Find cheap flights this Thanksgiving

Find cheap flights this Thanksgiving

Find cheap flights this Thanksgiving

Find cheap flights this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving airfare deals are harder to find his year and air fares are going up rather than down, so FareCompare is helping travelers find the cheapest airline tickets and the best days to fly.

The Thanksgiving airfare tracker works out the average lowest daily airfare to the top 25 US cities over the busy Thanksgiving period. The airfare tracker works by pointing a computer mouse over the different dates to see an average of the price you are likely to pay each day, as well as what the average price was in last year.

Would-be passengers are encouraged to bookmark the graph for convenient and easy daily use.

The Thanksgiving Flight-Finder can help fliers save hundreds of dollars on Thanksgiving flights by seeking out the cheapest days to depart and return. FareCompare’s Thanksgiving flight finder makes it easy and fast to shop for flights by day and by price. This makes it quick and easy to pinpoint the cheapest days to leave and come back this Thanksgiving.

In years past you could often save money by buying your ticket at the last moment, but not any more. This year’s airfare prices are already 17 to 18 percent higher than 2009 in many cases. As FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney states, “Every day you wait to buy airfare for Thanksgiving, add another $5 to your overall ticket price. Airfares are not expected to decrease as the holidays approach, so those who wish to travel this Thanksgiving should book their tickets immediately.

Thanksgiving fliers from are also warned to avoid the Peak Day Travel Surcharge which can be a premium of up to $30 each way if you fly this Thanksgiving. This surcharge can add up to $60 to your airfare for a round-trip ticket.

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