Free Event to Answer Insurance Questions

Free Event to Answer Insurance Questions

By Staff is hosting a free event on Monday, the 5th of December at 8:00 PM est, to answer questions and educate the members on insurance for 2017…

The group will have a licensed insurance agent on hand to answer insurance questions ranging on “Everything from policies on Medicare/Medicaid/Obamacare, understanding prescription plans etc.  This also includes private insurance also, and ‘what if you have both’ – cost factors / how to save, etc.”

The agent can also provide a number for people to call in their various states, and it should be known that the cost of getting private help is completely free.

According to the group, if anyone has a questions that the specialist does not know, she will personally get back to the group with the answers.

You do have to sign up in order to be able to access the group – and that is free, as well.

Here’s what they shared with us about how to sign up in advance of the Monday event:

  1. To attend, please join on our main website at  We ask for first name, last initial and a current email address, that’s all!  Once you join, please go to your email and confirm your free membership.  Just an FYI – LSG does not allow any 2nd/3rd party advertising to your emails and the site is SSL secured!
  2. Please make sure you sign up as soon as possible so that you can receive your personal link in time for the event. If you join last minute, you may not be able to get the link in time.

Live Support Group is a non-profit corporation which has created an online support group for chronic pain patients that has begun to attract a wide audience. 

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Hi Krissy:
We are so sorry you missed the event and we missed having you. We checked our records and it indicates the links went. Not sure what happened but hope to see you in group. Tomorrow will be a regular group but topics from the event I am sure will be discussed. Hoping you are feeling well. Adam


Was very informative! Thank you!

Krissy Anderson

I re-joined yesterday but I have no notice or way to get in. I just had to join again. I’ll check spam.


Planning to listen.

Thank you for sharing tomorrow’s special event! We hope that many have their questions answers and feel more comfortable understanding their 2017 policies. Again, thank you NPR for taking your time to care.


Im so excited about tomorrow. Its going to be really nice to be able to ask questions,
cause Insurance can be so confusing.

cindy deim

What a great idea