Eli Lilly Settles Cymbalta Withdrawal Lawsuits

Eli Lilly Settles Cymbalta Withdrawal Lawsuits

By Donna Gregory Burch


Donna Gregory Burch

Drugmaker Eli Lilly and Company has quietly settled hundreds of personal injury lawsuits involving patients who claim they experienced withdrawal symptoms while quitting Cymbalta.

When asked for an update on the cases, Robin McCall, media relations director for Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman, P.C., one of the firms handling the cases, wrote in an email, “All we can say is that the suit has been resolved.”

Lilly is also tight-lipped about the settlement, but provided the following written statement:

“Eli Lilly and Company has reached a comprehensive resolution of all personal injury lawsuits alleging symptoms from discontinuing Lilly’s medication, Cymbalta. Lilly has defended these cases vigorously and has won every case to reach a decision on the merits, including defense verdicts in every trial. To avoid continued legal costs, Lilly reached a resolution with plaintiffs in the remaining cases. Lilly remains committed to Cymbalta and its safety and benefits, which have been repeatedly affirmed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.”

No additional details on the settlement were provided.

More than 200 patients were suing Lilly, claiming the drugmaker didn’t fully disclose the severity of Cymbalta’s withdrawal symptoms. The plaintiffs in the cases said they experienced headaches, dizziness, nausea, nightmares, anxiety, mania, suicidal ideation, brain zaps (which feel like a lightning bolt going off inside the head) and other symptoms after they stopped taking Cymbalta.

Cymbalta is one of three drugs approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat fibromyalgia. It’s also used for depression, anxiety, diabetic neuropathy and certain kinds of chronic pain.

As early as 2005, research indicated a high rate of what medical professionals call “adverse events” when patients stopped taking Cymbalta. This Lilly study found that 44 percent of patients involved in several short-term trials had “adverse events” when they suddenly stopped taking duloxetine (the generic name for Cymbalta). The most common withdrawal symptoms cited were dizziness, nausea, headache, paresthesia (tingling/numbness, usually in the limbs), vomiting, irritability and nightmares. About 10 percent of these patients had “severe” withdrawal symptoms.

A longer and larger Lilly trial involving 1,279 patients found that 50 percent of patients experienced withdrawal symptoms.

The crux of Baum Hedlund’s case involved Lilly’s physicians’ prescribing guide for Cymbalta, which says 1 percent or more of patients discontinuing the drug may experience side effects including dizziness, headache, nausea, diarrhea, paresthesia, irritability, vomiting, insomnia, anxiety, hyperhidrosis and fatigue.

While the “1 percent or greater” figure is technically accurate, Baum Hedlund argued it far understated Cymbalta’s true rate of withdrawal symptoms.

“The label gives the impression that withdrawal is a rare event (somewhere around 1 percent) when in fact it is common (at least 44-50 percent),” said Baum Hedlund in an earlier interview. “We think Lilly played with semantics and the system in choosing its wording – it chose wording to minimize the risk while at the same time using language such as “or greater” as a “CYA” [cover your ass] measure. We believe the label is misleading, plain and simple. The testimony of the prescribing doctors in these cases proves it – they believed the risk was rare.”

Despite the discrepancy, Baum Hedlund had been unsuccessful at convincing a judge or jury that Lilly knowingly misled doctors and patients. Four cases heard in various federal courts last year ended in Lilly’s favor.

The lawsuits may be settled, but Cymbalta users are still dealing with the fallout of the drug’s withdrawal symptoms. The design and dosages of Cymbalta’s capsules make it challenging for patients to wean off slowly over time. Capsules come in 20mg, 30mg and 60mg strengths, meaning patients sometimes have to cut their doses in half while weaning. For some patients, that’s just too much of a reduction at one time.

In desperation, some patients are quitting Cymbalta by dumping out the contents of the capsules and then counting the tiny balls every day in an effort to slowly reduce their dosage over time.

Donna Gregory Burch was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2014 after several years of unexplained pain, fatigue and other symptoms. She covers news, treatments, research and practical tips for living better with fibromyalgia on her blog, FedUpwithFatigue.com. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter. Donna is an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared online and in newspapers and magazines throughout Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania. She lives in Delaware with her husband and their many fur babies.

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Authored by: Donna Gregory Burch

Donna Gregory Burch was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2014 after several years of unexplained pain, fatigue and other symptoms. She was later diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease. Donna covers news, treatments, research and practical tips for living better with fibromyalgia and Lyme on her blog, FedUpwithFatigue.com. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter. Donna is an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared online and in newspapers and magazines throughout Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania. She lives in Delaware with her husband and their many fur babies.

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I was on Cymbalta for depression for two years. At first it made me feel much better, but after a few months all I had was the constant sweating, twitching, but worst of all, it made me manic. I was spending money like a sailor on shore leave, taking all sorts of risks that I wouldn’t normally, drinking way too much alcohol, dating inappropriate men, unable to sleep etc. I would try and wean myself off it but the withdrawal symptoms were unbearable: brain zaps, aches, fatigue, extreme anxiety. With the support of my friends I finally got off it and have been Cymbalta free for 4 years. My main worry is that I suspect it has permanently altered my brain: my ability to concentrate is worse, I crave alcohol in a way that I didn’t before and my memory is shot. I eat well, exercise plenty and thankfully managed to keep my job but I believe that drug really is poison. I’m in Australia and wouldn’t know how to go about suing Eli Lilly but I hope you Americans can get something done about it!

Stacy Cooper

Miller DellaForce PLC. Charlottesville VA. It is not a class action. I’m suing by myself. I was sent a Pre-Settlement Offer, no figure but it looks like they are first settling the class action and then the individual suits, I’m sure my settlement amount with correspond with what the class action members are receiving.

Michele Long

Hi Jo Murray,

I am willing to also band together with others for a civil suit regarding Cymbalta. It’s been a nightmare for me too. I can’t seem to find an attorney to take my case though. It’s sad that I wasn’t notified of these dangerous symptoms and side effects of this drug and that I may have missed my window. I’m still taking it because I can’t seem to get off it. I have medical records that show all of the health problems I’ve experienced since I started Cymbalta, but didn’t know it was the cause because these weren’t listed on the medication itself. For “brain zaps”, I’ve had head CTs, neurological testing, and bloodwork. For excessive sweating, the doctors said I was pre-menopausal (at 36?)and put me on other meds with no resolution. I have abdominal pain, have had liver biopsies, bone marrow biopsy, and autoimmune and regular bloodwork every couple of months for the past 5 years. All came back normal! However, I feel like #&! $ most of the time…flu-like symptoms, body aches, etc. I have access to all of my records. Please let me know if you find someone that will take our case. I will also be searching around too and will let you know, as well. God Bless!

I have been DUMPED by my attorneys in the Cymbalta lawsuit for no reason. I lost my job, my home, my sanityEVERYTHING because of Cymbalta and I have provided all the proof in the world and I get an email that says I was being excluded from the settlement? Then these lawyers settle in a hush hush way that includes allowing Eli Lilly to keep peddling their POISON Cymbalta to unsuspecting victims. If anyone is getting together in another class action suit against these devils, please contact me at lasvegasjo8@aol.com because I have alll my documentation as my so-called “Counsel” did absolutely nothing to help me get my records despite filling out scores of authorizations for them to do so. I feel I was used to pad the initial claim, now I am being kicked out in the cold with nothing after my life has been ruined. All of us that have been left in the dust (I know there are plenty) need to get together for another claim against these devils!!

Michele Long

Stay Cooper, who is the attorney that took your case? I am experiencing severe symptoms whIle taking Cymbalta and when I try to get off it. I am curgently still taking it because of the severe withdrawal symptoms. I feel helpless, hopeless, and terrified that I will have to live with this for the rest of my life. I’ve seen specialists, I’ve had bloodwork countless times, I’ve recever MRIs and CTs, but everything comes back normal. I recentry read about all my issues being related to this drug. I need help! Thank you in advance!!!

Todd M.

My wife was prescribed Cymbalta and Lyrica three years ago for severe neuropathy. The combination did help some but she had a number of side effects from medication, weight gain and night terrors being the worse. She was tested for every auto-immune disease there is and was finally told that all it could be was radiation induced neuropathy from radiation treatments she had 13 years ago for ovarian cancer. She was told by the top neurologists in our area that there was nothing she could do but get minimal relief from pain blocks and be opoids. She was not satisfied with this so she began her own research and finally found a story about a woman who had identical symptoms. The woman was having capsular contraction of her breast implants as well as debilitating nerve pain. She had the implants removed and was pain free within just a couple of months.

With this information in hand she went to her neurologist and he admitted that it was possible, he had had another patient with something similiar. So she went to two different plastic surgeons about it and the second one agreed with her and scheduled to have her implants removed. In less than a week she was completely free of the nerve pain.

Now difficult part came in to play, getting off the Cymbalta and Lyrica. She was able to wean off the Lyrica with night terrors being the primary side effect. The Cymbalta proved to be as difficult as everyone else who has posted here has gone through. After a year and a half trying to gradually lower the dose she hit a wall at 30mg that she could not get past. She finally decided to seek a psychiatrist help. She was prescribed Prozac to buffer the withdrawal symptoms of the Cymbalta and after 3 weeks of being bed ridden with the zaps and nausea she was completely off of the Cymbalta.

I just wanted to post this in the hopes it may help others have success getting off this nightmarish worthless drug.

I have been on Cymbalta for several years for an antidepressant and chronic pain. Little did I know what type of side effects I would suffer. If I was even an hour late for a dose, here came the brain zaps. I could feel these throughout my body down to my feet with every step I took. Sometimes I felt like I was having a stroke or a seizure when this happened. This was not listed on the “Side effects.”. I also became dizzy, suffered uncontrollable night sweats (which I was treated for pre-menopause), and the list goes on and on. I was on a 90mg. dose per day.
My doctor tried to help me wean off of this horrible drug by using a calendar method but it didn’t work. I had to go right back on the same dose in a matter of a few weeks because the brain zaps from withdrawal were too debilitating. I am also on Lyrica for fibro and what I have read here scares me to death about trying to wean of of that drug. One drug at a time now. I wish I would of known about the lawsuit too. It seems like no firms are taking cases anymore cases. I would probably choose not to participate in a CAL but that would depend on what an attorney would say, if I could find one to take my case. Is anyone else having this problem? If so please comment to me. E. I. Lilly should pay for every person who has suffered from this horrible drug known as Cymbalta.

I am a cronic pain sufferer now for 26 years. I got in an accident when I was 10 and have perminent nerve damage to my leg from a tree. It seems to get worse the older I get. I am now 36. I am told I am to young to be on opiods for pain so they try all these other drugs instead. I know all pain is different and everyone reacts differently to drugs for pain but dang I feel like a lab rat. Try this pill, ok its not working, now take more of it. Ok, that is not working, now try these pills and on and on. Cymbolta not only did nothing for my pain, it gave me more issue while on it and then there was the getting off of it………OMG. The side effect where actually not that bad compaired to other drugs I have been put on.The loss of sleep, no desire to really do anything (bed all day was ok with me when normally it would not be) body jerks became the biggest issues. However, coming off of this (since it did nothing for the pain) is horrid. Just horrid. My brain is on a roller coaster ride without my body. The brian zaps, can’t think straight, hot flashes followed by anxiety, I don’t feel comfortable driving, the randome body jerks (someone asked me what was wrong with me when they say that happen), the loss of sleep, the sweating through my pajamas twice in one night, the crazy dreams when I could sleep (no sleep one night, 12 hours sleep the next night), loss of work because you have to lay your head down and close your eyes even if you can’t sleep. Its horrible. I am lucky my work understood that I told them I could not come in because I believed I was experiencing withdrawl and was too dizzy to even drive. They know I go through alot trying to manage my pain. I read alot because I think anti depressents are horrible chemically speaking, but I am desperate to help this pain so I try what I am told. I never read I could feel like this trying to come off of this or I would never have let my doctor put me on this. Plus I was dropped from 60mg a day to 30mg a day for 5 days to nothing. Not cool. The only warnings I find out about this withdrawl, are from people who have experienced it. And you know bad word of mouth is out there more than good word of mouth so you have to take it with a grain of salt. But if my doctor or another medical professioal would have said “Hey, when you get off this stuff…it is like hell” I would never had taken it. It did nothing buy waste time and make things worse. I was on it for about 2 months and have been off for only 4… Read more »


I also have taken Cymbalta. Took it twice and twice weaned off it. Second time weaning was worst one.
I weaned off it the first time cause I got stuck for 3 days without it and and about had seizures. Scared me so bad I told my Doctor I wanted off it and knew I had to be weaned cause of the reaction of being off it those 3 days was horrible. Doctor was not even aware of the electrical jolts and shocks that occur when stopped.
Then almost a yr later was placed back on it in desperation for pain and depression relief. Took about a yr and then noticed it wasn’t working any longer. So told dr. and started my weaning process, OMG, was hell. Took me 3 or 4 months to get off it completely and still had side effects after that but not as hellish as those 4 months.
I thought I would possibly die in the process but was desperate to be free from that demon of a poison!!!
I am free off it now and never want back o it again! It is too dangerous!
Funny thing, the electric shocks wasn’t included in the withdraw symptoms listed in their warnings when I was taking the Cymbalta the first time but after I experienced them and told my Doctor, and by time started back on it again, I read their warnings and lo and behold they had listed the shocks this time. Must been cause so many people complained about them.
I think a lot of new drugs are approved fast and tried out in us in the public, and we pay for them to test these drugs on us unknowingly!
We are just test subjects and money machines for them. They need sued by every one that has taken Cymbalta!!!


I will let you know how my conversation goes with my attorney, as much as I am able to obviously say. I will let you know if he wants me to file on my own, which I am sure that is the way he will have me go. These pharmaceutical companies really need to do more testing before putting their medications out on the market for us, the patients to take.
I was supposed to start taking the cymbalta again and if I didn’t see this message from the NPR I may have started again. Like I stated in my previous post I am on several pain medications due to a disease called RSD and I wasn’t sure why I was feeling the way I was.
As soon as I speak with my attorney I will post what he recommends me to do.

RAE to Paula

Paula, can you keep us posted on your conversation w/your attorney? I understand (legally) you surely do not have to. We (here@NPR) have an ongoing conversation about the new CDC/ DEA guidelines & I dont want to post so many links, but found out there are laws on the books (federally) protecting CP patients & the “new guidelines” concerning pain meds are just recommendations at this point & states can adapt or tweak to a certain point, but if we do not move fast–these “recommendations” will be fast-tracked as LAW! Here is a link i found interesting: http://rsds.org/your-pain-your-rights-dealing-with-your-physician-and-your-hospital/
The discussions we have been having here(@NPR)have been under article (plz read our comments) http://nationalpainreport.com/15-years-with-my-pain-dr-and-my-last-appointment-became-my-final-appointment-8831814.html
We need to find out if cp patients even have a legal ground to fight-possibly mobilization together within a class action against these organizations “prop” etc. let me know what you think! If so, Would there be an attorney willing to take on, probably the first of its kind, a civil “class-action” case possibly..not sure? I’ve been doing days of research & posted my letter to a candidate under the prior link in the comments section. I wish you all the best!

Paula Sorrentino

I am going to call my lawyer on Monday. I was taking it for 10 years and just recently stopped and the withdrawal from this medication was bad, but being I am taking so many different medications, I didn’t realize it. I just thought I was going through a bought of depression. Now that I know about this I am having my pharmacy print off a list of when I started taking it and how many times I had refilled my script over the years. I suggest this for all that are going to be involved in this lawsuit whether you file as a class action or personal

"Rae" to JP

To JP: I hope you return & see my response! Your story broke my heart!! Many stories here do, but I feel for you! Although we all have varying degrees of pain & health problems: we have similar experiences! In this era of curbing the treatment od CP, I fear more patients will be prescribed dangerous medications & NSAIDS! Do you ever hear the disclaimers on the commercials advertising these medications? WOW! I just wanted to reach out to you & let you know I’m thinking about ya! I hope/pray you hang in there! We all have to believe the crucifying will be stopped & there has to be a silver lining somewhere in this nightmare we’re all experiencing! (-;

Stacy Cooper

I called my attorney and I’m not suing under the class action, I’m suing as an individual. He said it will take up to a year for a settlement offer.

Paulette Anderson

I’m on Cymbalta and my PM doctor is afraid to try and get me off of it. He told me if he had any clue that this drug was as dangeroous as it is he would never had put even one of his patients on it. He said he has some in the hospital with breakdowns. He told me that it was safer to stay on it that to try and come off of it. Luckily or not I’ve got myself down to 60mg but he said no lower the brain effects are too serious.
My friend has been trying to get off for about 3-4 months and she is going through terrible side affects. Her doctor is trying to help but nothing is working. Another friend, a nurse who has 3 children that are doctors, tried to get off of it and had to go back on it was so bad.
I wish we all knew about the suit, anyone on it should be compensated and if we are stuck on it we should get it free and be paid a monthly amount.

Experienced severe Cymbalta withdrawal over 5 months. This withdrawal experience has been unlike anything in my life, absolutely hellish. These months have been so difficult, that I’ve begun taking it again under Doctor care. However, I am still experiencing symptoms. I too wanted info on lawsuits and submitted inquiries to law firms involved with Cymbalta lawsuits as well as to the law firm (Baum) mentioned in this article, unfortunately, I never received a response.

Robbie Billig

I did not realize there was a law suit either !!
I would have sued them myself !!
I took me one year to get off this horrible medicine
I don’t know what it is like coming off of herion except what have read and seen.
This hit everyone one of the symptoms.
I spent hundreds of dollars on alternative healing and oils and certain vitamins.
I changed doctors three times, not one of them ever asked me how I was doing on it just kept writing an RX for it.
I wouldn’t wish this medication on my worst enemy 😡😡😩

Paula Sorrentino

I am really mad that I was not informed of this. I take cymbalta, 6 months out of the year and was never told about side effects, of just stopping this medication, by my doctor or my pharmacy. I take it for RSD and it also helps with SAD which happens with this disease. I am due to start taking it again but now I have second thoughts about it. I think I will ask my friends that have RSD what they take and look for something else. I don’t want to deal with the withdrawal symptoms again and NOT get compensated for my pain and suffering


I was prescribed Lyrica and became suicidal, I have little left to live for (at least that is how I felt at the time). At 32 years old, I was told I had Premature Ovarian Failure, I could never have my own children, and no, adoption was not an option as it is a difficult and costly process. As time passed by, I battled my grief and depression. I followed the doctors’ advice and I did finally recognize through my visceral despair that Lyrica was the only factor that was different and that it must be the medication. I consider myself lucky to have come to that conclusion on my own, otherwise, I would be dead right now. Soon after I sought help from another doctor outside my network and was prescribed Cymbalta. I am one of those people who broke the capsule and counted the beads. I bought the empty gelatin capsules from the health food store. It took months of counting and counting and chasing the frickin’ beads around a plate with a butter knife. They like to stick to themselves like magnets. This was about…5 years ago? I still have muscle jerks and they aren’t always small. Some are like my own personal earthquake. I have balance problems and I have had no recourse for the damage I feel was done while on this medication. No one knew. My doctor was never made aware, that there were suicides during the clinical trials for this drug. Don’t believe me? Go here: http://antidepressantsfacts.com/duloxetine-cymbalta.htm My pain has remained right where it always was – so tethered to my every thought and action, it is inescapable. I am currently on pain medication and now those are being targeted for everyone, even those who really need it. It creates deep anxiety for me. I have faithfully tried EVERYTHING my doctors have suggested and now the one medication that helps me, that I know the risks and what I must do to taper off them. My doctors all know. I gave up on a wonderful relationship. It wasn’t fair to him, and I knew it. I pushed him away and his life seems to have greatly improved without me in it. We are still friends, and it’s better this way because I truly love him and to be honest, the guilt of holding him back was more than I could endure. I was slowly being demoted, put in positions that created flares due to public contact, I finally gave up and took retirement as soon as I was eligible. That was a 21-year career also gone. I’m very lonely, I live with my mother, I no longer get to have sex or intimacy, friendships are strained and I am too spent to try to try to keep up. sleep poorly with muscle jerks throughout the night. I try to remain upbeat but I feel like an imposter. I look in the mirror and I don’t even recognize who I have become. I have… Read more »


I cannot wean off this poison. Withdrawals start kicking in if i am an hour late taking it! The side effects of this poison are too much for me to be on it, but the side effects of getting off of it are worse. No where and no one to turn to, this drug should never have been legalised. The FDA are just as bad Eli Lilly

I agree, I suffered terribly from this drug and even lost a job and a short time later became disabled and I’m still disabled. But I knew nothing of this lawsuit until seeing this article


was nobody aware of this suit I had blisters on my tongue down my throat I had such horrible with drawl when i went off Cymbalta the Neuro push this drug and I think they are getting 1 hell of a kickback from this drug


My doctor has been trying to get me to take this drug since the spring. He said it helps with anxiety and with nerve pain. I refused because it was an antidepressent and I told him I had not had luck with any of the ones I tried previously when trying to quit smoking. He is still pushing this drug on me. Glad i stuck to my gut feeling and said no. I’m going to show him this next time. Wow!

Stacy Cooper

I’m so sorry to those of you that did not know, but when I had a nervous breakdown after going off of Cymbalta in 2014, I researched over and over about it on the Internet. I suspected it was this because even if I was an hour late with a dose I was sick from withdrawal issues. I was experienced in oral opiods withdrawals which I was able to stop in 2011 when my doctor put me on the Fentanyl patch. Thank God! The withdrawals from Cymbalta are much worse than oral opiods withdrawals. I’m part of MyFibroTeam and have talked several times about this lawsuit but along with this article publishing that the maker has settled its claims but I haven’t gotten a settlement offer, how can this case be considered settled – the FDA should have contacted every prescriber of this medication to inform them about this lawsuit. I think something needs to be done about opening this class action back up for more people to file claims. This is criminal in my mind.


This drug stole my career and the life that I knew. I am a shell of who I was prior to withdrawal. I have suffered more than any human should have to. I will never trust another doctor as long as I live.

Mary Beth Neault-Tammaro

My husband went through a great deal when Doctors removed him fromCymbalta.
He ended up in a veiled bed, with his arms in restraints. It was awful to watch what he went through everyday !


I too was unaware of this lawsuit. I suffer from chronic pain caused by a botched spinal fusion 10 years ago. I was prescribed narcotics, Cymbalta, Lyrica, muscle relaxers, etc. I complained of many of these terrible side effects but was simply told that “all drugs have side effects”. My pain management Doctor took me off the Cymbalta but ignored my complaints and doubled my Lyrica dose. I was a zombie!!!! I asked him to lower the dose again which has resulted in the “head zaps” if I go even a little late between doses! Fortunately I have a new pain management Doctor who listens to my issues, however I cannot lower the dose now without the severe dizziness, nausea and “head zapping” in addition to an increase in my pain level and uncontrolable twitching and jumping movements in my legs. How do these monsters at Big Pharma continue to pay off a few people and keep these dangerous drugs on the market?!?!? Any info on this or other lawsuits would be greatly appreciated!!

Angella Anderson

My mother recently died from Parkinson’s and had been a long term user of Cymbalta. She had a bad reaction to Lyrica and I did too. She also had an extremely severe case of fibro and was also on Vicodin and Nuycenta.
I’m currently on 90mg of Cymbalta and have been having the brain jolts if I miss even one dose. I never knew any of this until now, and I’m sure my doctor doesn’t because I just saw them last week about not sleeping well and fibro pain. I thought I was possibly having mini strokes or it was related to my migraines! But when it happens it’s scary and I worry about strokes. Now I’m going to have to talk to my doc about a different med! How in the world did we not know about this! The word needs to get out about this! I’m posting on Facebook…..make this a national thing…..they can’t get away with this….

Mark Ibsen

As a physician, I learned about Cymbalta Withdrawal Syndrome from my patients, and not just a few of them.
Disappointed I did not learn this through professional channels.
One may ask: Why not?


Withdrawl should be gradual so that symptoms are not distressing.

Tracy Cabanting

I actually had to take Prozac for a month to ween off the Cymbalta which made my depression and suicidal thoughts a million times worse! My best friend is on it and it’s working wonders for her. But she knows how hard meds like this are to get off of. We were the teenagers they experimented on in the mid 90’s. I don’t know if I will ever do an antidepressant again.

Wish I knew of lawsuite, I experienced same thing. As a person who dispensed this plus the other drugs in same class the Pharmaceutical companies should have to do a blanket statement. There is not one pt. I can name (filled over 500+ scrips a day)(x10 yrs+) that does not have all or some of the above withdrawal symptoms when medication was taken as prescribed. A 1st year pharmacy student can understand the chemistry involved here. NO wait a huge pharmaceutical company does not know the above is not going to happen what makes me even sadder is it was only 200 people in this case talk about being quiet. I know people who have gone through far worse that have had their hearts affected by this medication with no compensation from the pharmaceutical company.Due to the fact that they call it rare & MDS believe its something else due to the fact that it’s not in the prescribing information (God forbid they think outside the box) there’s not enough people to take Eli Lilly to court so attorneys think. We all know these medications affect the heart also. I hate this company I wish they would finally be taken down but due to the fact as someone wrote above they are the second biggest lobbyist in the country and they’re in the pockets of all politicians it’s never going to happen. God forbid they thought of making a smaller dose. However that would be a waste of money being that I don’t feel this drug and from seeing hundreds of people on it is ineffective in treating pain.

Sandy Rintoul

Apropos of Lyrica, it took me abut ten weeks of graduated withdrawal to rid myself of Lyrica. The consequent systemic increase in pain is not insignificant, but the accompanying weight loss has made the effort worthwhile.

In the light of today’s article, I am very apprehensive about trying to quit Cymbalta. I can see a deep-and-meaningful with my GP coming up.

Andrea Miller

My husband and I are still taking this medicine, we never heard anything about this. Can someone please tell me how find out about this lawsuit.

Tim Mason

I argued with my doctor over this evil SSRI. I finally go a RX to prove a point. Spent two day with my head in my lap. Got a call from Walgreens head office. DO NOT TAKE.


It would be very interesting to see how much money went into the pockets of politicians from the makers of Cymbalta and Lyrica. Both drugs given to practically anyone with no oversight. In return the lawmakers crack down on pain patients and opioids forcing more desperate people onto supposedly harmless non addictive substitutes increasing profits for the companies who make and sell the snake oil. My prayers to all those who have suffered due to this nightmare.

Carole Porter

Had terrible withdrawal symptoms from Cymbalta. Would never recommend this drug to anyone based on my experience. I was not prepared.


It is a sad sad situation. I did take opiates and cymbalta and Lyrica in the ’90’s. The MOST traumatic of these to get off of was Cymbalta, the second was Lyrica, and the easiest were the opiates. My body was much sicker from the antidepressants and seizure medications than it was from the opiates. It’s beginning to seem like Dr. Megele is governing the scheduled drugs now. I’m so glad I don’t have to have any of it any more. It is so sad for those in lifelong chronic pain.

Paula Sorrentino

I have been taking Cymbals for close to 10 years now and I have noticed that if I have missed a day because I am sick I get zaps in my head. I take it because I have RSD, and it helps with the burning in my left foot/leg. I was not aware of any lawsuit against the company

I was not aware of this law suit, and I to had sever withdrawls when I was taken off this drug! I was never informed that this is what was going on. actually what happened is my insurance changed, and the new insurance refused to cover the medication, and i ended up for the most part bedridden and sick as hell for a few months, while trying to fight the insurance company. I finally filed ans official complaint with a government organization that oversees HMO, and finally got my medicine. one I got the medicine back, and started taking it again, it didn’t seem to work the same way, and so my dr. changed me to a different fibro medicine at this time. But initially probably what i was going through that i thought was just a really really bad episode of fibro, was most likely these very serious withdrawal symptoms. I lost my job over all this, because i was out sick longer than the amount of time i had fmla available for. So now how do I contact a lawyer involved in this suit, now that i know what it was all about???

Jillian Drexler

I take Duloxetine (generic) and it is indeed hell to get off of. I’ve been trying to get off of it for about four months now (after being on it since Aug ’15), and realizing the risks outweigh the benefits. As frequently as meds can change for fibromyalgia, this isn’t a good go-to med for a lot of us. My rheumatologist (who wasn’t the one that prescribed this) tried weaning me off of it too quickly & starting me on two other meds with no success yet. I read up on every med before it goes into my body & had I known ALL of the info, I wouldn’t have taken this horrific med. Glad to see the drugmaker had to pay! Thanks for writing this!

Stacy Cooper

Interesting because I’m part of this lawsuit and although my attorney has indicated a settlement has been completed, I have yet to know how much or when. How can the media say the cases have been settled when I have not received any legal settlement paperwork? If my doctor had known that I was going to go through hell when he took me off this, he would have watched me closer and I could have at least known that was why I was going through hell. Knowledge is power and now people can make a more knowledgeable decision of whether to start or stop this drug.


This is what is sickening right now in our country. They want you to take this, lyrica or gabapentin instead of actual pain meds and the side effects are just awful and if you cannot afford them or go off too quickly, you can have seizures. As a chronic pain sufferer, we are not being helped at all now and the costs of the test alone prevent us from having hope.