How To Manage Your CBD Intake And Select The Best Dosage For You

How To Manage Your CBD Intake And Select The Best Dosage For You

By Hollie Jones

In the past few years, CBD has emerged as a popular and effective medical supplement. It can provide a wide range of benefits for users, from anti-anxiety effects to insomnia management. CBD is also widely used to treat chronic pain conditions too.

But those unfamiliar with CBD often struggle to manage their intake and find the right dosage for them. CBD is still relatively new, and there are myriad factors to take into account when you’re starting it for the first time.

Read on to discover how to find the best CBD dosage for you so you can start enjoying chronic pain relief today.

What is CBD?

CBD refers to cannabidiol, one of several chemical compounds (known as cannabinoids) that occur naturally in marijuana plants. These cannabinoids have a variety of effects on the human body, and many people now use medical marijuana to treat chronic painand other conditions.

The most well-known of these compounds is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is psychoactive, and is the cannabinoid responsible for making recreational cannabis users ‘stoned’.

CBD, on the other hand, is nonpsychoactive and is commonly used as a medical supplement. Studies have shown cannabidiol provides a range of health benefits, from mitigating depression and anxiety to aiding sleep. But CBD is also highly beneficial for the treatment and management of chronic pain.

CBD can be taken in a variety of ways. Since the laws surrounding medical marijuana have been loosened, a range of CBD products has been created. Many CBD brands, such as Sol CBD, sell a variety of cannabidiol products, such as CBD oil, capsules, tinctures, and balms. You can even get CBD for your pets! CBD can also be vaped or smoked, and you can also buy sweet CBD gummies.

But CBD is most commonly ingested orally in oil form by simply dripping a few drops of oil under the tongue. Many users mix it with honey to reduce the bitter taste that unflavored CBD oil has.

How do I find the best CBD dosage for me?

Cannabidiol can be hugely effective in treating chronic pain and other medical conditions. However, due to its relative infancy and the unique variables that each condition has, it is difficult to set a uniform dosage standard for everyone.

However, it is possible to manage your CBD intake and find a dosage that is right for you.

Take your weight into account

Naturally, your body weight will play an important role in determining the best dosage of CBD for you. Lighter patients have less body mass for the CBD to work upon, and so they will feel the effects of CBD oil quicker than their heavier peers.

Here is a useful chartto help you identify the right dosage for you:

Weight Mild effects Moderate effects Strong effects
0-130 lbs 11 mg or less 12-14 mg 15-187 mg
130-230 lbs 18 mg or less 19-23 mg 24-27 mg
230+ lbs 23 mg or less 24-30 mg 31-45 mg

It’s worth bearing in mind that the above should only be seen as guidelines. There are many factors that affect dosage, and the table above should simply guide your process.

Start small and increase as appropriate

As with any new medication, it’s worth starting off small. Even if your pain is severe, it’s a good idea to start off on the lower end of the dosage bracket.

If you do not feel any effects during the early stages of your treatment, increase your dosage gradually in increments. Upping your dosage by a few milligrams every seven days should be enough for you to gauge how effective your current dosage is.

While this might mean you’ll need a few weeks to find the dosage that works for you, it’s worth the wait for the relief it’ll eventually bring.

Monitor yourself to track your progress

As you start your CBD oil treatment, start a diary to keep track of your progress. Carefully note any changes in your condition, no matter how small. This is vital for determining the best dosage of CBD for you.

Keep an eye out for any new symptoms you experience. Changes in appetite, mood, fatigue, and so on should all be considered. If you notice any new changes in your body, consult with your GP.

CBD is no miracle cure, but can certainly be effective at treating a range of conditions, including chronic pain. Spend some time trying different dosages, starting small and increasing until your condition is manageable. It might take some time, but the benefits in the long-term are well worth the wait.

 ‘Hollie Jones is an expert lifestyle blogger who writes for Hollie and the Ivy’.

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Authored by: Holly Jones

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Great article about dosage. I usually advise newcomers to start small and gradually increase the dosage as per their condition. For me, it’s fixed now as I’m taking this oil for the past 3 years now. But I sometimes still use online CBD calculators to find my dosage 🙂

However, I would like to know what’s the best time to take CBD oil? The time you start to feel pain (I have chronic back pain problem) or before bed?

Lydia M.

How to sensibly buy LEGAL CBD oil? Because I got a letter saying customs have confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

It’s good to know that you need 18 mg or less of CBD for it to have a mild effect if you weigh 130-230 lbs. My wife and I have been looking into trying CBD, and we want to know how much will give different effects. We’ll be sure to keep this information in mind as we continue to look into our options for CBD usage.


Unfortunately, most tables, yours included, make no mention of how frequent a “dose” is. Per day? Every three hours? Every six hours?

C. Sieving

CBD oil is dramatically expensive and doesn’t work! Marijuana makes me paranoid and I loathe being high and feeling out of control. If there’s any thc in it, certain States still say it’s illegal. I had such oil in WI. and I am now really regarded as some kind of druggy! I’ve complained about severe stomach pains and other digestive issues due to the massive amount of ibuprofen and Tylenol I take but was ignored and told to continue taking it. My life has deteriorated in every aspect of it including keeping up with simple housework which I used to be very diligent with. I seldom go anywhere and no longer exercise or even take walks as I know, any type of activity will leave me in even greater pain. I was extremely healthy 9 months ago and now I’m supposed to have many expensive tests which is being paid for by my State health insurance to, determine if I have colonitis, & an ulcer along with other issues including high blood pressure which I NEVER had before-in fact Mine was always on the low side-.
Now I can be put on ulcer medication and high blood pressure medication? Those all can cause worse health issues than the opioids I was prescribed.
The CDC realizes they took this all too far but, how long will it take to fix this? How many more people have to die from other designer drugs and suicide before this is rectified? There’s no going back now in the mindset of Physicians to, but will it ever happen?when they’ve had the fear and stigma instilled in them now. They will need to be re-educated and ASSURED they would lose their licenses and livelihood just for having compassion and helping their patients. It seems, action needs to be swi

Janelle Dalstra

I don’t know about you but I’m so sick of there BS. CBC oil never did a thing for me. Smoking pot made my migraines worse and I hated being high. This whole thing is nothing but a nightmare in hopes that I will wake up soon and it will be over. My trust in mankind and our leaders has gone down to zero.

The main reason doctor’s are unfamiliar with CBD is that it only became legal to prescribe last year. Before then, DEA threatened to revoke the Prescriber Number of any doctor who “prescribed marijuana”. It was the FDA who forced the issue, by licensing the Episiolex brand of CBD to treat epilepsy. This forced the DEA to schedule Epidiolex, and it’s now a Schedule IV drug. Doctors in all 50 states can now prescribe it, but most are unfamiliar with it. Non-prescription CBD that’s sold in head shops, is not always of known potency or safety. One slick operator in Nevada sold paint thinner that he labeled as CBD. He avoided jail by arguing that his customers were 50% to blame, because they bought an illegal substance. Be careful what you buy!

I forgot to mention that there is no THC in our product and each bottle has a QR code identifier.

I have a new form of CBD that is 80 to 94% bio-available and stays in the body for at least 12 hours. We actually do not call it CBD oil but Ultracell because it is full spectrum Hemp CBD oil of which CBD is one natural compound of over 400 active biological compounds that work together on an individual’s body. This is called the entourage effect. Our clients are getting amazing results, and we do have a 7 day trial size. The benefits of Ultracell build and some people take longer than 7 days to get any benefit, but 8 out of 10 people will feel something beneficial in 7 days. The dosing is something that you must experiment with. At 69, I am taking more than my 50 year old friends in order to sleep better. There are a couple of other attributes that make Ultracell the fastest growing product. First and foremost, it is water soluable which is why the bio-availability is so high and long lasting in the body. We have clinical testing to prove this. In addition, the extraction method for our full spectrum hemp is CO2 with 21,000 #’s of pressure which is cold processing. This means that no heat or heating sources get into our pure, organic fuil spectrum hemp cbd oil.


Wow, Jones, the calculator is awesome! I checked if it will show the correct dosage that i take and it did. Thank you for sharing it with me 🙂

For people who don’t know what i am talking about please check this comment:

alma gonzalez

Well yes I hear and hear. About the CBD but with no success on my trail I still have my cronic pain a headache that will not dimenish at all. Sorry to say it has not worked for me

Hayden Hamby Jr.

My pain management doctor is NOT familiar with CBD products in any form. When reduced 80 percent on the medication used for the last 8 years without increase I was forced to try ANY advertised pain relieving product. Kratom, CBD oil, fresh cut grass, horse apples. NONE helped relieve pain in my spinal issues case. I hope that CBD products DO help some patients in some cases but, personally I have had ZERO success in relieving constant, unbearable pain. I am sure there are cases and health issues CBD products may help unfortunately after many dollars spent, different dosages, different “brands” and different company CBD products I gave up. It would be wonderful if CBD products truly worked for extreme, continuous pain but I believe it is propaganda or mis-information and I shudder to think how much companies promoting CBD oil and like products are profiting without substantiated verification other than word of mouth. More propaganda from dot/gov to keep from rescinding the 2916 CDC “guideline” until a proven alternative product or medication has been proven to work. By ALL means if you suffer with relentless over the top pain with your painful health issue, try it. Perhaps it will help with your pain management needs.

Rosalind Rivera

I am a chronic and intractible pain existed. I no longer refer to myself as living with the torture of chronic pain but as a being merely existing with chronic and intractible pain. I have tried several times in the past using the CBD in oil form but am sorry to say that it made absolutely no impact on my chronic pain. I am considering trying it one last time however I must consult with my pain management doctor first in order that using the CBD not interfere or disallow me from getting my pain meds such as they are as these too no longer diminish my pain level as in any manner. I will post again if and when I receive my doctors approval and henceforth as my use of the CBD oil and pain levels progress in time.

James McCay

Thank you Hollie, this is very helpful info for those lucky enough to have CBD work for them. However it DOES NOT WORK if you have a very enlarged Thymus Gland (as I do from Myasthenia Gravis aka MG) that has proven to block medications taken PO (by mouth).

It worked nicely for me for almost two days (which was WORSE than it not working at all). Because now I know what my life could be like if it wasn’t for my enlarged Thymus Gland (which is inoperable- unless I want to take a 75% chance that the surgery will kill me). This Thymus Gland disorder is called Hyperthymusism (which I had to spend months reasearching myself online in old JAMA articles- then a doctor finally diagnosed it from the JAMA article!), but almost no doctors in this country knows what Hyperthymusism is (or cares) because it’s so rare.

Then I got bad inflamation of the blood vessels & tissue between my cheek and jaw only on the bottom of my mouth (no gum swelling, so NOT gingivitus); on both sides from using the CBD Oil under my tongue & having spill over into my lower cheek pockets (I obviously got a bad batch with bacteria in it). I knew this is what had caused it because I NEVER had any mouth problem in my life, then this starts on the third day after I started usng the CBD Oil???

Plus then I see two doctors & both said it was from the CBD Oil and it’s not the first time they’ve seen this sametype of swelling from using CDB Oil used under the tongue!
So this is another reason to be VERY CAREFUL who you buy CBD Oil from! The FDA does not regulate CBD Oil at all, so unscrupulous sellers could be selling you used MOTOR OIL as CBD Oil (especially when buying online)! JUST BE CAREFUL WHO YOU BUY FROM! CBDistillery was nothing but a nightmare for me.

I wish anyone else far better luck!


Those mgs are too minimal for RSD/CRPS – that I know personally.


Is this CBD oil fact or speculation ? I tried the stuff last year and did not get any relief for my chronic pain.


A poster on the wall of my pain management clinic in Florida reminds the patients that any use of CBD products would be detected as a level of THC in their urine screen and therefore the state of Florida rules mandate that any and all opioid medications prescribed to the patient would have to cease and desist immediately for three months.

What could possibly be the reasoning of such a draconian measure?


Hey holly,

Awesome article on dosage. What I do and recommend is to use a calculator to estimate my initial dosage.

The calculator that helped me is

This might help new users to get their minimum dosage as well.

Awesome information though. Thank you.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

I keep hearing these claims but I don’t think it will help a person who has been taking Methadone for the past 35+ years. This idea of pushing this untested cure will only cause more chronic pain sufferers to be taken off their opioid meds and cause more unnecessary suffering, I fear. The Methadone I have been taking works and I am to sick and to old to start experimenting with this stuff. I smoked it back in my younger days and never cared for the weird feeling. These opioid removers are bad enough without being helped along by the promoters of CBD oil. This new craze is fueled by greed and a person could buy plain old cooking oil if not careful. I haven’t tried the oil and probably won’t.

Gary Raymond

It appears cannabinoid is becoming the current buzz word. Shall we give up on opioids for pain relief? Has the government decided that opioids have no medicinal value and intend to withhold them entirely from our next generation of children?

Max Beichert

The term “CBD” is almost as generic as saying the word “vehicle,” in telling someone what they should take to work each day. Similarly, the best you could do in giving weight charts is to suggest that someone over 300 pounds would be best to avoid a car and to buy a truck. It’s no wonder chronic pain patients are lost at sea against state politicians who employ legislative lawyers to write the bills that insure reelection and a springboard to “higher” positions, leaving thousands of sufferers in their wake. If this sounds “sour grapes,” it’s probably because after serving my state(s) for five decades, in high-level positions of dedication and selfless contribution, that now as an eight-year sufferer of postherpetic neuralgia following shingles, I find myself suddenly this week called into my providers “new” pain management specialists (the others have apparently all quit the farm) for a “random” pill count (empty your pockets) and urine test (pee into the plastic cup). Apparently, here in ME, as in at least 28 other states, you only get same-day, eight consecutive hours to respond, even if you’re seventy-five years old (I am), and you only need to work beyond retirement (I do), to be able to afford pain medication, or from your 401K or other savings (I can’t), or else not be able to fulfill the routine activities of normal daily living (I and thousands like me can’t). CBD, out-of-context, stands for can’t be done. CBD “gummies” in place of opioids is an admirable fantasy, if you know what real pain is like. Out of religious belief, I don’t wish my fate on anyone else, but it’s tempting.


What is the best source for CBD oil that can guarantee passing the 2 urine screens, one fast test in doctors office and the send-out lab test? I’d like to see some actual data vs. anecdotal info. Thanks so much

Thai 7

I wont touch CBS unless in vape from my state program.
That said,other then my state,I wouldn’t touch it since its unregulated .
If feds regulate it ,that’s a whole different deal.
Writing ,I think I might look at Charlotte’s web,beyond that one,nope.
And by no means whatsoever am I affiliated with that brand.