Japanese return to New York’s international restaurant show again

Japanese return to New York's international restaurant show again

Japanese return to New York's international restaurant show again.

For the fifth year in a row, the Japan Pavilion will demonstrate the unique flavors and exciting innovations of Japan, at the International Restaurant and Foodservice Show of New York. The restaurant and foodservice show runs from February 27 to March 1, 2011 at the Jacob Javits Center. It is the largest and only outlet on the East Coast devoted entirely to Japanese foods.

The popularity of Japanese food is here to stay, with popular restaurants and ordinary people worldwide embracing Japanese ingredients in their own cooking. Chefs seeking umami flavors to give their creations an edge often find them in distinct Japanese ingredients, which have now become common items in grocery stores.

Produced by Azix, Inc., a New York-based Japanese marketing firm, the Japan Pavilion will highlight on-stage demonstrations of easy, budget-friendly, and healthy comfort food recipes made from ingredients of the typical Japanese pantry. These demonstrations will show the versatility of basic Japanese foods, especially in everyday American kitchens.

The Pavilion will also feature the Japanese Ingredient Culinary Challenge in which the three finalists—Roger Ma, Sous Chef of Restaurant Daniel; Ben Pollinger, Executive Chef of Oceana Restaurant; and Shirley Cheng, professor of the Culinary Institute of America — will compete to demonstrate the best recipe incorporating Japanese ingredients. They will be judged by Master Chef Ferdinand Metz and Pichet Ong. The winner will receive a special tour of the culinary world in Japan valued at $15,000.

An exclusive opportunity to encounter enticing foods and products from all over Japan in one place, the Japan Pavilion will be filled with hundreds of diverse products from vendors from all over Japan, from international corporations to local family-owned companies. Products include Japanese classics like seafoods and sake, innovations such as automatic sushi-making equipment and stylish disposable tableware, and the arcane such as black garlic, nagaimo, and konnyaku.

Registration is now open at www.internationalrestaurantny.com. You can visit them at www.facebook.com/nycjapanesefoodassociation for more information.

Azix, Inc. is a New York-based marketing consulting firm whose clients include House Foods America, Marukome, Japan External Trade Association (JETRO), and Restaurant Associates. With special insight into the New York Japanese food market, Azix, Inc. is the developer of the Japan Pavilion at the annual International Restaurant and Foodservice Show. www.azix.net .

See also: http://www.facebook.com/nycjapanesefoodassociation

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