Lockerz online shopping expands

Lockerz online shopping expands

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Lockerz, the fastest-growing new shopping destination for women and men aged 13 to 30, has just expanded to France, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, and Australia, after launching in the US in May.

With more than 16 million members registered world wide, gives reward points for shopping for the latest in gaming, fashion, sports gear, and electronics.

They also receive points by watching videos and listening to music. There are six ways to earn points, called PTZ, through connecting and engaging with the website and ten more ways will be coming soon, a company spokesman announced.

“Members may redeem their PTZ in Lockerz SHOP by a sale in ten to twelve brand boutiques every week by receiving huge discounts off a product. Every time a member purchases something they earn addition PTZ for future discounts,’ the spokesman said.

“There is a PTZ slider that will calculate instantly the discount for you of the item’s full price. Members can use just a few or all their PTZs. There is a limited number of free prizes every week you can also use your PTZs for.’

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