First treatment for pain using human stem cells is promising, for sure

First treatment for pain using human stem cells is promising, for sure

Researchers have now used human stem cells to make pain-killing neurons that provide lasting relief in mice, without side effects, in a single treatment. Yes, it’s mice again, but this is real progress – read on.

The next step in the research is to perform extensive safety tests in rodents and pigs, and then move to human patients suffering from chronic pain within the next five years.

If the tests are successful in humans, it could be a major breakthrough in the development of new non-opioid, non-addictive pain management strategies, the researchers said.

“We are already moving towards testing in humans,” said Associate Professor Greg Neely, a leader in pain research at the University of Sydney, Charles Perkins Centre and the School of Life and Environmental Sciences.

“Nerve injury can lead to devastating neuropathic pain and for the majority of patients there are no effective therapies. This breakthrough means for some of these patients, we could make pain-killing transplants from their own cells, and the cells can then reverse the underlying cause of pain.”

Published in the peer-reviewed journal Pain, the team used human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) derived from bone marrow to make pain-killing cells in the lab, then put them into the spinal cord of mice with serious neuropathic pain. The development of iPSC won a Nobel Prize in 2012.

“Remarkably, the stem-cell neurons promoted lasting pain relief without side effects,” co-senior author Dr Leslie Caron said. “It means transplant therapy could be an effective and long-lasting treatment for neuropathic pain. It is very exciting.”

John Manion, a PhD student and lead author of the paper said: “Because we can pick where we put our pain-killing neurons, we can target only the parts of the body that are in pain. This means our approach can have fewer side effects.”

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Get the word out to veterans president endorses risky antidepressant by Johnson & Johnson called Spravato to stop veterans from committing suicide. Information can be found on ProPublica. Says to push the antidepressant. What does this tell us that veterans are dropping like flies. Sad, sad.

Jessamyn Butler

THIS is not news. “NEWS” would be that there was a new treatment for pain available immediately to ALL CPP/IPPs! I can just about guarantee that my Medicaid would NOT pay for this, even if it became available in my lifetime (which I doubt). The cost of stem cell treatment involved is monumental, and the government just keeps throwing its money away on the junkies who started this fiasco in the first place. For the life of me, I cannot understand WHY the government would rather pay to keep a junky alive, over and over with the use of Narcan, instead of a potentially tax-paying citizen who can work if given cheap opioids!? I doubt those junkies, even if “cured” of their addiction are going to go out and find a job, when disability pays them to sit and home and be a junky. And don’t argue with me that they don’t; I know quite enough of them who do just sit and collect, while making NO effort to recover.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

We are living in the days of strong delusion. Friends beware the delusion!

Thomas Wayne Kidd

A few years ago a new super pain killer was being developed for snake venom but, poof gone. A blood test that showed even one cancer cell, poof gone. I am very sceptical about anything these days. Just another prolonging the suffering of chronic pain patients.


Stem cells use have been in use for over 30 years. FDA warns people of unscrupulous doctors making false claims or not even using stem cells. FDA will allow investigational stem cell use under certain circumstances. To use your own stem cells it’s best if your under 20yrs old, besides that stem cells from abortions using the infant stem stem cells. I have heard that it could come from imbibical cord as well. Extreme expense using stem cell. Do u think insurance be willing to pay when pills of opiates are so cheap? Look up stem cell uses find out for your self. But also hear from people that said it doesn’t work before u listen to the ones u say it does. Beware.

Elizabeth Rogers

As others have noted it sounds promising but probably won’t be available in time to help those in their 70s and 80s. It looks like many of us will die with (or of) untreated or undertreated pain.

Sheryl M Donnell

Let’s hope this is a viable solution! It is desperately needed!!

Cindy R

Sounds promising, although I understand extracting bone marrow is painful.


For me Fibromyalgia is an all over pain, weakness, exhaustion, etc. I don’t see how this targeted pain relief will help the type of symptoms that I have. I can see where it can be used for a specific pain, such as my back pain, but not the allover aching that a lot of us fibro sufferers experience. It is a step in the right direction tho.

Andrew Kolostomy

Seems great, and i wish them all the luck in the world with bringing this to CPPs who are suffering. I just know that I, and TONS like me, will be long dead before this becomes an approved treatment, thanks to stroke, heart attack, or suicide due to untreated Pain because of PROPagandist’s GuideLies and agendas, the greed of many politicians & profiteers, and the preponderance of GUTLESS HC Professionals.


Wonderful “news” but, we are asked to wait…..longer. How many more will not be able to cope with lifelong, intractable pain without acting negatively to ease the suffering? I do NOT like to be negative but MANY have lost a great deal including the ability to provide for themselves, family and loved ones. Desperate people/patients that can not endure constant real suffering that have chosen to stop….the pain. SO SAD! Many reported in the millions across this Great Country must watch and “help” our loved ones “deal” with pain generation. Physical pain causing mental issues “akin” to being tortured. I would Never have believed that a WAR would be declared on those of us through “no fault” of our own continue to cope, suffer with pain generating disease, accidents that have caused lifelong pain and yes, physicians screw up which they are almost NEVER held accountable for. Beneficial, successful use of opiate medication… prescribed medication with documentation means…..nothing. Just my opinion. Sooner or later Everyone will experience pain, possibly so severe that it can not be tolerated for….life. I hope stem cell therapy will advance VERY quickly for the benefit of those of us that still are trying to deal with severe, lifetime, intractable pain.

That sounds promising. If they had put more money into studying pain instead of millions & millions continually in addiction, we might be further along with things such as this. They will never cure addiction but they might pain one day. Priorities I guess. Keep addicts addicted & keep studying them. Meanwhile, meaningful studies such as this moves slowly.

But it’s really encouraging. Your own stem cells is even better.


Possibly a cure for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

Jennifer Gigliotti

How do i get to be a part of this study. Crps chronic pain 9+ years.