Marine Petition Turned Down…What Happens Now?

Marine Petition Turned Down…What Happens Now?

The Veterans Administration policy against opioid prescribing will continue.

A retired Marine—Robert Rose who lives in Tennessee—filed what is called an SP-95 that claims veterans have been denied pain medications. The claim was denied, which opens the way for Rose to continue to try to find an attorney in order to advocate for veterans—living or dead by suicide—who he believes were denied pain medication.

Robert Rose

Rose indicated his one-man battle against the VA is waning. He cares for an ailing wife.

“As soon as we can get an attorney, we can file a class action suit now that the SP-95 has been denied,” he said. “Otherwise I’m done. I just can’t continue to carry everyone’s story; their sadness and suffering is killing me.”

No attorney has surfaced despite Rose’s efforts to identify one.

Not ironically, the issue of opioid prescribing was noted on Twitter this week.

“Opioids are safe for ALL PATIENTS who need them for pain…all types of pain from acute to lifelong. The only people who should not take opioids are drug addicts, tweeted Helen Borel, RN, Ph.D.

A retired attorney, Rod Kilpatrick added his point to the conversation:

“Vets are dying because of idiotic Opioid Hysteria. VA ignores truth about opioids and succumbed to PROP’s propaganda. TRUTH: opioids are safe for 99+% of patients.”

Thomas Kline MD, Ph.D. has been highly critical of the government’s efforts—misguided he would say—to reduce opioid prescribing practices.

“We continue to record people with painful diseases ending their lives because of the opiate pain medicine hysteria affecting 7 million people with painful diseases.”

For the retired Marine Robert Rose—this dialogue is welcome—but absent an attorney who will advocate for him and other veterans, he’s ready to surrender.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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I agree the government should be ashamed of leaving vets abandoned, and the people in pain, with many stages of service serving our country, also. I was beginning to believe those politicians lying to the public about true pain patients, and falsly ‘advertising’ their lies against opioid treatment fort those who really need it were finally coming clean. I finally lost that hope. Where are those politicians that really care about the people? Maybe they don’t realize that there are many pain patients that still vote. America is feeding us to the dogs. Are there any officials out there williing to take a stand for people in pain? Do any of them even care. I have watched the news, and seen the pain inflicted on their people, feeling sorry for the suffering, and so proud to be an America. That has changed. Who would of thought people bin pain would be denied treatment because the government says some people lie, and become addicted, etc., but legalize alcohol,
nicotene, even gambling. Things that were illegaL in the past, but are moneymakers now. Yet people are agonizing in pain, and committing suicide-vets being a big percentage. Part of the problem is a % of the public is confused when the read, or see on tv the word ” opiates” , and do not realizewhen the conversation is about heroin, or other illegal drugs. I speak to many people who believe opiates only refer to pain medication. If some truthful, and educated people running tor office told the truth, they could be voted into office, and actually change this country for the better. Until the people in power really want to work forthe people things have to change, for the better. Until then, it is all about power and money. It seems nobody cares about the people in pain, withering away, and passing away. aIt is all about politics, and America can no longer brag about caring for the sick, and the weary.. We are suffering everday, and they act like we are having a party.

Fed Up

Thank you or all you’ve done. Stay strong! My wife and I are in this struggle with you.

Dearest Mr. & Mrs. Rose,
A heartfelt thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do. A Soldier that has gone above and beyond the Call of Duty more times than what was called for. A man that cares not only about his fellow veterans but his fellow Americans as well. A man who was denied 11 minutes to speak for the 11 years he served his country. A man so full of of courage that he took this to the courts in Greeneville Tennessee. A wife that was terrified her husband would come back in a box after his trip to Washington. A story that reminds me of one in the Bible, David and Goliath. Yes indeed as one woman wrote below, you are a hero Mr. Rose. You, your wife, first and foremost Jesus Christ and all of the millions of chronic pain sufferers who are caught in this war they’ve named the opioid crisis. I can only continue to pray with faith that one day justice will prevail. That America, our government officials and offices will truly see that what they’ve done. That the way they’ve handled there issues were wrong as well as needless, on so many levels. Mr. Rose, I’m speaking for myself and am sure on behalf of many others, if there is anything we can do to help you, please tell us. It works both ways you know. In the meantime many prayers are being sent up and out for you and your family as well as all of my brothers and sisters who struggle daily with their horrendous chronic pain. May God lift your spirits, ease your pain and lift your burdens, giving each and everyone of you nothing but His beautiful miracles.
Most Sincerely,
Ms. Terri James

Theresa L. Negrete

Robert Rose I reposted your picture on Face Book with the message you wrote with your information. I am going to send you a friend request. My name on face book is misspelled and I just didn’t fix it. It’s Thaeresa Negrete if you would like to see the posts. I checked and I couldn’t find you on Face Book. Anyway, I hope the posts help!


This whole situation is beyond heartbreaking, and beyond absolutely insane. I too have had the life I worked so hard to build, with the help of pain med, utterly destroyed without pause by the CDC and the local medical community. (Looking after my safety, they say. Hah!! Looking to CYA and keep all those bonus points and dollars from the government). If a class action lawsuit procedes, please put me on the list and I’ll do whatever I can to help. If I knew a lawyer who would do this I’d have tried years ago. Sending compassion and prayers to all who share this horrible fate. – CB

Robert Dean Rose Jr.

I’ve not AND will never surrender. I’m struggling sure, barely able to function most days but I will not give up on America.

The loss of my Mom, Dorothy B. Buckles, July 5 2019, 82, after she lay suffering for days due to the Tennessee Together Act, really took its toll on me and is adversly affecting me still.

I can’t help but wonder if they had of treated the pain in her chest/ribs if she might not have recovered from the pneumonia. Or be able to repair the damage caused by the cardiac arrest that resulted in their use of the paddles and CPR. Instead, only hours before her passing they grudgingly gave her 3 Tylenol.

Had I been smarter. If I had money to challenge crooked politicians. What could I have done differently to have gotten the laws changed? These are questions I keep asking myself… How many others would have survived? 🙁

If one of you can find an attorney to represent us, veterans AND Americans, please give him/her my number: 423-794-8242

It’s taking me time to get my thoughts in order and the facts/research in the proper format but I am writing a detailed letter to the head of the United Nations (including copies to member nation’s representatives) detailing our situation requesting assistance. A copy will be sent to the head of the World Court at Nuremberg and President Trump. Our men and women in the Armed Forces along with our allies defeated this evil in 1945 and together, we will defeat it again.

Theresa L. Negrete

Vicki, I thought that your idea was great! I posted Robert’s picture on a post in FB with a note searching for a COURAGEOUS LAWYER. Can’t hurt and might help! Prayers that it reaches across America and he gets the Lawyer needed!

Tim Harless

I’m a vet and pretty glad for our medical changes except foe the Zero Opiate Policy is a set up. They are partnered with the National Pain Strategy. They are driving home a narrative giving phonies and a flim flam game where We the People ate dying daily because of a number of false narratives. Follow the Money Always follow the MONEY. Makes me feel like running for office??x…….

Beckie and David Mann

Thank you for giving us the Form Number… I guess it is time we start swamping the VA with these forms. I will be filing my husband’s ASAP..

For this Marine – Semper Fi…. I am the Mother of a Marine, A Wife of a Soldier, and a granddaughter of WWII – WWI etc vets.. I will do as I can from where I sit.. I am not a lawyer. I can file the form for my husband and encourage other vets suffering from pain to do the same..


Maybe we can get everyone’s attention further by stating “VA Refuses to Set Broken Bones” and “Car Accident Victims Required to Walk to Hospital for Care”.
Yeah, American public (get the point?). Let’s do this too. Spread the cruelty.

Maureen M.

While sitting in the waiting room at my Pain Mgmnt. doc’s office this week I saw an older gentleman checking in. He clearly was in pain. He was pale and he was suffering.
I heard him tell the receptionist “I am here because I am a vet and the VA has taken away my Pain treatment that I have had for many years.’ My heart broke for him.

It’s terrible that various federal agencies (the DOJ, the DEA, and the VA) are literally getting away with murder. Hopefully, they won’t be immune to interrogation, and some of their principals to imprisonment, forever as this torture and injustice goes on. I’m so sorry for what Robert Rose is being subjected to, as well as his fellow-veterans, as well as the national in-pain millions. Thanks, Ed Coghlan, for referring to my twitter statement. I am so sick to death of our greedy and clueless federal and state (attorney’s-general) O..x..y..M..O..R..O..N..S !!!
Helen Borel,RN,PhD

arlene crandall

This opioid hysteria has been so catastrophic for all of us dealing with chronic pain. We didn’t ask for this pain, but we have the right to live our lives with some relief. I don’t take my medications for fun, I don’t get high, but being able to take them gives me some help to live my life. I cannot work anymore, I cannot stand for more than 15 minutes at a time, I can’t do so many things that I loved and enjoyed in my life. It’s really hard to try and make a life from the shambles. The VA talks about saving their veterans’ lives, yet they deny them their pain relief. Big help they are. These men and women pledged their word and their lives to protect and serve our country and constitution. This is not how they should be treated. As far as I’m concerned, we need to take care of our service people and our veterans. I mean health wise, mental and physical. It’s the right thing to do, quit denying these veterans their pain relief.


No attorney who isn’t prepared to see their career end is ever going to step forward!

John Chance

It is so moronic, being very similar to other issues not being rationally challenged in our country today, because in twenty years “they” will either have a comparable and equally effective new pain medication, or “their” errors of today’s hysteria will be quelled, and opioids will again be accepted as common medical practice (i.e., when prescribed by knowledgeable and trained physiatrists)! However, this gives little consolation for those people in need today!

My heart breaks for Robert. He had diligently worked so hard on behalf of hisself as well as his fellow Vets. God bless him and his wife.

Robert Rose has been fighting for our vets as well as for everyone who has been forced to suffer needlessly due to the phony precipitation opioid crisis. He’s done all he can. Somewhere in this country there has to be at least one lawyer who has the courage to fight with him. All lawyers can’t be scared. Mr. Rose hasn’t been.

He’s my hero & we all need to be helping him as much as possible. He’s been shut down by the VA, & many politicians who don’t want to hear or deal with the truth of the phony crisis. It’s not politically correct to do what is right.

Surely there is ONE lawyer who is willing to do what is right? There are 50 million, possibly more who are suffering daily, unnecessarily, yet, where is the legal help? Come on lawyers. There are surely enough of you that there’s at least one with a moral compass. If I was a lawyer I would certainly volunteer & find as many skilled, intelligent lawyers to help as I could.

After all, how much more can so many people suffer daily before they too become a number added to suicide from pain? They cry about the few people who have become sick or died from using the black market thc vapes but nothing for the 50+ millions suffering daily. That’s just wrong!!!


Robert, never give in, never surrender. This a tough fight but one that has to be fought. God bless you.


How can we get this out there. Surely there is an attorney that will fight for the vets. Can he make a Facebook plea that we can all share.? Or a local news that will broadcast his need? This is awful.

Theresa L. Negrete

The Government put these men/women Vets. in harm’s way. They come back from a war broken and in pain. The Government does very little for these Vets. Used, abused, and thrown away, after the service they have supplied, at the cost of their bodies and many of them their minds! Our own Government has experimented on the Military Personnel and the Public in the past. The Psychopathic voices with power right now, seem hell bent on making people suffer more. I feel like a VICTIM of my own Country. Before I found the Internet, I thought this was the best country in the World. Not anymore, after uncovering atrocities the the American Government initiated on us, the people. I also don’t trust Doctors anymore because they have to tow the line or lose their jobs. Basically, they can’t practice medicine as they see fit. Not going to another Doctor, have my exit plan. My heart breaks for everyone of us Intractable/Chronic Pain Patients! I pray and hope that each of you finds the solution you want and need. As for the lawyers, GOOD LUCK! They seem against helping the ordinary citizen in so much pain they want to die. There’s little $$$$$$$ in it for the greedy [edit].

My 87 year old Mother was told by the ER Dr “ Drink lots of water – it will help with the Pain “ My Mom was in a Auto accident earlier and sustained injuries.

It’s getting worse every day and the lies are getting even more ridiculous.

Robert, remember – “ You are never out of the fight “

Gregorio Morales



PS: Ed, thank you for posting & trying to help Robert Rose. The public needs to understand that only about 50% of people can be helped by the Mayo Clinic’s Pain medicine protocol. This model is followed Nationwide. After 5 drug trials over 18 months, per Mayo protocol, at a major US Hosp. Pain Mgt. program – I found out the hard way. No drug helped my intractable pain, but ALL had adverse & scary side effects. I am in the 50% who are actually helped by legal opoid medicine.

Veterans have risked their lives for years to keep Americans safe and this is how they are repaid? Left to suffer and left in agony along with millions of other Americans to! It is inhumane! Over-the-counter Tylenol has caused death in people from liver failure over the counter Motrin has caused bleeding ulcers in some people if someone were taking an antibiotic for too long that can cause the ramune system to build a tolerance anyting that we take on a consistent basis can cause negative side effects in our body… I have suffered with Interstitial cystitis for almost 30 years they only way I was able to function keep a job and take care of my child was with prescription pain medications now as a senior citizen I am left to suffer like a dog hit by a car and dragged along side of the road left to lay there and die it is inexcusable all because some people choose to take pain medications to get high millions of Americans are suffering because of the attics I never had any issues with my prescription pain meds however a recent trip to the hospital for my IC pain left me coming home in the same agony as when I walked in the door it is not the hospital’s fault or the doctor’s fault it is the fact that we are being controlled that’s what this comes down to and everyone knows it how sad I was raised Catholic I believe in heaven and I believe in hell and for those that continue to watch people die agonizing deaths because they are denied pain medications those psychotic people that choose to watch us suffer and die will all rot in hell for eternity may God bless those of us that suffer from invisible illnesses my heart goes out 2 Marine Rose may God bless you sir and thank you for standing up for people that suffer from chronic pain if we’re fighting for our freedom bless you sir!


Bless your heart, Mr. Rose. I hope an attorney steps forward very soon. This whole opiate hysteria is just absolutely insulting and ridiculous.

Walter Strickland

This is just plain crazy and non caring about our veterans who are in great need of pain relief from battle wounds. Do Not Trust Any Politicians Or Government Agencies is Rule #1 !!! Rule #2 is to not give up ,I know is easier said than done !!! I am for the first time ,truly embarrassed and ashamed of our country….


Hi Robert – I hear & feel your pain, frustration and exhaustion. Today is a day I can type on my phone for a short while. So please, listen to your body & rest today, maybe tomorrow, too. You can’t fight this battle with the VA alone. I do applaud your commitment to your/ our fellow soldiers! So be kind to yourself & rest your heart, brain & body. Pray that fellow Veteran’s will band together and help you carry this fight forward. I think all CPPs should band together, not only Vetetans, and legally challenge the CDC & DEA ,etc., on their interference in Physician/ Patient relationships.
Finally, please know you are not alone. We are here. It’s just that some days some of us can’t type or even get out of bed. Give yourself “time off.” Listen to your happy music or do your favorite thing all day…or simply rest & watch TV.
Stay here & stay strong!


I wonder if a “go fund me” account would produce some help? I GREATLY admire and appreciate Robert Rose’s efforts, especially with the extra stress of dealing with an ailing wife. Where are all of the “ambulance chasers”, the ones that are in our face every night on TV chasing any or all illnesses that they can make money, oh, and HELP the victims? Even a retired attorney was mentioned in this article, this is not a one man’s story, this is OUR story, all of the pain patients, living and especially, those that could not carry on with their pain, does our Government just “carry on” with their own agenda? We ALL need the help! THANK YOU, ROBERT ROSE FOR YOUR CARING, COMPASSION AND ALL YOU HAVE DONE AND TRY TO CONTINUE TO DO. MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU!

No rights in America

Dear Robert please don’t give up no matter what and thank you for your service. It is frustrating that people like you and me are ignored and our voice has been taken away I admire you for trying your best too change things and hope that one good attorney will come too your aide. Too shut us out and ignore our cry’s for help is not going unnoticed by God I am praying that you are able too accomplish what you have been trying too I personally am considering moving too another county too survive America’s ignorant policy’s and discrimination these people just don’t get it and they think they do know it all with no education too back their opinions they are worse law breakers then any pain patients practicing medicine without a license and condemning us too death the wrath will come back on these know it alls I feel sorry for them when judgment day comes maybe then a light bulb of intelligence will go off when they are made too walk in our shoes so please hang in there Thank You for all you are doing

James McCay

I’m very close to surrendering too…
On top of my Pain Management doc complaining to ME monthly about HIS little problems; like I’m his psych (compared to all Chronic Intractable Pain patients who’ve had their Opioids lowered BY HIM to where they barely work anymore- like myself).

Now my Home Care doctor: DOCTORS ON CALL NY (who had 70 PA/DR’s, now it’s more like 20 because EVERYONE QUIT!); you REALLY NEED to call them (718) 238-2100 (you’ll never get in human in less than 10-minutes) & just LISTEN to their Automated Messages as to how THEY DESCRIBE THEIR SERVICE- which is so far from the facts it’s RIDICULOUS!

In 2011, when NY State took away my Medicaid (of 8-years) with a LAME EXCUSE (Mayor Bloomberg’s way of saving the city money), I’ve been fighting ever since to get it back. Then I got their “SPEND DOWN” program. That took them 6-MORE years to correctly explain how this program works: no one at Medicaid knew, no Politicians knew, Medicare didn’t know: NO ONE KNEW!
So FINALLY a Fair Hearing JUDGE explained how it works correctly in late 2017. But by this time Mayor de Blasio & Governor Cuomo LOWERED what Medicaid pays for doctor co-pays by the FULL 20% to; 20% of 20%.(practically nothing). SO NOW ALL DOCTORS REFUSE TO PROVIDE THE CORRECT INVOICES MEDICAID REQUIRES TO ACTIVATE THE SPEND DOWN PROGRAM!
This way DOCTORS can FORCE ME to pay the FULL 20% COPAY plus back pay or THEY REFUSE TO SEE ME & no med refills! This sounds ILLEGAL in some way, doesn’t it? But I complained to everyone there is & they don’t even reply. Not even the Fair Hearing Office!

Plus Doctors On Call has CANCELLED my appointments with at least (3) email reminders every month FOR (5) MONTHS IN A ROW! A PA QUIT, two DR’s I’ve seen quit. So I’ve gone a minimum of 2-days to 4-days with NO CLONAZEPAM having constant Panic Attacks (plus risk SEIZURES every month) because DOCTORS ON CALL is BROKEN! Joshua (MANAGER) was supposed to get my Rx YESTERDAY- still no Rx…


My heart breaks for these broken men and women! There has GOT to be someone out there that can help! If I was an attorney I would do it in a heartbeat! I will pray for all of them! I pray Mr. Rose and his wife the best and all the love and prayers in the world!

Martin Gann

Taking pain medication for 37 years and now it’s taken away because OTHERS overdose. Taking mine because of others is wrong. I am now in a wheelchair because I can’t get rid of the pain that lets me walk. In the three years without pain meds, I have gained 42 pounds which is damaging my health more because I can no longer get the little exercise I was able to get before the [edit]. “Give me back my Opioids.”


The attorneys have become wimps too just like the doctors. No one cares about those suffering from pain.

Debbie Nickels Heck, MD

What the VA is doing is terrible. He has a very good case. I know his proposal is good. I worked with him to write it. I also have a feeling I know why he had trouble getting any attorney to work with him. Perhaps another person will try because this has to be reversed.


The attorneys have become wimps too just like the doctors. This applies to ALL pain patients. Thanks to the Government and CDC


It is only a matter of time before there will be wide spread suicides and murders because people can not tolerate the pain. These deplorable politicians will get their meds. The rest of the peons will not. Does anyone care?

Patricia Bradley

Its not just the veterans all people are being tortured by these stupid guidelines. .opiates are needed and have been a major tool for sever pain. They are life saving and to withhold them without cause is unthinkable.
We all need to start fighting for our lives..