iPad good for businesses

iPad good for businesses

iPad with on display keyboard
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Major businesses are warming to the Apple’s iPad which is the only meaningful tablet computer, according to trade journalists.

This latest piece of technology which has been embraced across age groups, is being accepted readily by  major corporations which had already embraced the iPhone.

Although the Blackberry still rules, the  iPhone  has been around long enough for most corporate leaders to get to know it.  Now, with a larger and more useful device firmly based in the same technology and running the same operating system, the Apple iPad is gaining rapid acceptance from corporations, giving it a chance to penetrate the boardroom and wherever else high-flyers do business.

Having been envisioned as a consumer device, what can the iPad do for the more focused world of business?
Ben Worthen, a writer with the Wall Street Journal, recently wrote “Apple has addressed these and other issues, including the ability for companies to encrypt information on iPhones and set up secure ways for employees to connect to corporate networks. The latest version of the operating system used by the iPhone and iPad adds features that make the devices easier for a tech department to manage, including the ability for businesses to distribute internally developed apps without going through Apple’s App Store.”

In some ways that would seem to make the sky the limit for Apple’s tablet computer.

The iPad is not a laptop, but it covers the major bases: it does email, it does messaging, and it has a web browser, where much of today’s business is done anyway.

There are iOS4 apps for pretty much everything, with more being added every hour.  And, when looked at from the perspective of a business, the iPad is not really very costly and would seem to come with fewer support problems than the more complex business laptop.

Companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Kaiser Permanente, and Baush and Lomb are taking the iPad inside it’s walls and loving every minute of the experience. The iPad seems to be going where the iPhone originally feared to tread.

Authored by: Sean McInnes

Sean excelled in English through high school, so it was only natural he should edit the school newspaper in his final year. He would write up sports results for his local newspaper. Now he writes news stories for Oh-Yay.com