Happy President’s Day

Happy President’s Day

With the presidential campaign in full swing, chronic pain patients are wondering if any of the candidates will pick up their cause.

President Trump has done not much in his three years and most of the Democrat candidates are mum on the issue as well with the exception of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren who made news last month when she proclaimed pain patients should not lose their access to pain medication.

While that comment buoyed many chronic pain patients, the reality is that her disappointing showings in the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire primary have severely hurt her chances of gaining the Democratic nomination.

John Kennedy Suffered from Pain

Speaking of presidents, it is important to remember that John F. Kennedy most likely would have been labeled a chronic pain sufferer today.

He had four back surgeries in the 1950s, and despite the vibrant image he displayed, he wore back braces, occasionally used crutches and was very limited in what he could do physically.

(More on Kennedy’s back issues)

He also suffered from Addison’s Disease, which can also be very painful. Notably, not many people knew about it until after the 1960 election.

(More on Kennedy’s Addison Disease)

Kennedy hid the effects of his medical issues (and other activities as we’ve learned) from the public, which would be much harder to do today.

Stanford University Starts a Pain News Site

Our friends at Stanford University have started a pain news site which it says aims to reach a person living with pain, a family member of someone who has pain, a clinician caring for people with pain, or a researcher working to better understand pain and develop new therapies.

Some interesting things are going on at Stanford—might be worth checking in occasionally. The first story is on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) which is being studied at Stanford.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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16 Democrat senators came up with the drug bill then the president approved and signed it.
Their first order to the DEA was to stop the manufacture of all injectable medications. Then the second to limit the supply of tablet opioid medication. Why? Whatever the government does is usually about money. The drug companies can demand a higher price for the drugs after several months of inactivity. That would increase street value as well. Of course, we were told it was to save American lives but we’ve seen the numbers and this “crisis” has been costing many more lives in the way of suicides and pain induced heart attacks and strokes. While the dying’s organs are being harvested and the roles of the costly ill are being eliminated, the ones who are still here are suffering in pain next in line. Our representatives are not speaking for us. The one liner is lip service. We are on our own. As America’s ill and as ill as we are, the only way we’ll be heard is together as one voice. On March 20, 2020 America’s ill are going out in the streets across the nation to be heard and seen in protest of the current policies at the Don’t Punish Pain Rally. As of today 34 cities are involved, and the event is still a month away so many more cities will be added. Please join the effort by sharing, attending, or hosting a rally. Inform your local news and social media of our plight and the rally. Visit the website for more information and flyers. If we don’t help ourselves, who will?


I have been waiting for some time to write this. I have been doing a program called Curable. It is very similar to TMS. I had a lot of my pain medication taken away in the whole CDC thing. So after that, I started looking for anything that wouldn’t make me feel stuck with pain management. So, one day I was reading NPR and there it was. Someone was trying Curable and brought it up there. NPR is how I found out about it and decided to try it out. However, I never said a word about it here because the woman that mentioned it really got attacked for it. People were very angry with her.
I Have Fibromyalgia and back issues…
I started on Curable about 6 months ago. It is a slow process. So slow that there are many times I’m sure it’s not working. But get this, I was on 1, 30 MG Hysingla/day and I could take up to 6 tramadols a day. Now, I’m on 1/2 of the Hysingla, and 2 tramadols a day!
I’m not trying to talk anyone into anything and I’m not getting paid to say this. I just hope some people will check it out. It is a very cool app. It cost $15.00 a month but right now it’s 1/2 price. You can even get a version of the app that is free. And, I bet if you couldn’t afford it they might work something out with you.
Ok, that’s it. Don’t get mad at me, just check it out.

Ann Sable

Sorry, but voting is nothing more than choosing one of the lesser evils.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

Not long after taking office President Trump signed the order that started the insane and evil that is called the “prescription pain medication crisis” I voted for him and am sickened by that. He has deceived millions of voters and is continuing to deceived them. A booming economy and a secure southern border does not make America great, when millions of decent Americans are caused to suffering with many, many of them dying by suicide and withdrawal, heart attacks brought on because of needed pain medications being denied them. It’s a national tragedy that this has happened to innocent people in pain. Our “Americans with Disabilities rights have been violated with extreme prejudice and the evil insanity continues without a word from the candidates from both sides. Yet people continue to support their candidate of choice without regard to those in horrible pain daily. Love for their fellow man and compassion have vanished from millions in preference for more money and material wealth. Doctor for the most part have lost their collective minds and becoming uncaring cowards refuse to stand up and defend those who entrusted themselves to their care. The medical profession totally rejected the statements of both the FDA and CDC when they said that they had misunderstood the CDC’s recommendations on prescribing opioid pain medications for chronic pain sufferers and long term patients who have been on these medicines. Trump with the stroke of his pen could stop this madness but has done nothing to date except make it worse. I am a 30 year chronic pain patient with a good record but this means nothing to cowardly uncaring doctors who love their money and lifestyle more than the patients who gives them those things. On the 17th of February, yesterday I found that I am being considered as a person who they will drop and recommend that I enter a Methadone or Suboxone clinic. My pain management has turned their back on me and many more of their patients to save their own hide.

Janna Crickmore

Why would voting for Elizabeth Warren give us any hope when she says we should not have any access to pain meds? The Dems want socialized medicine. From talking to friends who live in countries that already have it, I believe that it would just be worse. We think doctors have strict rules now. My friends say it’s 10 times worse


“when she proclaimed pain patients should lose their access to pain medication” ????????

Cindy too

Seems to be major typo in following sentence, copied from above:

“Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren who made news last month when she proclaimed pain patients SHOULD lose their access to pain medication.”

The word “not” appears to be missing.

Robin Johnson

Great article. Thank you. Fyi. Last sentence of 2nd paragraph re: E Warren’s comment should be changed from “should” to “shouldn’t” lose access to medication. Her backing could help us so much!

I think what you meant to say was shouldn’t lose access to their medications. I agree but I would never vote for her.A socialist will run out of others money to spend sooner or later, look at Venezuela, not a pretty picture.


Dear Ed,
Please fix the sentences about Trump and Warren. They are confusing. I had to look up Warren’s position cause what you wrote sounded so out of character for her. Sure enough, she said pain patients SHOULDN’T be deprived of our treatments.
Of course, I’ve watched this whole disaster from the beginning of the propaganda campaign and I lay it all at Trump’s feet. I’ve even figured out why he did it; $$$$, of to save it after his enormous tax cuts for the rich. Now, everybody else is going to be skinned, as usual in R admins.
Healthcare is on the chopping block big time. Vote, people!


There are millions of sufferers we should speak in numbers.


PLEASE NOTE: Elizabeth Warren said pain patients should NOT lose access to their medication. Read the Newsweek article and her tweet that I copied and posted.

Elizabeth Warren


Programs and policies meant to deter opioid abuse should not force millions of Americans to lose access to critical medicine and live in pain. My administration will take care to balance both priorities. #CripTheVote

12:55 PM – Jan 7, 2020


The TMS therapy sounds too good to be true! I’d be willing to try it. If it was available near me. For certain, I’m happy to hear positive research coming out for pain syndromes. I just hope it’s real for everyone, not just a select few.