Medicinal Cannabis Has an NFL Advocate

Medicinal Cannabis Has an NFL Advocate

By Ed Coghlan

If you follow professional football, you’ll remember a dynamic quarterback named Jake Plummer. He led Arizona State to the Rose Bowl, and was a very effective NFL quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals and the Denver Broncos.

He was a leader—a cool dude by any standard.

Ten years after retiring at the age of 31 from the NFL, he has become a passionate, if unlikely, spokesperson for medicinal cannabis.

In an entertaining and informative interview with the peerless Dan Patrick on Thursday, Plummer was promoting the benefits of medicinal cannabis (notice we did not say medical marijuana)

Plummer is a user of cannabidiol (CBD), which is the non-psychoactive component of the hemp plant that proponents believe, can help address a wide range of physical and psychological ailments, including chronic pain.

“They are using it with kids who have seizures,” Plummer said on the Dan Patrick Show. We are now trying to educate people on its benefits for neurogenesis (which is the growth and development of nervous tissue). It seems like a no brainer for the NFL and soccer player to look into this.”

Plummer’s interview—which was direct and passionate—made the distinction between marijuana and CBD.

“There’s little THC (the ingredient that gets you high) in CBD,” he said. So little in fact that Plummer believes it wouldn’t even test positive in the NFL.

Plummer, who is now 41 years old, takes CBD in liquid form, from 15-to-20 days each day.

“It doesn’t taste too bad,” he said.

And if you are thinking that Plummer’s comments are aimed only at athletes, you’d be wrong.

“CBD is for everyone, not just football players,” he told Patrick. In fact, Plummer is feeling so good he indicated that he’s even thought about returning to the NFL, although he admitted to Dan Patrick that any comeback is unlikely.

But the fact he is feeling so good and giving CBD credit for that good feeling is a sign that CBD works for him and might work for you.

Plummer emphasized that CBD is not a recipe for getting high. But for chronic pain patients, there’s wisdom in his final comment:

“It doesn’t get you high, it’s a body neutralizer that mellows out mood swings,” Plummer said. “I have much less inflammation and it’s pretty amazing.”

“My brain is telling my body it works.”

To the NFL, Plummer challenged them to think outside the box.

“Let’s see what they can do, put some money into researching it.”

The NFL, which has been struggling to find a social issue it can actually get in front of, might consider Plummer’s comments carefully.

What CBD can do to help the chronic pain patient (like many former NFL players) is worth exploring.

Image courtesy of YouTube.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Kristine (Krissy)

The article doesn’t make it clear that CBD Hemp Oil is legal in all states because it has no THC and is not marijuana. But there are levels of concentration that one can choose from. CBD Oil that is from marijuana has various levels of THC depending upon what you buy. So for those in states where Mj is not legal. buy CBD Hemp Oil online. I told my doc about CBD Hemp (was very surprised he didn’t know of it) and he said go for it. I just ordered it, but haven’t tried it yet. I am hoping I can get off several medications, mainly three of them for restless leg syndrome, for anxiety and possibly more. If the Hemp doesn’t work, I would have to look to the Mj when it becomes legal.


I’ve just recently begun using CBD oil at the urging of my pain doctor. I’ve been adamantly against medical marijuana because of the already awful reputation chronic pain patients receive and the wild claims about marihuana’s abilities. Out of sheer frustration with unrelenting nausea and intractable seizures taking away my promethazine I previously used for nausea, my husband and I decided to finally listen to my doctor and try. Here in WA state there are stores everywhere. I purchased CBD2/1 oil that’s 2x CBD to 1 part THC. It’s been an absolute blessing. CBD is very effective against nausea and improved my lymphatic drainage as I’ve had surgery to remove most lymph nodes pelvis and below. If you can try it, do. No help with pain but actual healing. I was amazed. It’s cut my seizures in half.

Jean Price

If the NFL is “struggling to find a social issue it can actually get in front of”, I think championing humane chronic pain treatment using ALL modalities, including opioids would be a great one for them!! Most people who play sports in school will carry a lifetime injury, and that may add to the need for surgeries and development of chronic pain. I think their vigilance about speaking out against the use of recreational drugs could fit right into this! Has the Pain Foundation considered approaching them?!? Or anyone else? I think when we write letters and have speaking engagements we are often still seen as merely addicts who want their meds! It would be nice to have a nationally known spokesperson who would support our “cause”. Someone who understands, can get the right publicity, and could take our message to different arenas.