Federal Pain Lobbyist Eyed – Reporter Looking for Chronic Pain Activists

Federal Pain Lobbyist Eyed – Reporter Looking for Chronic Pain Activists

Rhode Island chronic pain activist Claudia Merandi has launched the Doctor Patient Forum, a non-profit organization, which aims to advocate, educate, and defend the rights of patients; to protect all providers, who tirelessly work to treat their patients, and to bring awareness to the general public regarding restrictions upon medical providers.

“Our mission is clear,” said Merandi. “We are working to eliminate patient and doctor and advocate on way to restore the doctor-patient relationship while holding state medical boards accountable for their actions that impact chronic pain patients.”

Merandi, who launched the Don’t Punish Pain Rallies that will next be held across the country on March 20th, says the forum is already attracting dozens of patients who are caught in the crossfire of the opioid wars.

To learn more about the forum, click here.

“We started to advocate for patients in need of help,” she said. “For patients, whether they’re trying to locate a provider, have questions about insurance, urine screens, or other issues, we offer solutions to all patient needs.”

Merandi also added that they are beginning to generate funding and plan to announce soon that they are hiring a Washington D.C. based lobbyist who will work on federal issues including working to develop an oversight hearing of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Merandi also briefed us last week on the status of legislation that they have been pushing in Rhode Island, which last year passed the House but died in a Senate committee, mostly because there wasn’t enough time. It has been reintroduced this year and Merandi is confident that it can pass both houses of the legislature this year.

Reporter Looking for People Who Have Advocated Elected Officials

By the way, a reporter is interested in speaking with people who have advocated with their elected officials. If you have spoken with or met an elected official or a state and/or federal regulatory official, and are comfortable in the possibility of speaking with a reporter, send me an email: editor@nationalpainreport.com

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Alan Edwards

I hope Miss Merandi succeeds. I have been a pain patient advocate and patient for 40 years and my situation is dire. Like Hayden below, I have been approached by state authorities who were not congenial. This includes all local police who watch, follow, tailgate, detain, harass, and above all threaten my safety. Realize I have Intractable Pain, Cerebral Palsy, Neuropathic Pain etc. My Spine does not exist. The “aurhorities” have targeted advocates for decades and are bored and out for blood. The Supreme Court cut police loose on pain patients in 1914, 1971, and 2016. 99% of all healthcare is opposed to pain treatment. THE LAW will be watching. It is a disgrace. Maybe Seth McFarlane can help out, being a Rhode Island alumni. Not likely.


I’m gonna spill my guts here somewhat. I feel so guilty for not going to any pain rallies. I want to thank Claudia for all the time she’s put in to help us.
I’ve been so depressed, my Dr. doesn’t care how much pain I’m in, was cut back 3 months ago. I’m up most nights and sleep some during the day. It’s such a drag not to be the person you used to be before the government stepped into our health problems.
My brain wants to do more, like get involved but my body along with the depression stops me. Also I’ve lost 30 lbs due to the stress of all this crap. I was 121 in April…I am 88 lbs now. My Dr. never said a word about my weight until I brought it up. She says ” yeah I see you’ve lost some weight. Lol..unreal……
Anyways thank you with all my heart Claudia. I’m hoping maybe this year we’ll get some help.

Two more things: all drugs are prescription at first and people take them and overtime new medications come out and those old prescription meds now become over the counter. BC the testing’s already been done on the individuals for years until it becomes over the counter. We are guinea pigs for the masses. FDA said unless complaints are documented and sent to them then they wouldn’t know about any side effects and that’s why they know about side effects. So that goes to prove we are guinea pigs . Also read that teenagers cut themselves cuz they said it helps them deal with physical and mental pain. How come this hasn’t been mentioned for chronic pain patients everything else that’s been mentioned supposed to help. LOL

I was reading a response someone wrote A Few articles back. They are correct why would the gov, CDC, DEA care what people put in their bodies? If you think about it those that have overdosed died are gone there’s no helping now. So they cut out giving chronic pain people medication or lower it to such a low dose that it’s ineffective. FDA allows faulty equipment to be put in people’s bodies spine stimulators until someone complains about horrendous Burns. So just a test monkey. When you think about it there so many alcoholics out there that going by as much as they want get drunk & then they might get caught on the road by police or crash. Or killing innocent people along the way. Leaving people up to their own devices to relieve their own chronic pain can cause just as much death. People eating handfuls of Advil till the internal bleed or Tylenol until their liver shuts down who knows what to get relief. So the people jumping through all the Hoops for pain relief before the fake opiate crisis hit they just did it to get their kicks huh? Love to get the spinal injections & waste half a day at P.M. plus paying out the co-pays, deductibles out of pocket maximum it’s great to be broke.


We are so abused as pain patients. There is no relationship with the pain provider. Hitler is just ignoring the fact that people become sick. Too sick and you are dead by the only disgusting method that is possible. This nation is no better than the Nazi belief to disspose of the sicklllll

Claudia Webber

A lobbyist l would definitely pledge $$ to. This is what we need! Great job!

I went to physical therapy today, in waiting area there were 6 women & 1 man needing therapy. Therapy area the women out numbered the men again.
I beleive when doctors stop lying & write the truth about patients, only than will patients get better. Not just therapy & stroid, surgery as the only fix but write the truth.
Health care for was better when doctors could voice record visits not do typing in computor during office visit. This opiate phoibia is destroying the trust & qaulity of care between doctors/patients. If your chronic pain person its a waste of time & money to see a doctor even if u have other chronic health issues like heart or diabetes as examples, The Physician has already shut & closed his mind on your care. I am so very tired & I find it a waste of time to even see a physician. I have insurance but you kn a lot of people would love to have it but I see it only benefits the doctors not me. Seems Physicians & insurance are getting all they can before it all becomes socialized Healthcare.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

If my speaking out and pointing out why we where we are now troubles anyone I cannot apologize because I am committed to warning the people of the wherefore and why of the things happening to us now. I must do this in whatever way that presents itself. I am not just a believer but have found that I absolutely must be a doer of the Words of Jesus Christ if I expect to be accepted as one of His own. Christian means Christ like. His life is plainly told of in the New Testament and we have no excuse. His plain statement, “If you love Me, keep My Commandments” has been rejected by most professing Christians, yet they continue to call themselves Christian.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

If it causes people to be jailed what are we accomplishing? My pain clinic has begin to charge me much more than Medicare allows and it seems that Medicare is on board with them. They are, I think trying to get rid of and other patients. This evil wicked attack on innocent people in chronic pain is not going away soon. Contacting government officials has not worked for me and many others. I have already confronted my pain doctor with the patient bill of rights and will confront them again on February 4th. They think that they are going to talk to me about a new fake diagnosis “medication fixation ” but I am getting prepared with notes and what we will be discussing. We absolutely must stand up for our rights as Americans with Disabilities or they just might allow us to die. If we do die in withdrawal they will only be concerned about the money lost from our visits. I have a perfect record at my pain clinic but that means nothing to them. Street drugs continue to kill people and sadly many are good decent people who would have never gone to there for pain relief, but many are being forced there because doctors (?) are more concerned about themselves than their patients who put their lives in their hands. I, since this began in 2016 have made my Trump supporter family and friends angry with me because I won’t support him. He has basically ignored the suffering of nearly 100 million people suffering and dying because of evil government policy. Does not matter who started this, when the one sitting in the white house does nothing but claims daily that America is great and promising to make it great againl sits by and does nothing to stop it. At the same time millions have rejected Jesus Christ and His teachings and in essence brought this upon themselves, and causing those who trust God to suffer alone with them. We are all to some degree guilty of the sins of our nation. The legal killing of near 80 million babies since 1973 has caused this judgment.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

I would be glad to help if I can.


Canada has this right. They have installed vending machines to provide access to safe pharmaceutical medications for addicts. They are also still treating their Chronic and Intractable pain Patients with safe Opioid medication. They will prevent hundreds of thousands of overdose deaths with this approach if not millions. What America has done is taken an old approach of an outright “Prohibition” causing mass hysteria and suffering pushing Chronic pain Patients to the streets along with the addicts. Now both Groups will be subjected to whatever they can obtain on the black market mostly Fentanyl laced homemade pills or Fentanyl laced Heroin both Groups are subjected to a rise in overdoses and death. What they have done is ignorance. They are causing the very deaths and overdoses they are supposedly trying to stop. It’s not Rocket science it’s called “Common Sense” Prohibition is an old approach that never worked. Pushing alternative useless treatments in lieu of proven safe effective Opioid medications..doesn’t mean problem solved they have done just the opposite with this ignorant approach. I commend Canada for using Common sense and their brains.


Claudia works very hard on this. I follow her on FB and Twitter and she is posting and doing live discussions often on FB, if anyone has the energy to help, please do! My pain is still very, very bad. I wish I could get a break from it and live normally for a month or even a week. Thank you Claudia! Stick it to them. 👍🙏

Tom Cuddy

My pain patient wife and I attended two meeting of the Texas medical board two consecutive years were quite impressed that she walked into the second meeting after being wheeled into the first. We also stressed that even though the board claimed they do not create a climate of fear every doctor in the state feels differently and behaves as if they are under a microscope, which we all know they are. I think we made an impression


The Government is using this “Opioid Crisis” as their own personal piggybank literally stacking Billions of dollars filing lawsuits against any & all Pharmaceutical manufacturers of any Opioid type medications and “Individual states” are also joining in on the lawsuits to secure a nice payday & piggybank for themselves too. So much money to be made & had here…this will not end anytime soon. The DEA is just hired out to do the Govt’s dirty work…to ensure continued success in the Govt’s financial gain. This has all been a very well organized, planned out setup. They are not interested in anything anyone has to say who doesn’t further fuel their agenda to continue to “fail Opioids on all levels” to ensure continued paydays for them and they will stop at nothing to make sure their financial gain continues. They do not care who suffers as a result. Nothing has been done to stop any of this…and it won’t. They have their “Key Players” such as high up on the chain members of the Anti-Opioid extremist group known as PROP to keep the fuel to the fire. Anyone who may stand in their way is quickly & quietly dealt with by the DEA.

Lynne Norris

One cannot register for the doctor/patient forum. Theres an error message about Joomla when I try.


“Sounds” Great! Another advocate for PMP’s. I truly hope that “Miss” Merandi can organize against the overlords, the opiaphobs and accomplish something. I advocated, lobbied, for 3 years to my state medical board and what it got me, as an individual, is a “visit” from state authorities. I will say, even though I did NOTHING ‘wrong”, broke NO LAW, the “visit” was quite…..effective. Nevertheless, good luck to “Miss” Merandi, the patients of Rhode Island as well as patients across the entire country.


Now, THIS is what I call “personal responsibility!
Excellent work.
A friend of mine in LA couldn’t even get his Tramadol prescription filled. They didn’t have any! didn’t know when they were going to get some more.
It’s insane