DNA spray catches criminals (VIDEO)

DNA spray catches criminals (VIDEO)

DNA spray catches criminals

DNA spray catches criminals without them even knowing they have been tagged.

DNA spray is a smart new way to catch criminals such as robbers and burglars, and it may soon be coming to a store or a business near you.

The new crime-fighting tool is an invisible mist which is activated when a crime takes place. The mist, which you can hardly see — even when looking for it — silently marks criminals with special identifying DNA while they commit the crime.

And most times they won’t even be aware they have been ‘tagged’.

The DNA is a 21st-century version of the ‘dye bomb’ that has been used in the past to mark stolen cash and make it useless, and to stain a robber’s skin with a dye that takes several days to wear off.

But the DNA mist carries a special dye that is invisible unless you look for it with a blacklight or a special ultraviolet lamp, such as those used in banks, or by the police or in nightclubs and discotheques.

The DNA dye gets on the bodies, in the hair, on the clothes of the criminals. It marks their car, and marks their home when they get back to it. The dye is easy for the police to find, even days afterwards, because it stays around even after clothes have been washed and people have showered or bathed to try and get rid of it.

Each batch of the dye has its own unique DNA ‘fingerprint’ which tags a wrongdoer to the particular crime. And this makes for solid evidence when the case goes to court.

The technology comes from Selectamark, a UK company based in Kent, England. They have created a variety of security products that use this DNA technology.

It has already been used in the UK and in New Zealand, and it is now being tested by the police and at least one bank in Australia.

More info at www.selectamark.co.uk

Please note: The video you can click on below is in the Dutch language. If you are willing to watch it, you can see the DNA spray being demonstrated at a press conference. Two people are sprayed with the DNA mist from an orange colored box, and then a UV lamp is used to test them. The ultra-violet blacklight clearly shows the marking dye on their faces and ears.

Authored by: Sean McInnes

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