Happy Father’s Day – and Last Chance to Influence the FDA Chronic Pain Survey

Happy Father’s Day – and Last Chance to Influence the FDA Chronic Pain Survey

By Ed Coghlan.

First of all, let me wish all of you Happy Father’s Day.

As a father, and now a grandfather, I’m very much humbled by my family and how they have positively influenced my life. I hope that each of you enjoy this day.

For the chronic pain community, there is a very important opportunity. That is to tell the FDA some important things.

As chronic pain advocate, Terri Lewis Ph.D. said “in recent years, federal agencies (FDA, CDC, DEA and more) have become increasingly concerned about the abuse and misuse of opioid products, which have been described as an epidemic of major proportions in certain parts of the United States.  We know that the failure to properly account for legal, therapeutic uses and consequences versus the consequences of illicit use has created an enormous backlash for patients who rely on these medications and who have used them safely and properly to good effect.”

There will be a public meeting for patient-focused drug development on chronic pain at the United States Food and Drug Administration on Monday, July 9, 2018.

If you want to participate in a survey that will be presented to the FDA, we ask you to participate. The deadline for the National Pain Report readers is to fill this survey by midnight on Father’s Day.

Here’s the link to the survey:

Thus far, nearly 1500 people have already responded which Dr. Lewis will consolidate and submit to the FDA.

Many of our readers are wondering what the results are thus far, and Dr. Lewis indicated that a number of questions have surfaced from the survey.

1. Who are persons with multiple chronic comorbid conditions? What are their characteristics? What should we learn?

2. What drugs and interventions have they experienced? What works, what doesn’t?

3. What are the relationships within questions 1 and 2? How do these relationships correlate with other published data?

4. Given the relationships, what are the identifiable factors that lead to improved quality of life?

5. What are the barriers to care that are important for policy makers to understand?

The National Pain Report, which has aggressively promoted this survey, will report Dr. Lewis’ findings in advance of the FDA July 9 meeting.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Sorry, didn’t see the issue already addressed. Is there a list calling for an deadline extension? How feasible is starting one? -either way, consider post a name signed.


Is there any way to fill out the survey? Perhaps they migh t extend the deadline if enough request it


Why is Maureen writing: “PLEASE fill out the survey!! It was easy. And, I believe that we need many many more!” ? when i clicked on the link above, it said that the survey was closed. Is there a way to still fill it out?


Here’s hoping the meeting goes well and the Cdc and FDA and whomever else is there will understand we need our Doctors to be able to treat the sick and in pain Communities. This has been a nightmare and people from all walks of life , deserve to be free from pain to take care of their families.We matter our lives matter ! Quality of life is so important and we can all hope there is some Compassion.
Thank you Dr Lewis and
Ed Coghlan . God Bless you for being our voices.

Maureen M.

Happy Fathers Day Ed and other Dads here at the NPR!
I filled out the survey back in the beginning. I have to say that I am stunned that ONLY 1500 people have filled it out, in comparison to how many are out their being negatively effected by the Gov’t!!
In my opinion, given the repeated request by the NPR and the US Pain Foundation to please fill this out…
this is not a very healthy representation of our Chronic Pain/Illness Community nor a great help to aid Dr. Lewis to bring results of her very hard work and many many hours of helping us, to the meeting in July.
PLEASE fill out the survey!! It was easy. And, I believe that we need many many more!
Fight for yourselves in hope of positive changes.
Dr. Lewis is representing each and every one of us.
We ought to give back to her the love and support that she is tirelessly giving to us warriors.
Thank you so much!!! Maureen M.

Lori T.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. To all the chronic pain patients, this is a “call to action” please, please go to the FDA website and take the pain survey if you haven’t already. This may very well be the last chance we will get to influence the FDA regarding their stance on the opioid policies that will directly effect all of our care going forward. As I have commented before, once these draconian policies that they want to make law, it will be almost impossible to reverse. Case in point, look how long it has taken to try to remove marijuana from the schedule 1 drug classification and it hasn’t even happened yet in many states and at the federal level. We must make our voices heard. Caregivers, family members and others, we need you to take this survey too. This is it guys, let’s make it count!