FDA Pulling Pain Medication Opana ER from Market, Is This the Beginning of the End for Chronic Pain Sufferers?

FDA Pulling Pain Medication Opana ER from Market, Is This the Beginning of the End for Chronic Pain Sufferers?

By Staff.

And here comes the FDA!!!!!  In a first-of-its kind, the FDA has removed a previously approved opioid medication – Opana ER (oxymorphone hydrochloride) – from the market because “the benefits of the drug may no longer outweigh its risks.”

“We are facing an opioid epidemic – a public health crisis, and we must take all necessary steps to reduce the scope of opioid misuse and abuse,” said FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D. “We will continue to take regulatory steps when we see situations where an opioid product’s risks outweigh its benefits, not only for its intended patient population but also in regard to its potential for misuse and abuse.”

First it was CDC’s pressure on doctors and stigmatizing patients that led to tight restrictions and decreased availability of opioids for those who take them legally and with necessity to manage pain. And now, it’s the regulatory arm of government swinging to the fences.

The agency said that data showed a “significant shift in the route of abuse from nasal to injection following the product’s reformulation.” The agency added that “injection abuse of reformulated Opana ER has been associated with a serious outbreak of HIV and hepatitis C, as well as cases of a serious blood disorder (thrombotic microangiopathy).”

So, the FDA has pulled a pain medication from the hands of those who had been legally prescribed the medication because it is associated with outbreaks of HIV and hepatitis C due to addicts sharing needles.  Perhaps a better course of action would be to focus on the problem of sharing needles.  Certainly, pulling Opana ER from the market will result in addicts turning to other sources of a high, while the individuals who used the medication legally and responsibly have to suffer or try to find alternative ways to manage their pain.

The FDA’s decision follows a March 2017 FDA advisory committee meeting where a group of independent experts voted 18-8 that the benefits of reformulated Opana ER no longer outweigh its risks.

According to an FDA press release, “Opana ER was first approved in 2006 for the management of moderate-to-severe pain when a continuous, around-the-clock opioid analgesic is needed for an extended period of time. In 2012, Endo Pharmaceuticals replaced the original formulation of Opana ER with a new formulation intended to make the drug resistant to physical and chemical manipulation for abuse by snorting or injecting. While the product met the regulatory standards for approval, the FDA determined that the data did not show that the reformulation could be expected to meaningfully reduce abuse and declined the company’s request to include labeling describing potentially abuse-deterrent properties for Opana ER (emphasis added). Now, with more information about the risks of the reformulated product, the agency is taking steps to remove the reformulated Opana ER from the market.”

“The abuse and manipulation of reformulated Opana ER by injection has resulted in a serious disease outbreak. When we determined that the product had dangerous unintended consequences, we made a decision to request its withdrawal from the market,” said Janet Woodcock, M.D., director of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. “This action will protect the public from further potential for misuse and abuse of this product.”

More from the FDA press release:

The FDA has requested that the company voluntarily remove reformulated Opana ER from the market. Should the company choose not to remove the product, the agency intends to take steps to formally require its removal by withdrawing approval. In the interim, the FDA is making health care professionals and others aware of the particularly serious risks associated with the abuse of this product.

The FDA will continue to examine the risk-benefit profile of all approved opioid analgesic products and take further actions as appropriate as a part of our response to this public health crisis.”

Chronic pain sufferers and healthcare providers should take notice of this last statement.

Shares of Endo Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ENDP) have plummeted 16% as of this writing.

In a press release, the company had this to say:

Endo International plc (NASDAQ: ENDP) is aware of today’s announcement by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requesting that Endo voluntarily withdraw OPANA® ER (oxymorphone hydrochloride extended release) from the market. Endo is reviewing the request and is evaluating the full range of potential options as we determine the appropriate path forward.

While the benefits of opioids in treating and managing pain are widely recognized, the misuse and abuse of these products have increased greatly in the U.S. As a pharmaceutical company with a demonstrated commitment to the improvement of pain management, Endo feels a strong sense of responsibility to improve the care of pain for patients while at the same time taking comprehensive steps to minimize the potential misuse of its products.

Despite the FDA’s request to withdraw OPANA® ER from the market, this request does not indicate uncertainty with the product’s safety or efficacy when taken as prescribed. Endo remains confident in the body of evidence established through clinical research demonstrating that OPANA® ER has a favorable risk-benefit profile when used as intended in appropriate patients.

FDA Drug Safety Risk Management and Anesthetic and Analgesic Drug Products Advisory Committees Meeting Outcome

On March 13 and 14, 2017, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Drug Safety Risk Management and Anesthetic and Analgesic Drug Products Advisory Committees were convened to discuss pre- and post-marketing data about the abuse of OPANA® ER, the product’s overall risk-benefit profile, as well as the abuse of generic oxymorphone ER and oxymorphone immediate-release (IR) products. 

While the Advisory Committee members voted 18 to eight, with one abstention, that the benefits of reformulated OPANA® ER no longer outweigh its risks, more than half expressed their preference that OPANA® ER remain on the market, but with additional regulatory restrictions to mitigate the risks of misuse and abuse.  

What’s next?  We want to hear from you.

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Authored by: Staff

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  1. Tanner at 10:39 pm

    I have a fam member that went today and her dr says there soon to take her off opanaER. She’s been in it for years due to amputation of her leg. She’s devistated! May I add questioning us about death due to changing something so dramatic at a short notice. Does anyone know when a def desicion will be made or has permanently been made? Does anyone know about regular OP without ER? Does it even exist? I’m worried for my fam member. This may be enough to push her over the edge. I pray for everyone 🙏🏻

  2. Dawn burns at 1:44 pm

    THIS IS INCOMPREHENSIBLE TO ME! Every drug or narcotic is abused by a small percentage of people and because of these abusers the first ER that has helped me they’re taking off because of their own biased studies! Try educating on needle sharing and stop prescribing because if you’re under pain management you are scrutinized every month and it is MANAGED by monthly ursine tests! What’s next all of the, removed ! Oxycodome is widely misused and guess what , all of them are by this degenerate population of people misusing everything !
    I have 2 herniated discs, back and neck, degenerative disc disease, stenosis, scoliosis. Spondylilosthesis, 5 thoracic bulging discs, AND LUPUS WITH RHUEMtoid arthritis!
    Opana saved me from horrific pain and it’s unconscionable that the fda thinks they know what’s best for all of it!
    Time for us to lobby with our congressmen ! We need to fight this battle together !

  3. Tim Mason at 10:50 am

    The FDA and DEA have this addiction model all backwards. Practically all alcoholics can trace their addiction back to alcohol exposure in adolescence. The same is true for any scheduled drug or illicit drug like diacetylmorphine (Heroin) or Coca plant alkaloid (Cocaine).
    The biggest risk to addiction is YOUTH. The opioid crisis is a hoax. Some are now calling it a prescription writing epidemic. There are no prescriptions written for Heroin my friends.
    The above link is interesting concerning those born in 1984 and after. Ironically, many Nuevo physicians are this age and are addicted to their electronic devices, television, etc. by the same paradigm. The do not even realize it.

  4. David Cole at 9:30 am

    Gary Gere,
    My fellow chronic pain patient, I have several things wrong with me, the most bothersome was peripheral neuropathy. However I got really sick and an old shoulder problem popped up, turned out I had bone on bone, arthritis and two muscle tears in my shoulder, due to the new CDC guidelines, turned into some kind of law, my pain meds were cut by 2/3 leaving me wanting to die. Anyway I’d started inferred light therapy for the peripheral neuropathy, cost me $3,500, anyway I got smart and I went out and bought my own inferred light system. My shoulder was So bad, pain meds weren’t doing anything for it, neither was physical therapy and cortisone shots. I tried the inferred light therapy on my shoulder. 25-30 minutes a day, it was like a miracle. pain decreased by about 85% and I could use my arm again.The unit I bought was $850.00, but it was for both feet. I see you can buy decent light pads for about $50-$150, or if you got good insurance have a physical therapist try it on you. I really think you should try this. Polychromatic Infraed light therapy is being used by Physiotherapy dept., Chiropractors, Anesthesiologist, Dentists, Physical Therapists, etc.

  5. Mosie at 6:22 am

    Dear Gary, Your description of your pain made me cry, even though I have the equivalent amount of nerve pain in my face.

  6. Brenda at 5:14 am

    Euthanasia for people no longer considered to be “productive members of society”, may not be that far away. While I agree that we should be allowed to make this decision for ourselves. The government may just make it for us.

  7. Brenda at 5:04 am

    The FDA has decided to pull my pain medication from the market. Opana ER has been a life saver for many years for me. With allergies to Tylenol and Ibuprofen, 99% of the meds used for pain management are off limits to me. Throw in an allergy to Morphine and I’m screwed, please excuse my language. Oxycontin, can’t take it. I’ve been on Fentanyl. The restrictions it put on my life (nothing like ending up in a life threatening situation because you became overheated) and building up a tolerance that led to withdrawls 12 hours before my next scheduled patch led me to seek a safer medication. Moving to a state where medical marijuana is legal isn’t an option. The government will revoke your 2nd amendment rights if you have a medical marijuana card. Called the FDA. Sorry, it’s your doctor’s job to find something else. Feeling frustrated and helpless

  8. Gary Gere at 2:02 pm

    I suffer from long term chronic pain due to a total knee replacement gone “wrong”. I am in constant agonizing pain. My pain management specialist physician has tried everything. Opana ER is the ONLY medication that allows a certain measure of pain control, affording me some improved quality of life, and allowing me to maintain a full time job.

    Apparently, drug addicts are now spreading diseases (such as HIV and Hep-C) via the use of shared needles when injecting illegally acquired Opana ER.

    If the FDA is successful in removing Opana ER from the marketplace, those drug addicts will simply move to other (probably more dangerous) substances, with absolutely no reduction in the spread of those diseases, and most probably an increase in emergency room visits and deaths from the injection of illegal “street drugs”.

    The (un)intended side effects will be to put people who suffer from long term chronic pain, such as myself, into abject misery.

    It never ceases to amaze me how people who do not suffer from chronic pain think they can decide for those who do. Not long ago, “pain” was to be considered the 5th vital sign. Now apparently it is not.

    If you are the FDA reading this, consider stabbing an ice pick fully into your knee, wrapping it with duct tape, and not being able to remove it for 6 months. You will be desperate to stop the pain. But you cannot. Then you will have SOME idea of what chronic pain sufferers such as myself have to live with.

    PLEASE leave medical care and decisions to legitimate doctors and their patients.

  9. Robert Ivan at 8:17 am

    To Mr. Mason:

    Tim, you made reference to source material from the AMA; “I read that in April of 2016 at the AMA meeting is was stated that it was no longer “Unethical” to turn down treatment for a patient if sufficient expenses could not be yield a profit.”

    If you would, will you please give a link to this? If this is actually to be found published for medical employee consumption, there is no hinding the agenda.
    We have all discovered on our own and all need to acknowledge the awful truth.
    For Americans, this is the 21st century euthanizing of a specific group of people.

  10. Kel b at 9:10 pm

    Totally agree. Hopefully if you’re on this site reading these comments you do know about pain and meds.
    And hopefully there are those on the site that Don’t know and will learn something.
    I think if We want to change the attitudes, we all should call our local reporters and get our stories out there. Afterall, they are only reporting on what they hear…..so general public is only hearing that. We need to give general public something to go on.
    I’ve shared so much of this with friends, family, even my employer, they are shocked!!
    Its up to us, no one is going to do this for us.

  11. Tim Mason at 6:46 am

    The problem is that those that do not understand pain, and chronic pain in particular will say:
    “Yeah, These drugs are BAD. I did my research”- “I GOOGLED it”
    Concerning chronic pain.
    There are those that don’t know.
    There are those that don’t know and don’t know that they don’t know.
    There are those that don’t know and know they don’t know.
    There are those that don’t know and would not understand it if you explained it to them. (avoid these people)
    This last set makes up no less than 85 percent of the population.

  12. Elizabeth A Runyan at 4:57 am

    This comment is for Jack.
    Opana ER has been a godsend for me as well. I understand your frustration.
    I was on Nucynta ER for almost four years. It was a very helpful medication for me and I didn’t have any side effects until it was time to increase my dosage to the highest level. Then I immediately began to experience extreme itching. It also has an antidepressant built into it, not sure I ever realized any effects from that.
    It’s definitely not nearly as strong as our Opana ER though, so at the max dosage….it’d be a step down in my opinion.
    You might ask about Embeda….I’m being switched to that next month. The only issue I foresee is the built in deterrent which doesn’t activate unless someone tries to crush the pills….that’s a great thing, the issue for me is the deterrent inside Embeda will negate my breakthrough medication, Dilaudid.
    I’m still going to change over and see how it goes. It’s morphine sulfate and the side effects do sound not so great….hoping I don’t have them as I’ve been lucky with all the opiate based medications and potential side effects so far.
    Good luck to you in whatever you end up being changed over to.

  13. Jack at 1:53 pm

    I am devastated! I suffer chronic pain from back and spinal cord issues. I have tried many alternatives, and oxymorphone is the first to give me round the clock relief without making me dopey and falling down. I have a life. My pain is not gone, but manageable. Now they want to take it off the market because druggies abuse it. What else is new. Druggies abuse drugs!!!!! ALL drugs!!!! Yet again, law-abiding citizens are being punished because the government can’t control the felons. Something is wrong with this picture. My doctor and I are very frustrated because there is little else for me to try. He thinks tapendatol (Nyscenta) might work, but that has lots of drug interactions and seems to be much more dangerous. So the pain patients will continue to suffer while the abusers will just pick something else!

  14. marguerite at 7:29 am

    I sent my story to the link on the message provided for the hearing on June 16th and it wasn’t received. Why? I sent it days ago! It attempted several times without success. Very disheartening and much time wasted!

  15. Beth at 9:38 pm

    Since I read this and made a comment I read it again more comments as someone else brought up another total issue that is a worry are they just taking this medication I have been prescribed away without a weening process my God this is actually an addictive medication are we going to be throwed on something totally different what is going to happen. ? I am terified of pain. The withdrawal from it this is insane to do to people like most of us who take our medication correct. Please this can not happen. I will lose everything I have my home my job my vehicle the government does not do physical labor they do not understand regular living people in pain that do gone st hard physical work for there whole life I got up took my pill wondering on the 22 of this month am I going to be able to have this medication that gets me up everyday to go to work. Please do not take our life and our livelihood away from us in desperate pain.

  16. Bradley Cumbie at 3:33 pm

    That’s exactly right about our too much,way too much government interfering with what does best for certain individuals. I started commercial fishing at a very young age and over the years it has destroyed my functional body parts to where it is hard for me to even most of the time! Since most of our government officials has never seen a day,just one day of hard work,then they surely don’t experience the chronic pain that I have to endure,even when I’m sleeping. They hardly do anything to stop the meth epidemic that has swept this country like a wildfire during a drought with a 100 knot wind blowing. I have had over 15 surgeries in the last 15 years and it has caused me to to endure some of the worst pain I have ever had to imagine going through.it has cost me 2 marriages,land and a nice home,2 of the nicest pickup trucks a person could possibly own. Most of the time I hurt so bad that I have to reason with myself if life is worth living anymore. The only relief I get is from pain medication issues to me by pain control doctors. I now have not had a life since 1996 when I hurt my back. I have really really tried with no success to live a normal life and keep going forward. I have been denied SSI supplemental income 3 times the last just a couple of weeks ago. 700 dollars a month and had to get a lawyer on it,once again too much government! When the day comes the government can tell qualified physicians what they can do for their patients then we are all in trouble. The ones that benefits from this is insurance companies and rehabs,which are springing up everywhere so they can attempt to keep the unemployment rates down. Those of you that endure what I do and don’t abuse your meds need some lawyers to help us fight this [edit],which is a direct violation of our civil rights,the right to pursue happiness without infringing on the rights of others and plan a and roxicodone is the only thing that gives me a mere piece of life that I have left. Those who really suffer need to ban together and stop this kind of [edit] the government has once again trying to impose upon people like me and others that truly suffer. It would be down right cruel to make go back to the beginning without relief,it would be downright inhumane!

  17. Chuck Weik at 2:44 pm

    So what’s next? Do we ban the sale and use of automobiles because drunk drivers cause too many fatalities? Should we stop the manufacture, sale, and use of computers because hackers use them to steal sensitive data? Let’s not forget all the health issues related to overeating, or eating foods too high in sugar or fat content. We should absolutely pull all food from the market. That would surely put an end to obesity.

    There has to more to this than what has been presented publicly. The argument upon which the decision was based is totally unrelated to the drug’s intended use, and equally applicable to a multitude of other prescription drugs.

  18. Tim Mason at 9:09 am

    What doctors are doing now (perhaps one of you physicians on this board can chime in and comment) is what is called “Cherry Pick and Lemon Drop”. If you need help and use and “In Network” doctor that works at a reduced rate you may be dropped or told “I cannot help you” because the payback is low.
    I read that in April of 2016 at the AMA meeting is was stated that it was no longer “Unethical” to turn down treatment for a patient if sufficient expenses could not be yield a profit. These lemons include: Diabetics, overweight, certain ethnic groups or those with comorbidities. The patients tend to have longer hospital stays, infections and other complications.
    This actually happened to me three years ago before my spinal surgery. I was told by the surgeon “You need to much, I do not think your insurance will pay for all that you need”
    I found a neurosurgeon that did both my surgeries in one hospital stay. Two days in ICU + 5 days on the neurofloor. I am not overweight, nor do I have high blood pressure.
    So someone with serious complex pain issues requiring multiple opioids and monitoring, or may be a high risk for abuse (smoker, drinker, and anything else the “Medical Gaze” told them, could be turned away because they will need > the 90 MED to have a semi normal life. This would put the physician under the “Legal Gaze” has cost him/her money in record keeping.
    Cherry Pick and Lemon Drop to new norm. (btw-this was one way doctors under Obamacare beat the pre-existing condition). You can look all this up. It is true.

  19. Maggi at 7:23 am

    I can’t get any relief where I live. No doctor will treat me for pain. I am at the point that if I am forced to continue living like this then there needs to be another plan in place for people like me forced to live in pain. I would be grateful to at least be offered the right to die with dignity with assisted medical suicide than continue living like this in fear of ending my life at my own hands because I can’t get the help I need.

  20. Beth at 10:54 pm

    I have been taking opana for about six years I still work because of this medication I take mine regularly as scheduled never have ran out I feel like everyone else I’m being punished for being old and having worked hard for 38 years physical labor now have so many horrific pain causing illnesses without this medication my life will come to a complete halt. I will not be able to work. Even now my quality of life’s not great I work and live in bed. At least I can work. People in pain management are diagnosed with legitimate pain with test MRI different types of scans were not just given medication without a valid reason as someone suggested. This is awful to take away the only medicine I can actually have any type of life with. The HERION is the problem not people on pain medication actors and stars are overdosing prince was found with pain medication but also HERION he was mixing them thats why he died they link these deaths to pain medication no its HERION there making the epidemic worse hospital ER rooms will be full people in pain .just wanting relief. Please leave us people who need this alone legitimate people in pain not abusing medication its a shame to have to possibly live my last ten years in horrific pain. Yes I would probably just commit suicide before I lived like that .I can’t get out of bed now until I take my pill in the morning and it starts to work. Why I do not understand this honestly. Were supervised with our medicine. I lock mine in a safe like my pain doctor told me I do everything correct but I’m going to be punished. I don’t understand there way of thinking . take all pain meds away from people who need them what do they want everyone on HERION for God’s sakes please leave us law abiding citizens alone. Do not take away the only medicine that lets me get out of bed and go to work I’m 54. As said so many things wrong with me list goes on .

  21. J.C. at 8:49 pm

    I’m really upset.This happened to me a few years ago when opana was taken off the market to make them into a safer version. I didn’t know that at the time. I thought they were gone forever. Then one day they were back but in a different formula. That was great because it was the only pain medicine that worked for me. But in the few months it was off the shelves, I struggled just to work a full day at work. I was put on something else for the time being,which didn’t come close. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone. Is this really happening again? This time for good? I just don’t understand how it was f.d.a approved and now that addicts got ahold of it, it’s f.d.a unapproved. What about us group of people who take it as prescribed and actually need it. I was hit by a bus in Manhattan in 2006 and have had many surgeries. Titanium skull, orbital socket,screws and bults in my back and neck,2 new knees,a titanium rod in my arm and much more. I work construction to support my family. Nobody can tell me I don’t know what pain is or what works best. And opana was it. I feel as if I were hit by a freight train with this news that they’re pulling it from shelves. What’s next? Give me asprin and say ” go support your family sir” . My family would starve.

  22. scott michaels at 8:25 pm

    More suicides more counterfeit drugs more HEROIN. Legitimate patients suffering. In 2 weeks BOOTLEG open A will be on the streets. PAIN PATIENTS must be involved in these decisions. PEOPLE THAT never took a pain reliever are making these decisions and have no clue to what is really happening. Good legitimate patients are suffering to the point of going to the streets. We have an aging population.
    Bathtub GIN killed hundreds of thousands during PROHIBITION. NOW legal booze kills even more and there in not 1 medical purpose for it. I used to take 240 mg oxycontin and 90 mg oxycodone daily. Life was good I was able to work drive and make a life. NOW MY MEDS were cut 75%. NOW in SSDI can barely walk or even get out of bed. PAIN PATIENTS MUST HAVE A VOICE BEFORE YOUR SCOOPING US UP OFF THE STREETS.

  23. Jenifer Sterling at 8:10 pm

    My medical file is 6″ thick. Full of tests, procedures, surgeries, alternative medicines, out of state doctors, specialists, and not one but two truly out-of-your-mind-terrifying out of the country surgeries–I have tried Everything (suggestion? I will try it if I can!) spent us into huge debt, had to quit my dream job and swallow my pride to go onto disability (the attorney said it was the easiest case he had ever done). Why? Because I am a junkie!!! Oh. Wait. No. Incredible mind-searing pain every minute of every day for 13 years due to a doctor making a surgical mistake from a simple necessary surgery. My life is ruined and yet strangers tell me it should be worse? Going to go sign the petition. Thank you for putting it up!

  24. J.C. at 2:53 pm

    I myself feel opana is the only medication that works. It took many years to find the right medication to ease the pain from multiple surgeries due to 3 different cancers that kept coming back in different parts of my body. I was first diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36. Now 10 years of suffering I can finally enjoy my children and 4 beautiful grandbabies. I also suffer from a panic disorder that leads to seizures. Now I’m stressing over whether or not there is something out there that works just as well. My question is….. If they stopped making them in March, how did I get my prescription filled a week ago? Are doctors lying just to save their own asses? And also is there anything out there that will work on me and all the people who truly need this medication? There are real people with real pain. Not someone who is drug seeking. Between drug abusers and this new president,people like us are getting the raw reality that these people don’t consider the people like us who truly need these meds just to get through a painful day and get to the next. Yes people like us are getting screwed because of people who don’t know what real pain is. Maybe we should kick Donald Trump and the people who don’t need them other then their selfish need to get high,right in the balls and let them know what pain is. Lol. On a serious note, we all need to protest for our rights to live a pain free life. Why do we have to suffer because of these people?. And you people out there who truly are in pain know what I’m saying when I say…” The pain we are in is soooooo bad that we truly get relief and don’t get high” The pain is so bad that we’re lucky if just the pain subsides. You’re happy if that just helps. Forget about getting high. But people do use these meds just for that reason and that alone. It makes me sick. I truly feel for those of you who are getting the boot and now have to suffer. That’s no way to live. And forget about a heroin epidemic coming or happening…. I’m thinking about suicide epidemics getting higher, because lets face it,some people are in so much pain that they’d rather die then be in that much pain. It’s so sad that this country,the home of the free,is getting more like the home of no rights. This is our life,why can’t we live it the way we want or need. It seems everyday we get another constituanal right taken away from us. Love and peace to you all. I feel your PAIN.

  25. Renee at 1:23 pm

    Why so much concern and legislation aimed at addicts who, obviously, do not care about their health, or wellbeing? If they have no concern for anything other than chasing that next high, why should those of us who obtain our much needed medications, legally, now have to suffer and are denied a quality of life in order to control access to addicts? From what I have seen, addicts still have a ready access to their fix of choice, it’s just costing everyone more, and contributing to a ever increasing crime rate, so they can afford their next high! The government tried making alcohol illegal, in the 1920’s, because of the, “evils” associated with liquor. How well did that work? Deaths from bad liquor and deaths from the government trying to stop the bootleggers.
    Soon all narcotics will be declared unsafe because of abuse by addicts, then only addicts will have access to the medications that, millions of Americans need in order to have some semblance of a life with quality. Perhaps it’s a government conspiracy to push older people, who are suffering, into killing themselves because they cannot stand one more day inpain. A pain that was once controlled by something as simple as a couple of pills. Pain free on thes medications, no, but a pain level that one can live with, and perhaps, get some enjoyment from life. As for me, my meds have been reduced to a point where I can choose which 8 hours in my day I want to live, and after that, my pain control is non existent because the extended release meds that are suppose to last 12 hours, only last 8, and my physician refuses to give me that 3rd pill that would give me back my life. I’ve lived with this all of my life. Always was careful with and never took more than I was prescribed, and now what worked for me, for over 20 years has been determined, by someone who does not live in my body, that it is too much, and cut out one dose, daily, of my pain medication regimen, which was originally compiled by my PCP, my pain management physician (now retired), a neuropsychiatrists and a neurologist!

  26. Margo at 10:37 am

    As a chronic pain sufferer I won’t go into my story, but I urge each and everyone of you to email your representatives, email the commission before June 16! Continue to email, call, write. We are only strong in numbers and we must be heard. Honestly, many of these decision makers have family who suffer or have suffered. We may all be in the same circumstance one day.

  27. Marie Mitchell at 10:12 am

    I agree with NPR that the FDA’s decision to pull Opana ER is an outrage. It ignores the rights of chronic pain sufferers; it dismisses the skills of scientists who put years of research into creating this safe and effective medication; and it denigrates the competence of physicians who prescribe this pain reliever. I don’t understand why concerns about abusers and addicts override compassion for people who live with chronic pain.
    I congratulate your website for disseminating information about opioid medications and advocating for the rights of people in pain.
    I encourage you to express these concerns to the FDA and to the President’s recently organized commission on opioid medications.

  28. Jill at 7:09 am

    It’s crazy, how they think this is going to work…

  29. Elizabeth at 6:20 am

    Here is the link for the change.org petition. It’s just about 160 signatures shy from the goal. Please sign and share this, thank you.


    I’d also like to say that I was very touched by every comment on here yesterday (except for Jasmin )
    My heart hurts for many of you, but it is also strengthened by the courage, inspiration, determination and compassion you showed by sharing your personal stories and ideas. We are strangers who have a common bond and our stories are sadly so much alike. You are amazingly strong people and that is what will help our cause. It is my hope and prayer that each of you are able to find some other form of relief and we are able to get Opana ER back and not have any other medications taken away from us.

  30. Robert Ivan at 6:09 am

    The gentleman in the White House knows damn well what he’s doing. We were lied too believing that the confirmation of Dr. Price as the head of Health & Human Services and repetitive statements that his chief goal as Secretary would be to Protect the Doctor – Patient relationship. Get government out of the Doctors office. Bullship!
    His agenda is clear; solve the enormous debt our country has by attacking the weakest of us. Baby Boomers make up 2/3rd’s of our population, many are logically dealing with bodies that are failing due to age. It’s simple numbers when the majority are ready to receive their Social Security benefits or those of us who suffer from continuous, every stinking minute of everyday pain that no one healthy person could possibly understand or care to.
    How hard is it to figure out that 1/3 cannot support 2/3rd’s of the population. We paid bushel baskets of money in FICA dedications, while our government continued to steal our savings.
    From one President to another talking about saving Social Security since Kennedy and nothing stopped them from tapping into our future by passing the buck. Now comes the reality that there is simply no more to steal and the NON-PRODUCTIVE citizens that no longer contribute need to be dealt with. They can’t afford us folks, so they come up with this propaganda campaign and call it “The Opioid Epidemic”. Really? The reason our country has a problem with drugs is all because of Grampa Joe’s Pain Pills? What’s worse is the country is buying this lie.
    Our streets are flooded with Heroin and the government’s plan to stop this is to ban legal pain analgesics? FREEDOM FROM TYRANNY!

  31. Jill at 5:07 am

    This is just crazy what they think they can do to people that take medicine The way it’s prescribed to them.I know one thing they are creating a heroin epidemic​..what are they going to do then??

  32. Jill at 3:39 am

    I’m a 46 year old woman who lives with multipale surgeries do to numerous bouts with breast cancer without this medication my quality of life is nothing (just ask my husband he’ll let you all know what he has been thu all the mornings when I can’t get up to take my medicine to fight the cancer still to this day he has to give it to me every morning we have to wait till it takes affect all the pain subsides that’s when our day starts)then it’s off to the doctor’s​ it seems like I live to go to a doctor every day.and if you know anything and how long it took the doctors​ to figure out that I should even try this (med) it’s been awhile
    I’m sure the (FDA) must have loved ones who have or have had (cancer)and live a life with a lot of pain in it and the only thing that works is this (med)what would you say If someone came up and took your life,,?to me it just like being (shot in the 💓).I live with this every day I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.but maybe the (FDA)..we need to do something about this….. can’t let them take our lives like this..(and I do believe that they are creating a heroin epidemic​) If they think they are fixing things they are (crazy)…so I guess we will all just wait and see,,,,or are we going to do something about it..I say we do something about it…TY

  33. Kel b at 1:20 am

    Yes! Sign petition @ change.org, call / write your representatives, email by June 15th to: commission@ondcp.eop.gov
    See typed out emails samples (there are 2 now) at some of these related sites talking about this and sharing articles & comments daily.(Pharmacist Steve, Pain News Network, etc. These are all on Facebook too.
    Call FDA 1.888.463.6332, go to #3, then #2, then #4 and tell them not to remove Opana ER.

    These comments need to be shared w the public and representatives, CDC, FDA, DEA ETC ETC ETC

    To the comment stating you are embarrassed to tell your friends & family about your medication, WHY??? We need to share more w people who don’t understand any of this. That’s the problem, we keep sharing w each other, I know it helps, I do too, but we must get our stories out there.

    One commented on getting scripts and not finishing them- that’s another problem- the gov thinks there’s lots of unused meds sitting in med cabinets and young kids end up taking these and get addicted. That may be true and a long time ago, but why put it out there??

    Another commented about addiction. Theres a big difference between addiction and being dependant. Insulin users are dependant too.

    Choose your words carefully.

    CALL YOUR LOCAL REPORTERS, get this in the media. If 10+ people from ea state could get on the news, it would get some attention.

    We can do wonders in numbers!! There’s been other petitions and not enough signatures to send in….that’s really sad.
    These petition sites are so easy to use, it takes under a minute.

    Cdc announced today there are 2.2 billion people obese!!!
    worldwide, 20 well populated countries and USA IS #1. Now that’s an epidemic!”. Alcohol, tobacco, need I say more?

    This is a drug dealers dream come true! It was reported on 11-19-2016 that heroin & illicit fentanyl were the new driving force behind the opioid epidemic- not prescription pain meds. By: Stefan Kertesz, assoc prof @ university of Alabama-Birmingham.
    Nothings changed! Its gotten worse!!!
    We need to step it up and do our part.
    Now AARP has a series out too,The Opiate Menace.

  34. Teresa Sorrell at 11:02 pm

    I have been suffering from Chronic pain and Fibromyalgia
    for about 10 years. Three years ago I was diagnosed with a rare Cancer. Not only was I kept on my Percocet, but
    Morphine and Fentanyl patches were prescribed. After I went into remission the pain medications were slowly decreased. First the Fentanyl was discontinued and slowly the Morphine. I was sort of sad because for the first time in 10 years I was pain free. Finally I was only on Percocet.
    It was a huge shock when December 28 2015 the Doctor said they were no longer going to give me a prescription for Percocet. WHAT! I had went though all the urine and blood test. I had gone though feeling like a Criminal each month when it was time for refill. I never broke my contract or failed any test. I never lost a pill or had them stolen. I was very upset. I knew that life without my pain pills would be unbearable. I cried and yes I cursed. I asked how could I function without pain control?
    I told my Doctor I could not, would not, will not live in this pain. I left the office and walked into traffic. In patient Behavior modification unit. Intense therapy. Bio feedback, imaging, PT, EMD, massage, dry needling, hot cold therapy.
    Shots, nerve blocks. Denerveation. Tens unit. Lidocaine patches.
    I am sorry, I tried. I really tried. I still feel the same way as that December day a year ago.
    I can not, will not, do not want to live with this pain. My quality of life is to the point that 2 days a week I think about suicide. Two days I lay in bed praying. Yes I am up the other days but always in pain. Not being able to enjoy the life I want. To play with my grandchildren, to do car rides, to visit family. To go see a movie. To walk my dogs. To fish, to work in my flowers.
    No, this us not living, this is just breathing. No one understands, no one knows how not only my body but my soul hurts. I see all these drug overdoses and wonder where they are getting the drugs that I can’t get legally. I hear of a lot of suicides in the chronic pain community. Please let us unite together to fight these new laws. We need spokespersons who will help us fight for our rights. The right to have pain management that works. The right to live our lives to the fullest. The right not to have to end our own life because we can not stand to live in pain. We hurt to much to March on D.C., We are to sick to fight for our rights. There is a movement across the country to die with dignity. How about a movement to live with dignity, to live pain free or at least make it Manageable. Write letters, speak up, make noise. We as a people in pain need our voices heard.

  35. Bill Williams at 9:54 pm

    Please Endo pharmaceutical do what no other health care people will not do for us chronic pain patients fight the government from taking our pain medication Opana ER.
    I don’t have long to live but I pray that my government isn’t allowed to make me suffer even more in my last day’s.
    I go through hell ever month just to get my pain meds, it helps nothing just puts me through more stress coast me and my insurance company more money and for what, I know how to take my meds without Overdosing, I dang sure not going to sell what I need. Taking Opana off the market will not help anything, the ones that abuse it will move to Herion, if anything stop putting in what ever is making them sick.
    tell the government to get junkies help, like the one intelligent lady said all who OD’S that comes through the ER or 911 call has to be put into REHAB.
    Pleae fight this Endo we your customers need your help.
    Thank You.

  36. Maggi at 9:19 pm

    I live in chronic pain most days it’s so bad I wish I’d just die already and I’m just 50. I cannot get pain medication in Spokane Washington. I was black listed by an arnp whose new medical assistance were being rough with me physically and verbally. After I had the vitals finished I spoke wth her over what occurred and she was apologetic and we joked about it. Then I got a message on my phone from on one of the m.a. that said the arnp wasn’t happy with me so I called back left a message to get a call back and cancelled my appointment until I could understand what was going on. She never returned my call and she put a letter in my medical file stating I was a behavioral problem and had failed my drug test. None of which is true. The pain I’m in is so bad right now I’m suicidal most days I feel this way because of pain and zero quality of life. Like I don’t know if I’ll survive if it gets any worse. To bad people in pain it wouldn’t even matter if we did start dying. It really makes me upset that because people are dying from their unhealthy choices and these dead people are more important than people who are sick and injured and begging to live life. I pray karma comes after everyone from the CDC, FDA, and the DEA who’ve profiled people like me and end up writhing in pain for eternity.

  37. LMC at 9:12 pm

    What chronic pain patients need RIGHT NOW is a prominent public figure that’s also chronic pain patient to begin the fight publicly, loudly and favorably defining the difference between chronic pain and drug overdoses. Most of us don’t have legal staff that can take this on individually, as that impact would be minimal at best and arduously an uphill battle. Chronic pain patients can’t wait for courts and motion fillings. We are in pain today. Six months from now is too late. When an abuser overdoses and is brought back from the brink then released from hospital, is it to a waiting cop to be arrested for taking drugs ILLEGALLY? Are they offered a deal to give up their dealers? No. But, we are being forced to suffer inhumanely. I don’t know anything about social media but in my painful opinion we need an important advocate.

  38. Gayle Higgins at 8:47 pm

    I have had MS for 20 years. I’m in chronic pain and would not have any quality of life at all if I did not take pain medication. I’m on a low dose of pain meds. The pain nonverbal goes away but I am able to have quality of life. My story is just like everyone’s else.
    We need to all get together and hire a lawyer/law firm that will fight for us. I don’t believe that signing petitions, but I do, in this instance will change anything.
    Any suggestions on how to go about all of us getting an attorney to represent us before we are all screwed.

  39. Angie Heavner at 8:31 pm

    They need to stop taking pain meds away from the chronic pain patients. Try putting in place the right guidelines, if they are using shots give them a sharps container that they have to turn in every mth. Try supplying safes to keep meds safe from people who steal them instead of helping the patient like they are supposed to. There are so many ways to protect the patients rights and give them the medications that help us function even a little bit everyday.
    Stop blaming the patients for the abuse of drugs. Chronic pain patients don’t want to take these meds, they are left no choice if they want anytype of life.

  40. Michelle Ziemba at 8:23 pm

    This is very disturbing because what’s next? All opiod prescription drugs. But I want to point out that this article is misleading. The drug hasn’t been pulled yet. The FDA has asked the pharmaceutical company to pull it voluntarily. So try and get your scrips now. Good luck!

  41. Renee Mace at 8:04 pm

    I will sign every petition that is out there to sign, my very life depends on pain medications, without it I will be dead from a stroke or heart attack. But have any of you ever thought about how insane this is and how we should act maybe like them with let’s say:

    Alcoholics , there are so many alcoholics that the FDA and the CDC need to make people sign a drinking liquor agreement contract and take urine test and have a perscription for it.

    Smokers and Marijuana users: they to need to sign a contract with there state, have tests and cigarettes counts and what ever kind of pot use count.

    Over Eaters and the Obese: they need to sign a contract with there state and have a person from the government come over and make sure that they do not eat to much sugars or fat’s or ???? if they do, then they can not get there food anymore because they broke there contract.
    I could go on and on, but to me that’s really what it amounts to. There has been addicts around as long as man has been on this earth and no matter what there will always be there like it or not, but why am I paying for it with my pain medications being brought down so low, that I can only function for about an hour every 5 hours and then another hour of semi peace from my savage pain. I am in terrible condition and can no longer do anything except stay in bed and isolate myself from my family and friends because my pain is so high that I get sick to my stomach.

  42. Susan Domokos at 7:59 pm

    2010…Taken off 4 10mg Percocet and 4 10mg Valium while in the hospital for diazombieism and pain… Started on a 50mcg fentanyl patch…Went Every month for s pain check…dose upped to 75 mcg…2011… Prescribing Dr retires…Writes letter to explain the reason for the fentanyl…
    Started​ with a family clinic bc I am also diabetic… Clinic decides… Nope…Too young and no cancer…Given 2 choices… ER or rehab…I wasn’t a junkie so I begged and pleaded with the patient advocate…The Dr of clinic.. Rep Tim Ryan… Rep Capri Cafaro… Ohio… NOBODY CARED…I was made to go cold turkey and as a result of the immense stress…I had a heart attack Feb 20..2012.. my 49th birthday…
    From then on..I have​ “opiate withdrawal” on my hospital records…I was labeled a “junkie” bc my records didn’t say my wd was from a prescription of fentanyl…
    Fast forward to now ..
    My current Pain Dr recently cut my Norco from 3 to 2 and my tramadol from 3 to 0 bc I also smoke marijuana…And I was honest from the beginning 20 months ago…
    April 2017…Cut my meds and accused me of selling my meds to obtain my marijuana..
    NOT TRUE..
    May 2017…Told me that he wasn’t losing his license for me and I had 30 days to get off marijuana…
    May 2017..Quit smoking marijuana bc my pain meds are more important and I wanted to get them back..
    June 2017… Expected my drug test and reinstatement of my pain meds… WRONG.. WRONG.. WRONG.. WRONG..
    Still only got my 2 Norco..Asked for my tramadol back… NOPE…
    I have to wait until July 2017..
    In the meantime..I am having vein valve cauterization on right leg…14 days later the left leg..When I asked my pain Dr about it…He told me it doesn’t hurt that bad?!?!?!..
    Marijuana helps my brain/pain mngmn…I GAVE IT UP and I still am getting screwed..
    And I passed an unofficial drug test…
    I called the CDC about this and I received an email that I was under Consideration..I messaged 2 major news stations…They felt bad but didn’t care..
    Today I sit here with a 15 pain scale on medicine for maybe a 5 pain scale…
    Severe PTSD.. Major depressive disorder and major anxiety disorder and major pain is what I am left to deal with…
    I will join forces with whomever has an idea or plan…I cannot continue this trek towards normal without someone on my side..#sufferi ginohio

  43. Veronica at 5:12 pm

    Most of the opioid epidemic is due to lack of taking control of meds that are prescribed to children and teenagers. Who in their right mind would let their child be responsible for taking meds properly?? The rest of this so-called ‘epidemic’ is due to people who are on street drugs to begin with. Why do we chronic pain patients have to suffer because of others actions??!! It’s wrong, and a violation of our rights as patients! Rant over, for now…

  44. Ibin at 5:03 pm

    President Trump has his first meeting with Chris Christie Friday, June 16th concerning the “opioid crisis”. Don’t hold your breath for better pain management. Christie has stated that he is dead set against all opioids. May he live to be 140 years old with…….the mis-guided-line, as is.

  45. Ibin at 4:50 pm

    If ALL opiate based medication is removed from the market, that may help the individual patient, for the “potential of abuse and misuse” the chronic pain community will suffer …..even worse. I happen to be prescribed this very medication as of 4 months ago as per the CDC 90mme daily of the medication One, that’s 1 “pill per day of oxymorphone ER. The prescription called to use one, that’s 1 pill…..per day OR 1 per every 12 hours. How about the OTHER 12 hours in a day? I have been prescribed for over 15 years, reduced myself by 30% some 5 years ago was Now with the med removed, I wonder what I will be prescribed next?

    I really can’t help but to be very angry about the entire “opioid crisis”. The ONLY crisis among the populous of the pain community is the total disregard for say 20 years of documented use of opiate based medication after all other medications and 2 invasive surgeries failed to ease pain enough to be a “functioning patient”. It seems the CDC, our state medical boards, and the Department of Health and Human Resourced will not be satisfied until EVERY chronic pain patient, those with a little or even a great deal of documentation with the beneficial use of opiate medication with ZERO “infractions” with treatment have NO other avenues to help their painful health condition. It is willful negligence for a medically necessary health condition.

    Health conditions that are treatable. Health conditions that HAVE been documented. Conditions that HAVE been treated by examinations, evaluations, tests, due diligence prescribing by our providers.Our doctors are being completely stripped to prescribe medication with no further resources to “treat”. Sorry, I know you are a “real” patient with pain but. If ANY “light” was being shed as to the outcome for a patient to be sufficiently prescribed, it may not create so much “fear” for the future of those who may need SOME assurance regarding the matter but again, nothing. “Commune-ism”. One for all and that’s enough.

    A 17 year old girl is being charged with manslaughter of an 18 year old boy in te state of Massachusetts for “coaxing”, goading, talking the young man into committing suicide. The defense is stating that he was “already” suicidal. Well that’s even worse. She went as far as to coax him into completing the action WHILE he was in the act and wished to “back out”. She even advised him how to do it. Sounds familiar to me. The CDC, medical boards, Dept. of Human Resources and every other agency know that the chronic pain patient ALREADY has a difficult life yet, this manslaughter case gets national news coverage. The ONLY coverage the pain populous gets is in reference to an “opioid crisis”. The only “crisis” is the one being created with the mis-guide-line. I wish it were a bad dream. It’s bad but, NOT a dream.

  46. David Cole at 4:33 pm

    Attention all chronic pain patients and their advocates, here’s our chance to get into the White House. The Trump opioid Commission will be holding its first meeting on June 16th. Go to: Commission@ondcp.Gov and leave your comments on how CDC new recommendations along with the FDA and DEA have completely destroyed your lives like they have mine. Please help get as many chronic pain patients to send in their stories as we possibly can. Another good resource is (Linkedin) become a member and follow the pain News Network.

  47. David Cole at 3:04 pm

    Everyone needs to go to change.org and sign the petition, make opiates available to chronic pain patients again. Then go to petitions.whitehouse.gov, we need somebody to write a good petition on that site, if we can get 100,000 signatures in 30 days we can get a response back from the white house within 60 days. Like always the government never looks into the unintentional consequences of what they do. Please everyone, continue to fight for our right to have at least a little bit of a life. I really miss my grandkids, but since my meds been cut by two-thirds, I’m in so much pain when they’re here I just yell at them, so I don’t let them come over anymore. So now they’ve taken a husband away from his wife, a father away from his kids, a grandfather away from his grandkids. I can tell you it’s not Isis we need to be afraid of in this country, it’s the CDC FDA and DEA. They’re killing the most vulnerable people in our society, the elderly, disabled and Wounded Warriors.

  48. David Cole at 2:40 pm

    Everybody needs to go to change.org and sign the petition(make opiates available to chronic pain patients again). Everybody also needs to go to, petitions.whitehouse.gov you can make your own petition here. We really need somebody who can write, you can make your own petition on this site, if we can get 100,000 signatures in 30 days we get an update from the white house within 60 days. We all have to do everything we can before they kill us all. As everybody on here knows even if suicide don’t get you, the constant fear of going to the doctor, anxiety, depression or the feeling of hopelessness will.

  49. Private Person at 2:10 pm

    I have been an aggressive and vocal person in this all out assault on Chronic Pain Patient’s and their Pharmacists and their Doctors. Now, to see them go after the Drug Companies and sue the Manufacturers of the Medications takes this fight to a whole new level.

    The Health Insurance Companies had to be forced to provide Drug Rehab Care that was not previously being paid in the benefits outlined in their Coverage Plans until laws were signed to make them pay for the care that was so desperately needed . This shows us that none of these decisions are being guided by facts, but by PROFIT MARGINS, both by the Health Insurance Companies and the Drug Companies.
    We all have to realize that neither the CDC or the FDA understand the difference between Chronic Pain Patients and outright Junkies. They DO NOT CARE and that is our reality They do not care about 7 back surgeries or car accidents or Injured Veterans or People with Chronic Non-Cancerous Pain, we do not matter to them. Our quality of life does not matter to them AT ALL ANYMORE!!!!!
    And if we do not stand together, no matter what the cost, we are all going to be forced to live without any quality of life and that is not the way I am going to live my life, utterly destroyed by chronic pain. We have rights, we are paying ridiculous sky high premiums for Insurance Plans that are not providing the necessary care that we need to survive.
    When I called numerous times my Representatives in New Jersey’s Legislature, I now feel that I was totally lied to about what was in Gov. Chris Christy’s Drug Bill.

    I was told NUMEROUS TIMES that New Jersey New Law WOULD NOT EFFECT CHRONIC PAIN PATIENTS CARE or Access to our medication, that we would not be effected, only acute and new prescriptions would be limited. That was an OUTRIGHT LIE. We have been slandered, lied to, abused and refused the standard of care that any other patient with Severe Chronic Conditions are given. The CDC and with the FDA must fought and nothing we do or say on these message boards is going to stop this attack on sick and ill persons.

    If we do not start taking legal action and get lawyers to step up and help us fight these targeted acts against innocent Chronic Pain Patients, we as a community are already seeing the horrible consequences of what happens when Ignorance and fear guides policy and law and when common sense and reason are replaced by misguided blame.

    This month, June 2017, my own Prior-Authorization for a small dose of long acting Pain Medication will expire. I have met every criteria, taken every urine screening, jumped through their garbage Step Therapy or Fail First Criteria and have already reduced my dose in half from my original dose. I will NOT have my medication taken away, as it is my life line to a halfway normal life. As we know, Pain Mgmt. does not take away all the pain, it just makes it bearable so we can sleep more that 2 hrs. a night, enjoy a day with my family, maybe on a good day go to the beach, things that NORMAL people do every single day and don’t even think twice about it.
    If My Insurance Company refuses to renew my Prior Authorization, and refuses to pay for my Medications, while I am fighting for my right to have a quality of life that is by no means Pain Free, I will take necessary steps to make my voice heard. I spent days and days fighting with my Insurance Company to make them keep their contractual obligation to me and I won.
    But I now an facing what a lot of you have already have been through, wondering if the door to my meds will be slammed shut. But, I can tell you that I will not go down without a fight, and I wish I could inspire all of you to take your hurting, sick morally depleted soles and unify in a fight against the CDC, because as I see it, we do not have the time to wait for the errors in these medical decisions to swing back to a policy of measured normalcy.

    If at any time in our lives, those of us who are willing to take the fight back to the CDC who started this misguided attack on our community, with their misinterpretations of data, along with making up guidelines, that the Healthcare Insurance took and ran with and made those very ” GUIDELINES” the POLICY for their FORMULARIES as of Jan 1, 2016.

    The one thing I did do and it was exhausting, was to keep coming at them and calling and writing documenting every call, every contact every name, by date, and keeping notes. The Insurance Companies do not like to give out their names, they transfer you to dead lines, they will put you on hold for 30 minutes to nowhere. If you do get a person, often times I found they had no answers and many times I was hung up on. They could claim it was an accident, but it was not at all.
    Finally, just when I was ready to hire an attorney, as my Dr.’s staff was exhausted and fed up with also being lied to and no matter how much information they provided, they too were dead ended.
    I finally got one person in Corporate, who, after I had threated to hire an attorney and file a lawsuit, as I had met every dam credential and obstacle they put in my way, decided to intervene and look into why my Pre-Auth that was still good till the end of June 2017 was not being honored. Turns out, he claimed it was a paperwork error and that he would personally fix the problem.
    This is not the issue now. I will need a new Authorization now issued and I dread the fight that I know is coming my way. I will fight just as hard but I have no confidence that I will win this one, but I will still fight. HARD

    But one thing I know for sure, I am NOT responsible for the Heroin Epidemic in my State. I use my medications as prescribed and I do not divert them or do anything that violates my Pain Mgmt. Contract with my Doctor. I am a good person who got very sick and I should not be punished for needing medication to function. I am not a criminal, I am a Pain Patient and I refused to let the CDC with their misguided information and misinterpretations of the actual date about what is causing the Opioid Crisis in my State to ruin the quality life I am entitled to.
    No one has the right t be my Judge, My Jury and my Jailer as it is criminal to deprive suffering patients the medications they need.

    I hope this post helps anyone of you to not give up and keep fighting. I will post an update when I have more to tell.
    We need an advocate with a lot of money and who will speak TRUTH TO POWER.
    If you know someone who is willing to step up and take on our fight, we cannot ask that of them unless we too are willing to step into the light and fight back hard also.
    Be strong and don’t give up. One day at a time.

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  51. Jillian Drexler at 1:48 pm

    And we, the many innocent, continue to be punished for the actions of the guilty few…Such a damn shame.

  52. David Cole at 1:28 pm

    All chronic pain patients or anybody advocating for them, needs to go to change.org, and sign the petition(make opiates available to chronic pain patients again). As far as I’m concerned the United States government ie: CDC, FDA, DEA are committing murder. They know darn good and well thousands of chronic pain patients are committing suicide. If we don’t all stick together and find some way to fight back they are going to kill us all. We all know the government never thinks about unattended consequences, they have now created the potential of 20 to 40 million more customers for drug dealers. These people need to be in jail for crimes against humanity.

  53. Gina at 1:14 pm

    Although I am not on Opana ER, I am a chronic pain patient who has been on opioids for many years. I’m too embarrassed to tell my friends what I am on, but I only take my meds as prescribed. I had truly hoped my last cervical surgery would have allowed me to at least reduce some of the meds I am on or at least reduce the dosage. However, they pulled my arms back so hard and so tight during the surgery that I ended up with permanent shoulders injuries. I also have lumbar spine problems and extremities pain, numbness, burning, itching, etc. that doesn’t end. I am terrified about what will happen to me if my doctor is ever forced to reduce my meds.

    What bothers me how doctors and pain meds are being blamed for the current heroin epidemic. I realize there are a few bad doctors out there who make the news for selling patients extra drugs, but I’m sure this is a very small percentage. Most doctors I’ve seen through the years made sure I wasn’t abusing my prescriptions. I was told by a few doctors that I am not an “addictive personality”. At one hospital pain clinic I had to take an over 500 question test that supposedly showed that I was not an “addictive personality” (although that makes me laugh because our bodies do get physically addicted to them anyway. At the same time I understand what they’re referring to. But I always wondered….does that mean that people who are supposedly addictive personalities don’t get help even if they have a legitimate pain producing condition(s)?

    Anyway, I’m 61 and remember that codeine was still available in over-the-counter meds when I was young. I also polled just about all of my friends and we all remember being prescribed narcotics more than once as teenagers for different injuries, tooth extractions, etc.. Yet not one of us abused them or started taking other drugs because of being of them. Most of us remembered not even finishing the pills most of the time. It’s like we just knew and accepted that they were only used only short term. I also read that before my time, Coca-Cola actually contained cocaine (hence the name)! How many addicts were created by this? To my knowledge, none of my grandparents or parents ever had a cocaine addiction.

    My last 2 paragraphs personally make me believe the addiction epidemic that our country is going through is due more to the idleness of teens and possibly money problems with those who are selling drugs. I STILL am shocked when I read in the newspaper about someone in their 50’s and 60’s getting caught selling drugs! This was unheard of until a few short years ago–at least in my area.

    I am out of luck if the time comes that my doctor is ordered to reduce my medications. I have had 2 surgeons tell me now that I am no longer a candidate for surgery because of the amount of “metal” (I know it’s titanium but they used the word metal) in my neck. There are so many days now when I ask God what purpose He could possibly have in keeping me here since I am almost worthless. I live my life on the bed, and my social life consists of doctor appointments. I take several breaks while typing something online (like this) because of the pain. But I know the meds are still helping me because I feel the difference as they start wearing off. But even on my best days (pain level is a 7), if I’m on my legs for just a short time the pain increases to the nth degree (quickly jumps to a 10) in both my lumbar and cervical spine, and pains shoot into my head.

    Why does it seem that ever since the advent of HMOs, the insurance companies and our government have started treating us more than our doctors do? Yet our government doesn’t have to settle for the insurance that most of us have to. Sorry I went on so long, but I am so disgusted and scared. We’re being punished for something that most of us aren’t guilty of. I’m sure all of us here would be ecstatic to get our problem(s) fixed and get off these meds.

  54. Dennis Brassaw at 12:37 pm

    My chronic pain is a result of a bad idea for spinal lumbar fusion approved by the FDA in 1996. 28′ fall in ’92 left me with serious spinal injuries.
    Fusion of L5-S1 with Ray cages sans pedicle screws and rods, and having the spinal process and facet joints removed turned out to be a stupid procedure that the FDA decided in 2000/2001 was an oops moment in their decision making. But do they tell patients[victims really ] about this change in the standard of care for this procedure?
    Of course not, we recall cars, not people.
    18 months of pure hell post surgery had me deciding I would never have back surgery again.
    So when the barely fused L5-S1 broke in Sept 07 I refused to even think about seeing a surgeon. But by July ’12 I saw the Doc who did my ’99 surgery. Based an an MRI he said there was nothing wrong with my back. One year prior I had taken out life insurance in a plan to hold out for the 2 year exclusion to end.
    Now I only had to get back in line for the grim reaper.
    A neighbor intervened and sent me to is Neurosurgeon friend in another state.
    Go back to original hospital with radiology orders that clearly show my back is broken and head of radiology that does reading says everything’s fine. That despite the fact that every lay person that looks at x-rays goes “wow dude, your back is broken” Finally 5/1/13 repair is made by surgeon with the integrity to say original surgeon made a mistake. Fantastic right? I’m going to exit the pain train and the pain bitch from hell, WRONG. I wean myself off the pain meds and WAM BAM, THANK YOU MAME, the pain bitch is back now even more so than before.
    But my sociopathic[totally documented] Doc refuses to treat my pain. 6/’14 I’m put through a month of sleep deprivation. This story goes on with so much bat shit craziness I have no choice but to write a book.
    Currently I’m weaned off 90 mg oxycontin and oxycontin a day cause I broke my pain management agreement with pain clinic.
    This after NP threatens me every month with taking my meds away and looking around for options for my pain I tried pot and admitted this like a fool. Now I’m screwed.

  55. Rhonda potter at 12:33 pm

    Class action lawsuit is needed. This is like manslaughter or wannant endangerment. Why don’t they just take us to the gas chamber.?
    When my pain becomes unbearable, I’m going in as a lobbyist and taking my own life as my pain control for them to see! Bunch of idiots!
    Get a lawsuit started. By it without using your insurance.

  56. Dorlee at 12:19 pm

    Please, all those who have written send your comments to the FDA about Opana and any other opioid medication they are looking at. They are taking comments for just a couple more days I hear. e-mail address is advisory.com/daily-briefing/2017/06/09/opana

    Of course, there was no notice to make comments. We need to get in as many as we can. I have been leaving that e-mail address everywhere.

  57. kjn at 12:14 pm

    So because of a bunch of weak minded individuals who have no benefit to society,a group of people who work and struggle with chronic pain have to suffer???When did we go from being a society of citizens who took care of themselves to one where the government has to say,no you can’t have this to help your pain because this guy over here will misuse this and possibly die at his own hand???? Bullshit!!!

  58. Andrew Mueller at 12:13 pm

    This is so wrong of our government in America, just as millions of baby boomers ,begin suffering, but this is accelerated, by Geo spraying by shadow government branches, that we were warned about by former President Dwight Eisenhower, so now with heavy metal radioactive particles, GMO food , chemical added to water, and microwave grid, we’re all given more degenetive dieases, why cure it were making so much money off Cancer Respitory Problems.

  59. karen at 11:56 am

    I have Marfan’s disorder, which means that my body is destroying itself from the inside out. Anything which is held together by connective tissue has or is failing. This includes my spine. I’ve already had 6 surgeries to fuse/bolt/cage or half my spine and another surgery is in my future.
    Why does this matter to you, Mr FDA Commissar in charge of banning our legal access to a life-‘saving’ drug? I have been in hospital-based pain management (no, not one of those phony strip mall ones all over FL and other state which are the places you SHOULD be attacking instead of us) for 8 years. It was suddenly terminated because the hospital President was afraid of your witch hunts. But for the 8 years i was there weekly/monthly, working to learn to manage my beyond-extreme pain which occurs when your spine has collapsed and your heart valve explodes after months of undiagnosed heart attacks (women don’t have the simple signs you men have). Anyway, back to Opana. I spent 2 years working with my pain management Dr to find a medicine routine that would allow me to GET OUT OF BED, let alone survive the day. Opana is the cornerstone of that medicine routine. It has made it possible for me to survive the day, starting with my husband helping me take my 7:30am meds which includes Opana, because without the meds, i can’t even perform that simple task on my own. I then have to wait lying in bed an hour while the Opana to take effect so that i can roll over and sit-up, carefully, and then stand-up, sometimes after 2 – 3 tries. Opana enabled my Dr and me to build a medicine routine which minimizes the number of pills i have to take in a day because the Opana is an ER, elimiating my previous need to take oxycodone and dilaudid every 3 hours in order to just partially function. BTW, the “other” new ER’s that you all laud as a replacement for Opana are almost all made from morphine sulfate, which i cannot take since i took it for 2 years after the first time i broke my spine and it damaged my liver so severely, i have to take diabetes medication even though my glucose is at 82 but my insulin uptake mechanism was damaged by the morphine sulfate, so Opana is ALL I HAVE.
    It’s about time that all of you opioid witch-hunters remember that WE EXIST. It’s a shame that so many people in your various states have decided they are bored and so illegally obtain a pill on the street corner, but that i have to get with a written script from my Dr each month, and then they abuse, “party”, overdose, get high, any of the stupid things the drug abusers do. They’re the ones you need to be attacking, not us. You are not going to fix that problem by denying those of us who have a critical functional need for Opana — read your own newspapers…illegal Fentanyl compounds are killing far more drug abuser, partiers, high searchers, stupid junkies than any amount of Opana ever could. Go after them and leave us law abiding, daily physically challenged members in good standing of our communities alone!

  60. Tim Mason at 11:52 am

    The only thing that is EPIDEMIC is ignorance, bad reporting and a society hooked on reality TV shows.
    This is what happens when you have three generations of physicians and social science majors that FAILED mathematics. That’s right. I bet dollars-to-doughnuts all they had to take was a 200 level course in Statistics. (You remember the one that leaned heavily on cards and dice- the games of drunks). Laughable.
    Getting back to the Opana ban. I hear dealers are cutting heroin with expired Opana.
    The addiction problem is “Youth based” and is a Socioeconomic problem.
    The same set of statistics (lacking proper set, subsets and groups) with Opiates applied to gasoline would call for Gasoline and Diesel fuel to be banned to stop drunk driving.
    Yes my friends, the Scientific community has run out of common sense. It is no longer taught in colleges and Universities anymore. Every Chemist graduates as Chemo phobic and a Physician graduates Opioid phobic.
    Lord Help us!

  61. Kellie Eldridge at 11:37 am

    I’m a 42 yr old man thats disabled from a gunshot wound to the head and multiple other gunshots and stabwounds with every bone in my body thats been broken multiple times this medicine is the only thing I’ve ever found that will help ease my pain and I don’t think it’s right to take it away from people who use it tha way it’s prescribed because of junkies that don’t need it misusing it me and my wife who is disabled due to cancer are going to have to suffer while the junkies and addicts go to heroin and bring that stuff to our great nation were instead of it being prescribed by a doctor our children and grandchildren will be able to get it off the street from drug dealers its a dam shame it’s come to this because of junkies and addicts and unscrupulous doctors who gives it to young people who use it tha wrong way n don’t even need it and leave the people who really need it to better their quality of life without a way to manage their pain itl create more overdoses and death n an epidemic of epic proportions the likes of witch we’ve never seen in this wonderful place we call home it’s an outrage and naive to think that it won’t create more overdoses and illicit drugs to flood our streets were our children young people will be able to get it freely without a doctors supervision

  62. connie at 11:35 am

    Bob Schubring, I just wanted to ask you what YOUR lawyer is doing about this? My bet is that if you have looked for a lawyer as I and many others have you couldn’t find one to take on this kind of ridiculous crap! If you have actually found one please share his contact information so that the rest of us can be represented!
    Jasmine, obviously you are not a chronic pain patient or you would know what hoops you have to jump through to get a prescription and then to actually get it filled! I am still wondering where all the alleged pill mill doctors are! It’s just not that easy to get legally prescribed pain medication!
    I don’t use this particular medication but I am certain that fentanyl patches will be on the chopping block soon! It happens to be the only thing that keep me from having SEVERE DAILY headaches that have me puking on myself because I can’t get up! God help all of the CP COMMUNITY!

  63. Terry at 11:31 am

    I think the problem with the so-called opioid epidemic is public ignorant. If there was any way to let the public know what is really going on then chronic pain patients may have a fighting chance. If you talk to Joe Average on the street, he will tell you all about “opioid epidemic” and how it’s ruining people’s lives. There isn’t anybody publicly advocating for true chronic pain patients. I take four 15 mg oxycontin IR and three 40 mg ER per day. And if I tell someone that they ALWAYS immediately reply “holy shit!!! That’s unbelievable! Or some such nonsense. Just like a lot of you out there, you (hopefully), find someone who is willing to help you live a semi-normal life. There are reasons people take a lot of pain medication. In my case I have an enzyme in my liver that makes me a rapid metabolizer, which means, if for example the average guy can take two aspirin for a sprained ankle and be fine, in my case, because of the enzyme, I have to, probably in this example, take ten extra strength aspirin. What happens is whatever medication you take, it is flushed out of your body very quickly and the way that the enzyme breaks it down, the affect on the pain is very much diminished. As far as getting high or feeling light headed or whatever people say happens, I have never, not even once, felt anything except for the slow process of releeving my pain to the point that I can at least function somewhat normally. It usually takes until around one o’clock, and I get up around seven, before I can get going. If there was any way to get the thousands of chronic pain patients to unite and start a public dialogue I would totally participate 100 %. I just don’t know how to do that. Maybe Geoffrey Figer could start a class action lawsuit for patients who’s pain meds have been cut drastically or even stopped, I think would be awesome. People need to be informed about the truth of pain medication abuse and all of the horse sh&* associated with it. People believe what they hear. So if there are any lawyers out there who want to be our advocate and start a class action lawsuit, contact someone from our blog. Don’t ever quit! You are always in the fight!

  64. Nicole at 11:24 am

    I realize you are likely young and are not suffering from pain but I am not young and I am a pain patient.
    No doctor will prescribe pain meds to someone who selling the perscription.
    We sign contracts, part of the contractual agreement is that we take the medication as prescribed.
    We are given random U.A. as well as med checks.
    Med checks are when the physician or someone from the office calls the patient and requests they come to the office within a certain time frame and sometimes with only a couple hours and hand over all your medication for a count.
    It is NOT the legitimate pain patients or their physicians who are causing the problem.
    It is the government created drug market, pushing people to desperate measures.

  65. Jeanette Sawyer at 11:20 am

    As a long term pain patient, this really frightens me and makes me wonder….”which med is next?” Almost every drug above plain Vicodin, Percocet, and Oxycodone have this same coating. Only Zohydro ER doesn’t, just the bead-tek technology, which makes it difficult to get over Hysingla. I was also hoping to switch to generic Opana from the patch, which I HATE with a passion, and can’t tolerate the coating well. It makes me so angry that we, as patients, are the ones who are paying the price for the heroin addiction problem. My pain clinic has a pain addiction psychologist on staff, frequent random tox screens, you name it. I would give anything to have my body be normal and give it all back. Any person truly in pain doesn’t want to be, and we don’t get euphoria from a dose of medication, just relief. Yet the DEA seems to act like taking our means of pain relief away is going to solve the abuse issue. They need real pain patients on their task force to hear the real truth!

  66. Nicole at 11:09 am

    Thank you!
    It is terrifying to wake up, Idk about other pain patients but personally I was living a full life, was able to go to the pool 3x a week, had loving and successful relationships with family and friends.
    Now, I have multiple UTI and kidney infections because I can barely get out of bed to use the bathroom.
    And I’m still being treated, with about half of what was working.
    So many of us hate waking up, it is a chore to fall asleep, a chore to stay asleep and a chore to be awake.
    This is craziness!
    It feels as if the government is simply weeding the population.
    People are not only dying due to suicide but from the effects of day in day out pain.

  67. Angel at 10:53 am

    The CDC & FDA have destroyed my life. Their pressure on prescribers means I get essentially get 1/16th of the medication I’ve been taking responsibly for 24 years. Due to this I’ve lost my ability to work and my home. My life is a shadow of what it was when my pain was treated and the CDC wasn’t run by idiots. I hope every addict and every idiotic politician every newscaster that’s intentionally misrepresented this burns in hell for what they’ve done to me and my family or gets a living hell like mine, untreated pain for incurable disease, as well as every doctor who stood by silently going along while their patients suffer and medicine is taken over by the federal government

  68. Anita Phillips at 10:52 am

    I am a nurse that has had to leave the profession when an injury caused CRPS/RDS. I am a tough cookie however the chronic pain that comes with this condition is indiscribably horrific. For medical reference please pull up the McGill Chart. I am under the care of a pain management specialist. I have tried many different medication with little to no relief. Finally my Doctor prescribed Opana ER. This medication has given me an improved quality of life. In the time since, the War on Opioids has my Doctor feeling the heat and potential wrath of the CDC and FDA. He has reduced my medication by half. The quality of my life has taken a dip. The notion of not having this medication is terrifying! I don’t know how I will be able to handle the full on constant pain of CRPS/RDS. The FDA is punishing responsible pain medication recipients like me. I didn’t choose this condition, I don’t and have never abused medication. Please FDA, consider the hell that you will be committing me to return to if Opana ER is pulled from the shelves. Consider the burden that will laden my family.
    I feel that the FDA has haphazardly lumped chronic pain sufferers in with the mix of street abusers. We are the ones who will ultimately pay a horrible price for this. The street abusers will mix another concoction with heroin and your efforts to save them will not work! They are addicts seeking a high. I do not get “high” from my medication. I get blessed relief from a monstrous condition that is spreading and there is no cure for.
    Please let our doctors treat us to a benificial therapeutic level of life without fear of retribution of the FDA while trying to do their jobs and honoring the Hippocrates Oath.

  69. Tracey at 10:50 am

    Wow. We all know what’s going to happen from here! First Opana ER, what’s next? Dilaudid, percocet, norco?? As a chronic pain sufferer and non-abuser of an opioid pain med, this frightens me! I depend on this med to help me get through most days. I still work full-time and run a household with teens, I would prob have much difficulty if i was unable to control intermittent pain. This is the first step of the FDA finding ways to remove all narcotic pain meds….eventually. They are going to create a much larger problem, how can they not see this?? Also, I’d like to know how many of those who voted are chronic pain patients who take meds as prescribed by a legal pain management office?? Would love to know! Thank you FDA for making the future of my pain control an absolute nightmare!

  70. Robert at 10:31 am

    Well said Elizabeth some people just don’t get it. Punishing the ones in pain is not the answer. But we do need an answer to the epidemic our country is going through.

  71. Mosie at 10:28 am

    Why is it that patients who use Opana successfully, as prescribed, are not important enough to be considered in the equation? I have used Opana for many years, even asking my doctor to reduce my doseage. At 10mg, I would get bad headaches. Working with my doc, I now take 5mg twice daily. He found other meds to help.
    Will Opana be yanked without warning? Patients need to be weaned off the med and start a new med, with a doctor’s oversight. Pain mgmnt docs will be swamped.
    Please, can we find a way to make patients voices heard?
    To address the real problem, addiction. Opana is not the problem.

  72. Robert at 10:27 am

    Well to the response that said that we should be testing to see who really have pain or not what test might that be. That’s right there is none sure there are MRI and CT scans but they only show some pain generators and if you where to look at just an MRI or CT of for instance the backs of 85% of the Country they would show a injury or a reason for the subject to have pain and a lot of those tested would have no complaints of pain. Then you have people with pain that show no signs of injury or a reason to have pain but they still have pain. I have half of my back fused and I have pain every day all day. I hate to see people lose there medications it’s not fair but we do have to figure something out. I’m a Fireman and a Medic have been for 14 years I have seen more over doses in the last year to two years then in all my years. We have at least 3 to 4 over doses everyday at least one die. That’s just my City imagine what it is in the whole country. These Drug Companys need to be paying for science to come up.with a test to actually test the levels of pain one is really experiencing. Best of luck to all those loosing there pain meds it’s going to get harder before it gets better.

  73. Christina at 10:26 am

    Herion is the reason for outbreaks are you FDA people really that dumb? I’d like to know we’re they get there PROOF of this. The things they do and we the people should demand PROOF!! Did these people have other drugs in there body or alcohol?
    We are all adults and we don’t need you to save us from ourself.. People choose there route in life and your not going to stop that EVER.. If the patient has legitimate conditions and chronic diseases let them live and have some quality of life…
    We the chronic pain patients should call on the DEA or start a petition because they are the ones whom let this pill mill crap even happen… Every doctors office rents office space and filed for a permit. How in the hell didn’t they see what was going on before it got out of hand?? Or did they? I thinks it’s how Obama care got passed.. They wanted control on we’re the opioids were coming from on top of a cut. This will bring the suicides rate up FDA I guarantee ya that and it seems like u don’t care about that either.

  74. Debora Farnsworth at 10:15 am

    I’m going to make my remark short and simple. Who from the FDA is going to come hold my hand, rub my back and comfort me and my family as I lay in the fetal position crying myself to sleep from my pain?
    I’m forgot, no one there gives a rats ass.

  75. David Cole at 10:03 am

    The CDC FDA and DEA are making the problem worse, not only have drug-related desk gone up since the government stuck their nose in doctors and chronic pain patients business, they have now created a 20 to 40 million more customers customer base for drug dealers, these people are incredibly incompetent or just flat stupid.

  76. Elizabeth at 9:48 am

    I’m going to overlook your ignorance “Jasmin”
    “This” is NOT a good thing. This is a horrible thing. This drug is what helps me get out of bed every morning by myself.
    If you knew anything about the prescription process to procure this drug, you wouldn’t be making idiotic statements about “having them checked out” and “making sure they need this”….that mentality is one of the reasons this madness is happening.
    You do not just get handed a script for this medication. You have been through countless MRI tests, CT scans, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons….etc etc. And you have very likely been on pain medications for a long time. This is NOT something that you easily access legally. You sign contracts that if you violate in any manner could cost you your freedom, your home and everything you hold dear in your life.
    I am disgusted with everything you posted.
    Would you like to know what ONE day is like, even with this medication? It takes the edge off of a level of pain I hope you never have to go through.
    As mentioned above by someone who is obviously educated about this issue…this isn’t going to solve the problem with addicts. They will find something else and they will continue to die because of the choices they make to knowingly ingest a substance for the sole purpose of getting high.
    Why not pull adderall? It’s pharmaceutical grade meth….nope, lets punish the people who really need these medications instead. The people who are already jumping through the hoops to fill a legal prescription. We’re double checked…by the doctor who writes it and the pharmacy who fills it.
    I’m so sick of the sympathy and concern being given to the junkies and the blatant disregard for the actual people who live in pain every single day. Pain that has taken away so many things from us and continues to takw more.
    So….”Jasmin”…. try educating yourself before you speak and pray you’re never going to be one of us.

  77. William Dorn at 9:44 am

    We must file lawsuits.There has to be lawyers out there that are affected by pain their selfs.People are going to die in large numbers.Ask your church members to start calling state reps.This is war on our right to live.Flood the white house phone lines.Do everything you can think of or start digging the graves.

  78. Johnny at 9:33 am

    Well this is great I use this for chronic lower back and leg pain. So now the FDA has decided that I don’t go through enough bull shit every month just to get the medication that I need just to be able to keep my job. When you have severe lower back pain and you need this kind of medication so you can put food on the table and pay bills. This means to be able to drive to work and work.
    The FDA can remove this medication and all that means is I will have to suffer and probably lose my job while the drug addict will just go get something else. So the only one getting the shitty end of this is the people who need and use this medication as prescribed because it no longer is available. The junkies will just move on to heroin or something else so as far as I can tell I believe the FDA is getting a kickback from the cartel. Because the demand for heroine has just increased by 10 fold.
    Thank you my beloved US Government agency fill your pockets while my family goes hungry because I lost my job due to them taking the only medication I have found that worked for 10 to 12 hours.

  79. m at 9:27 am

    Are they that vindictive and stupid? Post surgery, this is a valuable tool in getting spine patients home (and emptying the hospital) quicker. Make You are leaving these patients no recourse.

    Stop the madness!

  80. Jan Sullins at 9:24 am

    This is sad. And again the ones who suffer are patients with severe chronic pain. I wonder what the percentage of those who are prescribed Opana ER or generic Oxymorphone Er actually crush or alter pills and inject into their veins? Of course the percentage is very low compared to those who take it as prescribed. What is next? Their are some patients who respond better to this drug than others they have tried. Opiates are different and some have side effects different from a different opiate . It is very individual and Pain Mgt. doctors attempt to find best medicine for each individual patient. Their work is difficult to say the least and this just makes it more so!

  81. Bob Schubring at 9:23 am

    Where are our lawyers?

    We could file lawsuits to block every one of these horrific actions.

    Instead, we sit and cry to each other on blogs like this.

    If we patients are truly too cowardly to lawyer up and fight, then we’ve got no one to blame but ourselves.

  82. MichaelL at 9:11 am

    I think the price of Opana was too high, for most of us peons. The price does not matter, though. Insurance pays for it, anyway!?…..(;-P… It would not affect those who did not need prescription insurance, because of financial status, either. It seems that $300/month prescriptions are being accepted as business as usual. Luckily, those of us, in the know, use the more affordable alternatives. Many of my old patients used less expensive, older medications. Now that I am disabled, I found that , even on Medicare, using nine different prescriptions/month, that I can still cut my bill by not using prescription insurance. I saved more than $800, so far this year! But, soon there will be no inexpensive alternatives, of any forms of medication, if the present environment in “health care” continues. I find that the latest reports show that the overall addiction rate may actually be less than the 1.5% that it has been during the past two centuries. When does an illness become an epidemic? How many people have to be affected? The addiction rate has found to be even much lower among chronic pain patients. Most take their medications responsibly, without abuse. But, why should the powers that be “care”, at all?! We don’t deserve to live a life without debilitating pain! Or do we?!!

  83. Sue Woodruff at 9:08 am

    Agree with every chronic pain sufferer’s comments! So pitiful- when will our voices be heard! Will we be “silent voices” forever 😢!?

  84. Mary Lenz at 9:01 am

    This is a really bad idea. I have been on this medication for years and it works well with no bad side affects. I hope this doesn’t go thru because I really don’t want to oxycontin or fentanyl bc of their horrible side affects.

  85. Stephen M at 8:47 am

    It’s official, a f*cking addict’s life is worth more than mine as a chronic pain patient.

    I keep hoping we’ve hit bottom, the CDC guidelines, banning kratom, etc.

    We accepted drug testing and being tested like criminals and where did it get us?

    I have a morphine allergy, so heroin isn’t an option for me, but I completely understand why so many people have gone that route.

  86. PC at 8:43 am

    I hate to call people ignorant, but apparently nobody is paying attention. The last time the government agencies tightened the screws, which was on the prescriber, which was around 2010 drug abuse and deaths from Overdoses got worse. Why? Because the people you are trying to protect can’t and won’t be stopped by removing prescription drugs. Yes the addict will take them if available, but if you remove them they just take illegal street drugs like heroin and trust me on this. The overdoses since 2010 have increased immensely. When doctors turned all their pain patients over to pain specialist the abuse of drugs like hydrocodone and oxycodone all but dried up. Did abuse of drugs stop? No. The addicts switched to heroin, which purity can’t be controlled and frequently this is laced with fentanyl and this has caused emergency rooms to see drug overdoses unlike any time in the past. I personally have seen more overdoses come into the ER in the past 18mos than I have in my entire 20+ yrs working in healthcare.
    I just can’t figure out what the government is trying to accomplish. The alcohol related deaths in 2015 are slightly more than 1.5 times those of opiods and 51% of opiods are heroin.
    I would think that if they seriously want to reduce the drug abuse they would start dealing with the abuser. Here in our ER every person that comes in almost dead from illegal drugs in their body is released to go back and continue their abuse. Wouldn’t it make since to either to start putting all hospital drug averdoses in mandatory rehab for 6-12 mos ($$$) and that would cost a lot too build all the new facilities we would need.
    This problem is similar to the handgun debate. ( Make the gun illegal instead of the crime)
    The issue with this approach is that I believe about 1 out of every 3 persons will deal with pain on some level, which means that all these actions will come back to bite many making these decisions for the day will come when you, or a loved one will need significant pain treated and all you will receive is Tylenol. The overdoses will continue to get worse with these actions. All you are doing is taking away medicine from people that need it. I think someone needs to show what someone on prescription pain medication has to go through month after month just to be on that medicine.

  87. Vincent Marrale at 8:41 am

    If they really want to help why don’t they do it right and get the drugs off the street. by going after pain patients they make it look like they are doing there job.

  88. Jasmin at 8:37 am

    In a way it’s a good thing. But again, the people who are overdosing are young people who are getting this drug from dealers on the street. Buying scripts from patients who are not even taking these pain meds or any pain meds. Just get money!!!!!!!!
    This is totally messed up. What they should have done at first when the doctors were prescribing pain pills to patients is make sure that they needed this. Had them checked out, tested, etc. Because anyone can say something hurts bad, but does it?

  89. Reed at 8:36 am

    Looks like the FDA wants to create a REAL public health crisis. No voluntary pull from the market will work. It will just come in now illegally from other countries. A bit too obvious. The risks…IV use…disease spreading, well jeez, I’m just SO glad Heroin and Fentanyl DON’T do the same (as well as every other opiate), no Heroin & Fentanyl just kill, that’s all. That’s apparently what the FDA wants. They want genocide and illegal markets. This is a tipping point where the government harms it’s citizens, and what unfortunately has to happen (should happen), is we need to exercise our constitutional right to overthrow or reform agencies like the FDA an CDC. They’ve become too powerful, have interests like PROP now tightly involved, and are not acting in the best interest of the people. They are undoubtedly making an “epidemic” into a full blown crisis and war on US citizens. Virginia similarly passed a stupid knee jerk law worded exactly like a PROP petition, and now, here comes the carfenantanyl (grey death). The crisis is, people are becoming more exposed to cheap illegal and deadly potent fentanyl that’ll kill you from apparently breathing it, but no…let’s just attack our Doctors, and legal pain medication that works when it is acceptably administered. Diversion control CAN be done, but when the FDA pulls stunts like this, it just makes it worse. iMakes no sense.

  90. Danny at 8:31 am

    Janet Woodcock, M.D., director of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. “This action will protect the public from further potential for misuse and abuse of this product.” Protect the public?!
    Possibly the most absurd statement I’ve EVER read. As for the question proposed in the title of this article? My answer is Yes, this is the beginning of the end for chronic pain sufferers. I’ve been reading the writing on the wall since the CDC’s “guidelines” were announced. It’s just a matter of time before the insurance companies jump on board to help them increase their profits.

  91. Laura Elliott at 8:13 am

    It is frightening that this is happening. This is not the opioid that I take but if they come after this one who knows what will be next. I have already been cut back to a point my quality of life has lowered. I feel powerless to stop what is happening to those of us who have chronic pain from chronic incurable illness. Our suffering will not help or stop the opioid epidemic but it does not seem to matter. It seems we are not even a consideration in the way this is being handled. As our medication is being cut back to a point functioning at all is becoming next to impossible, how are we to even fight this? I am in Texas and have contacted my congressman but to no avail. I am still getting pain meds but not at a level to offer much relief and my heart goes out to those who have it even worse.I fear if the current trends keep up we will all have it worse soon an many of us can’handle worse

  92. Pamela at 8:04 am

    This is too sad. I have been able to be a productive citizen for eight plus years and continue working because of this medication. I have tried other medications with horrible side effects and/or no relief. I have never taken more than prescribed and am screened for other drugs all the time. So now the FDA is saying let’s punish the legal individual due to the actions of the addicted. They are making a choice in their lives, I did not. I was born with my chronic illness. Why am I the one to get punished? To me they are saying too bad, quit working, go on social security disability let another source pay for you instead of paying your own way. Go home and sit in pain and have no value to your life. Because others cannot be adults and act responsibly. I am so frustrated at this point.

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  94. Christine Martin at 7:53 am

    Abuse has taken this away from our chronic pain sufferers. Their pain will continue in their bodies and now their pain will be in their mind also. Quality of life I think not quality of Health I think not. How many will we lose to depression and lack of spirit regarding their medication with help to their chronic pain.

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