Japanese release a personal organizer app for Android smartphones

Japanese release a personal organizer app for Android smartphones

Japanese release a personal organizer app for Android smartphones: Elecom's "Schedule St" application program.

Japanese audio/visual and PC accessory manufacturer, Elecom, has just released the first Android smartphone app for Japanese users, and has added an English version for us westerners as well.

It is a personal organizer app that Elecom has named Schedule St., and it is the first smartphone application program for Japanese Android users. This software app has also been made available in the English language following numerous requests from non-Japanese smartphone users.

The English version of “Schedule St.” can be downloaded free of charge from the “Android Market.” Optional design refills are available at a unit price of 200 yen ($2.40) each.

“Schedule St.” is a personal organizer application program with to-do, text, picture and voice memo functions. It works in sync with Google Calendar and is able to add new functions and designs as with paper-made refills.

An Elecom spokesman said the company now plans to develop a variety of smartphone application programs for the global market.

Elecom Co Ltd is a global provider of smart products, which include computer mice, carrying bags and other PC accessories, as well as headphones and other digital audio and video devices. This new Android application program for smartphones breaks that mold, and is an exciting new direction for the Japanese company.

Elecom makes a range of more than 7,000 PC peripherals and consumer audio/video devices and accessories. It owns the largest market share in a number of areas in Japan, including computer mice and keyboards.

The company has won a number of design awards both at home and abroad. They offer the world a variety of products which combine high quality, functionality and good design quality.

For further info, contact Naoko Shintani, Public Relations Division, ELECOM Co., Ltd., Tel: +81-6-6229-2702, Fax: +81-6-6229-1456. E-mail: press@elecom.co.jp mor go to their website, www.elecom.co.jp/app/elenote/android/doc_eng/index.html

Authored by: Richard Lee

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