Featured Pain Art: “The War and Pain”

Featured Pain Art: “The War and Pain”

"The War and Pain" new lacque 60 cm x 80 cm

“The War and Pain”
new lacque
60 cm x 80 cm

Man creates society and humankind dream is to have life, liberty and happiness. Society contains every human ambition, including the pursuit of wealth and power, and this creates intense struggle.

Throughout human history we’ve experienced many different periods of scientific development and technological innovation but war has never stopped. War has brought severe consequences to humankind death, injury, poverty, and disease.

In 1945 war lead to famine and tens of thousands died of starvation. People lost their homes and farms. Mountain and forests were burned and vegetation and crops were destroyed using toxic chemicals. These chemicals left the Vietnamese people with many diseases. My father was in the war and a bomb destroyed his body leaving him with lifelong disabilities and illnesses. He fathered many children and I am always ill.

Starting from the pain, from society, from family and from yourself leave deep marks in life but they can be overcome. I dream like everyone, no more war, no more suffering.

“The War and Pain” is a reflection of human ambition, war destroys all human habitat and brings misery. The subject is the human image contaminated with toxic chemicals carrying many diseases and anomalies.

The artist is from Hue, Vietnam.

This art a courtesy of PainExhibit.org, an online educational, visual arts exhibit from artists with chronic pain who use art to express some facet of the pain experience.

The Pain Exhibit’s mission is to educate healthcare providers and the public about chronic pain through art, and to give voice to the many who suffer in silence.

Pain Exhibit recently launched its new Spanish language website at PainExhibit.org/es.

Authored by: Quang Cao Le

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I live with pain everyday, I was diagnosised with Fibromyalgia and while most doctors do not fully understand the complete cause of this disease, they finally believe it is a true disease. I’m beginning to believe it is also caused by the foods we eat. I am at war everyday trying to find anyway to slow and or stop this disease from taking my life from me. When I learn this I will share this with everyone I know that suffers everyday as I do. Don’t give up, I know I never will !