Forced Opioid Taper Not Ideal Says Study — PROP Pushing Back

Forced Opioid Taper Not Ideal Says Study — PROP Pushing Back

As medical science continues to argue against forced opioid tapering, the folks at PROP are promoting the CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain.

A study of 15,000 patients published this month shows that variability in opioid dose may be a risk factor for opioid overdose, suggesting that practitioners should seek to minimize dose variability when managing long-term opioid therapy.

As bioethicist Michael Schatman tweeted: This is an “extremely important study! Stability of dosage, not actual dosage itself, is key to prescription opioid safety!”

You’ll remember at the end of the year, pain physicians and psychologists published a letter in the Journal of Pain Medicine that argued mandated opioid tapers requiring “aggressive” dose reductions over a defined period, even when that period is an extended one, could be problematic.

They called for “compassionate systems for opioid tapering” in carefully selected patients, with close monitoring and realistic goals. They also call for “patient advisory boards — to ensure that patient-centered systems are developed and patient rights are protected.”

PROP Trying to Beef Up CDC Opioid Guideline

A group called PharmedOut, a partner of Physicians For Responsible Opioid Prescribing (PROP) is circulating a petition in support of the controversial CDC Opioid Guideline.

“The opioid industry’s efforts to controversial-lize opioid prescribing guidance from CDC are gaining momentum,” the petition says.

“It is imperative that policy decisions be based on scientific evidence and public health principles, not commercial concerns and unrepresentative patient anecdotes. The CDC Guideline contains reasonable, unbiased and scientifically grounded recommendations that promote cautious prescribing. Industry-generated efforts to undermine this Guideline must be vigorously opposed.”

Trump Claiming Progress Against Opioid Overdoses.

President Trump spoke at 2019 Rx Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit in Atlanta this week to update on what a spokesman said is, “the administration’s progress and success to reduce demand, raise awareness and save lives.”

The opioid epidemic is now driven by illicit heroin and fentanyl. Those two drugs were implicated in the vast majority of opioid overdoses reported in 2017, according to federal figures.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Who here feel that Doctors dont work for us but we pay to work for them it is obscene all they care about is themselves there is the good doctor here and there like the good hearted prostitute in Bible but fewer and fewer rsdno

Lynne Hall

I am always so sad to see all your comments.
I keep coming here hoping for some sound reasonings.
They said not to exceed the 90 ml, unless the benefits outweigh the risk. But for me I’m 56, been on Opiods for 40years plus now, and as far as I’m concerned I’d rather have another 20 years of really living, than 30-40 years of watching the world go by out my window.
I’d rather have some good years with my grandchildren fishing, playing, hell just going to the park. I go to bed crying every night after reading your pain and praying for us all.
I just keep holding on to THIS TO SHALL PASS!
Be strong guys, I did stumbled on a report for 2013, about the governments break down of people over 65, on disability or other government programs and how much it was costing them in Doctors and actual drug cost. I think the drug cost then was 56 million a year.
I believe like most. They just want us to die. The article talked about the resources we were using.
I worked as long as I could, and my husband worked for UPS for over 30 years. We paid the government half his income a week, and then paid taxes.
I know an answer will come, but I am so worried about the souls that will be lost, because they couldn’t take it one more day. I’ve felt that too! And all the time I will have lost laying in bed, alone now, just one more useless eater.
I ask you, how many of you have doctors that are actually with what the government is doing? Mine is not, both of them. Neither have had a sucide either.
Praying for you all, Kelli, Oregon sucks, you’re in my prayers.

Adam H

This is why people are beginning to really lose their patience no pun intended. This guideline hell has dragged out over three long hellish years and everyone has a limit. I know that as a group you would be truly hard pressed to find a more kind and sensitive group. I am genuinely weary from within deep inside my soul..I have done 6 yrs in airbourne infantry and losing my meds suddenly took my whole being to a new level of hell. I know others have had much worse but I can only understand from where I come from. We shall prevail we surrender!

David Crawford

PROP says, ““It is imperative that policy decisions be based on scientific evidence and public health principles, not commercial concerns and unrepresentative patient anecdotes. “” why start now ?the CDC so-called panel of experts we’re probably all from PROP, at the time we asked that they place pain management experts and some representatives from Pain Advocate groups on the panel ? Of course the whole process after that was behind closed doors , just as soon as they released their guidelines and Thomas Friedman instantly said these are only guidelines period . That was enough for DEA and others to go off to the races . And legitimate chronic pain patients and our doctors have been in hell ever since . So I think what prop is saying now is don’t kill anybody as you totally eliminate them off pain medication that could get us all sued ?
Remember first Do no harm to our bank accounts !

Bradley Bill Parker

The Flow in the discussion group is exactly what it’s all about!. The big $green greedy$ pharmacy management sector, Organized Criminals!. “Acronyms of harm inflicting federal agencies For One Thousand ALEX. This D.E.A. federal agency responsible for SCARING THE HELL out of my Doctor’s… Thanks for posTing FOLKS Sincerely Yours Bradley Bill Parker📑✝️🇺🇸🏁

Barbara W

This is the biggest LIE !!!!! These people and Andrew Kolodny & PROP need to be arrested put in prison for crimes against Humanity. I want them injected with Snake Venom & given no pain meds! We all need to create a petition on Move On. org on this Opiod issue being against our Civil & Human Rights etc. & recommend PROP be brought to justice! & show all the people suffering & committing Suicide. plus all News Media exposing them. I will try to write to Ed Coghan, Red Lawhern etc & they can gather up our emails to send out petitions or anything we can all get involved in to have more power in #’s . When you go on Move On they want many people to be involved in the movement!! We could come up with our own long term study we know Doctors & Pharmacologists .Newt Gingrich was on the “View” this morning pushing for the US to go off of Opiods!! while him and Alex Jones have a business for Addicts to wear patches that cost $5000 each! ( Nazi Germany!) My email is.


The folks at PROP, Shatterproof and Andrew Kolodny should should be brought to justice for the deaths of pain patients who were forced to kill themselves by these misguided people and face the same thing Dr Karl Brandt did in 1948 for crimes against humanity.


Written by Mr. Lawhern below ” CDC stood by and watched people dying as the hostile regulatory environment they had created drove doctors out of practice and patients into suicide.” This statement makes my heart feel like it’s been torn in half. We have all suffered enough.

Gail Honadle

It’s not just Opioids, there are so many FDA approved drugs on the market that NEVER should have been approved. They Come out with a Black Box. They Damage Liver, Kidneys, Lungs, Hearts, cause Cancer or KILL. Why aren’t they removed? I watch my niece who isn’t 35 with 2 children who has Lupus, Lyme’s, which has organ damage that goes with it be given Plaquenil a Anti-Malaria drug that damages her Kidneys.

At her Lung doctor visit, her BP went into CRISIS 200/110, he sent her downstairs via wheelchair to the ER. They don’t know how to treat a Lupus patient. Never called a Cardio, never got her BP under control. They held her the 2 days Medicare allows without admitting. Not 1 BP med. But they didn’t give her the Muscle Relaxer that stops her from tearing the Botched Knee ligament repair again when it goes into spasm. Or the Valium that stops her seizures. Instantly throwing her into Withdrawal, as both have to be STEPPED DOWN SLOWLY. Then accused her of being on Street drugs like Cocaine. Kept asking multiple times what street drug she was on. They were controlling her meds. Running blood work. Of course they find nothing but the High BP and the usual [edit] that goes with Lupus and Lyme’s Flares. Turn around and released her with BP still in Crisis. Her Abdomen was Mottled, Oh, it’s just a Rash. NO it was a Vascular reaction. Rural areas have the lowest quality medical care in the USA. She has never failed a Tox screen. Under Educated Medical are all to common in rural areas. Flexeril and Valium are STEP DOWN medications.

Just because this is a Rural area doesn’t mean you have D grade care. No Cardio in a High Tourist area. Her near 14 yr old son is Duchenes MD Gene Positive with symptoms and NOT under Pediatric Neurologist care, Tenn-Care the 2nd half of her Medicare requires a Referral she can’t get until he gets a full diagnosis. What are they waiting for him to be in a Wheelchair? Do both have to DIE from lack of Proper Medical Care?

Good luck on the legal front; attorneys & civil rights orgs, including & especially the ACL-Useless, have refused to get involved repeatedly, for years. Robert Rose Jr’s #Starburst suits (state by state) are ongoing, tho the court in Cincinnati tossed his own case just recently. I did hear something about the ACL-Useless finally getting involved in something (too little & too late) but don’t know details. I suspect it’s partly b/c CPPs are generally too broke, & some other *something* that’s keeping the attorneys out of it…tho the ACL-Useless is all over getting addicted inmates any treatment they need. i & many of my fellow fighters in Oregon have contacted local attorneys, state “civil rights defenders” (ha!) & the state ACL-Useless branches, & repeatedly have been told, basically, “sorry, we don’t care if pain patients & the disabled are being tortured.” It’s beyond maddening.


To say something is a risk factor, as this study does is hardly exacting. Its the same old correlationism not being causation. It is an appeal to probability and worse, assumes that we can generalize from the many to the one. Medical research is a white wash tomb It reveals that research has failed to ascertain for each individual that uses opioids what will happen in the future with regard to overdose. Frankly researchers believe all people should be treated as if they were just like everyone else in the herd. They cant be bothered doing research that will predict the needs of any one individual and frankly it clear they dont care. So much for their careless morality.Needless to say this reflects the soft epistemological and moral underbelly of opioid and pain research. What I find most humorous and most alarming is the great unfounded weight researchers give to their evidence/evidentialism despite the fact it is clear they recognize their studies arent enough and that more studies are needed. This is the cobra effect and so it is clear that despite over 100000 articles in pubmed on opioids- they cant get it right. They continue to stand by woefully imperfect research as if it were near perfect. This immodest stance to what is believed to be known about opioid usage has lead and continues to lead to tragic consequences for people in pain.
It is time to see things clearly in research, government, practitioners- that despite their unjustified confidence and woefully inadequate morality and politics they act like demanding authoritarian coxcombs. Its quite a spectacle they make of themselves and they show off their ignorance, immodesty, carelessness, narcissism, sociopathy, right wing authoritarianism as if it were exemplary illuminism and as if they were paragons of probity. In point of fact nothing could be further from the truth.
Sapere aude. We are awakening to the great darkness in the politics, productivism, proceduralism and practitioners of pain care.


I think that a lot of the opioid habit forming problems arise when a prescription is written. As a rule the prescription is written saying. “Take 1 pill every 4 hours for pain.” Why not change the words to if you pain exceeds 6-7 on the pain scale, wait 30 minutes and then take 1 pill. Sometimes pain arises from over using an arm or leg, etc., which when you relax and isolate that part that hurts, you may not need the pain medication. I am very aware that people want “instant” pain relief. But it will take a minimum of 30 minutes for that pill to start working. Pushing your body to continue to work only keeps the pain continue to raise its ugly head. This is one of the reasons i am for the step up method of using pain control. Abuse cpmes because our bodies continue to need more opioids because the user’s body has reached its cut off level. Our bodies are amazing. They know when we have had enough. The medication just stops working. If you start out with 2 coated aspirin and wait 30.minutes you may see that the change may help you more than you thought they could. No pain relief after 30 minutes to an hour, try a stronger NSAID. Continue to rest, because that’s what your body Is saying,”I need a break!”
So after resting and trying lower doses on several other OTC drugs, wait another 30 minutes, now it’s time to bring out the big guns. Doctors understand the need for rest, that’s why they say it will take at least 2 weeks to recover. You have to give your body rest. Time to to recover naturally, because that’s part of the miracle of our anatomy.


It’s kinda of funny we went Pain Management Patients to drug addicts within a very short time. Even after being below the 90 mme, whatever the hell that is. They still try to cut me down. After so many rf injections fail back surgeries I guess cutting me off that will fix all my problems. These medications have saved my life. News flash to Doctors and CDC they work so I can work and retain my job that I have been doing for the last 30 years. I didn’t know I had anxiety until my meds are being cut off. Well anxiety has lead me to try other things like kratom that didn’t work. I start smoking weed to deal with the increase in pain to my surprise it worked better then RF. 2 hits from a cartage plus pain meds before bed almost pain free the next two days. The biggest draw back is I am drug tested and have to carrier a sample just in case. I would never smoke on the job. If my meds are taking away at least I can somewhat still able to control the pain and retain my job. Understand I have no choice either file for disability and bankruptcy or continue doing what I do being productive and paying taxes to a Government that just doesn’t care!


Can anyone tell me where to start taking legal action against the dr.’s, and medical facilities that have violated my civil rights (and so many other pain patients)? I was discharged from my doctor, and her medical facility because they said I had become a liability. I have been disabled for almost 30 years from multiple disorders such as Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism, several serious neurological disorders, herniated andbulging discs, a seizure disorder, and more. I was alsodenied my anxiety med, and was told I needed a psych. dr., because that was the only way I would get the anxiety meds. I have chronic insomnia, and told I need to sleep specialist for medication for that. It was hard enough getting to one doctor as it was. I found a p.m. dr. 45 mi utes away whohas only prescribed 2-5 mg Hydrocodone a day. I have provided my doctors with proof (test results,etc.) and had new tests they ordered done, backing up my pain. I knew I was not going to get new rx’s, so I tapered down, but still started having seizures, went to the hospital by ambulance, and was admitted. They did not even communicate with me about pain or stress and anxiety. I heard the e.r. dr. call me a drug hound. He had never even seen me before, and I never abused my meds. Not only did they deny me treatment after the seizures, they admitted me for diabetes, which I have never been officially diagnosed with. I know my cortisol levels are very high. They rx’d me Metformin for diabetes, I took it and fell, my legs would not work. I hit the floor hard, I still have a large bump on my forward, and cuts on my face. I injured my shouders and hips also. What did they do? They pumped insulin in me. I received no diagnoses for the fall, and was so confused (which is common after seizures) especially when my blood sugar dropped in the e.r, and I was asked if I had a will in place. I found out later I had a conscussion, though no testing was done for my injuries. I am in so much pain. HELP!

Jody Hoffman

I found out that a lot of doctors have no idea just how horrible opiate withdrawal is, I was told that I would be uncomfortable but it was like withdrawals from caffeine! This was from my new provider that cut off my oxycodone with no warning & reduced the hydromorphone by half 4 days later. The PROP doctors obviously don’t like to prescribe opiates & have no idea what it is like to live in agony and then go into withdrawals on top of it.


All great information. Now how do I get my meds raised to a level where I can at least function somewhat. It ain’t gonna happen, that’s how. Waaaaaay too much misinformation out there, we’re doomed to a life of horrible chronic pain.

Assertions of Andrew Kolodny and PROP are – of course – outright lies. PROP are paid shills for the insurance industry, which seeks to suppress treatment for all chronic conditions, to increase profits. Likewise involved, is financial self-interest of addiction intervention centers like Phoenix House, a Billion dollar chain for which Kolodny was once Chief Medical Officer. I don’t believe Andrew has ever been called to account for the 90%+ relapse rate of “graduates” from the treatment programs he designed.

CDC guidelines were recognized as fatally flawed and scientifically unsupported well before publication. They were deliberately biased by anti-opioid propaganda, conflating lack of long-term double-blind randomized trials of opioids (like all OTHER pain therapies) with lack of effectiveness. Guideline research was cherry-picked to support this agenda. Consultants omitted established contrary research including the 2010 Cochrane systematic outcomes review. The Guidelines also ignored the impact of genetic polymorphism in liver enzymes which metabolize opioids. This latter reality conclusively wrecks any notion of one-size-fits-all pain therapy.

These realities are acknowledged in the November 2018 American Medical Association repudiation of Morphine Milligram Equivalent Daily Dose as the central “measure of merit” in prescribing policy. Hundreds of thousands of patients benefit from opioid therapy at significantly higher doses than the arbitrary 90 MMED safety review threshold proposed by CDC. CDC claims of “clarification” ring hollow in light of the fact that they allowed 36 States to weaponize the guidelines in restrictive laws and regulation. CDCstood by and watched people dying as the hostile regulatory environment they had created drove doctors out of practice and patients into suicide.

I will speak with members of the HHS Task Force on Pain Management, on these themes. My short address will be podcast real time just before noon May 9th.


I went to the ER 3 days ago and this particular hospital didn’t have enough Dilaudid so they instituted a new rule that it is only to be used on patients in rooms. Amazing that a Trauma 1 major hospital only had Morphine and Fentanyl in their ER. Since I have allergies to both of these, that left a bit of a problem. They mistakenly gave me Haldol for pain. That threw my body into one heck of a tailspin. I still am having trouble doing most things including seeing clearly and walking without using the wall and good thing I have 2 flights of stairs to enjoy as well. I sense that all this cutting back on opioid production is already apparently having an effect and it is only going to get worse.
Good luck to all trying to maintain and survive.

A have a big concern beyond the tapering of opoids ( a political move to gain votes but hurt and cost countless lives), because this interference between doctor/ patient relationship is insane and inhumane!
Since our government forced reduced production of opoids starting in 2016 as population increases, and this year they imposed a 25% additional reduction in opoid production. What does this mean? That the damage they have done may be irreversible. Even if politicians get some medical education and stop interfering so doctors can do their job, I see a major issue when patients with legal prescriptions go to get them filled and pharmacies simply have none? What have they done? Can it even be reversed?
This is no better than what the government did during prohibition when they realized people were drinking alcohol not intended for human consumption they forced companies to put poison in these types of alcohol. This killed over 10,000 Americans. Wilson bragged well less drunks to deal with! They didn’t care if their prohibition killed Americans any more than our government cares about the lives of chronic pain patients. They see us the same as Hitler, useless eaters!
And to think, I was once so proud to be American?
God help us all.

KIra S

To be clear PROP isn’t really anti-opioid, they are anti- any opioid that is not Suboxone. They want all addicts on suboxone, another opioid that is just as addictive and have admitted publicly that some addicts may need to be on it for life. Addicts are given whatever is needed to make sure they don’t go into withdrawal, while pain patients are forced to suffer through withdrawal and rebound pain. Kolodny once said he would see everyone on suboxone, and when people started abusing and selling suboxone he said he would rather see people abusing suboxone.

SUBOXONE IS AN OPIOID. Treating addicts is important and I stand behind it 100% but lets not pretend that the reason it works is because its a carefully prescribed and monitored opioid which is no different than pain patients getting their carefully monitored opioids for pain.

PROP, with direct ties to addiction centers and Suboxone has a reason to push for pain patients to get their meds taken. Business is booming. We are letting a speciak interest group dictate the lives of some of this countries most vulnerable people.


Motrin damages your liver.
Actual patients are on dialysis due to overuse of NSAIDS.
Tylenol damages your liver.
Naproxyn damages your kidneys.
OTC meds anyone of them can give you ulcers, kidney damage, liver damage, heart damage, and
Over use of these meds to control pain is what chronic pain patients are going to be doing. There isn’t an OTC drug that can be used safely and still cause side effects.
So Opoids are stopped immediately because the effect eventually wears off and this can be proven how? Who is the God on this Earth that knows 100% that chronic pain patients can’t take them for years and they still work as good they did in the beginning? This has grown into a political bullying battle of Demi God’s that have allusions of grandure about there knowledge and intelligence. Physician’s are being used as a scape goat by these Demi God’s. This is a travisty of injustice, medical negligence, citizens right to knowledgeable medical care, medical malpractice, bullying tactics, dehumanising the chronic pain patients, and 💯% ignorance on the FDA,CDC, etc agencies. To develop guidelines put them in place, mandate them to the point of bullying, and not have a clue to the collateral damage to chronic pain patients is malpractice.
Syphyliss study deaths.
Baby formula for third world countries deaths.
Newborn thyroids radiation to lead to cancer.
Agent orange causing lukemia in
Veterans very young children deaths and government denying it.
AIDS when first revealed 1980’s no nurse could write it in chart, tell anyone about it in report, if nurse even told another nurse about precautions for patients family members and staff was fired.
So many medical blunders and travisty using newborns to men for studies that led to death.
Now we the chronic pain patients have been placed on the radar of the FDA,CDC, etc agencies to be some more collateral damage of Demi God’s with allusions of grandure to show there power of controlling soft targets.

Nick Giovanni

The Government has already admitted that the “War on Drugs” is currently this nations biggest failures, it well documented. The 50+ million Americans that clinically suffer from some form of chronic pain have a legal right to medically live with a quality of life. The number one rule of the hypocratic oath is “Cause No Harm” everyday these doctors violate. I personally know a pain patient who won a malpractice suit against a relatively new pain management doctor who was caught slipping simply b/c he decided to not take the time to keep himself updated on legalities of practicing PM. What’s been left open for Dr’s to decide vs what Dr’s have NO LONGER any control over. This doctor had his tech call patient after hours the day before 30 day med refill only to leave a VM stating the Doctor would no longer be prescribing the patients Alprazolam, talk about unethical. Three days later patient was transported to hospital with uncontrollable seizing, all was documented and contact was made to patients Doctor, upon next visit the Doctor agrees to begin a taper for only 1 month keep in mind patient has been on Alprazolam for over 10 years 6 mg a day. One month later same thing happens only this time the ER Doctor attending to patient noticed in records the same thing happened just one month ago and he elected to notify the state medical board and file a complaint. Almost two years later a settlement was reached with patient, the Doctor lost his license to practice in the state and lastly found guilty of negligence in accordance to hipocratic oath.
Ow and the CDC guidelines are completely biased and not scientifically grounded pertaining to medicine. I would love to read this study of 15,000 patients showing variability in dose may be a risk factor for overdose, that makes no sense seriously isn’t this article about tapering patients down with in the CDC guidelines? And this bioethicist “Stability of dosage,not actual dosage itself” is key to prescription opioid safety. WTH

Physicians don’t care and if it seems like they do because you’re getting opiates It’s Only Money related how much are you paying for those urine test ? Paying to see psychiatrist?
Paying to do physical therapy? Paying pain management?
Paying for the cost of opiates?
Time wasted sitting for the appointment to get the opiates?
How much distance did you travel to get to your appointment?
How much gas does it cost you?
How much improvement / less pain do you have?
Which of these questions has the most neg/positve effect in your life?
Healthcare service isn’t for free and the outcomes doesn’t matter BC it’s not their body, it’s just a job as long as they get paid.
Healthcare has changed drastically over the last 30 years. It’s the FDA job to regulate medicine. How the CDC got control of that and gotten as far as it has , has to be some political push. You can really thank Jeff sessions for that. Glad he’s out but he’s done a lot of damage. Not everyone can just take an aspirin due to the adverse effects of other health issues.

President tRump hasn’t a clue! To stand there and preach his insane lies, then sit down have dinner with them and ask for money for his campaign so he can be re-elected certainly isn’t going to help not one person. Not in the pain community nor a person that is hooked on street drugs. Nor does he care, worlds most selfish individual I’ve ever seen. I have been tapered down so much I have had to find yet another dr. I am so tired of being grouped in with the junkies of our nation I want to scream. I have never had to deal with anyone judging me until a new NP started. I’ve given her a year of my time and I’m done. I am hoping this new dr will help me to at the very least manage my pain. I am and have been at the point where I want to call it quits. It’s depressing, if it were not for my daughter and having that responsibility I would’ve already been gone.

Lauren Gilbert

Feds issue new warning to doctors: Don’t skimp too much on opioid pain pills
I saw this article last night and if you can locate it it’s definitely worth reading. It seems that the feds are finally coming to the conclusion that forced fast tapering in opioid patients is not a good thing and they are actually recommending that doctors take an individual approach to each patient. I found this article to be so uplifting, whether or not we will actually see any progress from our pain doctors is another thing. The DEA has the doctors so concerned that they’re going to lose their licenses that it may not have any effect. But it is a step in the right direction. I can only hope and pray that pain doctors all over take these recommendations into consideration.





Clinicians and other medical professionals wrongly implemented federal guidelines for prescribing opioids, the authors behind the guidelines say in a new paper. As a result, some patients who ought to be taking prescription pain medications haven’t been receiving them or have had their regimens cut off. The guidelines, published by the CDC in 2016, were meant to offer recommendations for primary care physicians treating chronic pain, but advocates say that some clinicians, insurers, and state agencies have inappropriately used them to stop treatments. In the new paper, the authors say physicians used the recommendations to justify “hard limits and abrupt tapering of drug dosages,” even though the guidelines did not actually endorse such policies.”

And there’s a link to the paper referred to.

I imagine this will be in tomorrow’s NPR email.


This is so incredibly depressing, and stressful. With the Task Force draft report, I had been hopeful for change — not immediate since it’s the govt’, but not a zillion years away. But there continues to be stories like this to dash that hope.

I’m still disgusted by the term ‘OPIOID’ epidemic when it certainly should be named ADDICT epidemic. Using the word opioid has labeled all of us opioid treated patients as addicts, in the eyes of all others. I just cringe each time I hear that term!

David Hickle

I wish they would force opioid on me my name is David hickle I am in pain and no body can find why I live at 4045 castel dr groveport Ohio 43125 USA

Susan Domokos

I have not recovered from being forced off fentanyl 7 years ago…script 75mcg every 3 days..over 1 year..dr appt every 30 days…ALL the drs nurses admins patient advocates and others who accused me of being a junkie..being somatic..being crazy..lying..and everything else they said…didnt give one DAMN…it wasnt until i had a full spine mri that my pain dr quit verbally and mentally abusing me…my shit so bad that i got fitted for a. Back brace..given More pain meds..muscle relaxer and am allowed to take my xanax and pay $250 FOR A WEED CARD…that was 3 months ago…the psychological damage has made me a hott mess with 8 heart stents..maDd brain pain and. Anxiety to fill a bathtub…my pcp told me to straight get over it…that those people aren’t hurting..cuz they do not Care one bit about me or my continuing agony of the heart and soul..#notajunkie #ohio


We chronic pain patients have become a target of FDA,CDC, etc agencies due to there lack of addressing there own inadequacy in understanding appropriate pain management for the citizens who abide by the guidelines. Power, money, studies make money, agencies make money, and these agencies chose the softest target possible we the chronic pain patients.
Chronic pain patients understand there pain, live with there pain, and seek a physician who can help them (not a cartel or drug dealer).
Liscensed physician, legal script, abiding by the guidelines, live quality of life for them, and even working at a job. Not one legal law, guideline, or drug law broken and yet we chronic pain patients are bullied, dehumanized, demeaned, physician rejected(by you bulling them), and are STRIPPED of any medical care by these government agencies due to there ignorance of understanding pain control. Make guidelines before they even have medical knowledge in this field of medicine on a daily basis. Stop a pain medication immediately without any medical knowledge of the consquences and then wait and see how patient’s react. Medical travisty negligence at the highest level by causing collateral damage by suicide.


Wow. Anyone read the US Today story : Fed issues new warnings…?

If I am reading correctly, it is being claimed that doctors misapplied the guidelines and are to blame for the medication forced tapers…

Especially enjoyed the part about patients that need more than 90mme per day should not be reduced just carefully justified.
Anyone else confused?


Opioid Industry? What is the Opioid Industry? There are drug manufacturers, but none who strictly make opioids. They must be confused with the totally unregulated Addiction Industry that employs so called recovered addicts and “bio ethitics” (what’s that require, a divinity degree?) instead of medical professionals. When are people going to realize the anti opioid faction is full of frauds masquerading as people familiar with the use of opioids? These people are not qualified in the slightest to dictate policy and they keep saying that all the evidence against their beliefs is not based on easily reproduced clinical observations and medical science when it is their “proofs” that will not hold up to any scrutiny. They are using the political tactic of declaring the facts “fake news” when you begin to lose the argument. This is not politics, people are suffering and dying from their lies. Who knows more about treating pain, the doctors that treat patients and actually see the success of these drugs or people like PROP who’s goal is to outlaw them. Its no exaggeration, its listed as one ofg their goals on their website….

James McCay

I’m a very educated 52-year old male who worked in the medical profession (learning everyone’s job who I worked with) because I mastered Advanced EKG Interpretation in less than a year and could have written a better EKG Interpretation book than all out there besides Practical Electrocardiography by Henry J.L Marriott (we were friends after I took his Orlando, FL seminar in 1995 with 80 doctor & nurses, and I was the only EKG Tech at the 3-day seminar) yet only I asked questions??? So to say I have a widespread medical education would be an understatement. I’m not patting myself on the back, I’m repeating what everyone I’ve ever worked with has told me, like “Why aren’t you a doctor?”. I had two screwed up parents to start with. One left when I was 18-months old, and never saw him until I was 14-yrs old. Mom: Sociopath. Nuf said.

Besides my (3) severe Neuromuscular/autoimmune Diseases I’ve had active since 2002, I have lifelong Hyperthymusism. I know, practically no one has a clue what that is. It’s when you have a VERY LARGE Hyperactive Thymus Gland (around 100X the normal tiny gland size) yet its not large enough to be a tumor. Not one of the (20) Neurologist & Neurosurgeons I saw at the VERY BEST NYC Hospitals (Hospital For Joint Diseases, Hospital For Special Surgery, Beth Israel, etc) had a clue that my XL Thymus Gland was causing most meds (opioids and EVERYTHING else) to not work. The only ones that worked a little were medications I’ve been on for years BEFORE my Myasthenia Gravis was diagnosed as “ADVANCED” in 2009 with my research online and my very educated Pain Management doctor.


Non-stop severe pain/fatigue everywhere 24/7 WITH 300 mg METHADONE (lowered to 270 mg)! Methadone is the ONLY medication (after 60+ different medications/procedures with NO RESULT AT ALL) that lowered my pain just enough to make it almost bearable only in bed.


Scott Michaels

Trump bragged 43k less VA opioid patients. Reality is 43k patients denied pain relief, get ready for a suicide landslide.
Kaiser is the largest member of PROP. They save billions of dollars by denying pain relief to hundreds of thousands of patients.
Kaiser must have a paradigm shift so patient once again can live a quality life.
Fact kolodney is a quack that has no compassion for pain patients, he only cares about income thru addiction and the poison known as suboxone


So, this PROP organization is being run out of Georgetown, which is infamous for Illuminati programs that feed movements like this beast we are dealing with. People keep talking about money. What money? Big pharma’s sales are dropping. What settlements? For the people who are already dead? Look, these people are doing this because we’re the weakest link in society, and they want us gone. Dead. Apparently they want 90% of us gone because they have finished the robotics that can do all of the work now. Make sense? It’s the only thing that does. If people are going to sit here and try to figure out why CDC is prescribing now, that’s just what they want. Or the DEA? Not many scientists over there. Trump thinks he’s getting everybody off drugs and back to work. Which he is. Highest employment rate ever. But that doesn’t explain the sinister underpinning that nobody can explain, because it doesn’t make sense. The only way it does is to see that a satanic death cult is running the whole thing. Question is, how do we stop them? After all, they print the money. I am going to send my Illuminati concerns to our friend at Georgetown, which he will promptly delete. Just like us.


To FDA,CDC, etc…agencies
This has become a Quest of negligence without duediligence to seek “first do no Harm”.
You have taken a group of abiding by your guidelines citizens and changing there guidelines because you have decades of NOT controlling the cartel, drug users, drug abuser’s. We the chronic pain patients are soft targets you have
required to STOP IMMEDIATELY pain medication. Control the soft targets by bullying, dehumanising, demeaning, isolation, and physician rejection. Your showing that you have helped us to control our pain by your guidelines. WRONG you have made us your collateral damage from your Quest Of Negligence. This is a travisty of injustice on patients that totally understand there pain and how to control it appropriately. You have strip our rights as a citizen of these United States of America to appropriate pain management and replaced our rights with guidelines that are medical negligence and trodden down the oath of “first do no harm”.
Control the soft targets is your standard and the hard targets you haven’t controlled for decades.

Lynne Hall

Gary Redmond, Alice Carol. I hope I got that right. Along with a few others.

In my old life I was involved with our local television stations. One morning I found my daughter crying because she had seen dead babies in trash cans, as part of an ad for abortion.
I contacted the Head of that local broadcast station. I was told that when time is given to one side if an ussue, equal time has to be given to the other. After reviewing thst ad, it was removed.


I am ashamed of Trump!
Addicts are all around us where I live. They are still walking around high. Addicts are different from true pain patients.

Hang in there guys. I hope not but it might take another year but we need to form an organization that backs leaving the innocent alone. Citing that more than 90 only in cases of established patients is almost laughable. Most of us were already established and maintained. Is this back peddling or what. Most everyone has sought to ease their pain thru many of the alternative methods in their guidelines.

We have lived in pain, tried anything the doctors suggested for pain reduction. We know what we have tried and what worked and gave us some quality of life.

Remember Trump and the other politicians when you go to reelect! Find out where the others stand.

I thought Trump, who I did vote for, would care more about the 15 million CPS. His WALL WILL NOT STOP THE ILLEGAL DRUGS TO CONTINUE TO HIT THE STREETS. ONLY DRIVE THOSE HURTING SI BAD TO TURN TO THEM.

IF THE GOAL WAS TO HELP PEOPLE CPP, IT IS FAILING. IF IT WAS TO STOP ILLEGAL TRADE, IT NOY ONLY FAILED, BUT ACTUALLY INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF ILLEGAL NOW BEING USED. You are creating drug addicts. Way to go! Number down, of course they are, no one gets health care access.

AS my mother in law once said. There are worse things in life than dying. I get it now!

I am paying to make myself worse now being tapered and it is torture.

Rebecca Hollingsworth

We all know that chronic pain patients were an easy target for forced tapering of opioids. Since the government cannot control the real problem, all of the illicit drugs streaming through our unprotected southern border, they decided to “get a win” by attacking legitimate prescriptions written by physicians. It was easy for them to take away pain patients lifeline. How long will it take for pain patients to get them back? So much damage has already been done. Our voices (or screams) are finally starting to make a difference, but I think too little too late for many. How many cpp’s had to die by their own hands before anyone would listen? I’m afraid it’s not over yet. Drs aren’t going to automatically write prescriptions for the doses we were on before this travesty unfolded. President Trump’s speech yesterday in Atlanta touted the success of this “crisis ” . He said 40,000 veterans are not being prescribed opiates anymore. How many of them are chronic pain sufferers? He didn’t, however, speak of the suicide problem of veterans. They might be able to see a doctor, but that doesn’t mean they are getting what they need. A victory? I think not. Just more unnecessary suffering for another group of people who did what their country asked. My husband and I both have been forced tapered. I live with the damage this has caused everyday Screw PROP and their petition. Walk a mile in our shoes and I bet they would change their minds quickly. We’re just now beginning to be heard and our voices are louder. Keep fighting against this socialist medicine that is being imposed on us. We must be doing something right. Prayers for all.

Deborah M Babcock

Heres the bottom line…How many chronic widespread pain patients whom have prescribed opioids for their pain have overdosed on their medication ? I know that i took mine responsibly,never asked for higher dosages or more medication that was prescribed for quality of life was much greater than at present..people now are going to the streets for pain control one way or another..opioid pain medication is the safest medicine for pain when controlled by your doctor,it has been around a very long time..I myself do not trust most of their NEW medications..we know our bodies and what works and doesnt work,we should have a say as to what WE PUT in our OWN BODIES..Why go through months of trial and error just to find out something doesnt work or has terrible side effects when there is medications out there on the shelves that we know work well and are safe…Why let us suffer like this ? Drug addiction and overdoses have nothing not a thing to do with responsible pain patients what so ever..!! They will continue to do what they do !! What about the hippocratic oath that the doctors take ? How about the RIGHTS as human beings to not have to suffer unnecessarily? So many laws have been broken by these groups of people !! Our own bodies,our own choices !! I wonder if the phamas get as much money as the drug dealers on the streets get for the opioids they sell ?? !! I wonder if a bunch of people got together and formed a huge lawsuit against all these people that it would open their eyes cause im about to dip into savings and do just that !! Im not a drug addict,im not a junkie,im not a pill popper or seeker; im a human in chronic widespresd debilitating pain !! Stop stigmatizing us !! We do not belong lumped into the same categories!! HOW MANY PAIN PATIENTS HAVE OVERDOSED ON THEIR MEDICATIONS TAKING THEM RESPONSIBLY ?? HOW MANY PAIN PATIENTS HAVE COMMITTED SUICIDE DUE TO THEIR UNCONTROLLED PAIN ?? HOW MUCH LONGER WILL WE HAVE TO SUFFER IS THE QUESTION ??


I never asked to join the club of chronic pain sufferers. I believe no one suffering from chronic pain in their lives have. Chronic pain is a medical condition and should be treated by all as such. I’m so disgusted in our government and the Trump administration pushing to control not treat chronic pain as a medical condition that is helped for the most part with opioid medicine. It’s like having the government tell medical providers how and when to treat, for example, Asthma sufferers. It makes no sense! I’m so frustrated. I’m currently having to fight for the right for my RX insurance provider to pay for my pain meds that include opioids. My RX insurance provider is asking my Spine Surgeon if it’s medically necessary. They’ve also asked me and I responded by saying, oh let me see. Is major back surgery qualify?! The RX insurance provider has only paid for 2 opioid pain meds since my surgery 2/4/19 and they are refusing to cover anymore. They’re asking for a ton of paperwork to be filed by my Pain Specialist stating why it’s medically necessary for me to have pain medication (Hydrocodone) . I’ve had 4 surgeries in less than 2 years due to an injury I suffered at work. The pain I go through is excruciating and if I didn’t have the pain medications I’m currently taking that contain opioids , I don’t know where I would be.

Timothy Fitzpatrick

Very hard to follow your article. You assume the reader knows too much. For example, What controversial CDCguidline, why would they support it?


Forced tapering of any type is a novel concept that was never proposed, much less advocated, before special interest groups fabricated the prescription opioid crisis. Science had previously and unequivocally proven chronic pain patients have an extremely low probability of succumbing to an overdose. This petition is not about patient safety-it’s about money and, in the case of the pharmacists who are now openly practicing medicine, putting their interests above those of the patients they are supposed to be helping. This is a witch hunt for opiate tolerant human beings that is not even based on common sense, much less medical science, at this point. Only a selfish psychopath would wish to harm people in the way further reducing access to these highly controlled medications is doing. All you have to do is read the comments, or count the suicides, to understand the despair people who depend on these medications to function have right now. But we cannot give up and must fight to maintain our unalienable right to treat our pain as effectively as possible.

Rosalind Rivera

After reading today’s post, I must say that I am thoroughly disgusted. All the powers that be are simply going around in circles with absolutely no relief in sight for chronic pain sufferers and especially those with noted proof for the very crucial need of pain medications. I’m also appalled that President Trump should have a major voice in this issue as he apparently knows absolutely nothing of the hell that chronic pain sufferers live with on a daily basis and let’s face it, not many people are so naive that they don’t know that should Trump or anyone in his family or circle can access whatever medications they may want or need with no red tape and with absolute impunity.

Barbara Snow

It’s about the money, lots and lots of money.

Alice Carroll

Red Lawhern and ATIP have been saying for the last couple years that it is not doctor prescribed opiates that are leading to overdoses. They have the statistics to back this. It’s our government who keeps pushing the same old lies with the CDC not believing their own data or I should say not WANTING to believe it. Seems that many on this bandwagon hope to nail Big Pharma and they need the doctor-prescribing fallacy to go for the big bucks. (I keep thinking if they put these pharmaceutical companies out of business who will buy ads on TV?)
Follow the money. I think this whole opioid crisis has been manipulated to try to get to the deep-pockets of Big Pharma to elicit a tobacco-like settlement.

The President yesterday promised that illegal drugs will stop crossing our southern border. We’ve been hearing this for the past 45 years. It hasn’t stopped yet. The tapering of opioid medications or cutting the medications altogether for those in chronic pain has clearly NOT lead to a reduction of overdoses which I thought was supposed to be the point. It leads to death by suicide and death by OD from trying to find relief on the black market. It’s causing death not stopping overdoses if indeed that was ever PROPs real agenda. Not to mention that statistics show that chronic pain patients under a doctors supervision are not the people who are overdosing, it’s a totally different demographic!

Gary Raymond

The opioid epidemic has always been driven by illicit heroin and fentanyl. Where do cocaine and meth fit in now? Despite ubiquitous educational opportunities throughout this nation, the government still thinks we are naive to changes in program nomenclature. In many areas, illegal heroin is easier to obtain than legal oxycodone, and that includes syringes. By the way, since when does the CDC set prescribing criteria for medications? That has been the responsibility of the FDA. Listen up, CDC, measles is being introduced into this country and our food supply is being contaminated by human waste. What part of Disease CONTROL and PREVENTION do you not understand?


This is a Great article because I along with another 100 million Americans have work and quality of life to obtain with work, keeping their taxes paid or just can’t get out their house due to the great misunderstanding of the 21st century and that’s what I’ve come to call This, The greatest misunderstanding of the 21st century so far at least. Thank you PROP for posting this as I look forward every morning to a new article which gives me hope and I’m sure many others that should be classified as palliative care patients, Look forward to your post.