By Tara Heath.

Editor’s Note: For people who have fibromyalgia–finding treatment tactics that work often involve experimentation in alternative therapies in addition to traditional treatment. Tara Heath shared the following with us which we thought was worthy of sharing with you.

We all know how challenging of a condition Fibromyalgia can be, especially when our friends and family don’t truly understand the chronic pain and shifting symptoms. It can be tiring to be optimistic when we feel widespread pain and tenderness in our joints and muscles which severely impact our sleep schedules and day-to-day routines. If the pain management isn’t difficult enough, we also tend to experience feelings of depression, isolation, and even confusion as we try to manage our condition.

Tara Heath

Treating fibromyalgia is complex and often requires an approach that includes nutrition, physical, and emotional support. This happens, because so many of our symptoms have been plaguing us long before we were ever diagnosed, which can lead to a set of imbalances within our bodies and minds. For many of us, we often find that we need to try a balanced approach to managing fibromyalgia using a combination of traditional and alternative medicine with exercise to treat the layers of our condition.

Even though there hasn’t been very many formal studies on how effective alternative treatments are when it comes to fibromyalgia, there is some reassuring news. Many doctors and patients believe they can resolve flare-ups and fibromyalgia symptoms by using a varied and diverse approach which includes alternative treatments. When combined with traditional medicine, these types of therapy can help alleviate fatigue, pain, and other symptoms. One area that is showing positive outcomes for relief is the use of flower essences to treat fibromyalgia.

How Flowers Impact Your Health

When we consider the role flowers have on our health, many of us immediately consider allergies and the sneezing and coughing that come with seasonal or pollen allergies. While flowers definitely can cause allergies, we need to step back and look at research that shows flowers can impact our health and wellbeing in some surprising ways. Today, we have numerous studies that show viewing flowers can relieve pain, reduce stress in people, and even influence overall feelings of happiness. While that doesn’t appear too significant, for people with fibromyalgia, it can be a glimmer of hope to add another layer to our treatment options.

In addition to viewing flowers, we can also tap into their natural qualities to relieve our symptoms. For instance, there are a variety of herbal and flower remedies that have been known for centuries to relieve pain, inflammation, and skin irritation. We can’t rule out using this wealth of knowledge, because the use of herbs and plants for medicine were actually the precursor to today’s medicinal advancements. This fact has led many flower essences and herbal remedies to become a popular alternative fibromyalgia treatment which are being used to reduce common symptoms of fibromyalgia, such as chronic pain and fatigue.

Ways to Use Flower Essences to Ease Fibromyalgia

Flower essence theory is based on the belief that we can use positive energy from plants to diminish negative energy in the body. Users rely on flowers to address emotional and mental aspects that are affecting us. Flower essences rely on using the flowering part of a plant to make herbal infusions or decoctions that can be taken on their own or prepared in combinations or mixtures. Often, they are sold in liquid form and require dilution.

Specific healing properties can be found in different flower essences which can be used to create a variety of treatments. Their main use, however, is how flower essences work to reduce stress and psychological factors that contribute to illnesses or conditions. These factors help flower essences treat fibromyalgia, because they might offer relief from the emotional and mental problems that often accompany our diagnoses.

Listed below is just a small sampling of the symptoms of fibromyalgia that can be treated with flower essences:

  • anxiety
  • sadness
  • depression
  • fatigue
  • stress
  • chronic pain

Types of Flower Essences to Help Treat Fibromyalgia

There are a variety of flower essences that can be used to treat fibromyalgia. To help you make sense of this treatment option, scroll through a small sampling of possible ways to use flower essences to relieve flares and symptoms:

  • Red chestnut can combat anxiety
  • Olive helps treat fibromyalgia by minimizing physical and emotional exhaustion
  • Centuary is often used to rebuild overall strength
  • Cherry plum is known to promote mental health
  • Mimulus builds courage while providing positive energy which can be a blessing when dealing with common symptoms of fibromyalgia
  • Aspen wards off panic and anxiety attacks
  • Rock rose can reduce anxiety while restoring our body’s balance
  • Gentian can reduce depression

Looking Ahead…

However, like any new program or supplement, it is recommended that we consult a physician before using any new treatment products. Have you used flower essences to treat fibromyalgia? Did it work for you? What were your thoughts?

Tara Heath is a 37 year old health professional and works as a freelancer writer in the evenings. Her writing focuses mainly on health, such as skincare and how to live a healthy lifestyle overall. She lives in Burbank, Ca. with her husband and two beautiful daughters ages eight and twelve. 

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Authored by: Tara Heath

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Andrea Nixon

“ If flowers are legal in your state, then thats great too. “

I took from his comment ~ that he was speaking of Cannabis flower .


Aquatic exercises help me to manage my chronic pain. I wonder if anyone has specific experience with aquatic exercises. Did they help or not much?

Please re read this post
Tara is offering the idea of flower essences.
Cannabis comes from a flower
Opiate come from the poppy.
Why not use concentrates of flowers?
They help
Are non toxic
Generate well being.
You choose.


My wife has been plagued with fibromyalgia symptoms after properly diagnosed about 8 years ago. She has always had the green thumb in our family. Flowers, may very well improve the symptoms of the disease or in fact improve her mood. I watched her work for about two years while seeking medical help for her symptoms without us truly knowing what was causing them. She was severly affected with the symptoms from jump start. She was “champion” bodybuilder when 25 years old with two sons already given to us. She never used any type enhancer for her sport other than what you could buy at the local health fitness store. . Fibromayalgia symptoms, at least for her, have been life changing. Forced to stop working, the symptoms can only be managed, for now. She was finally disagnosed at the third, different physician appoinment ( talking years). Because she was so much into natural health, she tried every alternative therapy, treatment that was available. Not only was she a good body shaper, she is beautiful. Even in her years of body sculpting, she never appeared ANY less than a female. Not over the top but, femine and physically fit. The last year has been a very difficult year for her because she had been managing her symptoms with fibromyalgia reasonably successfully for a few years now. I think most patients of fibromyalgea are all in for any relief because I have watched her everday and I know how she felt before the disease struck. If flowers are a patients way to go,the beauty, the scent, life, and they help, then great. If flowers are legal in your state, then thats great too. I suppose knowing her focus and attention on what she has accomplished before fibromyalgea, I trust what she says…… best for her. Family and friends support, certain daily routnes, her physicians attention specifically to her concerning her fibro issues and treatment thereto. What is effective and available, for any painful health issues, flowers of all types, state flowers, medication, PT whatever “level” of possible disfunction of fibromyalgea or any painful issue, is not being treated to an effective, enabling degree, if possible. That may mean, certain medications. It may mean combined treatments. WHATEVER helps, can’t be “all bad”. However, for a small agency or agencies, group of “professionals” in comparison to the negatively affected patients with severe lifetime continuous pain issues, to make decisions regarding our level of pain and welfare without even knowing the patient, or history….of the patient is not right. Abandonement or reconditioning, call it what you think.


Thank you Tara!!! I know flowers make me feel happy, and happiness can improve life in General! I thought how cheap it would be to bring flowers home from walmart. How a little bit of happiness in my day, could be accomplished. Simply by seeing beautiful flowers several times a day, as I walk by. I also have fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. I think I’ll have flowers delivered to me today. I already have a smile on my face!!!

Very interesting article. I do know for myself that being amongst flowers and other garden plantings, the aroma from the various blooms reduces my anxiety and stress. In fact experiencing beauty other than plantings, architecture, art museums for example also gives my the feeling of calm. For me, with the reduction of the negatives (anxiety, stress, emotional confusion) my pain level diminishes slightly, but certainly not enough to reduce the narcotic intake. I have tried the essence mentioned in the article, and as much I wanted the positive results, frankly it didn’t do much. My pain level is high which made me wonder if this process would work better for those fortunate enough to have a lower pain level. Perhaps in today’s world where restrictions are prevalent, our stress level is magnified because of the uncertainty we are experiencing which may account for a less than wonderful outcome?


My daughter has had some success with using various herbal remedies, including flowers. However, I’m not sure you could claim they “resolved” symptoms. The only way we have found to make any progress against Fibro is to stack a very tiny little gain on top of about a hundred other tiny little gains, in order to make a small gain. It’s still not much, but it’s better than where we were.

With respect to this quote….

” widespread pain and tenderness in our joints and muscles …we also tend to experience feelings of depression, isolation, and even confusion as we try to manage our condition.”

I am concerned when writers characterize fibromyalgia in such simplistic terms. It is a far more serious disease than pain and depression, even though those symptoms alone are extremely serious. Seeing all that this writer left out or failed to speak to, it left me wondering whether the writer has any knowledge of what she speaks. Why fail to mention problems like temperature regulation and syncope, gait disturbances and swallowing problems, IBS or other symptoms, for instance? Failing to use every opportunity to inform the public that Fibromyalgia is a serious disease with significant medical issues that go far beyond pain and depression is being part of the problem instead of part of the solution. Besides, those seeking relief from flowers will be seeking relief from some of those symptoms as well. Fibromyalgia is more than achy depressed people. Fibromyalgia is a serious medical disease with serious medical symptoms. Most fibro patients have been forced to try to cure ourselves because medicine simply is not addressing the problem. While flowers might take the edge off, I have complete sympathy for patients who find a trite article about flower treatments for fibromyalgia to be salt in the wound of their ongoing lack of effective medical care. It’s sort of like suggesting that a cancer patient take an aspirin.

BTW – you left out a couple of the most important therapeutic flowers — the cannabis flower and the poppy flower. Simple oversight, or deliberate omission?


I’m sick and tired of people telling me what does or does work for my chronic pain! Especially desk jockeys who don’t know me, my issues, how my body works or even my history! I believe that any chronic pain patient uses alternative methods possibly without even realizing it. While used concurrently with opoid medication they can be helpful but without, for me it’s pretty useless. Looking at and smelling flowers may improve my mood but I can’t save it does anything for my pain!