My Story: Feeling Like a Criminal

My Story: Feeling Like a Criminal

I’m going to be completely honest and tell you that for the first time in my life I am a criminal.

But if I was merely 20 miles down the road in Michigan, I wouldn’t be.

Heather Schuller

Heather Schuller

I am a criminal because I use medical marijuana in Ohio, where it is still illegal. I suffer from bipolar disorder, migraines and fibromyalgia — and my symptoms have not been eliminated or aided by anything except marijuana.

I hadn’t touched the stuff since I was sixteen, but I accepted an offer from a friend to try marijuana again for my ailments.

Before I started using marijuana, the medical industry had me on tons of different psychosis medications, anti-anxiety medications, and painkillers. The drugs gave me hideous side effects, and left me feeling immobilized or like a complete zombie.

The worst side effect was my inability to focus on work. As an amateur screenwriter, I couldn’t write a line sometimes to save my life. It took me nearly three years to complete 30,000 words in my creative non-fiction book.

I began to research the medications they had me on for bipolar, and the painkillers they had me on for fibromyalgia and migraines. So many lives are destroyed by these medications; nearly 16,000 people die each year from opioid overdoses. Drug overdose was the leading cause of injury death in 2010 among people 25 to 64 years old, and drug overdoses caused more deaths than motor vehicle traffic crashes. These are the medications that our doctors are giving us to merely mask the pain.

I turned my research to medical marijuana – not one documented death, not ONE. I couldn’t believe that this natural herb has been used since 3,000 B.C. for medical purposes but was still illegal. Not one research study could give any kind of long-term negative effect from cannabis use.

I began using marijuana regularly and within one month I had 30,000 words rewritten in my creative nonfiction book, I had to trash the 30,000 words I had written prior. I rewrote and finished my latest screenplay all within a few months.

But if I continue to use this medicine, I could go to jail.

It not only calmed my anxieties, cured my headaches, and ended the nausea – it took all of my bipolar symptoms away and I was able to focus on my work. It soothed the mood swings and left me in a better mood.

There are different strains of marijuana that do different things. Some strains make me tired, while others give me energy and focus. If marijuana research were more freely permitted in America, we would know which strain helps which ailment and how it needs to be administered. Sometimes smoking is best, while eating cannabis eliminates other disorders.

Thanks to there being no medical marijuana in Ohio, I must stop using it and go back to the pain pills that will eventually kill my liver. I will also have to get back on the psychosis medication that turned me into a medicated zombie.

It sickens me to no end knowing that I have to take these medications that kill so many people — as opposed to the medical marijuana that calms all my symptoms and is healthier for me.

12_7.jpgHeather Schuller lives in Toledo, Ohio.

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Authored by: Heather Schuller

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Hi all I live in Manitoba Canada medical cannabis is legal here but doctors are reluctant to prescribe it. I have suffered from anxiety depression and bipolar disorder since I was a teenager. I am now thirty and have tried over 25 to 35 different medications. All any of them did for me was make me want to kill myself or so lethargic that I couldn’t function. I lost my great career/salary job and even consider ed electrotherapy ( hooking electrodes to my head to cause a controlled seizure) Until a friend who is a doctor at the university of Alberta told me to try medical cannabis. I juice and smoke everyday. The juicing fan leaves and fresh bud works great for a mood stabilizer/ and improved my quality of life tenfold. I wish there were more actual research and less ignorant opinions. Right now in Canada Steven Harper and our out dated conservitarive government are tiring to make my medicine illegal example cannabis fan leafs for juicing/ concentrates oil hash/ with there new system that will only allow dried bud. We really need the world to wake up medical cannabis users are not pot head/burn outs/ who just want to get high/ but actual patients who need relief!!! I do not want anyone to go through the hell I went through using prescription pills that did not work for me and listening to the ignorance of most uneducated people on the subject. Thanks

Pennsylvania is also a prohibitionist state, no recreational and no medicinal cannabis. Unfortunately, I can’t afford the risk (or street price) of medical cannabis, so I’m limited to Marinol/dronabinol.

Marinol is synthetic THC suspended in sesame oil, encapsulated in gelatin. It lacks all of the moderating properties (such as CBD, which improves efficacy of THC while reducing the high).

Marinol is CIII (less restrictive than morphine, codeine, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, and many others), but herbal cannabis is CI (most restrictive, no medicinal value). The hypocrisy must end!

I so wish MM was legal in Australia. Have tried it and it works well.