For Pain Warriors – Know Your Options

For Pain Warriors – Know Your Options

By Gracie Bagosy-Young.

I shared a message of what I hope was empowerment at the 4th Annual Midwest Pain Treatment Education Expo near Chicago in August, 2017.

For people who have to deal with chronic pain (and I might add their loved ones) it is critically important to know your options.

Gracie Bagosy-Young

I am a person with pain. I survive (and I will add “fight”) a series of challenges – CRPS, Lyme Disease, Occipital Neuralgia, and Degenerative Disc Disease. I am a highly competitive person as any of you who have met me can attest. I didn’t want to be an advocate. I simply had to.

I call myself an “accidental advocate” because at first, as I was learning about the disease(s) I had, I simply set out to find people like myself. I would find them in person or on social media and share information about chronic pain diseases. Whether it is a new treatment option that I or others had tried, how to talk with and try to influence (and even educate) doctors and tips on how to deal with insurance companies (who are a big problem with the payment for alternative therapies)

This has become my life work. I spend my time running online support groups, hosting support calls and meet-ups, and I host the largest pain treatment education expo in the US. The 4th Annual Midwest Pain Treatment Education Expo was held at the Hilton Hotel in Northbrook, IL. Over 300 people attended and 9,000 people streamed the event online. The videos will be posted online here.

The Expo is about presenting options because quite simply, we deserve to know all of our options. Don’t stop learning. Your doctor is not the only source of info. Do your own research. Your insurance company should not dictate your treatment path. We have many options that are not covered by insurance-and many of them work! We only get this one body, and absolutely cannot screw it up! No one should be more invested in your well-being than you are. Take control and advocate for yourself. Learn your options.

Our next event will feature a growing option in dealing with chronic pain – cannabis. The Illinois Cannabis Education Expo is set for next spring. Like our Pain Expo, it will feature different opinions and options about how cannabis can benefit those of us with chronic pain.

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yes the time is now to put on your full armour of god to fight for the god and law givven rights of disabled chronic pain patient acess to life saving pain medication and our doctors rights of compasion to subscribe meds to us:: a war has been declared by the cdc-dea-ect.. on the disabled chronic pain patients for no reason than to find a scapegoat for their inhuman activity causing thousand of suicides due to cutting off our livesaving med hundreds of veterns that fought for their freedom being treated like dogs pushed to no choice but suicide it is natzi ideaolgy genoccide on thousand of disabled lawabiding citizans the same that was done to the jewish people by hitler pain warriors wakeup and beware the time for resistance is now put on your full amour of god and may the lord jesus carry you every step to victory for your right to live as others and access to lifesaving pain medication faith love and peace to you all::::::::: andy disabled chronic pain patient

Jackie gomez

I have been fighting RSD and many other illness that have have come with this CRPS since 1995. It was a on the job injury. I was awarded finally after many years of letting Workers Compensation trying to convince me that it was all in my head. I have been 100 % Disabled
I finally am learning to take control of my body and my pain, I began to exercise the days I can . In 2011 I receive a letter from Workers Compensation that they are taking me to court to have my benefits terminated. They claim they have a dvd that show me at my Jazz class.
Which is a group of ladies that all suffer with chronic pain.
I hired a lawyer to help me, but I believe he just does care.
I have been living with this torment
Of losing my benefits. I couldn’t live with this fear of losing my house, so in June with much pain I sold my house. I now am living with a friend.
My lawyer tells me that Wirjers Compensation are in all their right not to show him the DVD!!
How can I have a chance.
I have had no real life for years.
Please if there is advise or knowledge you can share with me.
Please I am at the end of my rope



Lyme, EDS, CRPS, and all? Had Lyme for long before diagnosis? EDS classical, or hypermobility or both? CRPS? Amazing then. Most people don’t get this many diagnoses because they can’t make it to doctors.
Cannabis options are not for anyone who works. Companies do not allow it. Medicare does not pay for many doctors.
WhiLe admiration for your achievements is there, before anyone can assume everyone with any of your conditions can do the same, there are genetics and certain genes that control how a person experiences pain. True.

Please, when you speak, be sure to not minimize those that are not as fortunate as you, or have pain help in some form or another.

Keep up the fight, but be sure to join EDS, LYME groups to know how much they vary, and how serious many are.

As you know both conditions can cause death. Lyme undiagnosed for many years can do extreme damage.

Peace and Good Will.

Cynthia o.

Thanks Gracie…I’d be very interested to know where your support groups and blogs are located online? I am a housebound pain warrior….thank u