Innovative Pain Device Relieves Chronic Pain Without Drugs

Innovative Pain Device Relieves Chronic Pain Without Drugs

The Calmare scrambler was invented by Giuseppe Marineo, an Italian scientist. “Calmare” means "to ease" or "to soothe" in Italian.

One of the greatest frustrations of patients and healthcare providers alike is dealing with pain, particularly chronic pain. And nowhere is this more apparent than for cancer patients who endured months or years of chemotherapy, and are left with peripheral neuropathy, a chronic pain condition.

Patients who have agonized through chronic pain say an emerging new treatment has improved their lives – without the use of painkilling drugs. “It’s just a miracle”, Michelle Jacobson, a breast cancer survivor, told a Rhode Island television station.

This non-invasive chronic pain solution is called the Calmare Pain Therapy Treatment, which is licensed to Competitive Technologies, Inc. (OTCQX:CTTC.PK ). Calmare uses a biophysical “scrambler” device which transmits low doses of electricity through electrodes on the skin in order to block pain. In essence, the Calmare scrambler “tricks” the brain into thinking there isn’t pain.

Researcher, bioengineer, professor, and founder of the Delta Research & Development center in Rome, Giuseppe Marineo developed the Calmare scrambler. The device was named after the Italian word “calmare”, which means “to ease” or “to soothe”.

The Calmare scrambler is most often used for chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, which causes sensations of burning, numbness, aching, coldness, itching, and tingling. However, Calmare is also being used to treat other chronic pain conditions, including lower back pain, neck pain, diabetic pain, fibromyalgia, post-surgical pain, RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), and radiating pain.

The Calmare device was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2009, but is only available at 16 private pain clinics in the United States, mostly on the east coast. Wounded soldiers and veterans are also receiving Calmare Pain Therapy at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and nearly a dozen other U.S. military facilities. The Department of Defense is seeking alternative forms of pain management to discourage the overuse of painkillers, which are widely used by injured veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Medical professionals and clinical studies are reporting promising results from Calmare’s drug-free device.

In a clinical study at the University of Wisconsin, researchers found that Calmare scrambler therapy showed measurable results in helping patients with Chemotherapy Induced Pain Neuropathy. “This technology has consistently shown very impressive results in our blind study,” reports Toby Campbell, MD, chief of Palliative Medicine, University of Wisconsin. 

In a pilot trial of the Calmare device, Massey Cancer Center in Richmond, Virginia found a dramatic reduction in CIPN pain with no toxicity side effect. The 2010 study was published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management.

The Mayo Clinic is also requesting volunteers in a clinical trial using Calmare scrambler technology to analyze pain associated with post-herpetic neuralgia.

Authored by: Elizabeth Magill

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Dr T N Kuppusami

I am using the device in Madurai, India since more than 2 years, last year I attended a training course in Staten Island, New York, arranged by Mr Aris Despo. I find this device very good in relieving neuropathy pains and in cancer pains and many more. I am trying in arthritis and couple of patients were relieved of their knee pain. I will be happy in future to see more information from other users especially with respect in the placement of the electrodes which sometimes I am confused.
I thank Mr Marineo who is responsible in the invention of such treatment for pains.
Dr T N Kuppusami, 12.07.12

Nina VandeWater

Wondering if and how this differs from a TENS unit, which I used successfully for a number of years and has been around for quite awhile. I say “used” because I have now developed an allergy to the adhesve on the sticky pads that you affix to your skin.

Thank you for your article on Calmare. Competitive Technologies is a small company with a great product for mankind. It is a new technology with growing recognition as shown at Thank you again.