My Story: Actually, It’s Our Story and We Need to be Heard

My Story: Actually, It’s Our Story and We Need to be Heard

By Judie Plumley.

Take the lowly pain patient. Generally, we are middle aged or a bit older, we are just normal people that something bad happened to. Different causes of pain demand different patients. Many of us do well for years on our medications, until the government comes along and takes away the only lifeline available for some.

First, you make all of us go to pain clinics, where we are often treated like criminals and we have to have a drug screen, we are questioned, we are experimented on, but nothing really works.  But the word has come down.

Judie Plumley

Opiates have to go.

Pain is big business.

Yeah, we know.

Now doctors are force tapering these people way too quickly, long before their bodies can start to remake endorphins.  Pain clinics require expensive procedures that may or may not help. Most pain patients feel like they are exploited.  They live in a constant state of fear that they will lose their medication that the pain clinic will shut down and that they will be left with nowhere to go.

We feel the government and the medical community have let us down, and in fact, a great many pain patients feel the government is trying to kill us. As pain clinics close, that fear increases. Many of us have already thought of suicide.  Some of us have already prepared just in case the pain gets too great.

I have read article after article about pain management and the ideas the medical community are coming up with.  Some are really good.  I read of one medication surgeons are using in the surgical site to deaden it for several days until the initial pain is over.

There is another thing that resets nerve endings so they don’t send pain signals.  They use sound waves to reset nerves.  If that works that will be pretty great too.

Physical therapy, orthopedic massage therapy, and chiropractic are all wonderful for pain because they don’t mask the injury, they actually fix it.  If it’s fixed. it won’t hurt, but mindfulness? Excuse me, that may help you relax, but let someone drop a rock on your toe and you try to control your pain with mindfulness.  Please.

You have all these bills and all these experts who are going to tell you what they think.  What about us?  Don’t you want to know what those who put you in office think?  Could you stand by and see your spouse in horrible pain, day after day, and deny them relief? Could you live like that?

Please think of us as you decide how you want to vote.  Please do not forget the thousands of people who live in pain every day.  Any tool that we can use to help us should be considered, but do not be so quick to discontinue opiates.  Until there is a better answer for chronic pain, let us use them.

Pain patients no longer trust the FDA, CDC or DEA.  That needs to change.  We should not be afraid of our own government. But we are.

Judie Plumley is a 61-year old Memphis woman who has chronic pain.

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Authored by: Judie Plumley

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Peabodys Cow

I have written this site the last year with my pain management doctor accusing me of being opioid dependent,drug seeking,noncompliance fabrication and I’m so frustrated. Up until last January,I had been on a pain regime for over 20+yrs. Because 3Drs had determined that none of the many drugs,biofeedback,hypnotism…all kinds of NSaids,steroids messed with my stomach. Then I lost the chance for TKR; to diagnosis of heart failure in 2007. Once decided,I was put on fentanyl patch with ir morphine for breakthrough.I had attended classes with pharmacy to learn how to safely use the meds.Also,I had a Dr teach me 1:1 safety factors to be aware of for od(to avoid it).in all the yrs I was on the pain regime never did I have any issues.
Recently,in Aug of 18; I began having pain but pain that I had never felt,didn’t know how to explain.I repeatedly asked for reassessment but instead I was told it was need for drugs. In Oct,I began having sob.,an aching just feeling bad. I went to the ER with symptoms of sob,pressure,feeling of smothering;I was sent home untreated because the DR in the ER saw the fentanyl patch.I checked with the pain Dr who basically made my visit sound as nothing.5days later I returned to the same Emergency Department.2tests for abnormal heart issues caused the Dr to send me to inpt cardiology at a civilian hospital.With tests being done,a saddle pulmonary embolism was found on CAT SCan the reason for the pain I couldn’t explain.I was told the recovery from the pe. Would hurt,chest pains,difficulty breathing for well into a yr or more. Several weeks ago bronchitis sends me to the ER.With the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism,the pain Dr didn’t apologize,he blamed me for not taking better care of my health.with the added pain of coughing with bronchitis double pain in my chest,I’m once again accused by the pain Dr of finding an excuse to seek drugs.
At 65yrs old,I had been doing ok until constant accusations,by pain Dr.
..I’m thrown into chaos.I could have die

Until you help yourself and stop blaming others, you will always allow pain medication to manage your life. I became prescription drugs free in 2010 and what a feeling and felt like something was lifted from my shoulders not to have to take pain medication. I mean I had really bad nerve pain, left side migraines and when nerve pain gets in your head, this is not a very good feeling at all. I know what thinking about suicide means and tried to take my own life with prescription medication and was I ever on way too many meds. I was taking well over 20 prescription drugs from opioids, antidepressant, antipsychotics, antimalarials, dose paks, anticonvulsant, antiepileptic, etc. I was on so much medication mainly because of what medication does to you. None of the medications were working and it got to the place where I was not either. Nobody can tell me that pain medication works because it does not and the only time pain medication works are the very 1st time you take! I am no longer taking nor relying upon any drugs and I am so blessed to be alive to write this to you. In 2010 I became a prescription drug free and not only did I feel better, I have more energy, I think better, my thoughts are clearer than before and believe it or not I have way less pain because I have learned how to manage pain with positive thinking, 2nd God’s food is my choice of medication, I drink 8.5 pH alkaline water and I try and walk every day whether I feel like it or not. I am so happy to be alive and able to be here to express how good it feels not to be on any prescription drugs anymore! After I stopped prescription drugs and began using food as my medicine, my body cells began healing themselves and I guess somehow my body began healing itself with the Kangen water I was introduced to in 2010. I now manage the pain, the pain nor prescription drugs manage or run my life anymore. I pray that this blog has helped at least one person and God bless and happy healing to you all!


She said it all. The truth word for word. I’m 68 with chronic internal organs pain. There’s no physical therapy or special exercise just daily medication to eat and digest etc along with 20+years of chronic pain. Any suggestions?


I too live with constant pain. I have multiple sclerosis and other pain issues. I had to stop working and collect ssdi. I miss my hairstyling and my clients. I am still adjusting to not being able to work. canibus helps along with the meds prescribed for me. my heart goes out to all of us suffering from pain.


You are ALL missing the goal here! The insurance companies WANT, DEMAND, reduction of the huge amount of money going towards pain medications. This exactly why Medicare/Medicaid will cut what they will pay for as of Jan 1st. And do NOT think this is a Republican/Democrat issue. Both want DECREASED medical costs. For example for years I was on Opana ER that cost my insurer around $700 a month. After getting my pain meds reduced by 90+% and placed on morphine my insurer is billed $12 a month. Get it? The so-called Pain Specialist actually laughed about the closure of my business and 36 employees losing their jobs. He pointed to an article on the wall about him being all for people suffering. “They will get used to it…” But until a large law firm takes this on nothing will change. Money again is king.. So. until Pain Patients have the ability to file lawsuits against insurers and Medical Providers nothing will change.

Jason Dauenhauer

Yes indeed. Thank you. “Drop a rock on your toe…” excellent! I was run over by a fully loaded semi. Without the assistance of opioid pain meds, I cannot function and I would be another suicide stat. No drama, just facts. Thank you for articulating for all of us.

Bill C.

Thanks for this Ms. Plumley. Many of us feel at a loss as to what to say. I appreciate those among us who can articulate many of my feelings. I hope those who are reading will agree. Like all political movements, we will be crushed or overwhelmed if we stand silent.


Judi you are so right as they say “you hit the nail on the head” or ” to you spoke the words of chronic pain” There not much to be said, too many people are suffering,there will be more deaths when the pain becomes too much to bare if help does not comefidSJ


You put it perfectly. For years I had no real relief and no real life then my Dr put me on an opiate. It did NOT cause me to turn to heroin. I actually was often able-on my own- to use less medication, NOT more. I DID have periods of relief, I began to cook, clean, interact with my family, even considered starting a new business. It was beyond amazing that I got to remember what living really feels like. Then the government stepped in. I happen to have great, caring Drs at my pain clinic who are doing everything in their power-but life is slipping away again. Many days I literally can’t get out of bed alone. I had a medicine pump put in but it kept turning inside me and in 2 months it wasn’t working…so they operated again. Sometimes it allows me enough relief I can turn over in bed. I am back to not cooking so I’m not eating right. Food has to be quick & easy and often the pain stops me from eating. No more cleaning. No more living life. It’s so ridiculous. My records show that I was able to lower my dosage after I began getting relief. I never “lost” my meds and never have asked for or needed a 2nd prescription in one month. What is the thinking here? If a person needs and responsibly uses whatever pain med they need, it should be between the patient and the Dr.-not the government. If there are unscrupulous Dr’s giving out unneeded scrip or even selling them, then get rid of those Drs, don’t punish the innocent.


I am sorry to say but nothing will be done to help us. We are expendable. We are a burden. It is like Nazi Germany and the sad fact is those who are lucky they don’t have chronic pain now could some day have it, and they too will be left to suffer. I have had fibromyalgia and migraines for years and in 2017 was in an auto accident, the other driver ran a stop sign and t- boned my car. I developed symptoms of Chiari Malformation and MRI showed I have it, whether there already, I never had these horrible painful issues until this accident. My fibromyalgia is worse. The amount of pain medication I get is a joke. I am leaving the US. That is the only way to have a life as I can’t endure this pain. This country is a disgrace. To think my father put his life on the line for this place. People are sheeple. I hope all of you can find a way to leave this place. I have written to my representatives and what a waste of time. Believe me we are in serious trouble. I have seen them go after local doctors that dared to help their patients. They are in jail and I doubt they will get out. God Bless all who are suffering in so much pain.


It is “OK” for an individual to lobby for your state representatives in Wash. to form an oversight committee and find the facts of why, so many people…..PPM patients now suffer needlessly to slow an “overdose epidemic” that government has declared. If your representatives will NOT address why… approximate 10 million people or more are having suicidal thought/tendencies AND actually acting upon their tendencies caused by malpractice by our doctors now that a maximum dosage of medication has been “recommended” by the CDC, enforced by the DEA then write, call, or even e-mail your Washington and state reps and if the answer back is ignored or your concern not addressed…….vote them OUT. It may have worse repercussions IF we vote them out but at least we HAVE to do something to stop a populous of about 1/30 of US citizens who are blamed ENTIRELY and persecuted for a stated “opioid crisis” when several other substances, almost ALL inclusive of alcohol, sold “legally” is present WITH other substances, opiates included. Illegal/illcit opiates and some diverted, prescribed opiates are actually causing overdose.Prescribed opiate medication is getting “blamed” for ALL overdose which is simply not factual.
“Survival of the fittest” seems to be the ONLY agenda of the DEA now. NOT the America Way.

Molly Canfield

Why are we being taken off what works and is FDA aporoved?! I am glad to hear that mindfulness works for some of you all. It has never worked for me… for depression, anxiety or for chronic pain. I resent very much the thought of having to give up pain medications which have helped me for so long… so far this has not happened in our state. I would look into MMJ but it is not legal here. I have tried CBD (CBT didn’t work either) but could not tell that it did anything at all for pain or anything else for that matter except for clean out my wallet. Fellow warriors, Please keep us posted on what federal officials we find out are supporting big Pharma and addiction drugs. I was pressured into going on Suboxone but do not want this on my record at as it makes me look even more like the addict I’m being accused of! Explain to my doctor that I had never gotten a prescription for it, did not want it and did not want it listed in my file. He instead wrote back that my insurance would not cover it (also put this in my file) not that I didn’t want it and that it was not appropriate for me since I’m not an addict!!!


To those talking about the Nov elections — can you please be more specific?
My Pain Mgr’s NursePracitioner told me last week that, on Jan 1, opioids will be reduced drastically by the CDC to some morphine equivalent, which will cut my monthly Rx’s by about 1/3.

From what she said, I thought it was for all Americans, but then someone told me it was only for Medicare and Medicaid patients and similar Gov’t insurance plans; NOT private insurers.

Then yesterday my new MMJ doctor told me that nothing is definite for Jan 1.

So, I’m not even sure what to fight or who to contact.

I’ve been guessing but I dont’ know, and I really want to know. My Google searches have not helped.

The only thing keeping me alive for the last 10 years is my opioids. No other Rx or non-Rx intervention has worked. Even so, my quality of life is awful. I barely go out and live in chaos. I can easily see suicide in my future if I can’t even get the low doses I get now and if the MMJ doesn’t work. I’ve already spent about $1000 on MMJ with no benefit. The trial and error, the expense, and the risk of arrest by the Feds make it not a very pleasant option, but pretty much the only one I see left.


Amen to all of it. Well said.

I have contacted my Dem Senator about this issue. I’m not bothering with my GOP Rep and Senator as I think that the push to eliminate opioid access comes more from the Right; as does Jeff Sessions’ push to go back in time regarding medical marijuana in spite of all the proof it helps so many combined with the fact that, unlike opioids, MMJ cannot cause a fatal overdose. I’d think that fact alone would push the Feds to legalize MMJ so that insurance will cover it and access will become easier. But no. That makes too much sense and would help too many people and would not help Big Pharma.

Come to think of it, when I contacted my GOP Rep about medical marijuana still being so difficult to access in our state due to federal law, he wrote back that he could not/ would not vote to decriminalize it. So, he doesn’t care that his constituents want legal MMJ; that we voted for it overwhelmingly just last year. He just marches in lockstep with Trump and Sessions.

Maybe after there are thousands of suicides, the Feds will finally get it, but that will be too late for those who did take their lives, and too late for those who will barely scrape — physically, financially, emotionally, legally — by until the laws change.

Totally agree with everything you said. I have scoliosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis. I’m 56 yrs old an I have no social life to speak of. Pain management doctor is a joke as last month when I went to fill my script he decided to take it away again with no explanation. I’m sick of it. No return calls of why just made me suddenly stop, not to mention this has happened twice in 9 month. It’s horrible an I as you mentioned have thought of taking my life an how to go about it. I do feel as they do not care about us chronic pain patients an if they cause death so be it. What do we have to do to be heard? They have treated me exactly as you described, as I’m a criminal, drug dealer, whatever. I have a breakdown daily, wondering is today the day I cannot fight this war anymore. To say I’m TIRED….is a huge understatement!
Thank You to everyone that took a moment to read.

Respectfully, Connie L. Pike

Rich Reifsnyder

Good Morning, Don’t forget we vote in November.Iam going to do some research and see which Senators,Congress People and Alphabet Agency Officials invested in Dr Kodonys addiction centers and also invested in Big Pharma addiction medications such as Suboxon,Bupropion etc..A lot of these people are making millions of dollars on the torturous suffering and inhumane treatment of us CPP,S and our Veterans!Think about it, for our citizens to get pain relief go get poison on the streets or the addiction centers for Suboxon.I don’t know where to look but Iam going to give my iPad a workout.It makes me nauseous to assume these people would look for financial gain over this sick agenda which is now a Suicide Epedemic of CPP,S and Veterans.

Debra Kurtz

You are absolutely right Judie. I do not trust any of these agencies either and think they are trying to kill us. I lost my pain medicine in July after I was forced to fire my doctor, I knew he was going to get rid of me at my next visit anyway. I was treated very shabbily by his office. At that last appointment there were only four other patients in the waiting room at 9 AM in the morning. That told me a lot too. The office was always filled to the brim. In June other patients were voicing their displeasure also. We were treated like we were dirty. I followed all the rules including urine drug tests. We had to fill out a report on a tablet at each visit with many questions some of which asked us if we were afraid of our pain, I had always said no I was not afraid but at my last visit I told the doctor that I could truly now say that I am afraid. I have no pain relief and the pain clinics are limited in my area. I do not regret firing my pain doctor and I told my ex doctor that at least I would leave with my dignity which was more than I could say for his office. He failed me and I know others were failed but the worst part is that he like other doctors did not fight for us.

Larry Feldman

As someone who has used various narcotic painkillers for near 30 years I certainly don’t want any government agency interfering in my patient-pain specialist relationship, or the relative degree of stability reached on Nucynta the past nine years.
I’d also say, contrary to the author’s opinion, I’ve gotten more additional benefit from how mindfulness meditation helps me react to the pain than I ever have from chiropractic or massage, both of which, if not immediate hell, are certainly that on the referred pain that comes with all limb CRPS.

I could have written this too. TRUE! Thank you.

William Dorn

You are spot on. Don’t take are medicines till you have something that works as good or better than opioids. Millions of chronic pain voters are watching.


Excellent, we’ll said and right on!

Maureen Muck

Well said.

sandra pepper-hill

I am a CPP and I want to LIVE !!!
Today especially my PAIN Level is off the Charts ..
I have been Tapered of my Pain Meds…NOT MY FAULT !!!
I just took a Tylenol and 2 Benadryl (LOL) …
I have a LIFE to LIVE…
YOU won’t see me how I “look” now sitting here typing this…..
when you see me you will see MY HAPPY ….
[edit] GOVERNMENT ..[edit]..
YOU have no right to tell my Drs. how to treat my “Evil Monsters” …
You have no RIght to BULLY my Doctor..
So Seriously [edit]!!!!!


Very well. summarized Judi. The plight of the people suffering continuous, hellish pain is getting to difficult to continue to endure. I know of one suicide here in my small town in NC.I knew the man. He literally begged for the hospital. He went into an empty room at the hospital, took a bed, ad begged for help. He was admitted to the hospital, placed in the psychiatric ward for three days and then released…..with no medication. He took his own life a few days later. So sad. All he wanted was to be released from his eternal pain, but, he was refused any help.The “chronic” pain patient has nowhere to go. Now way to reduce the constant unbearable pain. We had pain relief if we jumped through all the hoops, tested constantly, shamed at the pharmacy and by some doctors for having unwanted pain.The only way out is to force a situation with the police or take our own lives. For many patients to take our own lives, we believe is a one way ticket to eternal hell so what do we do? Too much pain to continue to live but we can’t take our own life. Some have anyway. More will end their lives and chance forgiveness.I still find it unbelievable what the CDC and DEA have done.It is OK for some 88,000 people to die yearly from :legal” alcohol use with health complications because alcohol use is “legal”. CDC and DEA have gone way to far with the “war on pain patients”.Our pleas are falling on the deaf ears of our elected officials, the agencies that were commissioned to “protect” our health, and our doctors. The CDC “misguidedline” is the worst socialist/communist act I have ever experienced on my 60 years as an American. I fear what is to come. Again, very accurately put Judi. Thank you for pleading the case for patients with severe, continuous, lifetime pain.


Very well said Judie. Besides screwing chronic pain patients over, our government got it wrong yet again, they have reacted in a most dreadful way, they didn’t do their homework, it was simply a knee-jerk reaction. It surprised me because all of the information and statistics are readily available online. Here’s an example, 98% of ALL opiate overdoses were caused by Fentanyl and heroin and no prescriptions for the Fentanyl. So what that means is that (per their own government agencies), only 1.8% of ALL overdoses were from chronic pain patients who had legitimate prescriptions. As most of us know, the government, once they react to a situation (or over react in this case), they aren’t about to walk it back, they just won’t do it. That leaves 98.2% of legitimate chronic pain patients with NO way to control their pain anymore. And most of the general public just believe and repeat, everything that they hear. So like I’ve stated a number of times on this forum, what are we going to do about it? I hate to be so negative but there is basically NOTHING we can do. We have to adjust our daily routines to match the low doses of pain medication that our physicians are forced to prescribe, unless they just dropped you altogether. My meds, which allowed me to live a normal life for the most part, were cut from 195 mgs of oxycontin to 75 mgs, that’s two 30 mg pills of oxycontin and three 5 mg pills of percocet. In the past I was taking five 15 mg pills of oxycodone and three 40 mg pills of oxycontin, and in my life there wasn’t too much I couldn’t do, no baseball, football etc. but I did participate, I had hobbies, I went out, took care of all my flowers, cut the grass, cleaned the house, pretty much anything. Now I’m just pathetic, I can barely do anything. A sad life now. Not to mention the anxiety and depression. I’m a 60 year old man and I dread the rest of my life, my golden years. I’m not suicidal at all, but I understand how some are. I apologize for being such a downer, it’s just the hard, sad truth. Unless there’s a great lawyer out there who wants to take on the government and help us to regain our dignity and our RIGHTS to adequate medical care, there’s nothing we can really do. God bless all of my chronic pain brothers and sisters. Stay strong, keep your mind busy, look for the good things in your life and try and be positive.

Stormi Stebbins

Bless you! Your article is written very plain and clear!

The “system” has blantanly acted to discriminate against, setting into motion, intentionally cause harm, pain, and suffering to a specific group of disabled individuals, Chronic pain patients, and thier family, which are forced to watch and suffer as a family.

The present forced environment has created discrimination of every disabied Chronic Pain Patient by denying, and limiting, previous treatments, denying the patient’s treatment choice, which IS creating and influencing a desired predictable outcome, to cause harm. Impacted by further disabling the disabled, increased suffering as a group of Chronic Pain Patiens and/or reaching a desried obvious conclusion, the outcome for the many Chronic Pain Patients that are harmed, by force and coerced by doctor’s into harm and suffering treatment choice’s. Deny treatments that improved pain and suffering. The outcome is obvious, as the reason for the rate of the disabled suicide indicates is pain and suffering.

“…discrimination is treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction towards, a person based on the group, class, or category to which the person is perceived to belong.” Wikipedia

Please find a “Don’t Punish Pain” Rally 9/18/18 near your area.

Miriam Rosen Gerber

During a very recent hospitalization I had no less than 4 different doctors make judgements about the medication and dosage my pain management Doctor (a licensed anesthesiologist) has prescribed for me. Not one was familiar with my health history. Even the hospital refused to give me the maintenance dosage until the very last days when a compassionate nurse made calls to all my physicians and the dosage was increased appropriately. I was judged, publicly shamed, and in pain the whole time in the hospital. I am not a street addict..I am a 72 year old female in unrelenting pain hoping to spend my remaining days in peace and comfort.

Robin L Lindahl

Thank you Judi for sharing our story. Many are in agreement of your every word. We some very brave and I mean BRAVE Doctors standing up for their abilities as qualified decision makers when it comes to their patients. Doctors who’ve been in fear for so long now of doing a job that took 8 + years of schooling now have had enough and more are coming to join the fight every day. WHAT DO THEY HAVE TO LOSE? A JOB JAIL TIME? Who came up with this idea ? The government to save on Medicare, Medicaid, Medical, every insurance for the poorest of the poor and a bunch of other so called Drs that torture animals in unnecessary experiments all day. Prescription opiates are a gateway drug for those of us who are cut off opiades that don’t just take themselves out of the equation. Less than 10 yrs ago marijuana was a gateway drug to illicit drugs and now LOOK! Making decisions should be done by the people involved not the government because there’s always ulterior motives behind all they are for and against.

Bill Halper

FDA, CDC, DEA. It seems our last hope is on trial now. What ever happened to the dialogue earlier in the summer whereby we wrote about our personal journey through hell stemming from the reduction/removal of opiates? Was this an exercise in futility, nothing more than hot air to quell our out rage? I so agree about alternative options which may or may not do well for those on perhaps stronger dosages of opiates, oxycodones. I never understood how exercise, acupuncture can take the place of stronger opiates. Is there some magic that by doing so will reduce our pain substantially? Maybe the idea of dropping a rock on their toe, then tell them to go exercise or as Attorney General Jeff Sessions suggested, take two aspirin and tough it up (maybe a few more rocks on his toes, then give him a bottle of aspirin and tough it up but only have one low dose aspirin in the bottle…outdated too). Enough already! What will it take! Elections are close, but who are the ones who will be a true advocate of our plight? Or are there any? What other courses can we follow to be heard that actually accomplishes? So many questions, so little time.


I am a 57 year old perminatly disabled women who has endured 6 cervical surgeries I am metal from C3-T2 I’ve had 2 wrist surgeries one knee surgery one elbow surgery getting ready too do eye surgery from perminat nerve and muscle damage too my face also still have a torn ligament in my right foot from a broken arch in my right foot and 3 herniated disks in my low back all due too 5 people who rear ended me while sitting still at stop lights and 2 were drunk and did not lose their llicence I not only afraid of the CDC FDA DEA most legislators our Federal Government but also most Drs the last time I went too pain managment 5 of us were taken too the surgical area of the Drs offices only curtains separating us we could hear everything being said too all so much for hippa rights then when it was time for me too be talked too I had told the nurse I had a bad reaction too the 8 pain shots that were given too me could not focus my eyes was seeing smaller black dots felt light headed had blood in my right ear for 3 days after the shots ran a low grade fever for 3 days I hurt more then normal for 4 days it put me in bed my sugar levels were high for a month after the Dr told me are you ready too wean off all your medications and that the shots had nothing too do with my problems also rented a place in Flordia for 2 months for the winter on 2019 too try and help myself by escaping some of the cold this winter and was told I’d have too come back once a month too see them I’m not allowed too be as normal of American infact I’m not a free person at all and never will be because of the discriminating idiots who don’t care about anything but money and wasting mine My health conditions are not going too go away I am inoperable on my spine and I am what I am I already do the things too help myself that I am able too these idiots are requiring l have 2 massages every month 2 chiropractic appointments which is fine but can’t be adjusted from my middle back too my neck I sleep with a heated blanket and 2 heating pads every night even in the summer I do light stretches speed walk and swimming only on my back can’t arch my neck at all and swim on my stomach without problems also dry needling I am 100 pounds and ok shape for someone who has endured what has happened too me and I WILL ALWAYS NEED MEDICATIONS so for these people who are know it alls and don’t get what it is too be like people like me who are striving just too survive everyday JUST KILL US ALREADY… Read more »


Judie, You are exactly right in everything you said. The only thing is for some if not most pain paients it is the end with no hope of living. We have had the only relief for our situation ripped away and no one without pain knows about this outrage much less cares. Why should they? They have no pain.Someday they may need pain relief but there will be none. How can you doctors live with yourselves condeming so many to die at the governments demand? This is not an epidemic it is genocide.


I think what may not be clear to the average reader is that some of those therapies that you read about are being RESEARCHED but are not yet available to pain patients. There’s a long process before something becomes available to the public. Then, if it does become available, it is still expensive and sometimes under patent — insurance companies may require you to pay your deductible before they’ll help pay at all so it can be out of pocket, or they may exclude it from coverage all-together. If it’s a pill, it’s going to come out as a brand name drug, possibly not a covered drug, or something with a high monthly copay that (because it’s an analgesic), you’ll have to pay for every MONTH rather than get a 90-day script at possibly reduced (but still-expensive) cost. Quite possibly, they’ll make you trial a lot of different medications you’ve already tried before because it was years ago… And, in the meantime, you’re still trying to maintain the level of function you had before you were jumping through hoops for the insurance company trying treatments that you know didn’t help in the past.

The one that is done “after surgery” may not ever become useful to chronic pain patients if it’s not approved for that use – In other words, it may only be applied to people who have just had surgery!

It’s not easy, it’s not simple. Even when there is “GOOD NEWS” for patients, sometimes the new treatment is out-of-reach for whatever reason, or unaffordable. Some of the therapies may be procedures that come with office-visit fees and if you’re still able to work, time off for doctor’s appointments which make you feel like you’re under the microscope and vulnerable.

I want SO MUCH to feel… somewhat normal. Not even every day, but just… now and then. I want to sleep well enough that when I wake up, I feel like I really have gotten enough benefit from sleep that I can get myself dressed and go to work without battling my body and pushing through. I’d like to be able to concentrate on my work, do some housework before bed and maybe feel like I can go for a walk in the evening instead of trying to go to bed earlier because that’s what you’ve got to do just to carry on. At one point, I went to work, came home and went to bed and woke up the next morning to do it all again. That was my life. The medications I have now help me… but I could lose them. I don’t think I can live that way again, and I was living that life in my 20’s. My 20’s. Day after day.


So true Judi we dont trust our government DEA,CDC ect…they all told lies about the so called opioid epidemic. And now we get to see it happen again only this time their going after Cannabis legalization. I read today on Leafly that the Trump administration has put together a committee from 15 agencies to cherry-pick data and scare stories that will reverse surging support ending federal war on marijuana. They only want the negative effects on cannabis law reforms. Sounds familiar….right. Another crisis/epidemic on the raise. The article is in Leafly and first came out in buzzfeed news for those that want to read about it. By following this committee we will see exactly how negative reports changes a countries thinking. Many people think negatively about pain patients literally turn their backs on those who suffer including the medical community. So the pain community is getting another slap in the face…what’s next??? Try to keep strong pain warriors.

Mike Flaherty

Judy Plumley is spot on. That could be my article word for word and so many of us. I am 70 years old and the opioids give me a quality of life and I can function.
We do feel like criminals and have to whisper that we take opioids for pain. This is the second war I been in. I fought as a combat infantryman who was awarded the purple heart. I am tired of fighting. So i thank you Judy for writing this article and telling my and so many others story.


Pain patients in legal states have the option of MMJ. It has become my main pain medication after my doc discontinued my opioid medication. There are thousands of cannabis strains, some work better than others. Sources of information on what works are, and your local budtenders. Cannabis is my pain medication and I don’t ever want to go back to opioids.


Thank you Judi. What a beautifully written letter. I hope you or perhaps a non-chronic pain friend or spouse will forward to lawmakers, NIH, FDA, etc.
Almost all Pain Mgt. Clinics follow Mayo Clinic pain protocols. So, they try different drugs from the list & pass them out like Skittles…never bothering to check to see if it is actually working or has horrible side effects?? They KNOW these drugs will relieve pain for 50% of patients. So what are the other 50% supposed to do? They also know that opiates help women to a greater degree than men. However, until the Gov’t and DEA come to understand that chronic pain patients are not addicts but rather terribly suffering people, this shall continue. If you can, please try to attend a nationwide Don’t Punish Pain Rally in your state on Sept. 18th. Lawmakers need to see & hear us.


we are collateral damage. Victims of what the government sees as the greater good Target answer to the opioid crisis. Every visit I have with the pain clinic I am truly afraid that they will take my pain medicine. This fear is warranted as more and more of us legitimate chronic pain patients become victims the ultimate goal that is reduction of opioids prescribed in America. I’m forced to go and have a surgery that I don’t necessarily need.. I was told it may or may not help. It’s funny how the odds greater that I would do well my previous regiment, and the government sees fit to change it Anyway by force. I would never ever give anyone my medication I do not understand why we are made to be collateral damage in the war on opioids. I truly hope the lawmakers of this country understand that they may be creating a problem that will be harder to solve in the future. What will we do if we are forced to live with our pain and it is an unlivable level of pain. The ultimate is to become a statistic I wish they do not seem to care about classifying it as unintended circumstance or consequence. Those two doctors that work for the VA have a cavalier approached 2 the subset group of people that benefit from high-dose opioids as if we are human guinea pigs of which death is both expected and considered a part of the study. The doctor when approached about suicides when removed from opioids altogether responded quote that’s interesting we have to do a new study and this time include those that have committed suicide. How crass and uncaring and obtuse.



Rich Reifsnyder

Good Morning,That is a very true statement,from all the lies,fictitious data and biased CDC Opiod Guidelines without pain specialists on the committee,I don’t believe one word from this government.I have one question,How many Chronic Pain Patients like me,with a legitimate prescription for Opiod Pain Medication OD and Died from “Just Their Prescribed Opiod Pain Medication”?I like millions of us CPP,S know the answer,it is near ********Zero!!It is a Disgrace and more so when the Alphabet Agency’s know and “Knew”all the data on OD Deaths were wrong and caused mostly by Heroin and Fentynal!! Another question I would like to know is if all the data on OD Deaths are wrong why would the DEA cut Opiod Medication by 50% and have shortages of pain medication in hospitals across the country for post op IV Pain Meds?All the reading I do,it sure seems to me with millions of us CPP,S having our Opiod Medications reduced dramatically or cut off entirely the OD Death Rate is increasing! Why?Same answer as in 2016, Heroin and Fentynal is the cause,not us responsible CPP,S who you are torturing and making us suffer inhumane pain!How many of us CPP,S OD and Died From our Prescription Opiod Medication?

You’ve summed it up perfectly. When it comes to what our lives have become compared to what they were, it’s hard to trust anyone really. Our government among others have began treating us like a bunch of outcast. Like the Nazis did the Jews, more or less. We are being tortured and if one has never experienced chronic pain, then one has no earthly idea! I went to get my driver’s license last week, the man behind the counter was absolutely miserable. Just the look on his face made me ask him does your back hurt? He said how did you know? It’s killing me. I told him I was all too familiar with that particular look of agony. (Not to mention that twisting position in which he was desperately trying to find comfort.)
I told the man I would pray for him, and walked out thinking it’s simply everywhere! The more I think about it the more it seems our government has a hidden agenda of some sort. Some deeply seeded twisted plan. When they started their opioid crisis and now ours too if they figured in the body count of pain patients that would take their lives. If they set with their pens and papers estimating how many children would eventually become orphans. If they would take into account the doctors who would end up in jail and lose their livelihoods as have we. Did they take into account what would happen to their own selves after they lose their prestigious jobs and have to search for a doctor in whom will deal with their chronic pain one day on a scale in which we have to? Did they even stop to think at all? Did they take into consideration just what might happen when good God-fearing people are terrified of their very own government and what will happen to them only because they grew old and sick? It most certainly makes one wonder now, doesn’t it?

billy Andrews

Judi…It IS our story. I never thought fear of the medical community and considering the “S” word would be part of growing old…God knows us seniors have enough to worry about
My poor primary-care Dr. is a completely different man since this whole opioid thing began,having to place so many of his patients in this hopeless situation.He truly means the best for us,but this GOVERNMENT has him over a barrel,and have their fly unzipped…
Be patient with your Doctors,folks [ I made a funny ! ],this isn’t his fault.
The actions we can take are on this site Use them.Write your officials. Ask your Doctors who you should contact,anything,but DO something.
Love and Light to you all….Billy


Suffering since June 2017. Lost my pain management. Been to dr after dr after dr and after awhe they think u doctor shopping. I’m just looking for pain relief. I was left at home all alone to go through withdrawal not just from pain meds but benzos too. 120 email and numerous phone calls begging for help but nothing. All I want is to be able to play with my grand daughter before I die and the rate thing are going, two hours of sleep, taking loads of over the counter meds to try and find relief, tens units, accupunture, physical therapy. Degradation, humiliation, accusations, it want be long. Thank you government and all the doctors who ran scared who promised to do harm. U have harmed me greatly. This country worried about an NFL PLAYER RRPRESENTING NIKE AND WHAT BEYOYNCE AND JZ ARE DOING WHILE PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING AND DYING.

B. C.

Precise and well said. Excellent! Thank you, from a fellow Memphian.