Medical Cannabis Applications Increasing in Illinois

Medical Cannabis Applications Increasing in Illinois

By Ed Coghlan.

It took a while to get medical cannabis available in Illinois, but now that it is, people are using it.

The Chicago Tribune reported more than 46,000 people have used medical marijuana in Illinois this year. Almost 75 percent of patients are more than 40 years old. More than 4,000 people used medical cannabis to treat PTSD, about 3,400 treated fibromyalgia and 2,500 people treated cancer.

The number of patients with PTSD who were certified to buy cannabis more than doubled in the state’s fiscal year, to more than 4,000. That surpassed fibromyalgia, which had about 3,400 patients, and cancer, which accounted for about 2,500 patients. Those conditions ranked first and second last year.

A well-known chronic pain advocate in Illinois is Gracie Bagosy-Young, who wasn’t at all surprised by the PTSD news.

“PTSD is far more widespread than many think. This is likely why the rate is so high,” she said.  “Additionally, many of the other covered debilitating conditions are considered “rare” and we still have a lack of qualified pain management physicians that are able to accurately diagnose.  Many people with pain do not have access to the few qualified pain management physicians due to insurance restraints.”

The other most common qualifying conditions were spinal cord disease and injuries, followed by traumatic brain injuries and post-concussion syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

For Bagosy-Young, the increase in medical cannabis is an indication that more medical providers are embracing it.

“I see physicians accepting Medical Cannabis more and more every day. It seems that they are willing to accept this alternative to opioids because they are experiencing so much pressure to stop prescribing pain medications, which isn’t really the correct reason,” she said. “Of the physicians that are hesitating, they are citing the fact that Cannabis is still a schedule 1 drug.

“There is still work to be done,” she added.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Robert Schubring, I am curious where you found the information regarding ADHD? I’m ADD, as are my kids (all thoroughly tested as children & adults). Both my children have used unhealthy coping mechanisms & I’m interested in what you discovered.
I found Ritalin to be extremely helpful when l have to focus & stay on task. I had a very difficult & overwhelming time between 2013-2017. Moving to a new state, inability to find a doctor to accept me, cancer,
very mean & heartless PM doc, LTD denied in my 3rd year (despite being approved for SSD), lost my secondary health insurance which paid for my very expensive pain meds, divorce, LTD appeals, lawsuit against LTD carrier, …. you get the picture. I’m not exaggerating when l say that my home had at least 60 lbs of documents scattered in various places. Had it not been for Ritalin, there is no way l could have organized the necessary paperwork for my divorce, ERISA lawsuit & medical procedures and expenses.

Jody Hoffman

I have to comment to Terry, did you get medical marijuana or recreational? Sounds like you got recreational to me, medical marijuana dispensaries will ask what you are using it for & will give you the right thing to use. There’s other things to try CBD oil & tinctures are a couple to try. When you get a MM card the doctor will put on it what you want it for, it’s not any different than any other prescribed drug.


I gotta be honest. Out of desperation I tried cannabis in the edible form, I used half as much as was recommended, well it was awful!!! How best to describe it? It was like everything I looked at was moving up and down, right and left, really fast, I couldn’t focus on anything, I thought I was going to overdose on pot! This is not the backyard pot of the 70’s, it is very, very potent. I guess my point is, BE CAREFUL!!! It can be very dangerous, I know you shouldn’t, can’t, drive or anything like it while you’re under the influence. Also I have a side note, it didn’t relieve any of my chronic pain. So just be careful, take less, not more when trying edible cannabis for the first time. God bless my chronic pain brothers and sisters and keep those emails going to your congressmen and senators.

Major work needs to be done with ADHD. As many as 80% of adults with ADHD self-medicate with so-callled “recreational” cannabis. These people are sick and are drug-dependent to control their illness but our laws don’t view them that way.

Instead, our laws view them as having a “drug use disorder” and set an unrealistic goal of zero cannabis use for them.

Pain patients should form an alliance with the ADHD sufferers, because what’s happening to them is exactly what’s happening when we need opioids: Outsiders keep setting a goal of zero substance use, because those outsiders are misinformed about why we depend on the substances.