More Media Coverage on the CDC’s Opioid Guidelines and How They’re Impacting Physicians’ Ability to Treat Pain Patients

More Media Coverage on the CDC’s Opioid Guidelines and How They’re Impacting Physicians’ Ability to Treat Pain Patients

By Staff.

National Pain Report recently call attention to Part 1 of a 3 part series in which Fox News focused on “the nation’s struggle to address a crippling opioid crisis, and the unintended victims left in its wake.” In case you missed it, you can click here for the full story.

Now, they have published Part 2 of their series – “Doctors caught between struggling opioid patients and crackdown on prescriptions“, telling the story of the interference that the CDC’s guidelines for prescribing opioids has created for healthcare professionals in treating pain patients – including Montana Physician Mark Ibsen, who has contributed to National Pain Report on several occasions. (You can read articles from Dr. Ibsen here.)

Created as part of a response to the Nation’s “opioid crisis,” the guidelines may never have been intended to be law; none-the-less, many hospitals and pharmacies responded abruptly by adopting these guidelines as such, and have reduced or stopped the prescription of opioids rather than risk scrutiny from the DEA.

The article describes, “Health care providers who prescribe opioids, particularly to high-impact chronic pain patients, are finding themselves on the radar of any number of sources – pharmacists, state medical boards, insurers, and law enforcement.” Essentially a crack-down on a physician’s ability to prescribe opioids, this has created an environment in which physicians risk “losing hospital admitting privileges – and perhaps even their medical license.”

One survey noted in the article “showed about 70 percent of nearly 9,000 physicians nationwide were prescribing fewer opioids.”

While very little of this article will come as a surprise to chronic pain patients, the article is well written and does a good job of educating the general public on the “other side’ of the “opioid crisis.” – hopefully they are paying attention.

We strongly recommend that you read these stories and, more importantly, share them. Spread the news as widely as possible. Make it clear that there is an audience that supports this reporting.

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Authored by: Staff

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Darlene Mitchell

tax the pain meds and you will see this problem go away real fast .

Molly Canfield

I’m sure you all have heard by now that 90% or more of heroin and Fentanyl comes into America through our Southern border , yet all folks can talk about is how the wall is cruel, it keeps out people who are searching for a better life. That may be so but what about us, legal US citizens? It seems to me that drugs (and those who transport) trafficked in by the cartels that bring them in here have more rights than we do. As Americans and chronic pain patients , we walk with targets on our backs. Why do the CDC, DEA and our government persist in ignoring the dangers associated with heroin and Fentanyl? Is it easier and more convenient to target chronic pain patients and those of us who have been legally prescribed or medications? No doctor or government official would think of taking away insulin from a diabetic patient, yet our prescriptions are yanked away from us seemingly with glee by government officials who have no business practicing medicine.
And to the commenter near the bottom of this thread: becoming communist ?! our country is communist in all but name only.

Leslie Meadows

Just so everyone knows Greg Gutfeld of “The Five” on FOX is very vocal & has been for about 2 years or so,he goes on about how ppl aren’t all dope fiends & we need our meds to live a productive life with pain! I was shocked when I first heard him talking about the crisis,that the crisis is, ppl in pain not being able to get enough medicine to help their disease no matter what the disease! Now that’s my kind of person🤗
Have a great weekend guys.

Alice Carroll

Saying that Americans are prescribed too many opioids for pain as compared to the rest of the world leaves out the fact that as Schedule CII drugs one must obtain a new prescription every month and in some cases every week for the same medication, thus increasing the amount of prescriptions. Nobody mentions this. All other industrialized countries have National Health Care programs. They practice preventative medicine so disease don’t progress to chronic stages before treatment. They also have stronger labor laws and better safety conditions so less accidents. We are also involved in war after war leading to a large population of wounded soldiers, more than any other country on earth. Lets think about these things before we insult Americans living with chronic pain as not being tough enough.

Who does have access to pain medication…the government, the DEA, the CDC, pharmacists and the very doctors that are refusing to treat pain. THEY ALL NEED TO BE RANDOMLY DRUG TESTED and the tests done by the physicians who are advocating for US.


I understand the intense anger described in most of the comments here. This has been so unfair, so injust, so inhumane I think its hard for the general public to wrap their heads around it. So I see these articles as at least a crack in the armor of righteousness the CDC has wrapped itself in. They are at least something positive written about our plight. It seems unlikely it will change the minds of all who see opioids as evil, but at least its something. Three years of unnecessary tortuous pain too late though.

I think Dr. Kolodny should be put in a sweatbox like they did in prison camps for a week. Then let him come out and see how he feels with his joints aching and his back feel like it’s about to break in two, his legs cramping and nerve pain and being unable to walk. Just see what it’s like to be confined to your home unable to do normal things. Let him be in my position. I think his view point would change. I don’t like sounding so hateful but this is just really inhumane. You can tell that this doctor is not suffering whatsoever, so he can sit there and just sound so intelligent but not having 1 oz of compassion. Please read this everyone about the Travis stock principles. It states in the (safety ) title that Do no harm, when a physician practice medicine that there’s always a possibility of doing harm but they outweigh the risk of doing good for the benefit of the patient to ease suffering. Chronic pain people have now become the lepers of society that even Physicians turn their backs on us. Physicians have Incorporated ways to increase profit in treating chronic pain. When they start fighting for their selves for their careers because chronic pain people are burnt out on being treated this way. When people turn away non life-threatening surgeries because no adequate pain management afterward then the doctors will see that they’re losing business. It’s all about pushing for marijuana to increase tax Revenue. I Read a story that an opiate Factory is now going to become a CBD Factory. It’s all about money and not the people suffering. My friend’s son is a meth addict and she cannot get him into addiction Clinic because he doesn’t have insurance. They don’t talk about the meth heads. The meth heads have saturated the country. They don’t talk about the alcoholics that have killed many people in car wrecks. I’ve heard many doctors tell me that it’s all political to make it look like that the politicians are doing their job.

I’ve read all three parts of this series, and I watched the videos. It’s a good attempt at getting a lot of new information out. But will it be shown over and over on TV? To counteract the propaganda the public has been watching about “the opioid crisis” for the last three Years? They’ve been so wrongly educated for so long, it won’t be easy to open their minds. I hear it all the time in conversations with neighbors in the senior apt complex where I live. The ignorance now is profound. …I’d like to see a full expose done of Kolodny, PROP, the CDC, the FDA, and now Medicare , on this issue. ….something like 60 minutes used to do…and show the suffering, no sugarcoating. We have never approved if treating animals (pets, I mean) the way pain patients are being treated. I wrote to the reporter, Ms. Llorente….she is good, but needs to go deeper and get more exposure. .


Please forward these articles to your State Representative. Google their name and contact information and an email contact address should show up with the representatives email address. Forward with an explanation why you are sending it to them. I had spoken to my representative to voice my concerns to him by phone prior to emailing the article to him. He said he will forward my concerns to the proper committee. I’m sure they are hearing from distraught parents who lost children to the so called epidemic. They blame the medication instead of the person. My son is a full blown heroin addict who intentionally took opioids with the intent to get “high”. He broke into my mothers house twice and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. He deserves everything that happens to him. Unfortunately death is right behind him at all times. Was not opioid medications fault. It is his. We lost personal responsibility and accountability in this country and need to get it back.
Thank you.

Rick Klingenstein

17 years ago while riding my Harley I was hit from behind by some idiot high on cocaine and booze for three days, he had no insurance either. Thee initial impact broke my C4 my neck and after being tossed up and over the handlebars to the asphalt I landed backwards on my hands and ass! Furthering my injuries to crushing the following discs , C4,C5,C6,L4,L5,L6 &S1, separated my left shoulder and injuring all the joints in both arms. I have excruciating nerve pain in both legs and feet and the pain is so bad it has kept me awake for as much as 3 days and nights. I refused the upper and lower fusions and pain management
for the first 8 yrs. But when I got to the point of madness from the pain I caved in and went to P.M. Over the years I was prescribed so many different meds and at one point was over prescribed by as many as 8 different prescriptions, and 300mg of opioids, muscle relaxers, nerve meds and 4mg of Xanax to sleep! Sleep is all I did and why my body didn’t shut down is a mystery to me.? I cut five meds out of my regimen and found a responsible doctor who agreed to put me on 100mg morphine sulphate twice a day 30 mg of oxycodone 4 times daily for break through pain, and 600mg gabapentin for nerve pain. I pay outta pocket a grand a month! Without my pain meds I cannot work at my trade as a collision technician, 6 months ago my extended release morphine was cut to 60mg and it has left me in constant nagging pain! I’m gonna talk to my MD about giving me the 100gm ER morphine again and just cutting the oxycodone to 15mg…it’s the only way I can see getting through my work week without the plague of chronic pain.. I didn’t ask for this.. I never touched these meds before in my life until after the motorcycle accident. So tell me why should I or anyone of us suffer in pain when society won’t let an animal suffer?? I wouldn’t do it but I clearly understand how folks turn to the street for Heroin or why some opt out with suicide…

Dorothy Irby

My problem is with arthritis pain in almost all my joints. I can’t seem to get my primary care doctor to understand how much pain I’m in on a daily basis. He won’t prescribe opiods and refuses to refer me to pain management. Medicaid is my only insurance and require a referral. I’m at my wits end. What can I do?


Every states’ medical directors are guilty of collaborating with the 2016 CDC “guideline” by sheepishly adopting the fed “guideline”. They have collectively imprisoned, incarcerated some 9 to 11 million (as per CDC stats} people in our own homes. .Where is any due process? Operating “within” law?

Alice Jones

Pain is subjective 99.9% of the time. Those in power make decisions, do studies, and decided the outcome. This decision was based on deaths.
Where are the studies, who was there study group, what stats were used, and was this this done without consulting any physicians. Nope Nope Nope
So we who have chronic pain with a diagnosis that supports the pain medicine use. No one Not one even considered those who took there pain med as prescribed.
Those in power says they don’t help long term, patient needs to get there pain under control, patients need to use other methods for pain, and these all knowing power have not the slightest idea of our needs. This was done with out any and I mean any consideration of patients who follow guidelines and have chronic pain.
This was a judgement call to say see what a great person I am for making the guidelines.
This was the cruelest, saddistic, inhumane guidelines with out even considering the patients who need pain medications.
The physicans have been belittled, slandered, and there knowledge questioned by those who don’t serve the chronic pain population.
Chronic pain population has been belittled, shamed, slandered, strip of physician help, and given nothing to let them know suicide is not the answer.
The chronic pain population and physicians have been left with no
Problem Solving solutions just guide lines to show the powers that be said “I pulled out a guideline and said what a good boy am I”.

How is it that Andy Kolodny is NEVER Left out of the conversation? Heroin pills – please Andy stop the ludicrous comparison NOW !

You seem like a Scotch drinker Andy or at least a drinker. Is your Scotch the same as GRAIN ALCOHOL? It surely must be and yet the CDC encourages Alcohol consumption. Now since 88,000 folks die from Alcohol each year ( #3 cause of DEATH behind Tobacco & Obesity )

Surely Dr Andy Kolodny must be just as concerned with the Harm caused by Alcohol ( or NOT ) so why does he continue to drink ?

Soda Pop kills 25,000 Americans every year – have we cut production ? No we haven’t and we shouldn’t – why – because it’s a Sugar drink people enjoy as much as the Candy & other Fat foods consumed by 200 million people. You see / those people are permitted a choice, they can drink and they can eat, It’s all up to the individual.

So when it comes to Pain Relief that is where #HeyKolodny has a problem. He wants to go after that 1% of #CPP that become addicted. Why ? That’s the Billion Dollar question.

One thing I am 100% sure of – The Denial or Reduction of Pain Medication to Patient’s with Severe Progressive Chronic Pain is NOT ABOUT HARM REDUCTION.

Dr Kolodny has proven that – when he offers Not 1 single solution to the Illicit Fentanyl problem. Illicit Fentanyl is responsible for over 90% of the OD Deaths now occurring post – CDC Guidelines. Even prior to the CDC Guidelines the OD Death rate from Pain Medication wasn’t even calculated because it can’t be. What we do know is that people die everyday from something and Pain Medication deaths didn’t even appear on the Radar.

Suicide – for every 1 known suicide you can be assured that there are 3 more caused by untreated or undertreated Pain. These suicides will go unreported or made to appear as an accident. Remember that Life Insurance will not pay a Spouse for a loved ones Suicide.

I supported Elizabeth Llorente with introductions and background information for this series. I am quoted by name in Part III, and several people I suggested have been interviewed to very good effect. The article series speaks powerfully in contradiction to the dominant mythologies and hype that have so distorted public policy on opioid addiction versus chronic pain. Many others have contributed, and I don’t think the series is quite done yet.

Articles like this are generating thousands of comments and greatly raising public visibility on the patient abuse and desertions that have been caused by bad policy. I believe this visibility is highly constructive.


I wrote yesterday about how the new pain would not continue both Percocet and Norco at low doses for my chronic pain but he did prescribe oxymoron 40 mg a day. I went to the Pharmacy and they said the prescription required pre authorization from my insurance company and the pain clinic needed to make that call. The clinic agreed and stated it would take 3 to 14 days for authorization of the generic. The pharmacy s are out of the generic and the computer shows the manufacturer will not be sending any more out until Jan 2019 . I asked about the non generic and they said insurance companies will not authorize it so it cost me $500.00 for 60 tablets. I can’t keep this up this has gone to far and everyone from the pain clinic to the Pharmacy stated on well that’s the way things are today. I cannot keep this up


Thank you Barack for starting this LIE and signing the Opioid Bill back in 2012! Just another mess you left, for President Trump.

Marjorie Booker

Dr. Andrew Kolodny do you have severe pain? Do you Dr. Andrew Kolodny feel the sharp electrical pain? Have you Dr. Andrew Kolodny experienced severe nerve pain, say like a toothache? If you had and that measley 10mg percoset let you have a mild relief for a few hours then you would not be espousing that opioids are equivalent to heroin. You know that is not true. I am saddened that a learned man with so much clout is so blind to suffering by so many. What kind of doctor are you? What happened to the Hippocratic oath?
Suffering in Georgia!
Maybe he will read this and share his thoughts!

I’ve successfully managed my extensive polyneuropathic pain for 12+ years. My pain management consultants in SW Florida heartlessly terminated my care leaving me to suffer the dual agony of pain returning with a vengeance exacerbated by crippling withdrawals. All resulting from the CDC’s (Mis-) Guidelines. After a week of torture & hopelessness, took out my 9mm and cried when I found I had no bullets! Thankfully I found a new pain doctor. However because I fear the CDC will interrupt my chronic pain treatment, i squirreled away a reserve of emergency pain meds & purchased 9mm bullets. Suicide will be my final solution to the Trump CDC terrorism they maliciously impose on chronic pain patients. Blame & responsibility for the dramatic increase in suicide & suffering lay squarely on the desks of Trump & the CDC. They’ve ruined any hope to have a future quality of life. God help us.


Fentanyl produce by clandestine labs, for criminal profit is the real problem. I’ve been saying this for a long time, based on ten years in a support role in law enforcement. PhDs at the highest level of the CDC and those involved in drawing “guidelines” for Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons throughout Canada and the US have not done their homework. The people who know what’s what are the first responders, police and ambulance folks. They’d tell you in a moment, most ODs are NOT due to pharmaceutical products. Finally a document acknowledging this fact is out – and long overdue. Please, wake up! The “opiate crisis” response is doing tremendous harm to legitimate pain sufferers.

Jody Hoffman

Will it make any difference with the way doctors are prescribing opiates? I seriously doubt it. I have a terminal lung disease and need opiates to help with my breathing, studies have shown that 90mme of opiates help with refractory shortness of breath & I was on 90mme of hydromorphone for 6 years & 20 mg Oxycontin for 5 months.
I never filled early or had a bad UA. My doctor retired and I immediately I lost the Oxycontin when I requested a refill with no taper & I had my hydromorphone cut in half a week later. I went into withdrawals that my new provider said it was like stopping caffeine! I recently went to the provider and asked for an increase and was refused she doesn’t want to was the excuse. Now I am searching for a new doctor

You better make sure fox news has the truth correct not a bunch of misinformation and lies like Andrew kolondy and his gang of murders and the CDC spit out at the illegal covert meeting that has dirrect created this direct assult of hate,persucation,tourture and death on the intrackable chrionic pain patients and all americian in need and will be in need of adiquit pain care and pain medicine! And fox will continue to constantly due relentless follow ups every day until this genocide on the americian population is made right accordling what ever it takes! No more lives can be let to be taken through forced suicide due to denial of adiquit pain care and adiquit pain medicine!! In Christ mighty power we trust amen


Our government is becoming Communist.


Thanks 2 Fox News.I hope the public who r not suffering pain patients, understand that if these guidelines can b forced into law behind closed doors, ANY guideline/ agenda can & will b forced into law, if we allow this to continue.