Miss Understood: Avacen trial: Week 1

Miss Understood: Avacen trial: Week 1

avacendeviceEditor’s Note: Arlene is a columnist for National Pain Report and suffers from a variety of chronic pain maladies. The CEO of Avacen Medical is Thomas Muehlbauer who was interested in having her try out the company’s device which is heat therapy technology. Arlene is going to write her observations of trying the device. Here’s her first entry.

I was fortunate enough to have been selected to use Avacen for a trial period by the CEO of the company. Before doing so I viewed many of the testimonials on www.avacenarthritisrelief.com as well as some that were posted on you tube, just to get familiar with how the equipment works and the timeline in which most people saw results. During my first week, I used the Avacen treatment once a day for 30 minutes (15 minutes each hand). However, it is recommended that you use it twice a day for 30 minutes, in the morning and evening time.

I used the Avacen treatment in the evening due to the fact that I woke up every morning with my hands in a closed fist due to stiffness and they wouldn’t open up until the afternoon.

When it arrived I have to admit, it was the easiest thing to assemble. The entire device came intact. I only needed to attach the extension cord and remove the tape that was placed over it. It comes with sanitary gloves that you use with every session and basic instructions. I’m the worst person at putting things together so the fact that I was able to do so without having to look at the instructions says a lot.

Beginning the Avacen treatment is a short process. You power it on and wait for it to warm up, in the meantime it reminds you to remove all jewelry (from your hands). Once it’s ready to go you put your sanitary glove on and place your hand in the device, select your time and wait for the cuff to tighten around your wrist. I would suggest sitting in a comfortable chair during your session because it becomes a relaxing experience. My first time using the device I felt strange because it was new to me and I had never felt anything like it before, but by day two I enjoyed it.

Days 1-3: I didn’t notice any drastic changes, I did however have a bit more mobility in my fingers after using the Avacen treatment but my hands were still suffering from stiffness and swelling every morning. I still relied on additional assistance just to get from one room to another.

Day 4: When I woke up on the fourth day I had less stiffness and more mobility in my fingers. Although I was still having pain in one foot when I walked, I felt like I was finally beginning to make some progress. I wouldn’t say that all my pain was gone or that there wasn’t an aching joint left in my body, but for only having been using the device four times I thought the progress I made was huge.

Day 5-6: When I was ready to start my session on day five I decided I would experiment with my medication dosage. I eliminated my Baclofen (muscle relaxer), Ambien (sleeping pills), and one of my pain pills (Hydrocodone). I took the remainder of my prescribed medications and went on to use the Avacen treatment. As soon as I finished my thirty minute session I felt an immediate sense of calm, as if I had taken a sedative, and once my head hit the pillow I immediately fell asleep and stayed that way until my alarm went off the next morning. Something that hasn’t happened without the aid of sleeping pills in over six months. Insomnia is one of the worst symptoms I suffer from on a daily basis, so the fact that I found relief two nights in a row was a triumph in and of itself. I repeated the same process on day six and had the same results.

Day 7: When I woke up I felt refreshed, my joints however felt stiff and swollen. Although I was able to bend my knees, elbows, fingers, etc. I knew something was wrong when I touched my back and immediately felt severe pain. I’m usually not as unaware of how sensitive my body is to the slightest touch, but I had been doing so much better over the last few days that it caught me by surprise.

What I was experiencing was my second severe arthritis/fibromyalgia flare in the last month that required me being hospitalized. I have high hopes that once I am discharged I will be able to continue with my trial and use the device as it was recommended, twice a day for half an hour.

So far, the results I’ve seen have ignited a flicker of hope. If that’s what a week with Avacen can do, I can’t wait to keep going.

Arlene Grau lives in Southern California. She suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, migraine, vasculitis, and Sjogren’s disease.

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