology when talking to CP patients about the reason for tapering off or for loosing their medication completely.

    “Long term use causes more pain” is the #1 reason given patients when the bad news is delivered. The whole ” conspiracy” is like a political campaign and in order for it to work they must have consistency – now they do !


    John S

  14. POPS at 1:00 pm

    Very well said! These bureaucrats who think by changing the meaning or terminology of a word simply so they can create a whole category of people compiled from different backgrounds is just how simple minded our government has become. They all have Tunnel Vision and can only process one problem at a time. Then if money becomes a factor, everyone looses.

  15. Shauna at 11:45 am

    “Chronic pain suffers become addicted but physical addiction because you can be a productive member of society, so what, there’s a big, big difference between being an addict who will kill to get drugs.” Written here by ‘Tracy’ on Oct 5, 2016.

    How misinformed you are! Your statement that we patients “become addicted” is the thinking akin to the DEA, CDC, and other government agencies that have their hands in OUR medical issues.

    Addiction is completely different than Tolerance and Dependance. Chronic pain patients who are prescribed opiates and are compliant do NOT become addicted. Research easily found shows that 6% of CP patients become addicted to thier prescribed opiates. These people have a disease and do not represent the bulk of CP patients. To see you write that we become addicts infuriates me. When pain is present, the opiate receptors are filled by the opiates! The layman who does not suffer with ongoing, intractable pain does get a high, do experience euphoria, have a predisposed system that renders them helplessly addicted.

    In california, there is a Pain Patients Bill of Rights. I will paste it here. This protects CP patients and their prescribing physicians. I am a nurse and have had to educate many patients in the proper terminology and meanings of Dependent, Tolerance and Addiction. These states of being are vastly different. To jump to Addiction is wrong and projects exactly what we CP patients are fighting against.

    Tolerance is when a patient becomes accustomed to a dosage of a medication, the med does not produce desired analgesia. The dosage must be increased in this common case.

    Dependance is a state of the body experiencing a pseudo state of withdrawal when a medication is stopped (especially abruptly) or lowered in dosage. The body is dependent on a certain amount of a medication and will react adversely to the reduction. These are both expected and normal states and have NOTHING to do with, nor are interchangeable with Addiction. Other medications also have these effects, not just opiates. Please learn the differences, it will help you understand the chronic pain patients reactions to opiates.

    Here is the California Pain Patients Bill of Rights. I suggest people look up their states to see if there is anything similar in place. One thing that I take issue with is the bill is dated 1997. Has the government overruled any of the parts of the bill in their plethora of new ‘rules’ concerning opiates? If so, this is a direct violation of a state bill and is illegal.

    Pain Patient’s Bill of Rights Health and Safety Code Effective: October 10, 1997
    Existing law, the Intractable Pain Treatment Act, authorizes a physician and surgeon to prescribe or administer controlled substances to a person in the course of treating that person for a diagnosed condition called intractable pain, and prohibits the Medical Board of California from disciplining a physician and surgeon for this action.
    This bill would establish the Pain Patient’s Bill of Rights and would state legislative findings and declarations regarding the value of opiate drugs to persons suffering from severe chronic intractable pain. It would, among other things, authorize a physician to refuse to prescribe opiate medication for a patient who requests the treatment for severe chronic intractable pain, require the physician to inform the patient that there are physicians who specialize in the treatment of severe chronic intractable pain with methods that include the use of opiates, and authorize a physician who prescribes opiates to prescribe a dosage deemed medically necessary.
    SECTION 1. Part 4.5 (commencing with Section 124960) is added to Division 106 of the Health and Safety Code, to read: PART 4.5 PAIN PATIENT’S BILL OF RIGHTS
    124960. The Legislature finds and declares all of the following:
(a) The state has a right and duty to control the illegal use of opiate drugs.
    (b) Inadequate treatment of acute and chronic pain originating from cancer or noncancerous conditions is a significant health problem.
    (c) For some patients, pain management is the single most important treatment a physician can provide.
    (d) A patient suffering from severe chronic intractable pain should have access to proper treatment of his or her pain.
    (e) Due to the complexity of their problems, many patients suffering from severe chronic intractable pain may require referral to a physician with expertise in the treatment of severe chronic intractable pain. In some cases, severe chronic intractable pain is best treated by a team of clinicians in order to address the associated physical, psychological, social, and vocational issues.
    (f) In the hands of knowledgeable, ethical, and experienced pain management practitioners, opiates administered for severe acute and severe chronic intractable pain can be safe.
    (g) Opiates can be an accepted treatment for patients in severe chronic intractable pain who have not obtained relief from any other means of treatment.
    (h) A patient suffering from severe chronic intractable pain has the option to request or reject the use of any or all modalities to relieve his or her severe chronic intractable pain.

    (i) A physician treating a patient who suffers from severe chronic intractable pain may prescribe a dosage deemed medically necessary to relieve severe chronic intractable pain as long as the prescribing is in conformance with the provisions of the California Intractable Pain Treatment Act, Section 2241.5 of the Business and Professions Code.
    (j) A patient who suffers from severe chronic intractable pain has the option to choose opiate medication for the treatment of severe chronic intractable pain as long as the prescribing is in conformance with the provisions of the California Intractable Pain Treatment Act, Section 2241.5 of the Business and Professions Code.
    (k) The patient’s physician may refuse to prescribe opiate medication for a patient who requests the treatment for severe chronic intractable pain. However, that physician shall inform the patient that there are physicians who specialize in the treatment of severe chronic intractable pain with methods that include the use of opiates.
    124961. Nothing in this section shall be construed to alter any of the provisions set forth in the California Intractable Pain Treatment Act, Section 2241.5 of the Business and Professions Code. This section shall be known as the Pain Patient’s Bill of Rights.
    (a) A patient suffering from severe chronic intractable pain has the option to request or reject the use of any or all modalities in order to relieve his or her severe chronic intractable pain.
    (b) A patient who suffers from severe chronic intractable pain has the option to choose opiate medications to relieve severe chronic intractable pain without first having to submit to an invasive medical procedure, which is defined as surgery, destruction of a nerve or other body tissue by manipulation, or the implantation of a drug delivery system or device, as long as the prescribing physician acts in conformance with the provisions of the California Intractable Pain Treatment Act, Section 2241.5 of the Business and Professions Code.
    (c) The patient’s physician may refuse to prescribe opiate medication for the patient who requests a treatment for severe chronic intractable pain. However, that physician shall inform the patient that there are physicians who specialize in the treatment of severe chronic intractable pain with methods that include the use of opiates.
    (d) A physician who uses opiate therapy to relieve severe chronic intractable pain may prescribe a dosage deemed medically necessary to relieve severe chronic intractable pain, as long as that prescribing is in conformance with the California Intractable Pain Treatment Act, Section 2241.5 of the Business and Professions Code.
    (e) A patient may voluntarily request that his or her physician provide an identifying notice of the prescription for purposes of emergency treatment or law enforcement identification.
    (f) Nothing in this section shall do either of the following:
    (1) Limit any reporting or disciplinary provisions applicable to licensed physicians and surgeons who violate prescribing practices or other provisions set forth in the Medical Practices Act, Chapter 5, (commencing with Section 2000) of Division 2 of the Business and Professions Code, or the regulations adopted thereunder.
    (2) Limit the applicability of any federal statute or federal regulation or any of the other statutes or regulations of this state that regulate dangerous drugs or controlled substances.

    Yes, I am a sufferer of chronic, intractable pain for 13 years. I’ve had every procedure available to me, two large spine surgeries and now have an intrathecal pump. I’m not fooling around just going to a doctor asking for opiates. I’ve been through horrendous side effects from radio frequency ablation, facet joint injections, a double fusion with rib head removal, a failed spinal cord Stimulator and many other tries to relieve my Thoracic spine pain all caused by a rollover accident unrestrained in the back of a van. I tumbled like a shoe in a dryer. That was 40 yrs ago. I was blessed to ‘only’ have a severe knee injury and was in a thigh to ankle cast for 4 months. I had to learn how to walk again. The blessing is that it took 20 years before my spine began to show its damage in the form of constant pain. The intrathecal pump has been a miracle. I take breakthrough pain meds and a muscle relaxer as the pump is not a panacea but it has given me the quality of life I’ve craved and fought for for 20+ years. If my btp meds were taken away, I’d be back in pain that I DONT NEED TO BE IN, because the combination of pump, and low dose oral opiates work for me. Why mess with it? I am a compliant patient and have a good history, which gives me a trusting relationship with my pain doctor.

    No government involvement in my treatment!!!!

  16. John S at 10:06 pm

    Makes me wonder – Oh Lord it sure does and it makes me sick.

    Here is an interesting stat directly from the CDC that I saw today.

    An ESTIMATED 24,000 that’s Twenty Four Thousand adults will die in the U S A this year. Mexico has a number that’s double that of the U S and they / Mexico has the highest and ranked #1 the U S A is ranked #4. The numbers are based on per 1 million adults but the USA has more adults.

    According to the CDC Chart, Sugary Drinks is the cause of the deaths. No prescription needed just a $1.06 Seems we just love our soda pop and it probably is an addiction,

    Is that an Epidemic ?

    Does this information infuriate anyone ?

    Thank you,

    John S

  17. Tim Mason at 7:07 am

    Dan, Kinda makes you wonder why the DEA allows the convince stores to sell glass pipes that are used to smoke meth, crack other illegal substances. They also sell unused cigarette filters to use as filters for people that convert their morphine to heroin. They also sell the micro baggies for packaging of heroin and meth for resale.
    You are right, they go after the easy targets. Patients and doctors.
    I was between jobs once and applied for a job at the local jail. I was offered the job with an additional 10K to accept. I asked why would you do that? The major replied. Mr. Mason you did not ask me for the three things that every person asks for. I said “What are those things”? He said “The three thing a person wants in any form of law enforcement is a badge, a gun and a car. You asked for none of these”

  18. Wendy at 2:22 pm

    Maybe the only bright side of this is that Big Pharma will hustle to develop anti-abuse formulations, in the name of greed. Obviously no branch of our government will do the right thing and somehow force Big Pharma to do the right thing. I found this PDF of medication “alternatives” to opiates suggested by the CDC. It is willfully ignorant and platitudinous at best. All of this misguided war on opiates reminds me of the government’s histrionic fear-mongering anti-marijuana propaganda from a few decades ago. Sorry for my lack of technical savvy… This is how you get to the PDF: ***> then, scroll down to the tab, “clinical tools”. The PDF is entitled “Nonopiod Treatments”. Incidentally, I have fibromyalgia. On page 2 of this PDF are recommended alternatives to opiates for fibromyalgia. Pregabalin (Lyrica) is listed as a class V controlled substance. Side effects include drug misuse, and drug addiction, particularly if taken at high doses over a long period of time. Ironic.

  19. Tim Mason at 6:26 am

    Dan this translates into Job Security for them. $$$$

  20. HAZZY at 1:23 pm


  21. Dan at 9:05 am

    Notice they say opiod deaths. They wont give the herion to illegal use of pain killer deaths. They say opiod deaths. The dea cant fight the real drug war so they gotta go after someone so they put fear in doctors to the point of not caring for chronic pain suffers. They have to make it seem like they are doin something so they blame painkillers for everything. It will bite them in the butt. There will be more people dying from herion than ever. They will have a bigger drug war cause now herion is the number one drug that will be coming into out country. There will be a rise in suicides cause people cant live with no quality of life. Its a shame that a animal isnt left to suffer like there doin to humans. Its the poor addicts. Noone will even talk with chronic pain suffers. On their judgment day i hope they get whats comin to them for letting people suffer. Men and women died for this country so they can have a job and be free. Now they let them snd everyone else suffer. If their family suffered im sure they get whatever they need. There not fighting a war on drugs its a smokescreen cause they cant beat the real drug war HERION.

  22. Tim Mason at 4:59 pm

    Sher, all forms of media have convinced an unknowing public of a lie using poor statistics and their front men and women reporters, eager for fame, speak on topics of science, sociology and medicine of which they know nothing about. A doctor, that spent 10 years salary on a medical education and additional special training is faced with someone with a criminal justice certificate, badge, to much testosterone and gun and told how he must NOT help people. There is a lot of blame to go around. Heck, now a criminal can become president! Sounds like “The Twilight Zone” to me.

  23. Sher at 7:32 pm

    This whole scenario is a bad nightmare. Gone is the common sense, logical & only explanation to what is happening. The big, bloated powers that be have taken control of our health. How could this happen in the smartest, most powerful & influential country in the world? I’m living in fear of my medicine being tapered even more, skyrocketing prescription costs & my future to live a somewhat less painful existence. Where are the big lawsuits? People are dying, they are driven to near madness, made to feel not worthy to live a fulfilling life. This my fellow pain sufferers is a nightmare of epic proportions & we need to make some noise.

  24. Bob Twillman at 6:49 am

    One fact here is COMPLETELY wrong! DEA says in its news release that it is reducing hydrocodone quotas TO 66% of last year’s levels, not BY 66% of last year’s levels. That’s a HUGE difference, and it needs to be corrected.

  25. Christine Hawkins at 12:02 am

    I just had my second back surgery hoping it would release some of the pain i have been in for 5 years. L4L5 siataca. Scare tissue wrapped around siataca nerve root. For two years after I moved from on county in Fl. No one would see me. They want your records faxed first then they tell you if they will see you. After a week if extreme BV withdraw and pain i had to get on Suboxone. I cannot describe the dispare. If I could of found the guts I would of jumped off a bridge. Now I’m back on my pain meds but for how long before they start dictating how and when I can receive my meds. Gee let’s all light up a cigarette. They straight up have drugs in them that keep you addicted to them. Why don’t they crack down on that? I always thought people who had back problems where just using the excuse so they didn’t have to lift patients out of dental chairs. Boy was I wrong.e Ven on pain meds I’m in considerable amount of pain. But it does help me function. :Are they going to cut down cancer patients as well ? Should we just fill their IVs with vodka?:&

  26. Dan at 10:16 am

    Gonna have to fight insurance companys now too. Just got a certified letter from hi mark telling me im on too hi of a dose for my medical condition (fibro/compresses discs in lower back l1-l4 from falling 15ft and braking two vertabrae). Who the heck are they to tell me how much meds i need they dont feel my pain- i wish they could maybe they wouldnt ne sending me this letter. It goes on saying opiates are depentant and addictive and cause serious health conditions even when prescribed by a doctor. Then they leave a number to call a clinical specialist to determine if my med usage may need further evaluated, to determine if you may need specific services to help with youredical dependancy, address any other concerns i may have with my meds. Other words your a drug addict go to rehab. They cut my meds 80%. I use to have a functional life till this crap. Why have doctors call the ins co and tell them whats wrong and they can give u the med u need and the dose. Then they tell me use one doc, one pharmacist and one hospital so i get the best care. Im at my wits end. Dont know how much more i can take.

  27. Anonymous at 1:36 pm

    To Frances Hunt: I strongly believe that your post bears repeating. If you are so inclined, please consider submitting it to be read at the upcoming Rally for Pain in DC.

  28. Kim Kimmet at 6:23 pm

    Laura I wish that was all that was wrong. My medications cost me $25 a month. The concentration of marijuana I should take costs $ 35-40 a day. that is a big difference & yes that is the amount I should take according to a physician. I’m pretty sure that $1100 is a much larger amount. This drug is also unregulated & dangerous if you buy it due to butane they use to make it. That is dangerous & should be stopped. Besides the strength changes so you have no idea what the effect may be. That’s also dangerous. I have been injured for 20 years now, I am always looking for new cures & the best Dr’s, I have never had an issue with drugs, though one I asked if I could replace 5 oxycodones that feel in vast litter box. Outraged myself that I couldn’t even trade them, that I would have to take them anyway. Again I never had a drug problem. This was urine tested every month for years & a large cost to Medicare not to mnemonic 12 visits a year of increased to affect 4 times a year for the first 12 years,with no issues. This whole thing is a human rights violation that has cost the public, Medicare & all insurance Company’s a fortune & has NOT done a thing to fight the drug war. They need to correctly tell people that 96% of patients never have a problem. Then the heroin use & ODs have been on a steep climb since they took away patients rights to be under proper physician care. Please stop heroin, crack, meth & spice that the DEA started also which now is also very dangerous, we would be so much safer with marijuana legalozed.
    There should be proper studies done, how are so many people getting these drugs & what the effect the DEA has on them & how they can really help. Please patients are not addicts

  29. Cliff Rogers at 3:35 pm

    I agree they want us dead by suicide or other ways but they sure want all that money we pay for treatment. I have been on pain meds for over 10 years my liver is fine and I have never overdosed or been a criminal. Now at my recent appt with pain clinic that my primary doctor of 16 years sent me to and have been there 3 1/2 years decided that I need another neck surgery and fusion and after putting me on oxycodone , fentanyl, robaxin,zoloft and ambiem which I was on hyro and ambiem for 10 years untill being sent to pain clinic now want me to go back to primary doctor and have him prescribe zoloft ambiem and robaxin and wants to just jerk me off of oxy and fentanyl after asking me if pain meds were helping and I said yes they are.well because of cdc I have to quit prescribing your meds that enable you to have a normal and meaningful quality of life. WTF u get me on all these powerful meds and you are going to just drop me like I am nothing but a thorn in your side I and many have paid doctors and insurance companies millions so they can live in their million dollar home and drive their 80 thousand dollar car. So I think there has got to be some kind of law and if you no a lawyer please send this to them that protects the chronic pain people that cant defend there selfs my point is doctors took an oath to do no harm but they are going to just throw us out like the weekly trash that there house cleaning service does without caring what harm they do to thousands of people that are now going to have to deal with pain and withdraw with no were to go except the streets or other illegal means because unless you have cancer or end of life you get to choose of being a criminal or puting yourself out of misery by taking your own life !!! So thanks cdc and you great doctors that took the oath to do no harm you are breaking your oath because rather than stand-up and say I am the doctor and I dont need the government telling me how to do my job. So I think we need to stand together and find a law that protects us from being refused treatment after being treated for years!!!! After all we are going to suffer so why cant we have that big house and fancy car since we cant have what we really want is to be a little less in pain and be able to enjoy our famliy and do our jobs. And to all my fellow chronic pain suffers godbless you and hope you stand with me and tellem we are people too.

  30. Dam at 2:04 pm

    Totally agree. My blood pressure was fine till they cut my meds now that im suffering every day its thru the roof. I got to b put on a blood pressure med now. The stress from people suffering chronic pain every day is no good for the body. They want us dead. By suicide or organs failing from suffering. Im gone to the rally in dc on oct 22nd i pray theres coverage on that.

  31. Doug at 12:42 pm

    John S.
    You are absolutely correct about the side effects of other drugs and I applaud the winters of the hit series CODE BLACK for showing the dangers of even over the counter drugs in last week’s episode. A young boy overdosed on grape flavored Tylenol ( Acetaminophen) a doctor ended up needing a liver transplant
    . This just goes to show that there are people in the entertainment industry who see what’s going on all over the country. Just maybe they will write an episode about someone having a heart attack or a stroke because they were denied pain medication.

  32. John S at 12:17 pm

    To Nanny: I’m sure in some cases patients do get Opiates when a different drug is called for. I can think of a dozen reasons why a drug is not prescribed and an opiate is used.

    That’s part of the problem – the way we THINK ! It’s not a one pill fits all and despite what the media tells us, Opiates have fewer side effects. Sure they can be dangerous but nearly all drugs can be. I read a study that said the worst part of Long Term use of opiates is liver or kidney damage – when combined with acetaminophen. None of my pain meds have acetaminophen in them and most all pain Dr”s have stopped using drugs with Tylenol.

    Google – Dr. Carl Hart – read about the studies he’s done. He’s never been approached by the DEA or the CDC yet he is a leading expert on addiction and dependency.


    John S

  33. Laura at 10:17 pm

    Patricia Jones. If you live in a state that marijuana is legal please try it. It was the only thing that helped with my fibro pain and migraines and kidney stones. AND no side effects come close to the ones like neurontin and other meds. It’s also cheaper to buy the marijuana than all the rx’s they prescribe.
    Personally I feel it’s the big drug companies getting political and wanting that cash lining pockets of crooked politicians etc. I wish it was legal in my state. When I was able to take it I was like a different person. Especially on the insomnia aspects.

  34. Kim kimmet at 2:35 pm

    The DEA has no regard for patients, if they did they would tell them when their Dr is going to be shut down.many people take other meds as well from pain Dr’s, one common drug will kill you if you stop taking it, & 1 of my others will cause seizures & possible death to stop talking it. They already made impossible to get your prescription any sooner than a couple days before refill, then close your Dr down. This leaves thousands scrambling for a very few that will help. Leading good people into the dangerous streets.
    Iwant the dea to just do their job fighting against dangerous drugs that are illegally in our country.
    Forcing honest Americans who have life altering chronic pain to search for their own medications dangerously in the streets is neglect & abuse.
    This has driven the robberies of pharmacies, heroin use & deaths of coarse from OD. The DEA has created this problem, I have tried to contact them in reguards to finding a Dr that they won’t be closing or is under investigation. They just won’t talk to me.
    So who are they helping? Stop the heroin from coming here, the cocaine Trump is running, using & crack. While we’re on it legalize Marijuana so they will stop making spice, it is very dangerous in comparison. How about alcohol?

  35. connie at 2:58 pm

    I too want to know what you plan on replacing pain meds with for those of us who have tried the expensive and ineffective alternative therapies and have found the only relief to be found is with opiates? What about those of us who require more medication than the powers that be say I should need? Do you really think that we would put ourselves through being treated like cr*p and having to jump through hoops to get just enough relief to hopefully make it through the day if we didn’t need that medication? Sadly the very things that are used as “proof ” of addiction are what we are forced into in order to get medication that we need! Quit holding the hands of real addicts who lie, cheat,steal and murder and see reality!

  36. Patricia Jones at 9:56 am

    I am not looking forward to the suffering. I am seriously considering trying cannibus. I haven’t tried it but live in a state where it is legal.
    Thank you

  37. Patricia Jones at 6:04 am

    I have chronic low back pain & fibromyalgia. What are they going to give us for pain instead of opids? I want medication not therapy or acupuncture,yoga etc I have tried them all nothing works. What are they planning on giving us please answer.

  38. Doug at 1:32 am

    I know what you are saying. I just had a confrontation with a troubled maker in one of the pain groups on Facebook who I don’t believe was a pain sufferer. My answer in the argument was the same exact thing that you stated here.

    Then we have the government creating their own vocabulary in order to compile dependant and addiction into the same terminology. The simply say that anyone who uses opiates for what ever reason, treating pain or getting high has an “opioid use disorder.” This is our government officials and their bureaucratic agencies answer to the tens of thousands of letters, the hundreds of petitions and the unknown numbers of phone calls they have recieved from pain suffers and their advocates. They just change a few words to justify their actions. The sad thing is that for every action there is an equal or stronger reaction. So now they are either pushing more people to the streets to self medicate, or they are pushing them over the edge and they take their own lives.

  39. Frances Hunt at 9:34 pm

    Dear CDC, FDA and DEA
    Will someone from each center, administration and agency please attend my funeral and justify the reason for removing my pain medication. The previously prescribed opioid-based medication didn’t get rid of all my pain but it helped me to feel almost normal. I have back problems and Fibromyalgia.I have read about the studies, and I feel empathy for the family members who lost loved ones to opioid overdose. My pain is so bad that now I have been prescribed antidepressants but I still feel the pain, and I want the hurt to stop. One day I will just go away and die like a dog in the woods. Can you please help so I won’t have to die?

  40. MichaelL at 8:06 pm


    Addiction (*physical addiction”?) and dependence are two different things. People who have physical symptoms with out their meds are not addicts. You have it mixed up in terminology. Addicts cheat, steal, and lie to get the drugs, in spite of the fact that it is harming them. People that are dependent do not have addictive behaviors. It all goes inyo the interpretation of the definition. Again addiction and dependence are two different things.

  41. Susan M Gates at 12:06 pm

    How can a government agency make decisions that should only be made by doctors. The doctors make the decision to use an opioid medication on an individual basis. I’ve been living in ps in for 15 years now. I was diagnosed with RSDS/CRPS 13 years ago. I take my medications as my dr. has prescribed them. I don’t get a “buzz^ from them. In fact, the meds don’t even get rid of my pain but they do reduce the pain. Without them I would have no quality of life at all

  42. Doug at 1:35 pm

    I agree, it took over 4 years of hit and miss prescribing to manage my pain semi efficiently. Different chemistry effects pain conditions different.

  43. Cheryl at 12:03 pm

    Reduce the supply not only do we suffer but I guarantee the price will skyrocket.

  44. Sandra Gordon at 10:43 am

    Nanny: Do you have fibromyalgia that you are treating with Lyrica, or perhaps RA? Every sufferer is different. Please do not assume that all prescriptions for illnesses like these are standard. I have no doubt that there are erroneous opioid prescriptions out there. But, please, be careful of presuming that the medications marketed for specific illnesses work in all people with those illnesses.

  45. Tim Mason at 10:21 am

    According to a 2008 FDA document (which has since been archived but I found it) states that denial of opioids to elderly patients with painful arthritis and other pathologies that cause pain is a form of “Elder Abuse”.

  46. Tracy at 8:37 am

    Marco. I blame Obama and his appointed puppets. The other pain relief ways would be, CBT, that means go to therapy and talk away your pain. Take an antidepressant, most people in pain are depressed, ya think? Does nothing for the pain though. How about acupuncture for your chronic pain, or imagery, and you can connect your body and mind and visualize your pain away. You need to stop lady. Don’t you understand, the government wants to control your pain medication because they cannot control where control is needed. They do not care about you. Again, the government does not care about you. The doctors are threatened or intimidated into giving you a Tylenol, and aspirin or Ibuprofen, or a COX 2 inhibitor. Take cortisone and destroy your kidneys. Yes, I blame Obama. These medications are safe. Chronic pain suffers become addicted but physical addiction because you can be a productive member of society, so what, there’s a big, big difference between being an addict who will kill to get drugs.

  47. Christina at 11:05 pm

    Your reduction is just growing the herion problem. That’s what they want so they can arrest people and make money on putting them in jail. They don’t see or care about what they are doing to harm people and force them to buy cr*p and they don’t really know what it is.. Well we should need 25 percent LESS of the DEA department too.. Doubt they would see it like that.. They get to use what ever number they want to claim is from overdose death but they don’t seperate people who have a cocktail consumption that they had consumed.
    This is not going to get any better untill patients fight for rights we already have ANNYONOUS march on November 5th and they are fed up too which include veterans who have been screwed and hackers and they say government needs restructuring. They are causing harm to the people and need to give us our rights our forefathers fought for…

  48. Cynthia at 10:22 pm

    This country is so screwed up . And This site keeps telling us these horror series, but what are we supposed to do about them? There’s nothing we can do. Not only am I powerless over my pain, soon I may also be powerless to get medication that makes life bearable. Haven’t seen or heard any good news in a long time. Sure doesn’t help my mood.

  49. Marco at 9:52 pm

    I feel all of you as your fellow chronic pain patient (suffering),but one of you IS blaming the Obama for all of this. But if you look in the past news he did mention their had to be others ways to just throwing chronic pain and cancer patients off our medications or decreasing the quanities, when WE the real ones have MEDICAL PROOFS – (MOUNTAIN OF THEM!). This was going to happen when the ones who didn’t need them were given to them by doctors who were the kingpins, over prescribing because of the money they receive from prescriptions (if not under the table.),pill mills and more. The thing with Fentanyl… just scares the [edit] out of me (excuse my language.) and I’m hoping and praying asking for GOD to watch over me so that I won’t get it. There IS something we all can do, I have a plan: Go to as many of the pain organizations there are and printout all the comments, find out when and where the elected officials, including President contenders are going to be, have a friends and family send them letters non-stop letting them KNOW that WE Chrionic pain and cancer patients (Millions) will make it to the election day to vote for the person who will listen and produce results WITHOUT being intimidated by DEA,P.R.O.P,CDC and whoever else. If they do not product in the next four years, that they are out. One of the people above IS RIGHT,WE have to GIVE IT EVERYTHING WE’VE GOT TO MAKE THIS THING MOVE! LIKE KRATOMA (SPELLING?) DID, WE HAVE TO BECOME SO ORGANIZED THAT THE WORLD WILL KNOW – WHEN YOU ARE WRONG, WE WILL FOLLOW UP! WE HAVE TO BECOME A BIG ORGANIZATION SO BIG THAT THE GOVERNMENT WILL HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO ALLOW US TO LISTEN AND WEIGH IN ONE THE AGENDAS THEY ARE FORMING AT ANYTIME. AND WE CAN MAKE SURE PEOPLE WHO DO NOT HAVE REAL MEDICAL PROOFS DOES NOT HAVE EASY ACCESS TO IT TO SOME DEGREES OF EFFECT. LET’S OVER WHELM THEM WITH SOME OR ALL OF OUR MEDICAL RECORDS. THEY “WILL” GET TIRED AND START LISTENING.IF MAJORITY OF THE MILLION OF US DONATE A LEAST FIVE DOLLARS OR MORE TO FORM OUR ORGANIZATION EACH MONTH,THAT IS AT 5 MILLION TO WHATEVER WAITING FOR OTHER ORGANIZATIONS OR PEOPLE WHO ARE ON OUR SIDE, INCLUDING RETIRED OR LIMITED DOCTORS TO JOIN US AND THE WORLD PAIN ORGANIZATION TO TAKE HEED. NOW TIMES THAT BY 12 (ONE YEAR.).I HATE TO SAY THIS, BUT IN THIS WORLD NOWADAYS,”MONEY TALKS AND B.S. WALKS” AS IT DID WITH “P.R.O.P.” AND OTHERS.

  50. Dan at 9:51 pm

    They make a ton of money putting addicts on suboxone and methadone. Some body i lnew went to detox and they used suboxone for a week to detox and he said theres a drug called vivitrol it blocks opiods so u cant get hi. That is what these addicts should b getting. There was a od in the area i live and i knew the ems that responded he said they administered narcan took him to hospital and within hours he was released with no reprocussions. If they catch a addict i believe they should have to rehab or detox and given that shot of vivitrol. The guy that got it said it lasts a month and he had to go each month for a year. If theyd punish addicts instead of treating them like oh poor addicts and have reprocussions like if they miss their shot of vivitrol then punish them. Suboxone is addictive too i heard it has naloxone in it so people dont od. It still has a type of opiod and before i started pain manaent 20 yrs ago my pcp said methadone is like crack is how she put it. So ur giving addicts two drugs that are addictive to try to stop addiction. I hear they keep addicts on this stuff for a year or more. I was told ins. Co dont pay for it either so somebody is making a ton of money off these two medications. Im just stating what i was told. But if vivitrol is a med that blocks opiates why the heck dont they detox the person and give them that for a year. Then they cant get hi if they tried. Maybe thats why there taking our meds they want everyone on suboxone and methadone make money. Just speculation. I feel for every chronic pain sufferer im in the same boat and its sinking. People are begging for mercy and still nothing is mentioned how there gonna destroy everyones life. Its making me sick

  51. Adele Casden at 9:37 pm

    We are not winning the war on Drugs! That’s been obvious for years. Drugs have always been brought in from other countries. Our country needs to learn from its moistakes. We need to let “drug addicts” register, & buy their drugs from the government, & stop the gangs from fighting for territories for selling drugs. We also need to offer recovery programs for those who want t stop. People who have real pain problems are entitled to buy the medicines they need to live their life with as little pain as possible. They are not drug addicts. They are people with horrible medical problems. The police can then spend their time fighting real crimes, like murders, burglaries, & radicals, infringing on others rights.

  52. sally brown at 8:31 pm

    Organize and go to Washington. That is how the ADA (American Disability Act) was passed . They were organized with buses in every State and knew how many would be on Washington’s front step demanding they be heard. In fact ask them if they can help get people started to have a million chronic pain sufferers show up at the same time.

    Remember when wheelchair users could not get their chairs off the curbs to cross the street?

  53. Shelley at 7:55 pm

    I will not list my conditions or symptoms since I understand that others in pain hear you, while the people currently deciding the actions affecting all those in pain with legitimate needs, scream in silence.

    Before I developed conditions which irrevocably changed almost every aspect of my life, I dreamed of helping as many suffering individuals as I could. I found my path in the field of clinical research, with opportunities to improve our understanding in medicine and to help the suffering. I workied in the areas of immunology, virology, neurology, endocrinology and nutrition. I loved my level of boundless energy, allowing me to use this gift to help others which may have an impact in important, useful and interesting ways I never considered before. At the time, l didn’t appreciate the incredible blessing I found, I only now understand in retrospect. I lost almost all I thought formed the core of my character, all my cognitive and physical ability to function, even the energy to complete a sentence started to become elusive. I could not comprehend how others managed to not only ignore the “evidence” in front of them; but, actually how some looked me in the eye and knowingly repeated the absurdity obvious lie used many times with others for the same purpose. The reason they refused to accept to treat some problems had to due with “medically based evidence”. I always wondered how they slept at night. This statement used to justify their actions makes me laugh because whether you need help or your job is medically treating others (or at least doing no harm), simply does not explain or convince either side of this problem. The statement is an excuse.


    Shall we say we all have cancer, so others believe we need help. Even if possible, I think people making policy would not act differently to ease the suffering anyway. If they understand, could this result from personal meaning. In fact, Poeple with cancer seem less likely to to prove they have a legitimate need for pain medication. As horrible as this may sound, could the reason they avoid a label as an “addict” or having drug seeking behavior result from the understanding afforded these victims result from the sheer number of others who comprehend this since a high percentage of people observe loved ones or experience some type of impact in their lives?

    I wish I could provide more effective information. I’m going to try. I may run across information from those starting to learn where the best place to start focusing and even want to collaborate. In my view, I worry that we need time a Hail Mary in this country.

  54. Mary Jean at 7:27 pm

    It has been my understanding the the FDA controls how much production of Opioids per year. Manufacturers must apply to the FDA each year, requesting how much they want to produce, and the FDA decides if it is appropriate, says yea or nay,

    I did not know that the DEA was a regulatory agency, I thought they were in the business of Law enforcement

  55. Maureen at 7:26 pm

    This truly is a tragedy. I cannot believe what I just read.
    God help my life, God help us all live any sense of life with pain.
    Without these medications…
    DEA, start counting….
    Let it be on your guilty shoulders.
    You are incredibly wrong in this act. You are disgustingly creating a huge monster.
    You think you have a problem with deaths now…
    Just watch, it’s already happening and I completely blame you.

  56. R Duckett at 6:30 pm

    Now watch the pharmaceutical companies raise the prices on prescriptions because of this. I’m surprised that the pharmaceutical companies will let this happen since it seems that they are in the DEA’s back pocket. It is time to legalize marijuana for medical purposes.

  57. Kristin at 5:15 pm

    Will there be a crackdown on the supply of suboxone and methadone also?
    Ya know these so called experts just don’t get it at all. I mean where is the common sense factor in all their so called “research”?! They are taking a bad situation and making it oh so much worse.
    There was a crackdown on opiates in the last few years in my state of Maine. This is when it hit the fan. Pills harder to get on streets or more expensive so they turned to heroin. Ya don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.
    Now the doctors are passing out methadone and suboxone like crazy. Obviously these 2 “cures” are just as attractive to the abuser. The other day I ran into a guy I grew up with. He isn’t all there to begin with and I know he was always into the pills recreationally. He comes up to me outside the corner store as I’m getting out of my car and proceeds to tell me this wonderful thing that just happened to him. A girl was having car trouble so he helped her out. Then he said to her I sure wish I had some suboxone. The girl gave him 3 strips and then did some with him. I was like wow, unbelievable. I’m having a hard time getting out of my car because my pain meds have been cut in half and he’s higher than a kite and bragging about it to me. It was so great he says, I told him good for you, I wouldn’t know. Never done that stuff.
    He doesn’t know my situation nor will he ever, but to say I was beyond pissed would be putting it mildly. Here I’m in agony since this taper started, but it seems to me the reason I’m in agony has already moved on to the next high. I mean there is really something wrong with the logic in all this. But again let’s all help the poor addict because he has a disease. Well guess what dea and cdc etc, they’re sharing or selling all of that too! But to hell with me the honest chronic pain patient whose life has been dramatically altered and all I can think about is wanting to die so it will all be over.
    All the letters I’ve written to legislators and only one got back to me and that was just to quote Maine law on opiates.
    I’ve been keeping a journal of sorts daily of all the problems I’m having, who I’ve contacted, the letters I’ve sent and how my taper has affected my life on a daily basis. Should I not make it through this, at least my family should have one hell of a lawsuit. Wow!

  58. Cynthia Patterson at 5:09 pm

    Sooo while gathering all this Data from the above named Sources, do you or whomever spearhead these projects think, “maybe a grass roots study should be conducted. The majority of chronic pain survivors are not addicts, trying to defraud the system, are genuine in their complaint, does not have a dependency problem”. Dependency is used too often to describe reasons for actions. Real chronic pain survivors have incorporated other means of Therapy to try and cope with the daily debilitating tribulations we face which once was a pleasure. Do you realize the increase rate of suicide attempts that you will be faced with because of inadequate planning, inadequate statistical analysis, poor communication, and improper reporting. Medical Professionals know exactly who and who’s not worthy of opioid distribution. They also are aware of the patients Medical History, especially if they are networked into one main frame Medical Link. This is why the Contraindications category is developed. When you try to adjust policy and procedures, pay attention to how it rolls down hill. Is opioid abuse the cause for the things people do, no. There are many contributing factors as to why people perform the way in which they do. It can’t be stereotype to one particular thing. Will there be an eradication of organic herbs, mechanical drones, and other pivotal elements that play key role in society. Don’t be so fast to eliminate, without making sure that proper accountability has been conducted. If the scrupulous effort that went forth into targeting a certain substance and it’s imperfected conditions, maybe the same tenacity can be exemplified by providing a medicine, to all chronic pain users at low or no cost that will 95% cure our ailments. Provide it to the pharmacy distributors, hospital, etc, so they won’t issue off brand drugs that keep survivors ovetstocking their medicine cabinets or being at the risk of under/over medicated.
    “Ask, Listen, to the survivor’s as to what helps or hinders.
    Your next statistical data analysis will be on point”.
    “My painful opinion”.

  59. Nanny at 4:40 pm

    I’m an ancillary healthcare provide and I see people’s meds lists. Opioids are being prescribed for stuff that would do better with another drug. Example: Lyrica or Mirapex are traditionally prescribed for Fibromyalgia, but instead they’re giving them an opioid. RA is best treated with a biologic, but instead an opioid is prescribed. I had read part of the reason is that Obamacare, and hence Medicare and other insurers, cover opioids but often will not cover other drugs for the same condition. True or no?

  60. Tim Mason at 4:35 pm
    From the NIH link above what we all know has now been put in print. Read this for yourself. Share with your friend and your doctor:
    In a nut shell: and I Quote ” Young adults (age 18 to 25) are the biggest abusers of prescription (Rx) opioid pain relievers, ADHS stimulants and anti-anxiety drugs. They do it for all kinds of reasons, including to get high or because they think Rx stimulants will help the study better. NON MEDICAL USE OF PRESCRIPTION DRUGS IS HIGHEST AMONG YOUNG ADULTS”. end quote. Read the entire article. It is dated February 2016. Fresh stuff.
    I would like to see this posted on NPR as an accurate report of who is abusing opioids. It is not chronic pain patients. It looks like the usage drops off at 26 either due to discovery by authorities, parents, or death.

  61. RICHARD PRICE at 4:17 pm

    Because of the misuse and abuse of responsibility and credibility as well as incompetence. The enforcement power of the D.E.A. should be removed and placed back into the hands of the state. A semi-secret elite police force within what is already a police state is way over the top. America does not need this throw back to the cold war era. These Federal offices have become an renegade authoritarian haven of despots and tyrants commandeering and miss-directing hundreds of millions into their drug war against citizens and likewise funding state police regimes both within the U.S. and worldwide..It is these federal agencys that have created the drug problem solely to commandeer funding and as their power base. These renegade authoritarians need to be controlled or removed.

  62. T.B at 4:07 pm


  63. Theresa Stanton at 3:53 pm

    I have a rare pain disease called reflex sympathetic dystrophy. What am I supposed to do withoutmy medications. I take non narcotics…they just don’t the job. MY medicationsI have been on for over 8 years don’t quite do the job either. But they ..along with everything else make life !lost worth living. I hurt…Check it out dea. RsD or crps….Google it. My pain is real. I AM NOT a faker…an addiction. I would rather go through cancer again and have “chemotherapy. Please..God help us…PLEASE.

  64. Tracey at 3:41 pm

    As of Feb. 2015, the US GAO (Government Accountability Office) released an 84 page document regarding drug shortages, as there was already shortages taking place. In fact, there was a sharp increase on shortages of medication that were listed as controlled substances AFTER 2007.

    The report that was released by the GAO basically chastised the DEA for causing these shortages (some that were severely critical as hospitals did not have an alternative medication to use on patients). This report also told the DEA how to stop theses shortages that they were causing. What does the DEA do? Snub their nose at this scathing report … decide a year later to further increase shortages by decreasing the amount of medications (controlled substances) by over 25%.

    WHO IS RUNNING THIS COUNTRY? (Apparently, Big Brother). Who is in charge of the DEA? (It is part of the Executive branch). Obviously, the DEA is the typical big-government bureaucratic agency that can do whatever they wish to do. Yes, this is Obama’s DEA. This is Obama’s CDC. This is Obama’s FDA.

    Then we have our good-for-nothing congress allowing this cr*p to continue to happen. Want the same ole cr*p for the next 4 years? Vote for the one Obama endorses and keep voting for the same representatives and senators (regardless of party affiliation) who are sitting nice and comfy, watching this all happen, ALLOWING it to happen.

  65. HHH at 2:03 pm


  66. Enough Already at 1:46 pm

    Vote them all out, time for a change- TxTime for TRUMP!
    Let doctors be doctors again. Patients get care.
    Had enough of being abused because of addicts and criminals?
    Big brother, big government over-reach on decent law-abiding citizens!!
    CDC’s gone rouge, DEA ? Propaganda daily…sick of hearing we’re all bad.
    “Dependency” costing too much, pain doesn’t matter.
    Time to break up the bureaucratic behemoths trying to control what happens with our bodies. Self righteous fanatics controlling our fate?
    No more about us without us.
    Stop this 11th hour power grab.

  67. Dan at 1:33 pm

    Dea are lazy that cant beat the real drug war with herion, so they gotta make it seem there fighting a drug war which is just gonna cause extremely hi suicide rates. Notice nothing is said about alcohol. I seen first hand what alcohol does it destroys lives, families, causes violence, innocent people getting killed and it definately is what leads to the use of illegal drugs. Teenagers start partying then addicts look for a new hi so someone at a party has herion tries it gets hooked and then theres over doses and they blame it on prescription meds. Let me see the dea tell bars they can only sell 2 beers to each customer cause any more is excess and causes impairment and that the liquior stores can only sell one bottle to a customer per week cause any more than a bottle a week is excess .Then the dea can create a data base to keep track to make sure no one becomes addicted to alcohol. I just watched a show and it said there are more deaths from alcohol in the united states than anything else. Alcohol has no medical use. Its just a legal buzz that leads to other illegal drugs. I dont drink but as a kid had to see uncles get drunk and beat on each other and beat on women. Theres no medical use for it but to get drunk and addicted and kill people. Look how many people get shot cause one was drunk and pulled a gun and shot someone. I just get sick of hearing about pain meds. If it werent for pain meds i woulda been suffering for 20 yrs or dead cause the pain drove me to suicide. I seen the surgeon general is gonna address alcohol next month. Whats he gonna do put another sticker on the bottle to say its not good for your health. All i can say is karma is a b*tch. I have fibromyalgia and bad back i wish they could walk in my shoes for a day. See what it is to not sleep at night. To wish god would just end my suffering i didnt ask for this life. Now thanks to cdc, dea, surgeon general my meds been cut to nothin and i have no quality of life. Its sickening to let people suffer. Its sickening when people beg for mercy and they spit in the chronic pain sufferers face and oh the poor addicts. They never have stories on chronic pain and how it destroys lives, confines people to their homes, causes suicide cause noone listens to them.The poor addicts probabally never experienced chronic pain. They just wanna party and we gotta suffer at their idiotic choices to try sh*t like herion even though they were told of u try it once u will b addicted but they do it any way.

  68. Gary Parillo at 1:11 pm

    I would assume that there has been far more than necessary on the market than have been needed for legit patients.Hopefully there will be enough available to treat medically the ones in chronic and acute pain.People who misuse this medicine just for some high,do not care about following the laws anyway,and will have no qualms about seeking heroin on the illegal market.If DEA did the math properly,there should still be enough available,and there may be a new formulation of similar meds about to be released.Hopefully this decision has been made in consultation with the medical establishment.Perhaps that’s being to optimistic.

  69. Angel at 1:05 pm

    This is insane and shows how truly out of control these regulating agencies truly are. When did our nation start essentially changing laws without votes? This crusade is discriminatory against the disabled and being run without congressional approval. I’m one of the millions of patients now bed ridden due to the CDC guidelines in suffering my function gone 10 years of progress wiped away by an out of control government.

  70. Julian Phillips at 12:53 pm

    This is nothing short of a bloody joke. I hope someone from the DEA will sit with me when I am in such pain that I cannot get out of bed.
    When are the powers that be, going to grasp the fact that there are two completely separate issues at play here. The first is the addiction problem and the second is the needs of patients, such as myself, who absolutely require these medications. They need to be handled individually the cure for one only hurts the other when you, the DEA/Government, try to use one set of supposed solutions.
    Just a quick separate point I have NEVER had a high from any opioid medication.

  71. Yvette at 12:50 pm

    This whole situation is so unfair. I worked for an Internist for 7 years. He was kind and compassionate and did have several patients on long term pain management. Starting around 2010 he started getting letters from various insurance companies to try alternate therapies for these patients. He (seeing the handwriting on the wall) retired the following year, because he refused to have the DEA tell him what to prescribe HIS patients.
    This nonsense has been going on for too long! Having chronic pain does not make you a drug seeking junkie! Life is difficult enough when every day is a struggle, but chronic pain
    effects every aspect of your life.

  72. Judy Jaeger at 12:29 pm

    Wow is this article misleading. They want to reduce the number of these drugs at the manufacturers? Wow, like that’s gonna be a positive move….NOT.
    The DEA says demand for opioids is decreasing??? Really?
    The CDC issued guidelines??? Nope….sounded pretty much like demanding doctors stop prescribing.
    “According to the DEA press release, the purpose of quotas is to provide for the adequate and uninterrupted supply for legitimate medical need” ???? That statement is asinine at best, since they’ve already severely limited the supply for those of us with legitimate medical need!!!
    What the hell are they thinking????

  73. Shelia at 11:43 am

    How about the DEA allow ONLY chronic pain patients to regulate their pay ??

    As a Chronic Pain Patient I have been made suffer ENOUGH!! If MY Dr felt after seeing me for 15 yrs that my meds needed to be reduced he would have done so!!

    I pray that someday the people making these decisions can feel in 1 Day what I EVERYDAY !!

  74. Doug at 11:27 am

    So once again, the leadership of an enforcement agency is in the process of deciding the fate of people who suffer from a chronic illness instead of letting the actual medical professionals treat their patients as they see fit. Chuck Rosenberg and his Merry Band of Morons are bound and determined to send millions of chronic pain sufferers to the streets for pain relief, which in my opinion is no different than a police officer shooting a person of color simply for being black. But, do those unfortunate pain suffers who self medicate on illegal and highly dangerous street drugs and die from overdose get the national news media coverage for the real problem of IMO, murder by law enforcement? No, it just adds to the DEA statistics and gives this Gestapo style law enforcement agency more bullets in their arsenal to further attack people in pain and the doctors who treat them.

    I for one do believe that we have a drug addiction problem in this nation and I believe that this problem can be reduced significantly. But not by the way that the DEA and the rest of their sister agencies are going about it. Let’s look at this problem in another way by using alcohol and the Volstead act as an example. On October 28th, 1919 the Volstead act was voted in and took effect on January 16th, 1920. This act also known as Prohibition deemed the production, sales and consumption of alcohol illegal in the United States and their territories. It ended up creating mass Kaos and crime throughout our country. Prohibition founded organized crime and also caused a ton of death either due to gang violence or due to a very dangerous product called Bathtub Gin which poisoned tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people who drank it.

    Know, does it look like we are heading down that same dangerous path again?
    The answer to that is H*LL YES.
    Just like in the days of Prohibition, Organized Crime was still in its infancy and isolated to small areas or different ethnic areas of our larger cities. Even though organized crime existed prior to prohibition the Italians, the Irish and the African American crime syndicates stayed within their own neighborhoods. After the Volstead act went into effect, crime exploded and the Mafia was conceived as a very profitable industry. Smugglers increased the amounts of illegal booze brought into the county and people who lived in the rural mountain areas of the US started making and selling Moonshine in huge amounts. Gang wars started and innocent people died in the cross fire, but those who wanted to drink still got their booze and those who supplied the booze got filthy rich because our governments interface caused a huge supply and demand.

    Now we need to ask ourselves this question, Is History repeating itself?
    Yes it is.
    The illegal drug trade is already established just like the illegal alcohol trade was of the early 20th century. Just as it was during the beginning of prohibition, the illegal drugs used to be confined to inner city neighborhoods but are now reaching more isolated rural areas. Also, the major players in the illegal drug trade are from separate ethnic groups like the Mexicans, Italians, Asian, Russian and African American gangs. All this is happening at a very alarming rate and our government has absolutely no Inkling that they are the ones causing it and by the time they are done will have no idea how to stop it. The single difference between the 1920 prohibition and the opiod prohibition of the 21st century is that they are taking away medications from people who need them compared to taking away a vice from the people who simply wanted to drink. Yes, they are attempting to remove this vice from those who are addicted, but hurting those who need these drugs for medical use in the process. Now those of us who need these drugs to relieve our pain will do almost anything to get them. Not because we are psychologically addicted to the drug, but because we are addicted to pain relief. We are the new target for this supply and demand and these drugs gangs know that.

    So the answer to this is very simple. These so called leaders in government need to read their history and realize that their actions are going to create the biggest crime wave ever to hit the United States, EVER.
    Desperate law abiding citizens will loose all sence of morality. Decisions between right and wrong will be simple and acted upon without remorse. Marijuana growers will become our whiskey making Hill Billy’s and Mexican Drug Cartels will become our new Mafia. Then there will be the groups of home chemists who will become the Bathtub Gin makers of the past by creating substances that are very dangerous and life threatening. Look at history closely because everything that I have mentioned has already happened and it’s getting worse every single day. So yes, HISTORY IS REPEATING ITSELF.

  75. Fed Up at 11:18 am

    Recently, the DEA announced that it was placing two alkaloids, mitragynine and 7-hydroxmitragynine, which activate opioid receptors in the brain, on its list of Schedule 1 substances.

    Schedule 1 substances are deemed by the regulatory agency to be dangerous to the public health, and have no medical value.

    These two alkaloids are produced by the Asian herb Kratom, which has been used for hundreds of years because it treats mild to moderate pain, depression, and anxiety. Because of Kratom’s action on the opioid receptors, it can help relieve the symptoms of opioid withdrawal.

    The DEA has effectively banned all legal sales of Kratom at the end of September, and hampered research into medical use of this plant and its natural alkaloids.

    The American Kratom Association ( got their PR machine rolling, and collected 100,000 signatures against the DEA action, causing bipartisan government support to keep the plant off the Schedule I list.

    The jury is still out on the future of Kratom in America. DEA is now accepting public comment on Kratom.

    Cannabis is still on the Schedule I list, yet its medical uses are widely supported, and it is sold as a recreational drug in some states.

    If Kratom users can collect 100,000 signatures, why can’t the chronic pain community collect 1,000,000?

    The answer is organization. The American Kratom Association is well organized, and reacted quickly to this assault.

    Why do we not get a similar response from the chronic pain support associations?

    When pain advocates called for signatures supporting the National Pain Initiative on the President’s website, the pain community responded with about 1/10th the amount of signatures raised in support of Kratom. Only 10,000 people took the 5 minutes required to login and sign in support of treating people in pain.

    100,000 signatures for Kratom, and less than 10,000 for chronic pain treatment. It’s shameful.

    America is today being saturated with highly dangerous counterfeit pain pills, like those that killed the pop-star Prince.

    Talking opioids away from functional, stable chronic pain patients will drive many to desperation, and maybe these pills. They may look like Norco, or OxyCodone, but they contain contain fentanyl, an opioid over 50 times as potent as morphine when taken orally, and may contain other exotic opioids that should not be used for pain treatment because of their greater potential to induce respiratory depression, which is what kills in an overdose.

    How many more must die, not from the skilled medical treatment of intractable pain with safe and effective pain medications, but from the reactionary posturing and politicizing by our clueless medico-regulatory leadership?

    These regulators will continue justify their gargantuan budgets in an attempt to “look busy” by pouring their abuse down upon the unfortunate millions who live in pain.

    They’ve got their story and they’re sticking to it — licensed physicians are overprescribing opioids, and that’s what is causing the rise in opioid deaths.

    Until we get up off our collective couches and tell our story, which includes the ubiquity of counterfeit drugs and their influence on the mortality rates of opioid users, we will continue to be marginalized, persecuted, and denied treatment.

    The solution to our pain problem lies in organization, truth telling, and political action. If our advocacy groups cannot help gather 1,000,000 signatures, then let’s build others who can.

  76. HAZZY at 10:41 am


  77. Laura P Schulman at 10:25 am

    Hello, Big Brother! Regulate us, pleeez….

    What Big Brother will discover is that limiting the supply of quality pharmaceuticals will simply open the door for imports of questionable quality. Want more fentanyl deaths? Reduce the supply of hydrocodone. It’s that simple.

    BTW, I don’t think you meant to write “Schedule I,” since that can’t be prescribed.

  78. Tracy at 10:25 am

    Truly amazing. I don’t recall electing an administration to take over my life. I do not believe what the DEA says, I believe Obama has put out his agenda the way he always has, to hurt as many people as possible instead of stopping the swing of heroin over the boarders from Mexico. So many people depend on opioids to live a normal life. Our elected Congress even agrees. Now what are we going to do. Looks more and more like a socialist society. I refuse to believe any one in Congress, their families or friends don’t need pain medication for chronic issues. I am ashamed of our elected officials for not protecting those who cannot protect themselves against the tyranny of the Obama administration

  79. connie at 10:22 am

    “Adequate and uninterrupted supply” my butt! All they have done is make it more difficult and more expensive for those of us who have legitimate and necessary prescriptions to get them filled! It of course won’t affect the illegal use one iota! There has to be some way to stop this cr*p!

  80. scott michaels at 10:15 am

    this is obviously an attempt to INCREASE production on heroin and heroin addicts. Obviousy there is not enough heroin being exported from afganistan. The country that is subsidized by the obama administration. All of our conspiracy theories arent therories they have now been prooven. The government and insurance lobbiests wants more heroin users.
    this way they dont have to take responsibility or pay out to the pharmacies.
    Chronic pain patients will be fighting at pharmacies for their medications and people like me willl sue the doctors and dea for prescribing this working medication for decades and the dropping me. Thier will be very hi pumitive damages involved. when we tell our stories of how these medications were the only thing that helped and then k owing how our bodies and lives would be affected if taken away. i will video myself 24 seven to prepare for this suit. i have people that will testify i only took as directed and how this medication changed my life until it was unjustifiablu taken away.

  81. Jeanette Krupinski, Chronic Pain Patient & Patient Advocate at 10:13 am

    Hasn’t the CDC and DEA done enough harm already to legitimate chronic pain patients? They have already scared enough doctors from treating legitimate patients, and many pharmacies have already reduced supply or even carry Schedule II medications any longer. And yet alcohol, which causes the same amount of deaths in the U.S. annually, actually 2,000 more (2014), is far easier to obtain by anyone, especially minors, when all they have to do is open their parents’ liquor cabinet.

    Nation & World, December 22, 2015
    Alcohol’s death toll exceeds opiates’
    In 2014, more people died from alcohol-induced causes than from overdoses of prescription painkillers and heroin combined, according to the CDC.

    Alcohol is killing Americans at a rate not seen in at least 35 years, according to new federal data. Last year, more than 30,700 Americans died from alcohol-induced causes, including alcohol poisoning and cirrhosis …. This tally of alcohol-induced fatalities excludes deaths from drunk driving, other accidents and homicides committed under the influence of alcohol. If those numbers were included the annual toll of deaths directly or indirectly caused by alcohol would be closer to 90,000, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    Why, oh why, are legitimate users of opiate medication to treat their chronic pain being so unfairly targeted and made the scapegoat of America’s continued failure of its war on drugs?

  82. CLIFF ROGERS at 10:12 am

    I like the part the dea as considered all comments thats there way of saying we dont really care what yout comment is we the government will do as we please so now lets limit the supply so all them cronic pain suffers like me for past 12 years can pay even more for the medication we need to have a productive life. Buy the way these meds all ready cost a same fortune so I am sure these companies that make these meds are going to have to raise the price because of less demand and took me years to find a doctor that believes that my pain affects my quality of life and yes I have mri’s and scares all over were I have been cut on and enough metal in me to set off alarms and I take my meds as prescribed and take more drugs test than a nasa pilot and am treated like a criminal and addict just to get the relief I need to have a normal life. I understand that there are more dishonest people than there are honest cronic pain suffers but lets not punish and make these meds so hard and high to get that we force the good people to do bad things to have a less painful life!!!

  83. Kim at 9:52 am

    Please DEA let me decide how I control my pain . Whether I take one every 8 hrs or not . Not you , by cutting the manufacturing , you are harming those of us who again use them responsibly . I hope none of you ever have to deal with what I go thru on a daily basis , and no exercise or diet makes a bit of difference , so keep your self righteous to yourselves .

  84. Ellie at 9:30 am

    I am interested on how this will effect each & every one of us. Will our pain clinics wean us down?? Fear is the inly word I can come up with.

  85. Tracy Cabanting at 9:26 am

    And how will this affect CPPs such as myself I wonder?