Featured Pain Art: “Self Portrait, Green Shirt”

Featured Pain Art: “Self Portrait, Green Shirt”

"Self Portrait, Green Shirt" acrylic on canvas 48 inches long x 38 inches wide

“Self Portrait, Green Shirt”
acrylic on canvas
48 inches long x 38 inches wide

Pain is the beginning and the end of every day for me. I have suffered from chronic pain for so long that I can’t imagine life without it anymore.

As my back pain increased and the brace came into my life, I found myself painting an increasing number of self-portraits. Through them I try to express a feeling I cannot put into words. They are an attempt to explain the torment I am going through.

For me, creating art is just something I do to help me survive a life of constant pain. It’s as if the paintings have become a record of my pain, giving a face to an otherwise faceless enemy.

This art is a courtesy of PainExhibit.org, an online educational, visual arts exhibit from artists with chronic pain who use art to express some facet of the pain experience.

The Pain Exhibit’s mission is to educate healthcare providers and the public about chronic pain through art, and to give voice to the many who suffer in silence.

Pain Exhibit recently launched its new Spanish language website at PainExhibit.org/es.

Authored by: Sterling Ajay Witt

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I can identify with you sir. I have had horrible undiagnosed low back and left leg pain for about 3 years. Nothing helps to relieve it. I’m about to have a lumbar fusion. Scared. I dunno if it’s the right thing to do.
I’m glad that you have found an outlet for your pain through expressing yourself by painting. Keep up the great coping mechanism!!!
Best wishes to you.