Microsoft Celebrates with the Release of Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Microsoft Celebrates with the Release of Internet Explorer 9 Beta

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In San Francisco, California, Microsoft Corporation presented to the Beauty of the Web event, the new Windows Internet Explorer 9. Along with over seventy global brands and websites that are the cream of the crop, they showed and created new experiences of what the new IE can do.

Integrated with Windows 7, IE is faster, cleaner, and will be an interoperable online experience, according to a Microsoft spokesman. He said there will be focus on websites and applications that people use all the time and care about the most.

Sites like eHow, Orbitz, Red Bull, Quiksilver, LiveStrong, Rough Guides, Wall Street Journal, Dailymotion, Soleil Noir S.A.S., Metia, and Joshua Davis Studios have officially partnered with Microsoft. The number one sites for retail partners: Amazon, Ebay, IMDB or entertainment information, RTL-the leading European entertainment network, and Sohu-the top brand and portal in China along with the top social networking sites that have partnered Twitter, Facebook, Netlog, and LinkedIn are all jumping in. On the news sites, the leaders are Bing for searching, movies is Flixster, news is CNN and USA Today, music Gorillaz, photos Photobucket and multimedia Hulu.

From around the world, designers and developers from partners are showcasing how to tap into the Windows 7 experience. Like, HTML5 that will create websites that will immerse you into new user experiences. All these partners combined reach 800 million visitors. This is around two-thirds of all people actively using the Internet or the Web. Users can download the new Internet Explorer 9 Beta and experience many of these new sites at

Authored by: Sean McInnes

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