Featured Pain Art: “Do You See What I Feel?”

Featured Pain Art: “Do You See What I Feel?”

PE.Harrell-Sanders_DoYouSeeMy painting represents those that suffer from fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome. A person suffering with the disorders seems so healthy on the outside that others have a hard time perceiving what’s going on inside.

“Do You See What I Feel?”
oil on canvas
20 inches long x 16 inches wide

Art courtesy of PainExhibit.org, an online educational, visual arts exhibit from artists with chronic pain who use art to express some facet of the pain experience.

The Pain Exhibit’s mission is to educate healthcare providers and the public about chronic pain through art, and to give voice to the many who suffer in silence.

Authored by: Dana Harrell-Sanders

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Truly no one will ever know and feel how someone lives with pain, anguish, and discomfort, we would always try to put our best foot forward, be polite,even smile, and go with the flow. Thanks so much for illustrating the fact that remains that we do have an ESP for some things that shouldn’t be such as hurting that consistently and constantly follows us around.We may look like Miss Sunshine, but it’s still there.

Lisa Kishkon

This particular piece captures how i feel i must look, yet madly not what others see. This only ads to the devastation of this invisible disability.
Don’t get me wrong, there are times i’m glad i don’t look like i feel, but i know it contributes heavily to the disbelief we deal with.
Thank you so much for sharing.


Do You See What I Feel? really touched me. I’ve had fibro for 35 years and look healthy (even been insulted by doctors: “well you LOOK fine!”). This painting is me and it gives me the feeling of acknowledgement. Bravo!


Thanks for sharing – I think we can all relate to ‘invisible’ suffering.