Get out of your rut this Valentine’s Day, in a fast car

Get out of your rut this Valentine's Day, in a fast car

Get out of your rut this Valentine's Day, in a fast car.

Are you stuck over what to do for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Here are a few ideas to get both of your pulses racing, from cool driving experience days to the best movies to watch.

Let’s face it – the usual red roses, chocolates and boring meals for two with a million other couples just don’t cut it for Valentine’s Day any more. So you’re going to have to think differently if you want to impress the man or woman in your life.

They say music is the food of love, but it’s time to throw those love song compilations away: the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is actually one that gets the adrenaline racing. It gives you something cool to talk about down the pub afterwards. It’s memorable, and so much more fun than the usual Valentine’s fluff.

What’s more, scientific studies have shown that when people experience something mildly scary together, it can increase attraction between them. You could try bungee jumping, zorbing or even skydiving together or, if you’re the social-but-single type, you could get some pals on board for some paintball action – just make sure you’re on the same team as that hottie you’ve been eyeing up.

One of the most exciting ways to get the heart racing however is with a fast and furious Ferrari driving experience at a racing circuit. These aren’t just gifts for men, either – women love the thrill of the ride just as much. There’s something seriously cool about driving one of the world’s most famous supercars at incredibly high speeds around a racing track. Even with your crash helmet on, the sound alone will have you grinning from ear to ear for days afterwards.

If you love fast cars but don’t have a driving licence, don’t panic – you can still take part as a passenger, with a highly experienced professional driver at the wheel. There are even some rookie courses available to give you the chance to drive around the circuit without a licence.

The only tricky decision left is trying to decide whether your partner is a classic car or rally racer type. Fortunately, lots of circuits offer a driving experience gift voucher that lets the recipient choose what to go for and some, such as Silverstone, even put on special Valentine’s Day offers.

If you’re looking for more of a low-key celebration, then you can always kick back with a DVD or go to your local stand-up comedy club. Leave the cheesy rom-coms on the shelf and opt for a scary film instead, or make sure you sit really near the stage at the comedy gig to up the chances of being heckled. Both will give you a little taste of the excitement you’d expect when you climb into the driver’s seat of a car with a top speed of 186 mph for the first time.

To book your Valentine’s Day Driving Thrills visit or phone the Silverstone race track on: (44) 0 844-3728-200

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Authored by: Richard Lee

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