Fibromyalgia Center of Excellence May Open in 2019

Fibromyalgia Center of Excellence May Open in 2019

By Ed Coghlan.

In what could be a small but dramatic step to improve treatment and education of fibromyalgia, the Fibromyalgia Care Society of America (FCSA) announced it is launching a Fibromyalgia Center of Excellent Program (COE).

The FSCA, founded in 2015, has raised the funding necessary to identify and help fund the first COE aimed at the treatment of fibromyalgia.

Letters of interest will be requested in early January. They hope to have the program operational by mid-2019.

FSCA Board President and founder Mildred Velez said medical centers and the physicians who treat fibromyalgia are encouraged to reply.

“We think we can start something here that can help the medical community at large to understand and treat each fibromyalgia patient with his or her own care plan,” Velez told the National Pain Report.

She acknowledged that the first COE will essentially be an experiment to prove that the approach works, and that additional funding can be generated to extend the program nationally.

According to the Journal of American Medicine, a health care center of excellence can be established by a medical specialty’s professional society, a government entity such as the National Cancer Institute, or a consumer group organized in response to a disease like FSCA.

“Fibromyalgia receives a lot of stigma and lack of empathy from the medical community and the community at large,” she said. “Conditions and diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s all have institutions and therapeutic approaches devoted to research, coordinated clinical care and treatment. Up until now, there have been no concerted efforts to do this for fibromyalgia.”

“I was very fortunate to arrive at my diagnosis very early into developing symptoms because my mother has fibromyalgia” said Francisco Martinez, a US Marine. “There are millions out there who aren’t so fortunate.”

How many people have fibromyalgia?

According to the National Fibromyalgia Association, the disorder affects an estimated 10 million people in the U.S. and an estimated 3-6% of the world population. While it is most prevalent in women —75-90 percent of the people who have FM are women — it also occurs in men and children of all ethnic groups.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Where will this Fibro center be? San Diego is pleasant every month of the year, has UCSD and multiple medical research groups working here. Our convention Center is very large, and available for events of all sizes. Come check us out. Sandra Stedinger, MD

Jeffrey Sampson

I am an older man. And have been diagnosed with fibro several times by several different doctors without any of the doctors having any previous knowledge of the diagnosis from the others simply because I wasn’t honestly being sure the disease, disorder whatever it actually is because of it not having anyway to prove its real or not. I have come to conclude it has to be factual after years of pursuing every possible other diagnosis. However in my quest to discover anything answerable with scientific proof I was able to learn about a couple of serious problems I did have without knowing one of them ankolosing spondylitis amongst other serious pain causing problems yet insurance will only pay for one pain medication while I have to buy the more expensive medication out of my disability pay which in my opinion should be a crime to prevent ANY REAL PATIENTS insurance from paying and laws should force all insurance companies to pay for the medications we need.
I am in this fight with and for every single patient in need the suffering has to stop. Real pain patients are not part of the problem with this opioid epidemic it’s the herion and other illicit street drugs yet we are being held responsible we must stay together and support each other and bring this fight against the patient stopped we are NOT problem.


I pray the Center can be located in a peaceful quiet place, possibly the country, as sounds, smells, temperature factor into the flares. Most of these Centers are built in larger cities and it is often so backsliding in progress for healing to travel too far by air, train, or car. The news of a facility for Fibromyalgia is amazing and I equate it to the Cancer Center of America in Tulsa Oklahoma a peaceful centrally location in the U.S.

Lynn M McDonough

How wonderful! It’s exciting to hear that there are people who care enough to open such a place for those, such as myself, who are suffering from Fibromyalgia. Good luck and looking forward to getting updates on this.


Where will this be?

Denise Bault

YAY! About time!

Alan dean Thurman

If you have fibromyalgia and Medicaid u can rest assured your nit getting treated! If you have insurance and a job. Rest easy u will get treatment! I pray their is a lawyer somewhere who can fight the obvious discrimination of people on Medicaid who are being denied medication only because tge state wants to save money! Sone doctors play alon to one lower the number of pills the subscribe and to keep the customers who have insurance (which pays them Moore money) so we can’t blame doctors. So Medicaid people u can ha e insurance and u can see a doctor but I can’t get any medication! Cone on lawyers their is a big payday on this! How many people are suffering because they can’t get pain meds z d hiw does that affect them? 100 pound weight gain because all they do is sit in a chair, kids suffer, older parents suffer. Property is being list because people can’t wirk do to their pain, wake up lawyers, pain community lets get sone politicians in office who have worked thirty years in construction, broken disks, and one day your doctor retired and u can’t find a new doctor to prescribe you meds, because other people od. [edit]