Eurail Passes more popular than ever with train travelers

Eurail Passes more popular than ever with train travelers

Eurail Passes more popular than ever with train travelers.

The number of Eurail passengers in 2010 grew by 11.9 percent compared to those in 2009, with a grand total of 427,000 traveling and sightseeing through Europe by train.

The Eurail Group G.I.E., which sells and manages the Eurail Passes, has reported very positive year end sales results for 2010.

Sales for all Eurail Passes grew significantly last year, with the vast majority of global sales regions performing very well. August was a record month, reflecting the worldwide increase in travelers’ confidence; and there were a large number of bookings made right at the last minute.

Sales of Eurail Passes to travelers from the Pacific area increased by 27 percent compared to 2009, Asia went up by 20 percent and South America rose by a staggering 33 percent.

Despite the effects of a still challenging economy in the United States and Canada, the sales in north America stayed at the same level as 2009.

Growing economic markets such as Brazil, India and China are increasingly responsible for the continued growth and popularity of Eurail Pass travel.

Eurail Group’s Managing Director, Mr. Rene de Groot, the positive results in 2010 exceeded the original targets. “By the end of June 2010 we could already see travelers’ confidence returning through rapidly increased booking numbers,” he said. “With Eurail Group’s final 2010 numbers now reported, it was a very pleasant surprise to learn that the 2010 numbers equal those of 2008 (the last pre economic crisis year).

“All products, as well as travel to and within many of the regions and countries in Europe were up by the end of the year,” he said. “These are very promising indicators for the future and we are confident in saying that we expect to welcome around 470,000 pass travelers to the rails in 2011,” Mr. de Groot concluded.

About Eurail Group GIE: The Eurail Group offers a range of rail passes to suit almost all itineraries. Eurail Passes are available from the following authorized sales channels: ACP Rail International (, Eurail B.V. (, Flight Centre (; Rail Europe North America (, Rail Europe (rest of the world: and STA Travel (

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