My Story: Fighting for Cannabis Legalization

My Story: Fighting for Cannabis Legalization

I am fighting for marijuana (cannabis) legalization in England for my chronic pain. I am a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. I found the love of my life in England and came over here in 2011 to be with him.

I am the child of a Vietnam veteran who was exposed to Agent Orange and many of my brothers and sisters (friends who are also children of veterans) suffer very much.

Jacqueline Rainwater

Jacqueline Rainwater

Thanks to my beginning of life being affected by this chemical, I now have a list of medical problems, such as aching, burning, throbbing, gnawing, shooting, and tingling pain. It is migratory and moves all over my body, causing fatigue, sleep problems, muscle stiffness, depression, anxiety, mood swings, migraines and cognitive function problems.

I also suffer from constant nausea and daily headaches. I have trouble remembering what I just said or did. I may be speaking and suddenly I cannot think of the words to continue and forget everything.

I have been working since I was 13 years old and it is very hard to accept that I cannot work anymore. The doctors here have told me that they are ignorant as to how to help me with my predicament. I can’t go anywhere because I am on disability.

I have been trying to get into shape but it is hard when you feel like this. So thanks to the NHS (free medical care), which does nothing for me, I sit every day at home and have no energy. I have trouble eating food because of the nausea and nobody can help us.

My partner obtained some marijuana and guess what? While I could get some, I was mostly pain free. I could eat and sleep, and felt better. Cannabis is a miracle.

I’m writing so people can see what I see — that cannabis is not some horrible thing. That it is a help to those of us in pain. That it is relief from the constant stabbing agony of being trapped in a sick body.

I have written to groups called CLEAR and LEAP. One is a cannabis reform political party in England and the other is law enforcement group opposed to cannabis prohibition.

Why should I be labeled a criminal because I want to have cannabis in my life? My neighbors say they will call the police if they smell cannabis. I am not well enough to survive prison time. I don’t make enough money to handle fines.

So my solution is to keep campaigning for cannabis legalization. I want to be able to grow my own and not have to deal with the government. I am sharing my story with you and hope you can spread the word — not just my story but the thousands of others that are too sick or medicated to write to people they feel can help make a change.

I have written to my Member of Parliament, the Deputy Minister Nick Clegg, Normal Baker another MP, and am writing to the Prime Minister.

My doctor looks at me like I am crazy when I mention cannabis as a solution. This country is full on reefer madness. It needs to stop.

12_7.jpgJacqueline Rainwater lives in Roborough, England.

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Authored by: Pat Anson, Editor

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Although I cannot smoke pot anymore due to my illness I have met so many patients who swear by it as a pain reliever and something that adds happiness and productivity to their lives, I am a true, true believer. Coming from the great state of Colorado, where it quickly became obvious that legalizing pot for medical reasons means it should be legalized for any other reason, like trusting adults to be good, decent people, that Coloradans got off their couches and flocked to the polls to get this law passed.

As it turns out, there was no crime wave, no reckless behavior, the cartels had to leave the state, and a lot of money from tax revenues. Just a few reasons it should be legalized everywhere. We need to start trusting adults again despite the small percentage of bad guys. There are many more people who need pot as a pain reliever than there are, seedy drug addicts out there! TIME TO WAKE UP FOLKS!

My name is CC, I’m 39 years old and I believe that my 36 year old sister and I are suffering the same fate as this author.
We are both suffering from a similar, if not the same deliberating disease. We are at such a loss as to what to do because all our doctors have told us that either we’re crazy or they can’t help us.

I am a marijuana activist in Texas. I, too, believe that cannabis oil is our only answer to this neurological disease that seems to have no other answers. I’ve done a small amount of research, but European studies are stating over and over again that cannabis oil either cures or slows down the progression of all neurological disorders including mental illnesses.

I struggle daily with the legality of my medication. It’s not easy being dependent on something for your well being. It is the only thing I’ve found that has come close to touching the pain that I have. My pain fluctuates, but is rarely less than 6 out 10 on a pain scale (10 being the worst) without cannabis. Living life with less pain is wonderful, but being able to function better cognitively is a god send.

I urge everyone to try to understand this from a patient’s stand point. When marihuana is all you have that makes your life bearable and it’s not available, then it makes people desperate. It’s not easy hearing that there’s no problem (no diagnosis) and no solution. Cannabis is the neurological disorder’s solution and friend.

Please find me on my website or on I’m always looking for more people who have similar symptoms so we can fight this disease! Work smarter, not harder is my motto!

Jacqueline Rainwater

Thank you Kimberly Kay Miller for what you wrote. Right now I am fundraising trying to get enough money to move somewhere I can get Cannabis. Do I want to move? No not really I like my life in England. If they could only legalize it here for me I could stay. I really don’t like asking for help money wise but what else can I do? I make only my disability money.

I was tried to work since getting sick and I can’t. I tried to get an online customer service job and it was so hard to concentrate because of my many prescriptions. I also have Asthma, spondylosis, fibromyalgia, degenerative disk disease, migraines, sciatica, multiple back surgeries as well. My life is one big pain filled nightmare.

Who really wants to sit on the couch all day consumed by symptoms and side effects? I certainly don’t but if the laws do not change that is exactly what my life is. I used to be so vibrant and had so many things to do. I would make my own clothes and cook dinners for my family.Now thanks to fibromyalgia and everything else my quality of life has become dismal.

This is not my dream.. sitting here begging for help but the pharmaceutical companies, the NHS, my Doctors and the current laws I am left with no other choice. I am so tired of feeling like this when all it takes is cannabis to alleviate many symptoms and at least get rid of that feeling that I am going to throw up yet again. My chest hurts my body hurts I am feeling dizzy writing this and I fear I may have to go throw up again.. please help me.. please.

Ms. Rainwater is a true pain warrior writing this piece so all can see that Marijuana is not the Devil Drug many believe it to be. Harmless in comparison to many pain medications in the mere fact that you cannot overdose on marijuana.

Since being able to obtain the marijuana she had regained the pain free life she thought she had forever left behind. Now, whenever she can obtain the illicit substance, she is transported back to a time of life she can otherwise only remember.

We need to continue to fight for the legalization of medical marijuana as Ms. Rainwater has done for years. I salute your efforts!

See Link for the following page:
“Opposition to Kentucky HB 1-Reform HB 217 aka “Pill Mill Bill”

Then in March, federal Drug Enforcement Agency agents seized a small shipment of medical marijuana in transit from Prosser’s state-approved caregiver. Though she was never criminally charged, Prosser was crushed. She said caregivers became afraid to supply her with the medicine she needed so badly.

Sadly, this story comes much too late for this Pain Warrior. She took her own life as a result of her continued efforts to obtain the Marijuana she needed to stave off her chronic pain, but police and DEA continued to harass her caregivers and she was still unable to obtain the product on a consistent basis. Having extreme adverse reactions to nearly every pharmaceutical she had been tried on, I guess that was all she felt left for her to do. the following is an excerpt from a local Montana paper recalling the event following her suicide:

Quote from Missoula Independent:
“In July, she penned an op-ed piece in the Billings Gazette, pleading with Montana’s politicians and her fellow citizens to speak out against the DEA’s actions and improve the lives of people like her.

“Give me liberty or give me death,” she wrote. “Maybe the next campaign ought to be for assisted-suicide laws in our state. If they will not allow me to live in peace, and a little less pain, would they help me to die, humanely?”

We must continue to fight the fight for people like Robin Prosser who couldn’t take it anymore and fought the good fight as long as she could.


See Link for the following page:
“Opposition to Kentucky HB 1-Reform HB 217 aka “Pill Mill Bill”

Beth powers

Amen!!! Let’s legalize this beautiful natural plant. It is a win, win situation!!!