Most—But Not All—Chronic Pain Patients Express Thanks

Most—But Not All—Chronic Pain Patients Express Thanks

by Ed Coghlan

On Thanksgiving, the National Pain Report posted a Thanksgiving article that wished our readers a Happy Thanksgiving and asked what they were thankful for. There were many comments that covered different topics. Here are some examples:

Cheri Furr, like many of those who commented, expressed great thanks for her family.

I am extremely thankful for my husband, who does so much. I am also thankful that I have a warm home, never go hungry and have warm clothes to wear. I’m thankful I have my beautiful daughter, son-in-law, and our precious and healthy three grandchildren six and under, even though they’re three hours away. I’m thankful to have a good neurologist who said she would never stop prescribing me opioids. I am also thankful for my endocrinologist and psychiatrist. I’m thankful for my sister, who is far away, but available by phone.

A reader only described as “Dooney” was thankful for a group that isn’t often praised by chronic pain patients—the pharmacists.

I’m so grateful for my pharmacists. They are not just people who dispense my meds, offer advice or answer questions. They go out of their way to help me anytime it’s needed. They have never judged me as a “pain patient”. They have only offered kindness, compassion and understanding. I consider them friends now as well. This is after 15 years of being a pain patient where I now don’t dread picking up my rx. And one of the reasons I am afraid to move to another state, I know they are one of a kind. So, glad I switched from the big chain to grocery store.

Krissy Anderson joined several others who thanked the National Pain Report (and some others) for providing the information that is useful for chronic pain patients.

Dear Ed and everyone at “the Report.” Thank you for this beautiful post, and for thinking of us today with such nice expression. I am thankful for many things that have happened throughout the year including my personal interaction with so many new friends online. I have found, as one who didn’t get into social media or blogs very much in the past, that it truly helps to have friends who are understanding about each other’s medical issues, pain and the many things that we all suffer with because of various problems that number in the hundreds, at least. I am thankful for you — anyone reading — for the support, knowledge and opinions shared here on The National Pain Report. I am thankful for Ed and his staff as well as Steve Ariens and Mark Ibsen and so many others (you don’t expect me to have a good memory I hope!) I hope everyone has had a Thanksgiving Day that is positive, and to those who are alone, I send my best wishes to you.

Not everyone was feeling thankful. The frustration and loneliness in chronic pain patients still exists and was captured by reader Leah Salby in these comments.

I am thankful for nothing. Every doctor I go to does nothing, even muscle relaxants for my pain are taken away. After my accident when a retired policeman hit me as I was bicycling in a quiet neighborhood. He’s not in jail. He had the investigating officer write me a ticket for “due regard”. As I lay unconscious on a speed hump he had the officer write it up and stated that I drove into his vehicle even though he was passing me. So no, I’m grateful for anything. I would be grateful if he had just killed me that day because my life has been hell. I have no family. They were killed in the Holocaust and my parents have passed away. My friends have moved away. I’m in constant pain from all the damage done to my body and a herniated disc lower lumbar. I enjoyed biking. Now I have nothing to be joyful and grateful for.

Thanks to all our readers who commented and to the thousands of others who read us every day.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Jean Jankovich

I’m thankful for your organization that understands and fights on behalf of those of us fighting chronic pain. God Bless you all this holiday season.

My wish for Christmas is to see my two adult sons whom I haven’t seen in a long time ..I miss them so much!

Rick Kelly

Very petty in my opinion and certainly helps nobody.

As grizzled intractable pain souls, we need to ‘teach’ with our behavior the ‘right’ way and ‘wrong’ way to act EVEN given our limited capabilities.

Limp over to the thoughtless jerk and sincerely ask em about there day. Sincerely.

The only thing we now control is our soul. Your limited energy is waisted on bs cryin.

Your soulful cries of petty frustrations ( lord knows the horror) legitimizes and empowers the PAIN ‘disease’ truth.

Otherwise, we perpetuate the highly personal and public view of our horrible challenge
AND undermines our communities legitimacy.

Healthy people don’t even know we exist.

They will only believe ‘good deeds.’ When, and only when we sufferers exude TOP bevavior, do we chizzle away at our legitimacy.