Kratom Helped Them More Than Opioids and It May Soon Be Banned

Kratom Helped Them More Than Opioids and It May Soon Be Banned

Millions of Americans are using an herb named kratom for chronic pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, opioid withdrawal and more. The herb, grown in southeast Asia, has been safely used by natives for centuries.

The FDA and DEA are trying to ban kratom, claiming it is addictive and dangerous and has no known medical benefits. Several states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont and Wisconsin, have already banned its use, possession and purchase. Some cities and counties in other states have also banned it. Bans are being considered in many other states. Because of the efforts of the FDA, the government of Indonesia, where 95% of kratom is grown, have announced a planned ban on its export within a few years.

Here are the stories of three kratom users who say kratom gave them their lives back. They all suffered from complex, severe pain lasting many years.

Kami Davis

I am a nurse who suffered a bad accident that nearly killed me. It left me with several injuries and permanent debilitation. I have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Degenerative Disk Disease, torn disks, TMJ, bursitis, and ligamentous laxity. I also have PTSD. I suffered for more than 20 years, at the mercy of western medicine. The only option I was offered for pain relief was morphine/opioids.

I wasn’t able to enjoy life as a mother or caregiver for all that time, due to negative side effects, such as increased brain fog, lethargy, and drowsiness caused by these FDA approved drugs.  I was homebound most of the time and could not participate in many functions. However, that all changed after I found Kratom, an herb grown in southeast Asia. I got my life back. It gave quality back in my family’s life as well.

Now, I can sleep better. I am not weighed down with fatigue anymore. My pain is well controlled. I have mental clarity, with zero change to my personality.

Instead of taking 30 mg of morphine a day, I wake up and stir 1 tsp of pure leaf Kratom Powder into hot bubbling water and make myself a cup of Super Green Malaysian Tea.

Kratom does not impair or intoxicate you. Instead of feeling sleepy and lethargic from prescribed opioids, now my state of mind and mental capacity is crystal clear. I no longer have to fight my way through crippling fatigue. I am no longer at risk for respiratory depression, associated with FDA approved opioids.

Melody Woolf

For eight years I suffered terribly from fibromyalgia, arthritis, spinal stenosis, frayed meniscus, shoulder tendinitis and sciatica. This was despite taking 11 medications including prescribed dilaudid and fentanyl. I was bedridden most of the time and used a wheelchair and walker. I rarely left the house. For three years, I couldn’t even go visit my mom after she went into a nursing home. I missed out on ALL the activities my kids had at school and had no relationship with them.

Then, five years ago, I discovered kratom and it changed my life! It takes away about 75% of my pain. I now take ZERO medication and even my doctor approves of kratom. I bicycle several miles a day through a nature preserve near our home or walk two miles a day. I go out to places several times a week for dinner, coffee, etc. I went on a family camping and road trip from Michigan to Wyoming for the solar eclipse where I even did some rock climbing!

I’m now able to be there for my family. After starting kratom, I was able to see my mom often which was so important as she died March 23. I have been able to get to know my kids and establish a relationship with them. I am so lucky they all go to local colleges or I never would have gotten to know them. My daughter got married Nov 1. I danced till 11!

Dijon Evans

When I turned 16, my first real job was as a lifeguard. I went in, to get a little boy, and I got my foot caught on the outside of the pool. I dislocated my ankle, and the cast was put on too tight. It cut off the circulation and killed the nerves. The nerve damage spread, it’s now full body CRPS (CAUSALGIA), including trigeminal and ocular nerve damage. The nerves in my brain are also being affected. It’s shutting down my organs one by one and it will eventually kill me.

It has caused me to have gangrene, pulmonary embolisms (2), sepsis, blood poisoning, infections so bad I’d spend 2 months in the hospital, and 4 months in a nursing home- with debris removal occurring 2 times a day, every day. A wire brush scrubbing on my bones because I’ve had 11 bouts of osteomyelitis. Pic lines for 6 months to a year.

Because of the damage to my sympathetic nervous system, I have such brittle bones that my vertebrae are either broken, fractured or collapsed. I have an artificial hip and I’ve been told my other hip and knee need to be replaced.  I’ve had over 200 surgeries, and been subjected to many experimental procedures. I have had three amputations.

I’ve had Lumbar sympathectomies, brachial plexus surgeries, contrast therapy, desensitization therapy, physical therapy and psychological counseling. I have been on every medication, and learned self-hypnosis, biofeedback, visualization and any form of dissociation that I could do. I’ve been put on meds that NEVER underwent clinical trials for the conditions that they’re prescribed for.

I was compliant on my opioid PRESCRIBED medications for almost 30 years. No request for early refills, no lost prescriptions, no failed hoop jumping. I HATED WHAT THEY DID TO MY HEAD! It was always a battle within: don’t take them and pain becomes out of control and hard to get on top of. Take them and my mind was numbed, not the pain.  My world became veiled by a grey, mind-numbing fog. No colors, no beauty, no joy. I lost all hope. Then they cut off my opioids and forced me into a horrible withdrawal.

Then I found something better: kratom. Kratom lets me have a clear head and helps with the pain far more than the opioids. After being bedridden for the past 10 years, now I can get myself out of bed, into my wheelchair and into the front room. I have been sincerely smiling, laughing, trying to find a way to do a hobby or something. At least I have a desire to try.

I take a total of 1 1/2 tsp a day, of kratom, not all at once. It doesn’t get rid of all of the pain but I am able to tolerate what I have, far more than I ever could have on the pills! I can once again see beauty, feel joy and experience the intense differences between colors.

Help the American Kratom Association Preserve Access to Kratom

The American Kratom Association is in the forefront of efforts to preserve access to kratom. They have advocated in every state and locality that has proposed or instituted a ban. Please consider supporting this worthwhile organization and helping to preserve/restore Americans’ access to this remarkable herb.

Cindy Perlin, LCSW is a chronic pain survivor and the founder and CEO of the Alternative Pain Treatment Directory. She is also the author of The Truth About Chronic Pain Treatments: The Best and Worst Strategies for Becoming Pain Free

Authored by: Cindy Perlin, LCSW

Cindy Perlin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and chronic pain survivor. She is the founder of the Alternative Pain Treatment Directory and the author of The Truth About Chronic Pain Treatments: The Best and Worst Strategies for Becoming Pain Free.

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To Cindy Too & others wondering about replacing opioids with Kratom. I suffer with Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Sciatica and severe back problems from serious car accident suffered at 17 years old. Now at 44, my quality of life was severely deminished from the meds prescribed for my pain. Recently, as others have suffered, I was suddenly cut off by my doctor, treated like a drug addict etc.. never given an explanation why, when I never in over 20 years abused my meds. I was suffering terrible pain, my husband heard about Kratom and asked me to try it-it’s been an absolute life changer. I use 1 tsp at night when my pain is too much to bare and sometimes a bit more during flares. My pain is gone, zero brain fog, much more energy and able to do things I haven’t done in years! I seriously questioned how Kratom could possibly work, as others have, but I couldn’t be happier now!!

Lisa Carter

To Anthony Harding who doesn’t have a clue. Ive spent the last 15 years on opioids due to chronic pain from nerve damage, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, spondylosis and on and on. I got tired of the fog, tired of jumping through hoops to get my prescription but most of all tired of being treated like a drug addict by my pain management doc’s PA! So I walked out on her and went home and ordered some kratom. I replaced 120mg a day with just 1 or 2 grams of kratom a day! No problems and I feel like me again, like a real person not like I’m on the outside of life looking in. I have a life again! I have a LIBIDO again! So shut up Anthony, you don’t have a damn clue.

For those of you searching for a good kratom source try they have helped me and my wife out immensely.

Maureen M.

@Cindy Perlin, thank you for this post. I am happy to see that you support Kratom.
@Marty, so beautifully written.
@Ashley, so perfectly said about Kratom use.
@ those who are using it…Kudos to you!
I have been a CP Warrior for 25 yrs for spine related injuries/intractable pain, failed surgeries and the issues they have caused, CRPS and have been on opioids for the past 15 yrs.
I became aware of Kratom 4 yrs ago but was afraid to try it, and I also couldn’t find anywhere (other than online but I was leery). But, I researched the heck out of it, watched tons of You Tube videos on it and became very familiar with this leaf.
I’ve never complained about having to use opioids, they do get me out of bed and moving each day and take the edge off my pain. Of course…some days are worse.
Unfortunately,Im one of us who has become a pro at living with chronic pain, experiencing/managing treatments etc. and by now know what’s best for ‘my body’ and how to handle ‘my pain’.
I was not feeling well the past few years and began to think it was long term effects of my meds. Then I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus 1 1/2 yrs ago. I’m not much better with my Lupus treatment. My gut has been telling lately that the meds are influencing this disease and the intense fatigue it gives me.
About 4 mths ago I decided to try Kratom in order to begin removing some of the drugs from my system and try to go more natural after all these years. I found a place in my town that sells it. It was touch and go at first since I didn’t know how much to use, which kind to use for pain etc., how to use it to disguise the taste (after trying several ways…I now use 1 tsp in 1/2C. almond milk with a little Herseys syrup LOL).
Long story short, I find it to be wonderful! It gives me energy and a clarity I didn’t know I even lost, definitely gives me more pain relief than my longtime meds, and I’ve cut back on my meds. I am truly stunned.
Research and contact the American Kratom Assoc.


Thank you for sharing your story. I don’t think I could have been so courageous. As someone with AIDS, since 1992, and still living after a two year survival declaration at that time, it turned out to be wrong. However, living with this as a very well, and successful at my endeavors, I am starting to feel the negative effects it has taken on me more every year, month and day now. I won’t go into the medical health care problems I have faced over these decades but they are getting worse.
I have done some incidental research on Keatom for several years and can now find it commercially available in California now (at head shops!), and I intend on trying this for the first time. I know that canabis helped me and my partner survived so far, when our friends did not who didn’t use it. I have been a canabis advocate since 1973, and finally was happy, when it became acceptable now.
I will now try Kratom, because of your writing and will be as fierce towards legalization, of this natural remedy, just like canabis both having been used for centuries.
Thank you,

Chip D'Amboise

I am also a chronic pain sufferer and I would like to know where you can get this kratom? I’m in Glen Burnie Maryland and really would like to find something besides the opiates or to even add to that to make it easier to live. Thank you

Oh, but I wanted to add as a Pain Warrior also, I think whatever works for a person,by all means do it. I also have tried several different Opiods. Only the one Im on works. Oxycontin didn’t even work. We are all different. That’s what the CDC, DEA & medical advisers need to understand. DON’TPUT US ALL TOGETHER AS THE SAME.


Anyone bashing Kratom on here is purely ignorant and knows nothing about it. Speak to one of us if you are interested. Don’t believe the naysayers. They really don’t know whay they’re talking about. #Kratomsaveslives


A lot of ignorant comments on here. If you’re going to use Kratom, do some actual research 🙄. Yes, it’s addictive… If you overdo it. Same with nose sprays and caffeine. So do some research on dosage and avoiding that situation. Don’t just jump in and start drinking it willy nilly. There’s an unfortunate common mentality that because it’s an herb it’s safe. Also, it’s going to be different for different people and different pains. Kratom comes in different colors/strains and quality. Just like with weed you’ve got to find the right type for your issue. Make sure you’re getting quality stuff, just like with CBD it’s easy for find a lot of poor quality options that don’t work.
I suffer from endometriosis and as such I can’t get any kind of pain relief prescribed outside of advil and naproxen. Kratom has been a game changer for me. The white Bali especially is wonderful in the morning. It gives me energy and clears away the brain fog. I feel like I can actually be productive and live my life. It never changes my personality or makes me feel high. There is a lot of wonderful potential with this. And for the people screaming addiction…. Unless you are severely overusing it, the withdrawal feels like having the flu. You’re not hallucinating or clawing your eyes out, so put that out of your head.
Please please…. Do. Your. Research. Before you use this! There are things you need to know. And I think a lot of the naysayers on here suffered from improper use and/or poor quality.


Thank you for sharing your stories. I pray that The Lord will heal and bless all of you according to His perfect will and I pray this for all people who are suffering so much. We live in a sad day where most the medical industry is so selfishly inspired by financial earnings and instead of true success, which would be ridding the world of disease at the lowest cost possible.
Thank you National Pain Report for running this article. The poor and oppressed need a voice in this world, and we know rich and greedy drug makers and their investors are behind this ban. Just as Sheldon Adelson gave millions to stop medical cannabis, we know and have reason to believe that such shame is what is behind the besmirching of kratom’s reputation in the media. Thanks be to the compassionate ruler of heaven and earth, many of our leaders are having mercy on the people and are acting in wisdom while they pass the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. I hope God will bless the greedy people out there who make billions off of our misery to see that they are doing evil by banning plants they cannot patent and that they would be blessed if they stopped working for money and started working for the love of man and for His maker.

Charles simpson

Yep, life saving plant, kratom is, gave me back a life I was losing, i will go as far as I can to keep this plant, thank you for putting their stories out there, amazon warrior princess’ s all of them

Julia F

I was afraid to try, but have trigeminal neuralgia, arthritis in my neck, loose ligaments making my shoulders subluxate and hurt constantly and low back pain. I was taking 800mg of motrin just to get out of bed every morning to be able to move, and it gave me a leaky gut. No one prescribes me narcotics, and the meds for my trigeminal neuralgia left me with brain fog. So I decided to give kratom a try out of desperation. I learned how to order from Facebook support groups. And it really, really does help! It’s expensive, does not make me high, gives me energy and a mood lift and all my pain is gone except for the TN pain, but that’s more manageable. Such a shame Anthony H. refuses to believe. It truely gave me my life back.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

I am expecting to be kicked out of the clinic where I have gone for the past 15 years without one bad urine test. I asked some people the other day about a pain advocate but evidently no one heard me. I am becoming very anxious to say the least. Can anyone out there please help?

Thomas Wayne Kidd

This is wonderful except it doesn’t work for me and millions more. This is just another something to aggravate the evil policy that’s happening now. I have tried it, and not just once but over a few weeks. Glass others are getting relief but it’s not for me. My brother and his wife used it without results. As did my wife.

Stacy A Cooper

How do you get it when it’s illegal to import into the USA?

Bonnie Holloway

It makes me sick. The government tells people what they can and can’t do with their own bodies, under the guise of “protection”. What a pile of hooey!
Leave us alone! Leave our doctors alone! Get out of our business! They are not God to presume they know what is best for us! They just want to control every aspect of our lives.
So we live in pain, because they “care”. Bull dooky!!


Do your real own research and read these stories.


Booooo stop supporting this junk. Yes it might help some people but 98% the people in this world should never try it. It’s a drug and a VERY addictive drug. People who are not already in a insane amount of pain and that are already addicted to drugs. Don’t I repeat DON’T experiment with this drug.

Denise E Hedley

I have tried Kratom before and the effects definitely took the edge off my pain from bilateral CRPS, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, etc. I was taking a very low dose because I didn’t know what to expect. I think I need to try it again as at this point, I need all the help I can get to keep me out of the ER…where I will probably have to subject myself for more insulting treatment within the next 24 hours as this 9/10 flare I’m in doesn’t seem to be easing up any.


It’s really cool to see how much that plant is helping people! I’d still be on heroin if it wasn’t for kratom. It helped with the withdrawal but it’s helped me even more when it comes to opiate cravings. In the last year there have been 5-10 times that I know I would have relapsed with out kratom tea. It doesn’t completely eliminate the craving but it makes it a lot easier to manage. I’d be devastated if it was banned. It’s the only thing that I’ve had long term success with. Since it’s so much weaker than what I used to take, it helps with the craving but it doesn’t turn me into a zombie. Even if it was banned I’d probably still use it illegally. I’d much rather risk being arrested than risk a relapse and possible OD. It’s a really strange feeling to have finally found something that’s helped me put my life back together after years of opiate addiction but then find out some lawmakers want to take that away from me.

Paul Bartolini

The stupidity of our government, especially the DEA, is ridiculous. Kratom is harmless and helpful to many. I take it when I’m running low on pain medication ever since my dosage was decreased by 25% because of the fake opioid crisis. We must rise our voices up and stop the government from ruining more lives because they are right wing Nazi religious cultist and what to put their dogma on all of us. Rise up now and contact your representatives.

Ryan Smith

If kratom was ineffective the FDA (read lobbyists) wouldn’t try to ban it. It’s amazing that at a time when marijuana is finally being legalized and psilocybin is being recognized for it’s amazing potential in treating PTSD and addiction the FDA is trying to ban a miracle plant people are effectively using to cope with pain, which doesn’t get you high, leaves you clear headed and balanced, and is no more addictive or stimulating than coffee. The only real problem is it doesn’t generate obscene profits for the drug companies. What’s the real threat to society here?

Tom Gearman

The FDA and DEA continue their efforts to schedule Kratom, a herbal supplement that I have used for 3.5 years. Previously, I was prescribed oxycotin, fentanyl patches, time release morphine, etc for approximately 10 years. The side effects and depression from these medications almost killed me. I searched for a natural, holistic replacement and found Kratom.

I have been opioid free for 3.5 years and have never felt better. All of my vitals are great – my cardiologist and GP are aware of my Kratom use and see the results.

There is a place for responsible use of Kratom by citizens of the United States. Sadly, the pharma lobby sees Kratom as a direct threat to profits and opposes it vigorously. They are using the FDA and DEA to spread fear and disinformation and ultimately, have it placed on schedule 1 or 2.

This would impact my quality of life significantly. I’m 62 years old, work as a senior analyst at Fortune 500 company, am married and own a home in Minnesota.

It saddens me to consider the motivations behind these scheduling efforts. Please consider supporting the American Kratom Association, as they are keeping the science behind Kratom at the center of the discussion – where it belongs. We cannot let the fear-mongers succeed in their efforts, as only the pharma industry will profit and, once again, the people will lose.

Cindy too

I just read the below post by Anthony Harding who asserts that this story must be false as there is no way that kratom could be more powerful than opioids. The post is the 2nd to the bottom.

I am appalled by this. He clearly hasn’t used kratom himself. How can he know what works for some people? NOTHING works on everyone. And NOTHING helps every ailment suffered by the same person.

I’ve tried plenty of drugs, and non-drug treatments, that have helped others with my pain but haven’t helped me at all. So, I’m on opioids, which help more than anything else, even though they dont’ help enough and I have a very poor quality of life. Actually, my quality of life has gotten worse and worse over the years. Maybe b/c I”m on the same dose I was on a decade ago. Possibly, if I could get a higher dose of Rx’s, I’d feel better, but these days, I can’t get a higher dose. So, kratom is interesting to me.

In spite of my daily opiodss for my main pain issue, I’ve been getting migraines lately. Well, the neurologist said that opioids wont’ help those at all.

This is just one example of the terrrible logic that Mr Harding is using, and, we must ask why he is so opposed to a drug that people say is literally saving their lives. How could anyone with a head and a heart have such a virulent reaction?

Maybe he’s a DEA agent? I have no idea. I’m just so sad to see that anyone can feel that way.

People who post here are suffering horribly and are desperate. Clearly he is not.


Ridiculous even talking about it as a real option. All it does is let people down and in despair.Is this really all we have? Get the affairs in order. They just do not want people in pain any longer. Funny, they will spend 10000 a month for his meds a month for the 35 year aids person that has the multicolor shirt and has a jewely shop no doubt subsidized who advertises for free medicare. But not a dime for us. I wonder what he gives back.

Cindy too

I would like to know how these women transitioned from opioids to kratom. If any of you women are reading this, I’d love a response.

I just read info on a govt website which mentioned 11 deaths caused by kratom — but that other drugs were also in the systems of the deceased. So, I’m wondering about interactions of kratom with opioids, as I can’t imagine waking up one day and stopping my Rx’s and just starting kratom. And then if the kratom doesn’t work and I want a Rx pill, then what?

I’m on opioids which help, but not enough. I have a terrible quality of life. Yesterday I was in absolute agony, like my surgery from 11 years ago that left me in chronic pain just happened. So far, today isn’t much better — and I just got out of bed after 1pm.. Not much of a life.

To my surprise and pleasure, the govt website didn’t trash kratom the way I expected it to. It basically said that more research is needed after listing some side effects and this death info. But 11 deaths is clearly nothing, esp given that other substances were involved, and we dont’ know the amounts of kratom used.

This is the link I read:

it’s the first thing to come up if you google “kratom”.

I also read a 2016 Webmd article about the DEA’s then-effort to ban kratom. Thanks to lots of public outrage, including researchers saying that a ban would prevent them from needed research, that effort obviously failed.

And I want to say how happy I am for you 3 women and that I hope that the latest govt efforts to ban kratom fail.


Tasted terrible and did nothing for me.

Jo Anne

There are many responsible Kratom vendors that test for purity of their product. Many activists are working to keep this legal. I have dramatically reduced my need for any pain med, even ibuprophen. I am well stocked in case this does become illegal.


No… no no no no no… I used Kratom for what I thought was a week and was actually a couple of months. It will destroy you physically. I became addicted. I thought I was going to die. Don’t listen to this [edit], it’s just replacing one addiction with another. Natural alternatives to synthesized substances are the same thing just without all the processing. Again- I GOT ADDICTED TO KRATOM AND IT ALMOST RUINED MY LIFE. Don’t fall for it.


Gee if you drink enough water that will kill you too!
It’s sad, Government takes away the pain meds, people try to find relief with other things then they take that away too. I tried kratom didn’t really help me a hole lot. I also went back to Marijuana, that seem to help the most. Only problem I am tested for that and left with no real choices but to break the law, it is what it is!!!!

Rebecca Bradford

Where do people like me, who are being FORCED to go off our opioids who want to try Kratom go to find legit source? I’ve wanted for YEARS to try it, and now I need to, yet I don’t know where to begin. I’m terrified of getting some illegitimate stuff that only God knows what’s in it.


This all boils down to individual freedom. We the People have the power and when enough of us realize we own our own bodies and minds we will go to DC and give a pink slip to every employee in the government who thinks they can tell us how to live. When that occurs we will be free to defend ourselves from physical or emotional pain as we see fit.
No one has a right to use force to prevent you from obtaining the tools needed to relieve your pain in a manner you deem satisfactory. We need to dismantle the Medical Monopoly system and Drug Prohibition system created and enforced by the Government. The US Federal Govt was originally instituted to protect our individual rights instead of becoming the biggest violator of them. Everyone has the innate inalienable Natural Right to consume what they choose to for whatever reason they choose and on the flip side they are responsible for the consequences. One day we will have a true free market in medicine where we’ll be able to grow our own at home, have hundreds or thousands of small manufacturers competing to force Big pharma to produce lower cost, safer and more effective drugs, and we will no longer be forced by law to pay for a government certified doctor visit in order to obtain a government permission slip (prescription) in order to be granted the permission to buy a drug from a government certified and highly regulated pharmacy. Freedom is everyone’s birthright. If 30 million Americans fed up with the growing Authoritative Monopolistic Medical System goes to Washington DC and gives pink slips to every taxpayer employee (government employee) who is engaged in the violation of our Natural God Given Inalienable Rights we will have the freedom to treat our individual pain as we see fit and the treatments will be exponentially cheaper, they will be individualized because each person will be able to experiment with dosages and combinations that are currently illegal, and be able to titrate as needed.

Deborah L Molitor

There wanting to take everything away from us that would work and for us so we would be be forced to buy weed and pay 14% on a & 20 bag of weed 🙁 What has this world come to &20 some of us senior citizens has to choice between food and meds. So sad.


Thank God for the world wide internet. I too have been “compliant” with opiate medication prescribing for 25 years. I have been a patient of two pain management specialists after two very invasive spine surgeries, leaving me almost totally disabled. Of course, all protocol was attempted first to manage the pain, PT, injections, infusions, topical treatments, back braces, “tens” units, you name it. I was 37 years old at the time of the second surgery, the most difficult of the two and I HAD to continue to own and operate my small home building business that took years of learning, practical work to apply for the state test and pass it earning my license to build. The 2016 CDC “guideline” has destroyed my ability to function well enough to continue owning and operating my business after I committed….for life to build homes, earn a living, and place our two sons through college. Opiate medication was the LAST, “legal” medication that really did help enough to allow me to function to continue not only earning my living for my family but let me attend church, “grocery shop” as my wife is disabled and do what HAD to be done on a daily basis. That is gone now, including my business…at 61 years old.
Of course the most obvious next thing to do was “listen” to other people/patients suffering the same fate because of the “guideline”. The internet. I, and my wife also have tried MANY different “strains” and companies offering kratom as an alternative. Personally for me and my wife, it did not help with the pain. Not even one number on the pain scale from 1 to 10. I was hoping for a miracle but, unfortunately, it did not happen. ONE thing it does do, is help with withdrawal symptoms form opiate medication use. I was force “tapered” after 23 years of the same medication (even less than first prescribed for the first few years) by 80 percent in only 8 weeks at the start of 2017. If kratom does help even “some” people, then I am all in for these folks and kratom use!

There are times when kratom works better for my pain than prescription opiods. Then there are times it barely works for the pain. It doesn’t surprise me they want it banned as it treats pain . My question is why is DEA so intent on stopping all opiods prescribing & taking away any other natural pain relievers rather than the illegal opiods & meth that is now more pure & addictive than before? Of course Dr’s & kratom vendors don’t shoot back & are easy targets. Easy money & it makes them appear useful on the failed war on drugs.


I use Kratom daily and have been for a few months after being basically bed bound from chrobic pain and chronic migraines. I have a number of chronic health issues and Norco wasnt even touching the pain. I honestly can say if it wasnt for Kratom I would not be here today. Doctors blow me off because of the ridiculous war on pain meds and pass me from doc to doc with no answers plan or help. If Kratom ends up banned I dont know what I will do. I still suffer daily but with the use of Kratom I have a bit more energy and I can be up and out of my bed for longer periods. It makes the pain atleast somewhat bearable. I dont even want to think what will happen if this too is taken away.

Joe Lane

I expect our government will soon make it illegal to use, sell or buy Kratom. If the big pharma companies can find a way to make a buck on Kratom and can bypass the moral christian right legal blocks then there is a chance it will resurface as a legal but now very expensive drug. I have become very disillusioned with the “land of the free” and out reactionary laws. Our justice system is as broken as our financial system and until these are fixed the “fix” is always on.

Jess Agee

All of your stories really touched me, Dijon bc of what you’ve been through at an early age seems horrible and I can’t imagine my youngest going through that! Melody I seriously relate to your story, I lost my brother & I’m so sorry for the loss of your mother & I’m happy you got some time with her. Last but not least Kami I can relate as well with having 3 kids & living with pain for most of their lives does effect them, I’m lucky that we got closer somehow, I’m happy that you got to bond with them now! I live in Chronic Pain with several conditions that all started from a cervical spinal fusion surgery that lead to nerve damage, cervical arthritis, ddd , fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, TMJ ,osteoarthritis, all over joint pain, IBS, Sleep disorders with pure exhaustion, constant flares. With having pain 24/7 comes depressing & anxiety! I’m on several meds, including opioids, in fact I’m not sleeping right now because I have a doctors appointment & I’m in fear of losing my medication. It basically takes over my mind every single month! The anxiety & depression gets so bad. I hate fearing that I’m going to lose a med that has helped me, at least more than than not helped. I feel everyone has a right to put what they want in their body especially if it’s going to help. I’ve had countless friends online Kratom had helped & after hearing your stories I can feel the fear of losing something that truly is helping you lead a productive life, as much as possible.Why take that away? I know that bad ppl exist & try and alter or put bad things in Kratom that’s why I personally haven’t tried it yet. It was on my list of things to try if my meds was taken away, now it seems they’re not stopping this. If they’re is pure safe Kratom out there,than why not regulate it so only pure stuff comes in. Idk but I would love to know more & help! messi__jessie79 on IG or BrandicaJessy on Twitter.

Cathy. Isenberd

RSD/CRPS. 34 years. Where can I get Keaton

I live in orange Park florida it is right outside of Jacksonville , Florida

Anthony Harding

LMAO is this a joke?? There is NO POSSIBLE WAY that kratom is more powerful or helped with true chronic pain than opiates. Please take down this fake and dangerously false story. If these people are in true pain kratom would do absolutely zero in pain relief. Whoever said this or put out this fairy tale of a story should be ashamed of yourself. Stop spending lies!!!!!

James R Shivlie

I’ve been dealing with chronic pain for 50 years. And have to turn to alternative methods for pain relief. Been using tratom for 2 years with success. FDA needs to do the testing in order to get it approved!