Media is participating in this! Have you noticed the clear theme spreading misinformation pertaining to this so-called “Opioid Crisis”, is the MEDIA!!!

Media is participating in this! Have you noticed the clear theme spreading misinformation pertaining to this so-called “Opioid Crisis”, is the MEDIA!!!

Media bias dates back to the early days of the newspaper and continues to this present day. Media affects our daily lives in numerous ways – from television, radio to print. Sometimes these media avenues persuade our opinions on certain issues – such as same-sex marriages, abortion, homosexuality, politics and our views on opioids!

Many people in America today are not even aware the media is manipulating their way of thinking, while some media bias may be a simple matter of attracting readership by sensational headlines,
funding sources are likely a contributing factor.

Cathy Kean

Today I read a story, “Stop the anti-doctor media bias, by Rebekah Bernard, MD Physician May 2, 2019, published by Rebekah Bernard, MD wrote, Doctors feel like they just can’t win. But worse, when physicians face excessive media criticism, patients also lose.

The media bias against physicians has inspired a public distrust of doctors. Most physicians are dedicated individuals who hold patient care as sacrosanct. But patients rarely hear stories of these doctors in the media. Instead, they are barraged by terrifying stories of the occasional bad actor.

This may cause patients to become fearful of all doctors and lead to a delay in seeking necessary medical care.”

The media has a responsibility to present fair and unbiased information to the public, and that includes accurate reporting about physicians and intractable pain patients. Patients and physicians must hold media organizations accountable by speaking out against this ongoing assault and misinformation being forced on to the public by these inaccurate biased news reports!

Mainstream media inundate the general public, our legislators 24/7 with headlines of, “Prescription opioids are killing thousands, millions expected to die”, Take one opioid pill and you will become an addict… what??? Okay, I am exaggerating a tad bit. But, it is crazy how the media has contributed too, fueled and the more sensationalized the story the more attention said publication gets!

No one knows how media can spin this, “Fake, false propaganda, the false narrative machine of judgment, misunderstanding, bias better than “We the intractable pain patient/community”! And usually, in editorial, there is a picture with prescription opioids and syringes? Go figure, I have never shot up my medication would not even know how to?

Media has been plagued with all sorts of problems scandals about manipulation including, sliding profits, plagiarism, propaganda just to name a few! They are trying to sell this false narrative, “Fake Opioid Crisis/Epidemic”, but why?

More on that later.

News is often written and used to manipulate, advertise, create fear among the populations or to follow a certain media ideology or agenda.

A functioning democracy needs to know and be able to count on media giving factual information out vs. lies, manipulation, and biased information!

We must stand up and make these agencies, journalists, and reporters do their due diligence in making sure they research and exhaust all avenues making sure of its authenticity!

Those with power and influence know that media control and influence is crucial for their agenda to be recognized and supported!

Did you know that today’s mass marketing is owned by only five major corporations giants which control 90% of media?

As of 2018, the largest media conglomerates in terms of revenue rank Comcast, The Walt Disney Company, AT&T, CBS Corporation and Viacom per Forbes. Additionally, they are not defined as, “news organizations” where there would be certain laws they had to abide by for the public’s best interest.

The purpose of these corporations is to maximize profits, which often includes exploiting negative externalities so they can pass costs off to society!

These clever profit-maximizing corporations use the terminology of the 1970s, “free press”/“journalists”, to give them the air of credibility to their operations. These corporations monopolizing the market, it reduces the diversity of media voices and puts tremendous power in the hands of just a few companies. These news outlets have holdings in many industries, conflicts of interest inevitably interfere with newsgathering.

Outside Nations described as authoritarian, whose media ownership is very close to this model completely control all information put out to their citizens directly or indirectly.

This amount of control can be problematic for a variety of reasons…

The democratic role of the media in news is further getting clouded with these gigantic mergers mainstream media is increasingly blurring the lines with the economic and political power further limits the spectrum of viewpoints that have access to mass media.

Independent, aggressive and critical media is essential to an informed democracy. But mainstream media who increasingly partner with the economic and political powers they should be reporting on.

Because of mergers in these new industries this further limits the spectrum of viewpoints that have access to mass media. With U.S. media outlets overwhelmingly owned by for-profit conglomerates and supported by corporate advertisers, independent journalism is in trouble of extinction.

These Corporate elites determine what ordinary people do not see or hear in-depth let alone problems real people face every day. Sponsors have a disproportionate amount of influence over what people get to see or read too.

These corporate executives main goal is increasing profit and raising their share price. Could this have anything his could what is contributing to lack and/or misinformation being regurgitated pertaining to this false narrative, propaganda Fake prescription opioid epidemic/crisis???

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Authored by: Cathy Kean

Pain is Pain Page on Facebook Chronic Illness Advocacy and Awareness Coalition Grandmother Fighting For Autism page on Facebook dedicated to my grandson xxoo.

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Great piece as usual Cathy.
Just this past week, I’ve seen a
Story about a famous retired athlete who says that his use of Vicodin for a sports injury, caused him 3yrs of tremors!
Everywhere you look you’ll see at least one post (usually more) about the detrimental affects of Opioids.
It’s narrative is always demonizing Opioids. You never hear about the Good it does for those of us who live in Chronic Intractable Pain or Chronic Painful Illnesses, where Opioids give them a quality of life!
Everything is about Overdose deaths from Opioids, they Never tell you that the opioids that people are Overdosing & Dying from are illicit St Drugs such as Cocaine, Fentanyl, Heroin & Methamphetamines!
These are not Chronic Pain Patients Treated by Pain Management Dr’s.

Why don’t they report the Suicides from Chronic Pain Patients cut down or off their meds & have lost hope that things are gonna get better so rather than suffer through 1 more day they take their lives!


The media is responsible to the point of being legally liable for harming chronic pain patients through the spread of misinformation. Some of this is possibly unintentional–the reporters who has a deadline and uses Google for their research such that once one incorrect report gets posted it’s inaccurate content can spread like wildfire. Even more is intentional– politically motivated reporters who are interested only in furthering the propaganda that all opioids are bad. Both are examples of ignorance that is causing innocent people to suffer immensely and live in fear.

Arlene Larson

Cathy Keen, let’s become a powerful force where patients, all patients, for patients become a UNION, a UNION with some TEETH! The “American Patient Defense Union”! The APDU! Doctors are being targeted for the illicit fentynl dressed up as oxycontin, say what ? !!! ? SAY PROPAGANDA, MEDIA PROPAGANDA! Follow the money, as you’ve said.
Hooman Norchasm, a Doctor, turned Patient Advocate, father and widower through medical structural iotrogenis and pure evil corporate greed. Millions of Patients and good doctors WILL HAVE TEETH in a well organized and highly functioning UNION. The APDU IS HERE and HERE TO STAY!

Meg Taylor

Reporters are not like they were in the 1950’s and 1960’s. They spew whatever they want without research or confirmation of the FACTS!


So true the media hass held the strings of power for so long. They shoild have proof of what they are saying before they say it. Now they just say it and see where the mud sticks. The more sensational or disgusting the better.

Denise Morris

Thanks Cathy Kean and NPR for the informative article. I would argue that it’s actually NO exaggeration that some people are indeed afraid to take “even one pill” from the vilified classes of medication (or in some cases, ANY class of drug – even over-the-counter). Because of the propagandizing the author has written about, drug-fearing people are now extending their mission to others, in the attempt to save us all from the dangers of addiction.
At what point can a pain patient be stamped “terminal” – and at what point does “terminal” mean that it’s socially, medically and legally acceptable to obtain adequate pain relief?
As one example: I’ve seen people in hospice whose family members won’t allow them pain
medicine because of fear of addiction. People don’t dream up these wrong-headed, cruel ideas, but reflect the larger overwhelming trends that permeate our culture. Only the media can steer this belief system back toward neutral.

Maybe, maybe a few video clips (not just images using the word “Pain.”) of children, infants crying in agony from under treated pain would move the hearts of the public, politicians, and the media. Maybe. But I’m not too hopeful any more.


May I ask … Do we have a term for us chronic pain patients suffering from the repercussions of the over correction of the “opioid crisis” just as they gave it this name and educated the public so do we need to give our crisis a name and start giving it it’s our light and especially proper terms for what’s happening to us. And then a strong campaign for it.

John A. Davis

Alice Carroll,
Kudos to you on your response. I have always said if you really want the real truth, then follow the money.
I am probably not near smart enough to know all the twist and turns that are taken to hide the money trail as I am just a country boy. However I am smart enough to know if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.
While they may think we are just addicted addicts that know nothing, what I can tell them yes we are dependent not addicted and only want to lead a productive quality life that is some what pain free.
If they want the addicts and those that feed it then they need to change their approach. The illegal dispensing of black market drugs has not changed and still exist.
This so called Opiate Criss is just a smoke screen that the polaticans, lobbyist and Insurance companies and key Investors have orchestrated to maximize profits, put their key poloticans into place to further agendas.

John A. Davis

Cathy Kean
Very good article. While you refer to the political involvement there is more and this is the tie to high investors and involvement of the Insurance lobbyist and their backing of politicians thru many different venues.
It is very complex but well orchestrated how the lobbyists control the purse strings to the politicans who also happen to be the regulators.
I would venture to say that all of these people profit from the big media companies, so it is a small leap to say they all work together to maximize profits.
So if you ever want to get to the real truth, then follow the money.
Unfortunately the chronic pain community is caught in the middle of the struggle. However we do not control the votes to make a hugh difference, so are dispensable.
It will take a powerful force to expose the bias between the media, insurance lobbyist and politicans before we will come close to exposing the real problem. The so called opiate problem and chronic pain community is no more than window dressing to cloud the real problem with which I refer to as the inner corruption of extreme profit and the moguls of large corporations clouded behind many layers of unanimity and our elected politicians.
I think the “We the people for the people” has been lost and replaced by “We the rich for the rich”
This is an independent thought by a chronic pain patient.
I thank you Cathy Kean for starting to unravel the intense web of misinformation..


We are indeed a media driven society. And getting media attention on the large scale we need to get our voices heard has been at best minimal. A previous poster suggested a billboard campaign and I would like to explore that idea further. I envision a grass roots assault with billboards simultaneously in all major cities stating something like “Chronic Pain is killing our sick,elderly, and vets. Shame on you, America!”
Enough billboards, in enough cities at the same time could well get media attention and open the door to discussion. We can’t just keep talking to ourselves! The problem with demonstrations is we don’t have the strength or money to do them! This could be accomplished with donations, many small donations. Please email your thoughts on this both good and bad to me. Can we do this?

Thomas Kidd

Yes it’s all about money and profits. The sick and dying mean nothing to these greedy evil bastards. We who need our opioid pain medications don’t matter. We have our elected officials to think for about all of this fake crisis. New criminals are being made daily. But no one remembers Prohibition and it’s results.


60 minutes says they will do an expose on what has happened to pain patients, if 500 people write in, email, or call them…the FAcebook group “pain is pain” posted all their contact info, everyone please go there, get the contact info, and please contact 60 min.


It’s all a big joke. The people who suffer don’t matter. All that matters is publicity and votes to the media and politicians. They don’t care that the real issue is illegal chinese fentanyl and people who are polydrug users who actually OD’d on multiple drugs.

They want to blame the pharmaceutical companies for making the stuff available, and the doctors for writing too many prescriptions. Well… where is individual accountability and saying “I dont need this” and not accepting the prescription, or tearing it up and not filling it?? No one who is a family member of someone who was taking multiple drugs and OD’d will admit that their loved one was at fault for filling those prescriptions. If they didn’t get a script, they’d have bought the stuff off the street – that’s what addicts do.

Taking away medication from people who have illnesses and injuries that cannot be fixed and are in need of having medication to manage their pain, and who follow the directions set by their doctors, and don’t misuse their medication, just because a small percentage of people are dead set on abusing themselves, is cruel.

It’s punishing a large number of people because a different segment of the population is so miserable with the lives they have, that they’re seeking escape in any chemicals they can. What is this saying – that there’s so many people seeking to abuse chemicals not meant to be ingested, just to escape the reality they face??

Tabitha shileds

I was able to get on sirus xm 125 the other day AND LET THEM have it , we need to fight back we need to sue States participating in this . It is a violation of our human rights to be denied adaquete treatment for pain or have methods that were successful , taken away. I’ve been on long term opoid treatment for 20 years and never once felt like sticking a needle in my arm . It is all a money grab and scam . We need the Chronic Pain Paitients Protection Act NOW. We need a class action nation wide law suit for the demonization of doctors and the defamtion of this on opoids as drug seekers and addicts . Addition science is clear , addicts are born not made but that isn’t true if you watch any news station , no even addiction specialists deny the truth because they are making money hand over foot filling their rooms with people who are not addicts but suffering adverse effects from being abruptly taken off medications without cause . They want you to believe if you get a Vicodin for a pulled tooth , well then you will be down in the city looking for your next fix as soon as you can get there . Total BS , the biggest scam on America yet, each politician trying to make headlines , outdoing the next with outrageous laws without regard to the suffering . They boast ” prescribing is down 30% , how wonderful” while mothers and father’s sons and daughters slowly return to the beds disabled , unable to work , unable to he with family , some ending their lives by their own hand desperate to end their pain . But hey prescribing is down 30%, the issue is a pourous border , not pills and although their are always bad players the statistics when not fudged by the CDC and DEA do not lie , more die from alcohol and tobacco each day than opoids but those legally prescribed opoids for long term treatment for pain are not overdosing are not becoming heroin addicts . It is all a lie

Cathy thomas

I see it all the time. “The opioid crisis” in big bold print across my tv screen, with prescription pills spewing out of a bottle. Where in the hell are the commercials showing needles and overdosed individuals using heroine meth illegal fentanyl cocaine and God knows what else is being used these days illegally.
Where are the “alternative” medications for chronic pain the government insisted would be made? Where’s all the new treatment centers for addiction that we’re supposed to be opened? My doctor continues to lower my pain medications every month!! All so the illegal drugs that are causing the crisis continue to flood in. The damage is done. By the time people figure out the truth, those of us suffering will be forgotten. Even IF this were to turn around tomorrow, no doctor would suddenly up a patients pain meds back up to where we had a somewhat normal life. And now doctors are trying to prescribe suboxone for pain. WHAT!?!?!? Suboxone is a treatment for addiction to drugs, NOT PAIN!!
I had my 37th abdominal surgery last November hoping it would help with my pain. Guess what? That one almost killed me and now I’m worse off than before.
This is a winless war for the chronic pain community. I had hope 6 months ago that things would turn around, but that hope is now gone 🙁 God bless those who continue to fight this war. I really am thankful.
God bless the rest of us who continue to suffer the “side effects” from this “created crisis.”

There is one more thing. Special interest groups along with interventional pain physician societies have thrown millions of lobbying dollars convincing ignorant politicians to make the so-called opiate crisis a top election issue, promising it would make them appear as heroes with their constituents who are also ignorant of our plight. Yes, these groups are falsely promoting lucrative off-licensed ESI therapies as a so called “safer” alternative to post-operative short term opiate pain management. These ignorant politicians (most of whom don’t know a thing about the topic) have a national platform to spread their ignorance to the benefit of these lobbyists and those they represent.

Although you touched upon some very valid points, its not nearly the whole picture. You see I was an active professional member of the “media” from 1972 through 2002 when it abruptly came crashing down following a botched medical procedure. Bedridden and on massive opiates, I’m what you can consider the candle burning at both ends on this topic. As you mentioned, media bias is a valid issue with roots dating back to the beginnings of human communication. But anyone who believes that industrialized communication today is in the business to report fairly and be informative on every topic is ignorant of the true fact that its driven by “US” not “THEM”! Yes… the majority of media consumers drives the bias, not the corporations as it once did. Our watching trends direct editors and producers to feed us more of what the audience demands in order to capture a marketable profit share, nothing else. So the next time you’re on the Net, on any forum, YouTube, News Channel, etc… your Click-Bait patterns and watch durations are being tabulated, measured and then analyzed by marketing firms to sell back to huge media conglomerates nationwide. Our watching trends regardless of which side of the topic it is, drives everything!… with the exception of politics, they couldn’t care less about what else they feed us as long as it can be verified and rewarded by us clicking & watching more of it. Wish to see the true “culprits” in this story?… let us all (including yours truly) take a long look in the mirror. Therefore every time we watch or read a story online that we either agree or disagree with, we are contributing to its popularity. They just look at the numbers and feed us more of what we watch and read the most. Like it or not, we are all being watched on the Net, even now!

Sandy Miller

The news media certainly has gone too far in reporting about those of us with Chronic and Intractable Pain. We are always thrown in with the addicts regardless of the story. Some of us were barely getting thru the day with the amount of medication we took; however, we were able to somewhat function whereas now most, if not all of us, are in such relentless pain, we have no life. My Representatives are so against opioids, they have no interest in hearing my story. I’m just an addict! They don’t understand our situations are more like a diabetic who has to take medication to survive. I have a very strange, different kind of story as far as what caused and started this pain I’ve endured for19, almost 20 years ago. Since that time, more painful events have plagued my existence that all of us here understand,

We need the officials or Media to visit and see how we live…….. that’s a real joke, uh?? Nobody cares, it seems our lives of yesteryears have changed so much, so fast! Our country is not the same. I never knew trying to be, look or act normal could be so difficult, yes, I finally gave up and am now unable to care how I look or how my home looks since I’m unable to function and spend more time in bed. I worked for 35 years and have had health issues most of my life beginning with Polio as a young child prior to the last 20 years when my life totally changed.

My husband who is a Vietnam Veteran and has health issues of his own and with our great VA system, does so much for me that I worry so much about him.

Sorry, I got off subject; I wish I knew the answer to all this fake news media buzz, but our doctors are retiring due to the fear of losing their practices and these are not the pill mills, just doctors who know and have treated us for years.

Until and unless those who make the laws that are making our lives unbearable, will never understand the real pain and why we need our medication to survive.

Sandy M.

Margie McMahon

Dear Cathy, You have said it all, but much better than I ever could! Thank you.
I’m a stickler for spelling and punctuation! That said, your great message would look more professional looking if you were to proof-read your beautifully worded message.
May you enjoy a good day!
Margie McMahon


Many years ago, when I was in college, I was in a history class studying the Civil War. It puzzled me that so many young men in the north would join the union army in support of slavery. Not saying there aren’t some idealistic young men, but for sure not this many to make up an army. I went to the microfilm library (no internet) and discovered that the MEDIA of the day – newspapers AND magazines – were scaremongering on a deep basis that the south wanted to get all the new immigrants, especially the Irish and Germans, and turn them into slaves. They would come north and grab these young men by the trainload and put them to work picking cotton, and there was nothing the north could do to stop them. The newspapers said “after all, they are not employed, they are not citizens”(which many were by this point). The media regaled their audience with how terrible the working conditions would be: the heat, the humidity, the snakes, the whippings and beatings… They’d never see their families again and oh my goodness the north did NOT want this to happen but what could they DO?! Lots of pathos.

Of course, many immigrants were uneducated, some barely knew English, none of them knew the law… so they joined up in the thousands and thousands.

I was young enough to be horrified. I could hardly believe my eyes. This was the major newspapers, no some off the wall flyers, AND Vanity Faire was there doing it too. It was the first incarnation of that magazine “was a short-lived, Manhattan-based humorous weekly, published from 1859 to 1863.”

I am still shocked and disillusioned by how the media shapes people’s thoughts. Most people will not get out there and dig in to research the truth so they accept what the media pours out.


Mainstream Media is a government schill, has been for decades. Government has a limited amount of money no matter what taxes are imposed. Therefore, the socialized, government run medicine being forced down our throats will be limited, so why not cull the herd ahead of implementation?

Alice Carroll

In the 60 Minutes story of February 24, 2019, Did the FDA Ignite the Opioid Epidemic? On this show a former drug manufacturer sights a mid-1990’s rule change by the FDA allowing opioids to be prescribed for long-term chronic pain. Now the agenda of these lawsuit seekers is to show that opioids are NOT effective long term, that the FDA was manipulated by the pharmaceutical companies and that the FDA and drug companies should be sued.

They say there were no studies done on opioids for long-term chronic pain. It’s hard because patients quit the studies when they get no pain relief! Remember Vioxx and Celebrex? Both approved by the FDA for long-term chronic pain. They ruined patients stomachs and livers and caused numerous deaths, my father was one. Opioids do not.

60 Minutes and others fail to mention that overdoses are NOT from long-term chronic pain patients who use their medication properly. Will media ever publicize those who benefit from opioids for chronic pain? What about long-term chronic pain patients being taken off opioids by doctors too scared to prescribe, dumping them with no referrals? Patients who aren’t able to find new doctors to prescribe pain medication are left to fend for themselves in horrible anxiety and pain. They turn to black market drugs or committ suicide. Is that what the CDC, FDA and the DEA want?

The Government wants a massive payout to rival the Tobacco Settlement. That is what this is all about and I imagine that The Media may share in the take for their part in helping to push the narrative that the government needs. Public opinion is what matters in a jury trial. The government and the media need and use each other and have become “friends with benefits” in the process. And to think that all the settlement money is supposed to go to help drug addicts and rehabilitation facilities. If you believe that well take a look at how the Tobacco Settlement money was allocated, if you can even find out.


Reagan repealed the Fairness Doctrine in the 80’s, FYI. That demanded reporting of both sides. Then, Obama/Holder basically ignored anti-trust and monopoly regulations and allowed these mergers.
Then this decade, Google kicked off most of the small companies off the internet, Including my own website. Now, a company has to be big to have a ranking and it looks like they are paying Google for ranking
So, we have to think and read widely to come up with our own opinions.
I’ve been watching what this government does from both sides for most of my life.
We are not a democracy anymore

James McCay

I agree with you wholeheartedly! I’ve known about media bias for decades. I’ve known of their brainwashing campaigns and I also researched enough to know that this started more than ever in the mid-1990’s when mass media knew computers (the Internet) would make them extinct unless they signed a deal WITH THE DEVIL!

They signed a deal with OUR GOVERNMENT who took over THE PEOPLE!

If you don’t believe it, just look at how a certain political group are purposely made up of primarily evil females (don’t get me wrong, I’m all for equal sexes representing the Government & Media), however when it’s a large majority spewing insane things men could NEVER GET AWAY WITH SAYING like “all white men are evil” something is definitely amiss.

I’ve talked to MANY men who are “all for all these beautiful young women in Media & Government.”. When I ask them “Why intellectually do you like these women to help our country?” they all reply in a similar way “I don’t care what they do about the country, I get to look at all these beautiful women & it makes me watch the news.”. YEAH, THE FAKE NEWS WHO ARE BRAINWASHING THESE UNDER EDUCATED IDIOTS!

I have one of those personalities where I’m easy to talk to, so SO MANY people open up to me (whether I want them to OR NOT!) about things they’d NEVER tell anyone else. It’s been like this most of my adult life. So I’ve been getting an interesting, if not a VERY disturbing view of what “The average man thinks.”.

I believe it’s already too late to change the government; specifically THE CONGRESS. Make no mistake; they run this country more than any other; and they are responsible for the “WAR ON OPIOIDS” & the “OPIOID CRISIS” harming us all! .

Adam P

Spot on! Every evening we get the same one sided story from the media. Regardless of the fact that the person who overdosed was using illegally; it is always labeled as a result of the opioid crisis. Sad to hear about anyone who overdosed but as equally, if not more, sad to think that there are chronic pain patients taking their own lives because the doctors are afraid to prescribe opioids. These meds are the only thing many chronic pain patients have to even begin to live any form of a productive life. Punishing them because someone uses opioids illegally is wrong.

Fed Up

You’re just now figuring this out?

The public indeed needs to hear about our side of the great Opioid Injustice. If America only knew that our veterans alone were not receiving adequate pain medication for saving this country they would change their tune. You can better well believe that they have no clue that our veterans are committing suicide left and right due to the fact that they are no longer allowed the proper medication needed to continue to live with the excruciating pain due to the battle scars they received so long ago. I would hope and pray that after the public became aware of this that everything else just might fall into place. Cancer of course is a very big issue, how would the general population feel if they knew cancer patients are now left to die with little or no pain medication? I remember the story I read here where the lady was given Suboxone for her cancer pain. It was only when she was getting ready to have surgery that the surgeons became aware of the issue. Her surgeon was outraged. This is the information that needs to be made public on a national news level, not the local. In my opinion, small towns would just be wasting their breath. I don’t know, just food for thought. If last week’s webinar conducted by Ed, Mr. Lawhern and the others was publicized on the national news, it might just help. It most certainly wouldn’t hurt. I’m not in the news business so I don’t know how this diligent group of pain warrior’s could make their story go national. Not to make their load any heavier than it already is but perhaps they can think of a way to do so. In the meantime, prayers for miracles continue to go up and out.

This does not surprise me. Even my own family believe some of the false narrative and I dare not try to discuss the issue at my church. Many believe the patently inaccurate “data” put out by the CDC re. the numbers of deaths caused by opioid overdoses that have been “corrected” twice… quietly online. You know, the ones in which fentanyl and heroin deaths are lumped in with Rx deaths often involving multi substances. CDC reported that “In 2016, 42,249 deaths occurred from opioids”. “Opioids were involved in 47,600 deaths in 2017′ (from CDC, National Center for Health Statistics, 2018) The National Center on Drug Abuse repeated these statistics in it’s report that “National Overdose Deaths “Any opioid includes prescription opioids (and methadone), heroin and other synthetic narcotics (mainly fentanyl).” However, the National Center on Drug Abuse, using statistics from the CDC’s 2018 report (noted above), indicated that “Drug overdose deaths from prescription opioids rose from 3,442 in 1999 to 17,029 in 2017. Since 2016, however, the number of deaths has remained stable.” From Rx opioids! So, the public (and government officials) are presented with 2 distinctly different statistics BUT the media choose which one BEST FITS the anti-opioid narrative. “There was a lack of statistics for the year 2017. Most likely because of the length of time it takes to gather the information, however, I tried my best to get the most recent and most accurate information available.” The reporter goes on anyway to list CDC stats cherry-picked (again) and includes “66,324 people died of an overdose from January-May 2017.” An overdose…from??? So, the purported paucity of information on statistics regarding opioid deaths did not stop this reporter who created Rising Hope blog to report “Opioid Addiction Facts and Statistics in 2017.” Does anyone see the blatant blurring of the “facts” to fit the agenda? But, truth does not matter when folks want to support whatever they want to say.

Ruling in the Citizens United case, the Supreme Court threw out a law that required media companies to make a profit, before they could have the right to criticize politicians during an election campaign. The Court held that ownership of the device that printed the story, such as this phone Im writing on, was what gave us the First Anendment right to use it. We need to exercise our legal rights or we lose them. The 2-Party corruption system that evolved, would prefer only 2 giant media companies, one for each Party. We cannot let that happen. Ever.


Well, of course! Big Pharma probably makes more money than these media monkeys, so I’d venture a guess that they are trying to cut down the drug companies’ profits in order for them to be in the higher profit market gains. After all, their stocks would increase, would they not?


Already feel like I know this information I have been stuck in the workers comp with nothing but pain medication none of the doctors are being paid enough to actually treat me.
What can we do about that?


Say it ain’t so! Not our media giants. They wouldnt thriw us under the bus just to make money and have power.

They are doing it daiky. If there is no good news they make it up. If no bad news they make it up. Is there Fake news? Sure turn on the tv and watch any station. More B S than you can stand. When the actual news wienst fit their criteria. They just dont report it or they show a clip of the event and play it off as something else.

Who can we trust, politicians-Not. News casters-Not. If you know who please let the rest of us know!!!!!!$